My daughter has an unusual condition. At a young age (and not pregnant) she is lactating.
I was in hell - a glorious, wonderful, lust-hazed hell, but hell none the less. The night I had spent completely alone with my daughter had resulted in the best orgasms I had experienced so far, but I was totally terrified that I was creeping over the line I had drawn.

Mornings were the easiest. For some reason, Emily’s breasts were always ready to give up their bounty. I would spend more and more time just playing, rubbing them with my palms, mashing them together, tickling the tips until the last minute when I would cover her nipples with my mouth and drain them of every drop of milk. I often masturbated against her while performing my milking duties, but I was almost always able to withstand the temptation to cum. Once finished, I would either head back to my bed to fuck the shit out of my wife, or more often, to the bathroom to squirt my semen down the toilet. I often wondered if my wife suspected that my milking duties were the cause of our more frequent vigorous sex in the mornings, but if she did, she didn’t acknowledge it and continued to insist that I manage Emily’s little problem.

Evenings, on the other hand, were where the hell began. With my 16 year old son in the house, I had to be careful. I wasn’t able to be completely naked, so restraint was the order of the day. That one glorious night, though, had set things in motion I was unable to pull back from. After almost fucking my daughter, I couldn’t go back to just masturbating against her baby soft skin. I HAD to rub my cock through her pussy lips, I HAD to feel her cunt hole kissing the tip of me and I HAD to cum all over her little cunny and watch her rub my juices into that tiny little hole. I kept telling myself I could control it, much like a drunk says they can stop at any time. I knew I was deluding myself, but the pleasure was such that I couldn’t give it up.

All that aside, what had me really scared was the next three days. My wife was starting classes that would have her out of the house by 3:00 and not back until after her shift at the hospital the next morning. To top it off, my son JJ was heading out of town for a three day school trip. I was simultaneously looking forward to the alone (and thus naked) time with my daughter, and petrified that I was so screwed… or she was.

This was all running through my mind as I got home from work that evening. I walked in the kitchen door, put my stuff on the table and wondered where the girls were. JJ was due home from baseball practice any moment, but usually my wife and Emily were in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on dinner when I came home. I wandered towards the staircase and as I put my foot on the first step, my heart almost stopped. I could hear Emily upstairs quietly sobbing.

"Mama, it hurts”.

My first thought was that my wife had finally decided to get involved and was trying to employ the breast pump. The same breast pump that, unbeknownst to Jessica, Emily and I hadn’t used since that fateful visit to the doctor’s office. I felt as if my world was crashing down around me. If that were the case, it was a short hop to Jessica finding out I had been sucking the milk from my daughter’s breasts, then masturbating and shooting my cum all over her, not to mention nearly fucking her. I saw a divorce and possible jail time in my near future as, with shaking legs I slowly mounted the stairs and approached my daughter’s room.

I peered through the door and was confused by the sight of Emily laying fully clothed on the bed, curled up in a fetal position. My wife sat next to her rubbing her back and speaking soothingly to her in a low voice. As I nudged the door open, I asked what was going on.

Jessica motioned me to leave the room. “Go on downstairs and order a pizza for dinner. I’ll explain when I come down”.

I nodded, somewhat relieved that it didn’t seem as if my marriage was over and I wasn’t heading to a life as someone’s girlfriend. I retreated to the kitchen, following my wife’s instructions and greeting JJ as he walked in the door. I explained what I knew of the situation and he seemed satisfied with that as he headed to the living room for his normal after-school activities of TV or video games.

My wife came downstairs alone, shortly after the pizza arrived. We sent JJ back to the living room, his plate loaded with dinner and we sat down at the kitchen table.

"So what’s going on?” I queried

Jessica grimaced. “Emily lost her virginity today.”

"WHAT!” I was stunned. Of all the things I expected her to say, that was nowhere on the list.

