A surprise or two
Jordan and the Lady Part 5

Sylvia looked up to see what Meg was looking at. They both stared.

Jordan was a few steps from the bed, standing with his cock out pointed towards them. He was furiously rubbing it as he watched them having fun. Dewdrops of precum had appeared on the head, and the women watched as it dripped off.

“How long have you been there.” Questioned Meg?

“Long enough” He panted, as he continued to rub.

“You seem a bit worked up.” Sylvia said.

She looked up at him as he moaned, and worked on his dick.

“Let's taste you.”

“Yeah let's,” Meg agreed.

Both ladies got up and rested on their knees. They beckoned Jordan over.

Jordan almost swaggered over to them, filled with lustful anticipation as his cock twitched and jumped. The sight of two naked women as they reached out to pleasure him was almost too much for him to bear, and he groaned as they both leaned over and touched him.

Each grabbed hold of an ass cheek to hold as they let their tongues glide slowly along Jordan's stiff rod, up and down till he was virtually wobbling. Jordan moaned louder and louder.

“Oh God!” he cried.


Before Jordan quite realized what was going on, the two women had pulled him onto the bed and were playing with his body like he had never been played with before. He closed his eyes and enjoyed with immensity the thrills that coursed through his body as they took control. Sylvia and Meg kissed him all over, and took turns sucking his cock using different speeds and rhythms. They let their tongues play with it, while they massaged and tickled his balls.

Alternately they ran their hands all around Jordan's ass, and tickled along his crack till he winced with pleasure. Jordan writhed around ferociously.

After a few minutes Jordan opened his eyes as he heard the Meg and Sylvia giggling. He lay back and watched them as they played with each other in front of him, enjoying the show.

The sensual way they kissed, and caressed caused his cock to have a life of its own. He watched as they sucked on each other's tits, while hands explored further down gently stroked each others cunts and probing inside .It caused Jordan to resume furiously rubbing his throbbing member. And as they sucked on their juiced up fingers his precum dribbled from it again.

All of a sudden Meg turned her body and lowered her ass down on his face. Jordan let his tongue loose in her buzzing pussy. Sylvia lowered herself down on his cock. Jordan felt like he was in heaven. The women felt each other and kissed each other as they rocked and bounced on Jordan. He felt himself fill the insides of Sylvia's core and she cried out as he throbbed inside. Meg arched her back and screamed as her juices flowed into Jordan's mouth. The room was filled with pants, moans and screams.





When they switched positions, Jordan let his tongue explore Sylvia's pussy before he drove it into her cavern, to touch where his cock had explored just a few minutes previously. Her juice flooded into his mouth and he swallowed the sweet nectar as she rocked on him.

Meg bounced on his dick and Jordan cried out as he could bear no more. As Meg's juice ran down him his balls tightened and the women held each other tightly and kissed deeply and tenderly just as he shot his creamy jets forth and filled Meg.

After a few minutes Jordan's flaccid cock flopped out of Meg, and they all fell back on the bed exhausted from their intense actions. They relaxed and lay there for a short while as they caught their breath again.

After a short while on feeling more relaxed, everyone exchanged kisses before getting dressed again.

“Do you fancy stopping and sharing our food with us?” Meg asked Sylvia as she pointed to the basket on the table.

"No, I won't, but thank you very much for asking." Sylvia replied with a smile. "Time's getting on, and I really must go."

Sylvia swiftly donned her cloak again, covered her head, and after she said a quick goodbye, opened the door and wandered off into the hills from whence she came.

Jordan and Meg looked outside for her to see which way she went, but couldn't see her anywhere.

"Do you know, we didn't really know anything about Sylvia and she disappeared very quickly," Meg said, as they sat eating their food.

“All the same, we all had a damn good time!” Jordan replied.

“Oh my God, yes!”

After they'd eaten, the two of them cleared up and tidied around.

