Inside the shack
Jordan and the Lady....Part 4

With dawn the first sunrays of the morning filtered through the window and came to rest on the two sleeping bodies. Jordan was the first to stir. Longingly he gazed at Meg, with her hair strewn over her face in a tangled web and her breathing soft and regular. She murmured and he strained to listen but in her sleep she wasn't talking clearly enough for him to understand.

He gently stroked the hair from over Meg's cheek and kissed her. As he carefully peeled the blanket away trying not to wake her, he continued his kisses, unable to resist. Along her neck to the tip of her shoulder, he slowly continued, down the rise and fall of her breast to her puffy pink areola, which he licked.

Jordan trailed his affections around to the darker pink of her now protruding nipple, which he took between his lips and teased with his tongue. As Meg stirred and stretched, the blanket dropped from her to the floor as she rolled to be on her back. Her nakedness now obvious to Jordan seemed so warm and beautiful to him. Her softness was enticing, her open body so inviting. He kissed her lips and smiled as he pushed his fingers between her open legs and gently felt along her velvety pussy.

Meg opened her eyes and smiled at Jordan.

"Good morning to you." He said. "It looks like the storm has passed."

Meg smiled, as she put her arms around Jordan. He kissed her tenderly on the lips, then slid down her body and kissed the insides of her thighs. He administered tiny nibbles, that made her jump and squirm and sent thrills through his own body. He lifted her legs and held them high as his eyes searched around her body and memorized all the different shades of pink that made up her cunt from her outer labia to her clit hood.

As Jordan ran the tip of his tongue all along every inch of her cunt he smelled her sweet musky arousal. He tasted the juice that leaked out of Meg, as her legs started to shake and her back arched. Soft moans escaped Meg, which evolved into squeals of pleasure as Jordan continued.

"Oh baby," moaned Jordan as he came up for air, "You really are something special!"

"And you're one hell of a guy Jordan." She replied.

Jordan resumed ministrations, and Meg wound her legs, wet with her own cum, around his head, almost rendering Jordan deaf, as he tongue fucked her relentlessly. Yet somehow, in the midst of her joy Meg felt a tinge of sadness as she knew Jordan would be off to Africa in a week or so, and she wasn't sure if she would see him again. Africa seemed so far away, and she looked toward the window.

But as Meg looked she got a shock. At the window there was a cloaked figure that seemed to be looking in watching them. It frightened Meg and she sat up with a start! She grabbed the blanket and covered her body.

"What's the matter baby, you look scared to death?" Jordan queried.

He sat on the bed with her and put his arm around her as she clung on to him and shivered with fright. They wrapped the blanket around their bodies and cuddled for a while.

"Ssomeone's outside." Meg stuttered. "They were watching us through the window."

But when Jordan looked he couldn't see anyone. He could see the fear in Meg's eyes and said;

"I'll check the clothes to see if they're dry. We should get them on. I'm amazed we slept so long. Then I'll try and get the burner going again, it's a bit chilly in here."

"Thanks Jordan, that would be a good idea, and we could perhaps collect the remains of the picnic from the car to have for breakfast before we return home."

Luckily the clothes were dry, and they dressed quickly. Jordan hunted around for some more wood and got the burner going again which brought welcome heat into the room. Before they could do anything else they both heard the creaking sound of the doorknob as it turned, and they looked in the direction of the door.

In the doorway was the same cloaked figure that had appeared at the window. A shiver went down Meg's spine. Meg and Jordan saw a petite woman standing there. She had pale skin and long wispy blonde hair, and was about 25 years old. She stepped inside and looked around with an air of trepidation, as though trying to familiarize with something. Finally she stepped forward and spoke with a quiet unassuming voice.

"This was my place, a few years ago. I'm Sylvia. Do you mind if I come in and get warm? It's cold outside."

"Come in Sylvia, sit down and get warm." Meg said, as she looked her over.

Meg gave her car keys to Jordan and asked him to go and get the picnic basket from the car.

"I think I'll be OK here with Sylvia. You know how women like to talk; I can get to know her as we get warm."

So Jordan agreed and as he went out he glanced back to see the two ladies sitting deep in conversation, close to the burner in order to keep warm. He smiled as he closed the door.

But however hard she tried Sylvia could not get warm. Meg wrapped the blanket around her, but she still felt icy cold. Sylvia touched Meg's arm and made a suggestion which surprised her. But after thinking for a minute or two Meg agreed.

"I'm so cold, and we seem to be getting on so well, do you think I could share your body warmth please."

They got up on the bed and with the blanket covering them, they both lay back and held each other close. Meg giggled.

"If only my husband could see me now!"

She smiled and held Sylvia against her mature curves, where she relaxed and laid her head on Meg's ample breast. She was surprised and slightly shocked at the way Sylvia's touch was producing tingling feelings around her. It was something totally new to her and though unexpected, not at all unpleasant.

They both closed their eyes and dozed for a short while. As she stirred, Meg felt Sylvia touch her,gently stroking her body, with feather light caresses barely touching. She watched with sleepy eyes as Sylvia licked the very tips of her fingers, and let them trace down her left cheek, along the side of her neck and let them graze her chest. As she watched the rise and fall of the breasts and she let them travel under the soft orbs.

As she brought her fingers up and touched her tongue again Sylvia realized Meg was awake and hadn't moved, she smiled, leant over and kissed her very softly, very tenderly on her lips.

"Sshh," she whispered, and put her finger to her lips. "Relax. Let me make you feel good."

Meg nodded meekly. She was very unsure of what to say or expect. Here was a stranger who seemed to care about feelings. She realized it probably wasn't the right thing for her to be doing, and mixed up thoughts of Len and Jordan floated across her mind, and she wondered what they would think. All the same she was she was extraordinarily aroused by Sylvia's touch.

Sylvia gently rolled Meg onto her back and lifted her dress up and off over Meg's head as she crooned softly, captivated by Meg's naked beauty. She then continued her advancement with light touches and wetted finger tips all down Meg's soft breasts. She encircled her well protruded nipples lightly and trailed them along her belly tickling her navel. These touches were closely followed by angel kisses as Sylvia parted Meg's legs a little and straddled her body.

Meg's nerve endings were set on edge with each tender touch, she exhaled soft sighs as her body squirmed and her head whipped from one side to the other at every contact.

Sylvia paused, and glanced up at Meg as she discarded her own clothing. Leaning forward she fastened her soft lips around Meg's large tits and suckled her nipples as her tongue caroused and teased the puffy areolas. As Meg moaned louder Sylvia continued her assault on Meg's body.

She gently reached a hand down, touched Meg's hot, wet, tingling pussy, pressed her palm flat against it, and tickled her ass cheeks with her fingertips. Meg squealed as she writhed around on the bed. Shivers ran through her like an electrical dynamo, her pussy tingled with fervour and she dripped with juice that collected in Sylvia's palm.

They both enjoyed the fruits of Meg's excitement as Sylvia brought her wet hand up and they in turn licked the juice off it. Then as they shared a deep erotic kiss they tasted it from each other.

"You have a wonderful body Meg," Sylvia remarked as she slid down again, and gently kissed it here and there, till she was lying between Meg's legs.
Sylvia distributed tiny nibbles all over the inside of Meg's thighs and pushed her tongue through her slit into her core and tongue fucked till she screamed out and her juices flowed into Sylvia's mouth.


Meg screamed loud and clear. Her legs shook and her body twisted as her head whipped.

Then as she calmed a little, Meg opened her eyes; she turned her head and got a huge surprise.

"Sylvia!" she hissed as she tried to attract her attention.

To be continued.....
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