"Calm down. It’s not what you think.” Jessica soothed. “She was riding her bike down the street and hit a pothole. The jolt between her legs was pretty serious and when she came home and went to the bathroom to check it out, she found blood in her underwear. I examined her and I’m positive that’s what happened. She’s not menstruating yet and she has all the signs.”

"I wasn’t even aware something like that could really happen” I spluttered.

Jessica smiled. “I lost mine to a horse” she joked. When she got the expected reaction from me, she continued, “a horseback riding incident. She’ll be sore tonight and a little crampy, but she’ll be fine in the morning.”

I sat there speechless. Finally I asked, “You’re heading to work now, what do I need to do to take care of her?”

"Nothing” Jessica replied. “She’s not hungry so let her sleep for a bit. You’ll have to do the breast pump thing at some point, but otherwise you can just leave her be.”

I nodded, kissed my wife as she headed off to work and contemplated the fresh hell that had arrived on my doorstep. My daughter was no longer a virgin.

That evening, I checked on Emily several times. Each time, she lay sleeping in the same curled up position. I decided to try skipping the evening lactation session and behaved admirably as I helped her undress for bed and slip under the covers.

Sometime after midnight, I awoke to Emily touching my hip.

"Daddy, I need help”.

I jolted awake, sitting up in bed and turning on the bedside lamp. “What’s the matter baby?”

"My boobies are leaking again.”

I lifted the blankets and Emily crawled in as I scooted to the middle of the bed. “How are you feeling sweety?” I asked.

"Fine, except for my boobies.”

I watched her recline against my pillow and lift her nightshirt out of the way. She pressed both hands against the sides of her titties, pushing them together as much as her tiny little breasts could go.

"Hurry Daddy, they’re starting to hurt”.

I reached one hand up and rubbed the two little nipples on display for me. The milk was already starting to stream from the tips so I knew this would be quick. But this was the first time I had Emily in my bed without my wife present, I didn’t want it to be quick. I wanted to linger over her, I wanted to tongue every orifice and rub my drooling cock over every inch of her body. I knew that couldn’t happen as the events of the evening reinserted themselves in my brain, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t play a little. I replaced her hands with my own and moved up to suckle first one tit and then the other. I drained just enough from each breast to relieve the pressure and then I began kissing the tit meat surrounding her nipples. I sucked the skin into my mouth, careful not to leave any hickeys, but hard enough to cause her to squirm. I moved down her torso, licking her skin and kissing her ribcage. My tongue delved into her belly button and she giggled as I breathed on her just above her pubic mound.

"Turn over Baby. I want to rub your back”.

Emily obeyed instantly. I sat at her feet and admired a view I hadn’t really taken the time to consider before now. Her ass was a thing of beauty. It was a wonderful little mountain at the base of her long back, topping the sleek thighs that led to girlish calves and baby feet. I started at her legs, rubbing her calves as my hard cock nudged against her toes.

"Daddy, you’re thingy is tickling my feet” she laughed.

I took my “thingy” in my hand and directed it across her arches as she giggled loudly.

"Shhh – sweetheart” I cautioned. “We don’t want to wake JJ.”

Emily muffled her giggles as I continued to tickle her feet with my dripping penis. Finally, I moved my massage up to her butt, my cock dragging against the skin of her calves. I removed her panties and then spent considerable time there, massaging the soft jiggly flesh, pulling the cheeks apart and admiring the puckered little anal hole. I leaned down to kiss her bum and took a soft little nip. I ran my fingers through the crack, separating the mounds. There it was again, that crinkly pink little orifice. I kissed her again, moving up and down the hillock of her ass. Finally, I reached my tongue out and swiped at her hole. Emily clenched her cheeks in my hand and gasped. I did it again, pushing harder with my tongue, all the while rubbing my drooling cock up and down her calves, pushing between her legs helplessly. I became voracious, taking nips of her ass cheeks, kissing and licking between the crack, leaving my saliva shining in the moonlight. I rimmed her little asshole with my tongue and dreamed of pushing my cock through the clenching flesh. Someday, I thought.