“Hey, we'd better get moving, Len will be home before me otherwise,” Meg said anxiously.

Her mind had now reverted back to thoughts of the husband she loved dearly.
So they quickly departed and hurried back to the car. Meg shivered a little as she got in the drivers seat, for the day wasn't as warm as the previous one.

Jordan put his arm around Meg and hugged her little to warm her up before they set off.

“Don't worry, we'll soon be back home in the warm,” he said reassuringly.

So off they went, as thoughts of the picnic, their antics, and Sylvia ran through their minds.

“I wonder who she is.” Meg said finally.

“I tell you what, I'll stop at a local shop and get a paper for Len. I'll ask there if they know.”

So, as soon as they spotted a shop, Meg pulled over and stopped by the side of the road. Jordan stayed in the car while Meg went in to get the paper.

Inside the shop Meg looked around, and spotted another couple of items she needed, which she picked up together with the newspaper of her choice, and took them to the checkout to pay.

There weren't many in the shop and soon it was her turn to pay. As she got her purse out, Meg asked about Sylvia.

“We sheltered in a wooden shack in the hills yesterday during the storm.” She explained. "And while we were there we met this woman dressed in a cloak. She was quite petite, with blonde hair ....”

But Meg's voice trailed away as she noticed a sudden silence descending around the shop.

She looked around and saw the uneasy looks on the shopper's faces.

“Her name wasn't Sylvia by any chance?” Someone finally asked.

Meg turned and nodded at the old woman who was speaking.

"Well now, that seems very odd my dear. I used to know her, but I wouldn't try to search for her if I was you.”

“Why ever not?” asked Meg.

“Well, a very strange thing happened up there in those hills a while ago. That shack did belong to Sylvia. Her husband bought it for her as a kind of retreat when things got too stressful for her at work.”

The woman continued;

“She was a pretty thing if I remember, but got stressed quite easily. But the talk is that one day her husband went up there and caught her in bed with another woman. Well, he went absolutely mad and set the place alight with her in it. It burned down to the ground and she died five years ago.”

Meg went very pale, and stared at her for a minute. Then she paid for her items quickly and hurried out of the shop.

“What's the matter Meg?” Jordan asked, as she got back in the car. “You look like you've seen a ghost!”

But Meg wouldn't say, and he couldn't cheer her up, so the rest of the journey was spent in silence.

But just before they got to Meg's house, she noticed that Len was just being dropped off. He had arrived home slightly early.

He was a tall man, in his latter forties, about 200lb and slightly balding at the front.

Meg quickly stopped the car, they got out and she locked it and rushed up to him.

"Welcome home darling, I love you," she said with a big beaming smile.

Len gathered her up in a warm passionate embrace, and they kissed deeply as Jordan looked on. He respected the love they shared, and knew that his playtime had come to an end.

All of a sudden he realized his bike was still in the shed, and he needed it to get home.
So as they broke with their embrace and Meg headed inside, he walked towards the shed to retrieve his bike hoping he wouldn't be noticed. However Len had seen him and walked over to speak to him. He held out his hand to shake Jordan's.

Somewhat surprised Jordan shook his hand as Len said;

“Thank you for looking after Meg. I worry about her when I'm away, I'm glad you spent some time with her. I hope she looked after you too.”

“Oh yes sir, Meg was very kind, but I must get my bike from the shed now and go home. I need to catch up with my studies.”

As he wheeled the bike out from the shed, he looked up and noticed that Meg had come out again, all freshly washed and changed, and she smiled and winked at him before going up to Len and cuddling up to him again.

“Goodbye Meg," he said cheerfully to her. “And thank you for everything.”

Jordan mounted his bike and began to pedal, just taking one last fond look behind him and waved. They stood there together looking on, arm in arm as they waved him off. Then he turned and cycled off home, as he contemplated all the memories of his recent escapades with his 'Lady,' Mrs. Meg Peters.

The End
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