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Foreword: So, here is Marie’s story. As I said before, I wasn’t going to share this story because it is really her story. She wanted to write it and I told her I would post it as it is part of the whole chronology of stuff I’ve done. Anyway, here’s Marie’s story as told by Marie herself.

Seven Months With Marie- Part Four: “Marie’s Story”

Still Summer 2004

So I guess I’m Marie, or at least that’s my handle in these stories, so thanks ‘John’ for protecting my anonymity. So, by now you know that Johnny has had sex with several of my friends while I watched. Just so you know, I’m a very open minded young lady and I don’t see any reason to not do anything I feel like doing as long as nobody gets hurt. I had shared other girls with boyfriends in the past, but Johnny was the only guy that ever returned the favor. Anyway, here’s what happened.

Johnny and I had been together for about two months. We had already had our fun with my friend and his landlady Karen (who really does have the biggest tits I’ve ever seen in person) and had also played around with Michelle and then Michelle and Becky. I had told him about all the fantasies I had about him getting with my friends, but I had also told him about my fantasies about being fucked by more than one guy at a time. Okay, guys… Just as much as you want to bang two chicks at the same time, we want to get banged by two of you at the same time. Most of us anyway. It just doesn’t come up often because we get called names, but trust me. Nine out of ten girls are ‘down’ if you play your cards right.

Anyway, I got off work at around 11 at night. I was excited because Johnny had invited me to ‘guys night.’ This was the first time he invited me over to hang with the ‘fellas’ and I felt like that was a big step for us. I left work and ran home for a quick shower, then headed over to Johnny’s.

When I got there, Johnny and two of his friends were already at the kitchen table ready to play cards. First, he introduced me to Allen. Allen had icy blue eyes and a strong jaw. His hair was light brown with flecks of blonde and was trimmed short. He was about John’s height, but a little slimmer. Then I met Nick. He was a little taller than John and Allen and had short dark hair and deep brown eyes. He was rocking a goatee.

John told me that Sam couldn’t make it and they needed a fourth player for their bi-weekly poker game. John didn’t know this about me yet, but I love playing cards and poker is probably my best game. So, the four of us sat around the table and had a few drinks before we got the game started. Jack and Cokes. John had already told me that he always told his friends about the crazy sex stuff we did together. I wondered if they might have some preconceived notions about me. Allen and Nick were both very friendly though and I was getting on with both of them quite nicely. I could tell John was pleased and that made me happy.

After about an hour and several drinks, it was time to start the game. John explained to me that they usually just played for change and that one dollar was their high bet limit. I started to dig around in my purse to see what I had on me when John stopped me and said that they had a different idea for tonight’s game. “Well, usually when we play, it’s four guys. Now that there’s a girl in the room, I figured we could make it a little more interesting.” He said. I had a feeling that I knew what he was getting at. “I was thinking ‘college rules.’” He said. “You know. Strip poker?”

By then, John knew I wasn’t a shy person and I certainly wasn’t the type to back down, so it came as no surprise to him when I said “Okay. Sounds fun!” What he didn’t know was that I was going to mop the floor with him and his friends.

The game kicked off and by the end of the first hand every Y chromosome in the room was light one shoe. That was mostly how the game continued to go. It wasn’t even a fair game to begin with really. Each of them had on socks, shoes, pants, a belt, a shirt, underwear. All I was wearing was a pair of sandals, a spaghetti strap top, a bra and a denim skirt (no panties.)

We had been playing for over an hour and the drinks had been flowing the whole time. Allen and Nick were finally out. They sat in their chairs completely naked. Unfortunately, all the parts I was curious about were hidden under the table. It was down to me and Johnny. This would be the final hand. He sat in his underwear studying his cards. I had lost everything but my spaghetti strap top. I didn’t mind losing the skirt, because, like I said before; everything of interest was hidden under the table. John was going to wind up naked or I was. I didn’t care either way. I love my tits and I don’t think it’s a big deal if people see them. On the other hand, I do like winning. It was time to lay down our cards.

