“My Disgusting Experience with Daddy: part 9”

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It was very early Saturday morning. I thought about what other kids were doing in their own houses right now. Watching cartoons, eating pancakes, or maybe sleeping in late. I, on the other hand, was handcuffed and duct taped to a reclining chair in our family room, my dad’s semen literally dripping off my face, and Kevin… my precious, beloved older brother… on top of me, his dick softening inside my inexperienced and very sore vagina, filled with his seed.

It was Kevin’s 23rd birthday, and my father had “given” me to Kevin as his present. He didn’t know it was me while he was fucking me, but right before he came Daddy revealed my identity, and instead of stopping, like I thought he would do, he fucked harder, and even asked Daddy for permission to cum inside me! Obviously, that request was granted, as I sat there softly crying, feeling his spooge start to trickle out of me. It was a gross feeling. I had felt it once before when Daddy raped me, and I knew there was no use trying to hold it in.

Up until now I had tried to protest it. All of it. But as I lay there, incredibly achey and starting to shiver, I felt the wave of “fight” in me recede. It was no use. Whatever Daddy wanted to do, he was going to do. I had no control, and that realization filled me with intense animosity. It was like someone had taken a picture of my soul and then threw it in a murky pond, and I watched while it sank to the bottom.

I told myself I didn’t care anymore, yet still the anger was there. “FUCK YOU!!!” I screamed in my head, directing it at Daddy. One day, seriously!! One day I will make you pay!!

As my brother stroked my hair and tried to reason with me that it was just “too fucking good” and he couldn’t help it, something distracted us. It was Corky, our Golden Retriever, barking timidly and scratching at the laundry room door.

Daddy looked at the door, then back at me… that disgusting drunken smirk taking over his face once again.

“Well, I guess I better let Corky out now…” he said… softly chuckling to himself, pleased at his own cleverness.

My mind felt like it was in 10 places at once. Part of me wanted to curl up in a ball and cry, part of me wanted to give up, part of me wanted to fight, part of me was sad, part of me was fucking angry!! I went from one emotion to the other, then back again.

Kevin, having regained his breath and his composure, started to peel himself off of me. His dick, now soft, plopped out of me and dangled between my legs, a trail of semen connecting the tip of his dick to my inflamed and abused pussy. He crawled off the chair, breaking that chain, and grabbed his tee shirt off of the floor and mopped his sweaty forehead, his eyes coming back to life. He didn’t say anything, just looked between me and our father, waiting for a signal of what he should do now.

Daddy went to the laundry room door and opened it, letting Corky out, who obviously really needed to go outside. Daddy was naked from the waste down, and as I watched him walk, his flaccid penis hung down and swung between his legs while he walked. It was vulgar. He was so casual and relaxed, like this was normal… or better yet, desired! For the first time in a long time, he looked like a happy man…. Happy, yet still revolting.

Daddy walked off to the back door to let Corky out to do his business, and I was left alone with Kevin.

Kevin was the one I was counting on to help me. He looked at me crying, and tried to console me.

“Come on, Squirt!” he said. “It’s not that bad! Sex is a good thing, it makes people feel good!” He was now using the tee shirt to clean up his dick and balls.

I just looked away as a tear or two rolled down my cheeks.

“Hey, I didn’t know it was you, ok? I’m sorry” he said. He stepped up next to me. His voice got soft. “I would have stopped, but if you only knew how tight you were...” and his eyes rolled over my body, pausing at my breasts and then settling at my oozing cunt. I could tell he wanted to say more, but stopped himself.

“Could you undo the handcuffs?” I asked him in a small voice… half expecting him to refuse. I didn’t know what to expect from him anymore.

“Uh, yeah, sure…” he said, and started to look around. “Umm, I don’t have the key.”

Great I thought.

Just then Daddy came back into the room, with a very happy and relieved Corky bouncing along behind him.

Corky immediately ran to me, smelling all the good smells that were coming off of me. Without a pause he put his front paws up onto the bottom of the recliner and stuck his nose in my pussy and started to lick Kevin’s cum out of my cunt.

I felt my body stiffen, as if to brace for another attack, but then I remembered from the times before that Corky’s tongue was gentle and soft.