I moved up her body, kissing her back and shoulder blades manically as I positioned my cock between her butt cheeks. I rubbed my precum into the crack and began a quick, crazed humping motion. FUCK, that felt good. I reached underneath Emily and found her tits. Her nipples were hard little nubbins that I began tweaking and pinching. I lay my body fully on top of my baby girl and heard her give a soft grunt. My cock was sandwiched in her crack, my weight mashing her breasts into my hands, my chest was rubbing against her sleek back, my own nipples hardening as I approached my orgasm. With each pass up her butt, I felt the tip of my cock rub against her asshole. I paused at the next push and let it lie there, nudged against the opening. Like her pussy, I felt the tip push in just a bit, just enough to feel the opening spread and to cover only a bit of my cockhead. I swiveled my hips gently, enjoying the feeling of her asshole pulsating against my cock. I knew I didn’t have the willpower to withstand much more, so I pulled out and resumed my humping between her cheeks. As I felt the cum barreling up my cock, I grabbed Emily’s nipples and pinched them… HARD. She cried out as my cum spurted all over her ass and back. I continued fucking her until my cock was empty. I reached down to scoop up my mess, and flipped her over onto her back. I rubbed the semen all over her belly as I proceeded to empty her tits of the rest of her baby juice, her hands joining mine as she scooped my seed up and rubbed it into her pussy.

As we came down, I gently cupped her mound. “How are you feeling down there?” I asked.

"Better now. I think your Daddy milk helps” Emily answered.

I smiled and tucked her body into mine. I knew I was going to have to carry her back to bed in a few minutes, but until then I intended to enjoy my tiny lover’s little body next to me.

The next morning, went as normal. It was a bit more difficult getting her milk to let down since we had delayed our session the night before, so I spent a good bit of time sucking her cunt, licking and kissing her little clit. I took the opportunity to swipe my tongue across her little puckered anus while I was down there. She must’ve enjoyed it because after the second pass across her asshole the milk shot from her tits like liquid bullets. Once we were done, I headed to the bathroom, followed by a quick trip to check on my sons’ packing efforts for his trip.

The rest of the day was a blur to me. All I could think of was getting home that afternoon and having quality time with my daughter. I kept reliving our play in my marital bed last night and I remained half hard all day long. Thank goodness I work behind a desk.

In an effort to keep a feeling of normalcy, Emily and I stuck to the usual routine. She worked on homework, then played with her dolls up in her room. After dinner, I was hardly able to think straight. My whole body was shaking in anticipation as I softly lectured myself under my breath. I had to be more careful this time. I could NOT cross the line. I could NOT fuck my baby girl.

Once we were in her room, we both stripped quickly. Emily lay down on her bed and as I approached, she wrapped her hands around my already hard cock. I rarely let her suck me because it increased the chances of being caught literally with my pants down, but she remained concerned about checking me for infection and sucking my Daddy milk. She rubbed and squeezed my erection, fondling my balls gently while she stared intently at my dick.

"I really like your thingy Daddy.”

"I’m really glad to hear that Baby” I gasped.

Once she was satisfied that she had checked me over sufficiently, she moved my cock to her little rosebud lips and began suckling like a baby. Her fingers continued playing with my balls as she rubbed my piss slit with her tongue and gently scraped me with her teeth. I hissed and jerked slightly, and she moaned, the vibrations enough to make my precum let down like the milk from her nipples.

"Sorry Daddy” she said, removing my cock from her mouth momentarily. “I forgot to watch the teeth”.