John only had a pair of six’s. Not a terrible hand, but not a very good one either. It certainly wasn’t as good as my three Queens. I laid my cards down and looked across the table. John’s face turned red. “Shit.” He huffed.

“Lose the undies dude. A bet’s a bet.” I taunted.

“Shit!” Nick yelled. “I finally get to play strip poker and all I get to see is a couple of hairy asses.”

I laughed. “Pay up! I want them undies!” John grudgingly lifted up from his seat and slid off his underwear and tossed them on the table. I took a moment to revel in my victory by asking John to refill my drink. He slowly stood up and walked over to get my glass. I was having a lot of fun being in a room full of naked guys. He returned with my drink and I asked “So, I won… What do we do now, start over?”

John looked across the table at me as he got back to his seat. “I have a bet for you.” He was smiling and I got the feeling he was up to something.

“Okay. What is it?” I asked.

“One hand. If I win, the three of us get our underwear back and the game keeps going.” He said.

“I already won.” I said. “You don’t have anything to bet with. I’ve got your undies right here.” I said smiling.

“Come on, just one hand.” He protested. “What the hell kind of strip poker game is it when you don’t even get to see any tits?”

“So, what happens if you lose?” I asked smiling at him. I was already feeling a little hot from being in control in a room full of naked guys. I was intrigued where he was going to take this.

John put his head on his fist and let out a deep sigh. He took a breath and looked up to me. “If I lose, I will eat your pussy right here, on this table, for five minutes.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have a bet!” Allen hooted. John was smart. He knew how hot I would get at the thought of putting on a little show in front of his friends. Especially since they were all naked. How hot would that be? The thoughts were racing around my mind and I could feel heat rushing between my thighs.

“Okay. One hand.” I agreed.

“Deal the cards Nick.” John said.

Nick dealt the cards. We looked them over and made our discards and drew what we needed. Finally, it was time to flip the cards. John had to flip first. I wish I could say it was a real nail biter and we both had really high hands, but the truth is Johnny had nothing and I had a pair. The bottom line is, I won… again.

I didn’t know what to do at that point. Somehow, I hadn’t expected it to go that far. Johnny did though. I know NOW that he had planned it that way. He knew what he was doing and for all I know, he may have thrown away a straight flush just so he would lose. He had put this whole thing together for me, but I didn’t know that at the time. He stood up from his seat and came around the table. When he got to me, he pulled my chair out and I stood up. I couldn’t help noticing how Allen and Nick’s eyes immediately shot down to steal a glance at my shaved pussy. I’m sure Johnny had already told them I was shaved. John turned me around and grabbed me by my hips and hoisted me up and sat my bare ass on the table. He placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me back onto the table. I was lying there and Nick was sitting to my right and Allen was on my left. I remember a sudden rush of embarrassment rattling through me as Johnny pulled my legs up and pushed them apart. I covered my face with my hands.

I felt John’s soft tongue press firmly against my clit. I could feel the heat gathering between my thighs as he gently licked up and down my pussy. I could feel myself rapidly getting wet from his touch. He knew what he was doing down there and it wasn’t long until I didn’t care about Nick or Allen watching me. In fact, knowing they were watching my body rise and fall with each touch gave me immense satisfaction. “So, who’s timing us?” I asked through a giggle.

I was not prepared for what happened after that. From my right side, I heard Nick’s chair slide back from the table. I rolled my head over to look at him and he was standing up. His cock was at eye level and was half erect. I looked down to Johnny but he didn’t react. I looked back over to Nick and he was stroking his cock and tugging at it. Johnny just kept on licking and suckling my clit. I rolled my head over to look at Allen and he just sat in his seat smiling. It finally all clicked. Johnny had set this up for me. He wanted to give me my fantasy the way I had given him his. I smiled to myself and rolled my head back toward Nick.

I finally allowed myself to really look at his cock. It was long! Longer than John’s but thinner too. It looked smooth. I looked up at Nick and smiled at him. He was fully erect and he stepped so close to the table that his balls were almost resting on the table top. I inched my head closer to him and he let his dong hang in my face. I arched my neck and placed my tongue against him. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth wider and I felt his hand pull me by the back of my head closer to him. I pulled his cock into my mouth and slid my tongue along the shaft inside my mouth. I felt his hand grip my right breast and squeeze. He squeezed my tit and Johnny kept working his magic with his tongue and I moaned with my mouth full of Nick’s smooth cock.