“Oh my GOD!!” I heard Kevin exclaim.

“She likes it. I caught her doing this on her own” Daddy said, revealing my privacy.

“No way…” Kevin said. His voice was changing again.

“Shit!!” I thought.

Corky lapped up Kevin’s sperm dripping out of my hole, and nipped a few times, only this time I couldn’t push him away. He lapped away and I closed my eyes, not out of ecstacy, but from denial. When would this nightmare end??

He continued to lick and nip, and I didn’t care anymore. “Whatever” I thought, defensively. I went to a “safe” place in my head.

Corky focused, as usual, on my cunt hole, since that was the source of his “honey”. But then I felt something else… a pressure on my clit. It was rubbing and manipulating my clit. It actually felt “Ok”.

I opened my eyes, and saw Kevin looking down at me, kindness in his eyes. He rubbed his thumb in tiny circles over my clit, while our dog licked his sperm out of me.

The sensation was thrilling, and as I looked back at Kevin I stared deeply at him. I wanted him to see in my eyes all the suffering I’d felt. He looked back at me with love, and I let myself go.

I had many thoughts at that point. “Why the hell not?” I thought. “They came in front of me… Hell!! They came in me and ON me!!” I deserved a little something for it.

Then, the old humiliation feelings returned. “OH-MY-GOD-please-don’t-let-me-cum-from-this-Daddy-will-like-it!!”

But Corky’s licking continued, as did Kevin’s manipulation of my clitoris.

I heard the slosh of the vodka bottle as Daddy took another swig, and knew he was, again, intensely watching me.

“Yeah, get her off, Kev!” Daddy said, drunk again early in the morning.

“Shut up, Dad” said Kevin.

I felt something for Kevin… It was like gratitude, with a sexual overtone. I knew he really cared for me… and was trying to make this “ok”. And I felt like I was “in love” with him.

Suddenly I was overcome with a new feeling! I was so aroused, and since I was so close I wanted to cum so badly!! And I wanted Kevin to see… I wanted him to think of me as a woman! That dirty (but nice) feeling was back!

Corky continued to lick my cunt, but the real star of the show was Kevin and his thumb. Multiple times I felt like I was about to orgasm, but I held it off… not wanting to give Daddy the satisfaction, as I knew he was watching.

I felt a hand on my breast and realized my eyes were now closed. The fingers were gentle, yet seductive. It couldn’t be Daddy… he was rough and like to pinch and pull, and slap my tits. This hand was soft, gently grasping my nipples and rolling them and pulling them sweetly. Keeping my eyes closed I focused on the sensations I was feeling.

It was Kevin, touching me that way, making my pussy wet for the first time since his birthday party had started.

It felt so good, and while I still felt apprehension about exposing myself and my own sexual feelings to them, I couldn’t stop what my body was about to do.

The orgasm climbed up on me like a spider on a web with prey to catch. It took hold of me and I let it. Corky licked my cunt, Kevin played with my sensitive breasts, and rubbed his thumb over my clit like an expert! I felt the orgasm take hold and rode it out with pleasure! It was 30 seconds of that morning that was actually like heaven!!

I came hard, and my pussy clenched up once again, pushing the spooge out of my pussy. Kevin’s spooge. And I had a feeling, once again, of love for Kevin, love that it was his cum inside me, and feeling the “want” of him seeing me cum.

I felt incredibly dirty.

When my orgasm subsided, I opened my eyes again, and looked up to see Kevin smiling at me.

Again, his eyes were filled with kindness, and I loved him.

But I was also confused… I felt a deep shame, and humiliation. But at the same time I felt like a woman. Like Kevin saw me as a “woman”.

I realized I was now panting and gasping for breath, as they had been.

The world went back to “normal” again after my orgasm was over… and Daddy was once again hard and stroking his cock while looking at me.

I looked at Kevin, and he also had a hard cock and was stroking himself, looking at me.

“What now??!” I thought. I was trying to figure out what to do next.

Just then, we heard the front door open.

Jakey’s voice boomed out “I got off work… wake up! Happy Birthday, Kevin, you bastard!” My older brother, Jakey, the middle child, walked into something I had ever dreamed of…

(to be continued…)

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