My head was thrown back on my neck, my mouth gaping open and my eyes closed while my tiny little daughter tended to my hard cock. As I felt the familiar tingle in my balls signaling I was close to cumming, I realized that I didn’t want to cum in her mouth this time. I gently disengaged from her lips. At her look of disappointment, I reassured her that she would get my Daddy milk, I just wanted it to be in other places besides there. She nodded in agreement and lay back against her pillows. Then she did the sexiest thing I could imagine in that moment. She brought her feet up on the bed, just below her thighs and opened her legs. My God, the sight of her little baby pussy lips spreading open right before my eyes was enough to bring me to my knees. I crawled up the bed and planted my tongue immediately in her little cunny. I fucked her as hard and as deep as my tongue would allow, taking brief breaks to suckle her clitty like a tiny nipple. I slurped at her pussy lips, enjoying the innocent flavor of her juices and then headed back to her little cunt hole, this time pushing a finger into her along with my tongue. I kept my finger fucking my daughter’s pussy, adding a second one to the tight opening, while I moved down to her asshole. I licked across it, then fucked my tongue into the little orifice in time with the fingers in her cunt. I imagined how the double penetration must feel to her, my tongue and fingers working in concert, when suddenly I had my answer.

"Uh, Uh, Uh… Daddy, Uh, my boobies…” I looked up to see milk flying upwards in sparkling arches and I felt her cunt grip my fingers in rhythmic flexes. I quickly added a third finger to her little cunt hole and then watched her cunt spasm, a tiny little gush of liquid flowing out around them.

"Daddy, stop! I’m peeing”.

"It’s okay, Baby. It’s not pee” I reassured as I returned to her cunt to suck up my baby’s cum juice. I was in heaven. I had made my daughter cum. The juice was proof. I knew she enjoyed all the playing we had done, I was relatively certain she had cum before, but this… this was the most amazing liquid flowing from my daughters little pussy.

My cock was as hard as it had ever been. I reached up to catch some of Emily’s geysering milk and rubbed the sticky liquid on my dick.

"Here sweety, taste your milk” I coaxed as I sat up and moved my dick towards her mouth again.

She sucked the sweetness from my cock and swiped more milk onto her hand, rubbed it onto my dick then licked it clean again. I decided to eliminate the middle man and pressed my cock against her still leaking nipples. Once it was nice and juicy with her fluids, she popped it back into her mouth and sucked me like an ice cream cone. I let her do that a few more times before I pulled away from her mouth. I returned to between her legs and rubbed my cock all over her little pussy. Although I had cleaned her juices up once, it appeared she was still leaking there as well. Once I had the slimy girl cum all over my cock, I moved back up to her mouth.

"Here baby, now taste your milk from down below”.

She sucked voraciously. SHIT… I was close to cumming again. I removed my dick from her mouth with a loud pop and headed back between her legs. I leaned forward, one hand braced on the bed, the other wrapped around my erection as I directed it across her juicy cunt. I placed my dick between her lips and then raised her legs, moving them both to my left shoulder, smashing my dick in between her now clenched cunt lips. I humped and fucked her like a whore. God, I wanted inside her pussy so bad, but I just couldn’t. I could feel my cock bumping her clit, the underside of my cock soaking up her juices as they continued to flow. I separated her legs again and lay down on top of her, the weight of my pelvis pushing against hers. I just lay there, feeling the head of my dick poised at her cunny hole. I pumped once, gently, feeling her open up to me. I had fucked her with three fingers earlier, maybe I had stretched her a little. I hunched my hips again, my buttocks clenching as I felt her widen and the tip of my dick slipped through her slimy girl juice. SHIT… RIGHT THERE I could feel her hole slip around the entire head of my cock, the rim of my dick finally inside my baby’s pussy.

I had to stop, I couldn’t fuck my little girl. I shifted slightly, unwilling to push any further even though my body was screaming at me to do just that. I curled my body slightly to reach her little titties and sucked a hard nipple into my mouth. I felt her pussy clench around the head of my dick. FUCK.

I moved carefully to the other breast and circled the nipple with my tongue before sucking it as well. Again, her pussy pulsed and clenched me even tighter. I lay there, barely breathing when I felt Emily push against me, nudging my cock a centimeter deeper.

"Shit, Em. Don’t move” I gasped. “Hold still baby, just let me feel you.”

She grunted. “I have to Daddy” she said before pushing her pelvis against me again.