Suddenly I felt another hand grope at my left breast. I opened my eyes and pulled away from Nick to turn toward Allen. He was standing and his hard cock was dangling over the table. He was squeezing my other tit and I reached up and took his cock in my hand. I looked back at Nick and grabbed his cock in my other hand and started to stroke him as I pulled my head toward Allen to pull his cock into my hungry mouth.

I was sucking Allen’s cock and jerking Nick’s while Johnny continued swirling his tongue around my now dripping pussy. Allen and Nick were both groping at my tits and I wanted them to pinch my nipples and pull on them. I pulled away from Allen’s member and looked up at the ceiling and Moaned with pleasure. I let go of their poles and grabbed the straps of my top and yanked them down my shoulders. Then I grabbed my top and yanked it down around my waist to give them better access to my tits. They both did just what I wanted them to do as I returned my hands to their cocks and started taking turns blowing the two of them, stopping only briefly to moan aloud.

I couldn’t take it anymore. My desire was so great that I couldn’t resist it. I was jerking a wet cock in each hand as I looked down to Johnny and moaned “I want you to fuck me Johnny! I want your cock in my pussy!” Johnny straightened up and took a step back, smiling. I saw Nick reach down and put his fingers on my clit just before Allen grabbed my head and forced his cock back into my mouth. I think John was just sitting back, enjoying the show.

Both Allen and Nick had grown increasingly aggressive. Nick was fingering my cunt hard and Allen was practically skull fucking me. I caught myself wondering if Johnny had told them to do that. He knows I like it rough. Regardless, I was enjoying everything that they were doing. I felt Nick’s hand slip away from my eager pussy and return to twisting and tugging my right nipple. Then I felt Johnny’s beautiful hard cock pushing into me.

“Oh, fuck that feels good!” I heard myself say. Johnny knew how I liked it. Once he was in, he grabbed me by the hips and started pounding my pussy hard! The whole table was shaking and I was struggling to keep either one of the cocks in my mouth. I was losing control of myself. Every sensation was so intense. “Fuck, you’re gonna make me fuckin’ cum!” I shouted. I looked up at Nick. I was jerking him off and he was smiling and squeezing my tit. I decided to make it exactly what I wanted it to be. I wanted this. I wanted to be fucked and used like a whore. I wanted to be surrounded by cocks and covered in cum. I finally let myself go. I looked back up at Nick as I tightened my grip on his cock. “Does that feel good baby? You like all that spit on your cock?” I asked staring at his smooth glistening cock. “You want my pussy?” I coaxed. “You want my ass too?”

Johnny pulled his cock out of my pussy. I let go of Nick and Allen’s cocks and rolled my body over. I lifted myself up on all fours and stuck my ass up in the air. “Who wants my ass? Who’s gonna fuck my tight ass?” I demanded. John climbed up onto the table and positioned himself behind me. He leaned forward and spit on my asshole. “Pound my ass like a fuckin’ man!” I demanded. “Grind that fuckin’ cock!” Allen climbed up onto the table and sat in front of me. I bent down and deep throated his cock right as Johnny pushed his shaft deep in my ass. I gripped Nicks dick with my left hand and jerked it for him while I sucked Allen. Johnny was pounding my poor ass harder than he ever had before. I wanted to lay on my back again so I pulled forward and quickly rolled onto my back. I pulled Nick up onto the table to join us and Johnny pulled my legs apart wide and then up to expose my pulsing anus. He thrust his cock back inside my ass and started rubbing my pussy with his thumb.

Johnny was working my clit and fucking my butt. Either one would’ve been enough to drive me crazy. On top of that, Nick and Allen were both on their knees on either side of my head taking turns fucking my mouth and rubbing their spit covered cocks all over my face.