"Fuck, Em. I’m serious sweety. DO. NOT. MOVE.”

"I can’t help it” she wailed as her hips pulsed again.

I was in hell, still, again, whatever. I was dying to fuck my little girl. My cock was poised, ready to do the deed, but that line was glaring at me. I was chanting in my head that I would NOT fuck my daughter; I would NOT fuck my daughter. I considered pushing, just a little, just enough to move my cockhead back and forth in the tight vice grip I was experiencing. What could that hurt, right? I seriously considered the question. What would it hurt? She was obviously not in pain, in fact, she seemed to be enjoying it. I could certainly pull out if things went too far. And then the capper, I didn’t really have to worry about her virginity. It was already gone, right?

OH FUCK… before I could stop myself, I pushed that little. tiny. bit. more.

"UH… DADDY… I’m sorry” Emily wailed as suddenly all hell broke loose. Her hips shoved against me, HARD. I felt my cock push deeper, gripped so tight it was almost painful. Emily jerked back and then up again and my dick slid in even further. Three more humps and she was fucking me… my little tiny daughter was fucking me.

"Fuck Emily! Harder, baby. Push harder” I panted as I threw my hips into action. My cock was sliding through her cunt, going deeper with each hunch of our hips. Only a little more of me to go and I would be completely inside my daughter’s pussy. We pushed together again and suddenly I felt an obstruction. I wanted to wail… I had bottomed out. My cock was bumping my little girl’s cervix. I NEEDED to be totally inside of her. I needed it like I needed air to breathe. I looked down at my daughter to see her reaction. Her head was thrown back, mouth open, breathing heavily.

"Em,” I gasped. “You okay, want me to stop?”.

"No Daddy, push some more”

That was all the permission I needed. I humped once, twice, a third time, nudging her cervix harder with each push until my cock had had enough. My balls were bouncing against Emily’s ass and my cock was lodged as deep as it could go. I moved one hand to one tit and gripped it tightly as I felt my cock start to blow. Emily screamed as I felt her pussy spasm, clutching my cock tighter. I could feel my sperm bursting out the tip of my cock, lodging deep inside my baby girl. Emily screamed again and I felt her pussy juices splash against me as she came yet again. The tit in my hand was leaking milk down the side while the other one fountained milk in the air. I held my cock deep inside Emily while I hunched over to reach that shooting nipple. As I suckled, I felt her cunt pulsing in time with each pull on her tit as she finished cumming, clenched around my still shooting cock.

Finally, finally my cock stopped throbbing spunk into my daughter. I felt it soften slightly and I pulled back just enough to stop pushing against my daughter’s cervix. I angled my dick upward slightly for a more comfortable possession and then laid totally down on top of Emily. Emily gasped slightly and clenched her pussy around me again. I wondered if I had inadvertently found her g-spot with the new angle. For the first time, I noticed her arms around my neck and her legs wrapped around mine. I felt her lean, baby length along my body and realized I could die a happy man in this moment with absolutely no regrets.

Emily buried her face against my chest and mumbled something. When I asked her to repeat it, she moved her head slightly, her words vibrating against my own hard nipple.

"I said, I’m sorry Daddy.”

"What for, Baby.”

"I moved when you told me not to. But I couldn’t help it. I had to move. It just felt too funny. I was all tingly and I couldn’t help it.”

I rolled over, bringing her on top of me, careful to keep my slowly softening dick still lodged inside of her. I rubbed her back soothingly, my hands running up and down the length of her.

"That’s okay, Baby. I was just afraid I was going to hurt you. Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

"Hun uh” she replied. “It hurt a tiny bit at first, but then it didn’t”.

"That’s good” I whispered as I continued rubbing up and down her back. I felt the rise of her ass against my hand and I let it wander further down, my other hand joining the action. I clenched her butt cheeks and pushed her hard against me. FUCK, I thought. I could do it all again right this second.

"Daddy” Em whispered. I think you’re getting infection. You’re getting hard again”.

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