Everything felt so fucking good, but I wanted more. I wanted the world. I managed to keep my mouth empty long enough to say “I want a cock in my pussy too!” I had never had a cock in my ass and in my pussy at the same time before. I’ve had a finger (sometimes even two) in my ass during sex before, but I wanted to have a cock in both holes. I wanted to be completely filled up.

Johnny slid his cock out of my ass and sat back on his heels. I turned around and sucked his spit and my own ass juices off his cock. I turned around to see Nick lying down on the table. His long smooth dick was standing straight up and still glimmered with my saliva. I had wanted to fuck him since I had first tasted his smooth long cock. I grabbed hold of him and swung my leg across his hips and lowered my pussy onto his pole. Allen was on his knees by Nick’s head so I leaned forward and pulled him back into my mouth while I fucked Nick. Then I felt John’s hands on my ass. His thumbs slid between my cheeks and I knew he was about to spread my cheeks. I knew what was about to happen so I stopped bouncing on Nick and slid all the way down on to him, letting his cock fill me up. His cock was deep in my pussy and Allen’s was half way down my throat. Then there it was. I felt John force his fat cock into my asshole. I had a beautiful cock in every hole. It was bliss.

As everyone settled into motion, I could feel Nick’s cock rubbing against Johnny’s cock through my vaginal wall. I could feel the way their motion affected the rhythm I kept as I sucked Allen. I was gagging and my asshole was being beaten to a pulp and yet I couldn’t get enough. The four of us all fucked in one solid motion for a few minutes before I finally had to take a break. “I wanna taste my fuckin’ pussy.” I uttered. I climbed off of Nick and bent over to suck my sweet juices off of his cock. I sat up and took a breath.

Johnny slid off of the table and pulled me along with him. He led me by the wrist to his bedroom and Nick and Allen followed. John stood with his back to the bed and pulled me toward him. I thought he was going to kiss me, but he didn’t. That wasn’t what this experience was about. He stayed in character and I appreciated that. He grabbed my top which was still in a wad around my waste and pulled it off. Then he sat on the edge of the bed and turned me around to face Allen. Johnny layed back and pulled me down onto him. I put my feet on his big strong thighs and lowered myself down onto him. He had gripped his cock by its base and was guiding himself back into my tortured yet eager asshole. I lowered all the way down onto him all the way until I could feel his balls on the bottom of my pussy. I then leaned back against him and exposed my pussy to Allen. He took a step forward and hunkered down in front of me. Nick hopped up onto the bed and stood by my head. He grabbed my head and pulled me toward his crotch and Allen eased himself into my sopping cunt and once again, I had a cock in every hole.

I bounced up and down on Johnny and I could actually feel Allen’s balls smacking into Johnny’s. I arched my back and sucked Nick in long deep strokes as wave upon wave of pleasure splashed violently through me. I pulled my mouth off of Nick and stroked him as I spoke. “Fuckin’ AH!! Fuckin’ my pussy. Fuckin my little pink asshole.” I wasn’t making sense. It was as though I had no control over what I was saying. I looked at Allen. “You like putting your cock in my pretty little pussy? You like fucking my pussy?” My body was glistening with sweat and my long dark hair was damp and stuck to my face. “Are you gonna cum in my mouth?” I couldn’t believe what I was saying.

“Do you want me to cum in your mouth?” Allen asked as he pounded my pussy.

“I want all of you to cum in my mouth!” I moaned as I went back to sucking Nick’s cock. Johnny lifted me off of his cock and slid out from under me. He stood up on the other side of me across from Nick. I turned my head toward him. “I want to taste my ass on your cock baby. Feed me that cock.” I said as I slid my lips up his pole. Allen grabbed me hard by the hips and started really pounding my pussy! It felt so fucking good. I pulled John’s cock and Nick’s cock in close and tried to put both of them in my mouth. It turned me on even more when the tips of their cocks would rub against each other as I licked and sucked at them. “I want your cum in my mouth! Fuck! Oh, Fuck! I want your cum all over my fucking face! I want it in my hair and my chin and dripping down my fucking tits!” I shouted as I rubbed their cocks together and against my lips. John reached down and pinched my right nipple and pulled it up. The pain was intense and I moaned again as Allen pounded my twat.

Allen finally wore himself out and slipped out of me. He climbed onto the bed and traded places with Nick. As Nick slipped into my pussy I started rubbing Allen and John’s cocks together as I licked and sucked them. Nick’s cock felt amazing in my pussy. Allen grabbed my head again and forced his cock back into my mouth. He fucked my throat and Johnny pulled my nipple again. “Fuck that’s good baby!” I shouted just before Allen rammed his dick back into my mouth.

Finally Nick and John switch places and Johnny works his magic on my pussy. My face was covered with sweat and my own spit from having so many wet cocks rubbed on it. I gripped both cocks tightly and started to jack them off really fast and hard as Johnny fucked the shit out of me. “Fuck that pussy baby! Make me fuckin’ cum all over your fat fuckin’ cock!” I was rubbing cock all over my face as I moaned and screamed. Then Johnny pulled out and lifted my legs up again. “Yeah baby! Fuck me in my ass! I want your cock in my ass!” He pushed into my rectum again and I could barely stand it. I pulled Nick’s cock across my face and jerked it up and started tonguing his balls. I sucked his balls into my mouth and then licked up his taint. Then I did the same to Allen. “Do you wanna fuck my pussy again?” I asked him.

Without hesitation, he dropped down and laid down beside me on his back. Johnny pulled out of my ass just long enough for me to straddle Allen and guide him into my pussy. Then Johnny slipped back into my asshole. I could’ve died. I’m pretty sure that nothing else in the world compares to getting fucked and ass-fucked at the same time. They were both ramming me good and hard and Nick was still standing in front of me, so I reached up and grabbed his cock again. I was certain I was about to have the most intense orgasm ever. Johnny slapped my ass hard and Allen was squeezing my tits HARD with both hands! I looked up at Nick as I jacked his dick. “Do you like watching me get the shit fucked out of me?” I asked. “Ah- uh! You like watching that dick ram up my asshole? Ah! AHH! Fuck- so fucking good! SO FUCKING GOOD!”

I then experienced a reality shattering orgasm. The world went black and I felt nothing but heat and raw nerves. My body shook like I was having a seizure and I gushed all over Allen’s cock.

They all pulled away from me and I slumped onto the bed in a heap. I had almost fulfilled the entire fantasy. I glanced over and all of them were jerking their cocks. Johnny must’ve told them that part too. I laid on my back with my head hanging off of the bed. “Okay, who’s gonna go first?” I asked smiling.

Johnny stepped forward and hung his cock over my face. I leaned up and pulled him deeply into my warm wet mouth and sucked him into my throat. He moaned and shook as I sucked him harder and deeper. Finally he pulled away and started violently jerking his cock in my face. My fingers slid down between my legs and I made feathery circles around my clit. I lay there with my mouth open, moaning. “Ah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Fuck. Ah. Give it to me. I’m ready for it.”

Johnny came all over my face. It went in my hair and on my forehead. A generous amount of it made it into my mouth and all I could think was I wanted more! Nick stepped up next and jerked his cock in front of my face. I leaned back and opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. I just wanted them to cover me with hot cum! I actually started panting like a fucking dog waiting for his cum. When it finally came it all shot straight into my mouth. My mouth was full of cum and I still wanted more.

Finally Allen stepped up. As he jerked his cock, I leaned forward and spit my mouth full of cum onto my tits! I leaned back again and opened my mouth wide and watched hi jack his cock for me. “Your turn.” I said. “Gimme all that cum.” He came some more in my mouth, on my chin and my neck.

I had been gang banged! I had a cock in every fucking hole I have and I had three guys cum all over me! It was perfect! I know this goes against logic, but it made me love Johnny even more! What a fucking MAN! Anyway, I won’t blow his ego anymore, but it was genuinely an incredible experience that I will always fantasize about whenever I finger myself. I haven’t even come close to topping it since, and I’ve tried! Haha! Love you ‘John.’ Cheers everybody! Thanks for reading my story!

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I am not down with this whole sharing each other thing.....this is where i'll stop now.....toooooo much for me

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Awesome story! Will there be any more from Marie?


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bout time u got yours but they could have done more to u

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