Derrick babysits the Twins (Part II)
Alisia & Sabrina

Chapter 11. Derrick meets Debbie & Diana (Part II)

Background: On Wednesday afternoon, I finally made use of the calling card Debbie had passed to me at Sabrina’s birthday party and set up a date for Saturday. Debbie suggested I visit her house and I told her I would bring dinner. I also let slip that I had a long weekend off. “Well Derrick maybe we can put it to good use”, Debbie says and I imagine her blushing while talking on the phone. We are set for Saturday afternoon.

I had met Debbie and her daughter Diana at the party. Debbie is an average looking mom with a bit more weight on her and no visible wedding ring. Her tight low cut blouse hides a nice pair of DDs. She is wearing white shorts; but hers are tight and very short, actually making her ass look inviting.

Later, mom Debbie introduced me to her daughter, Diana. Diana is nearly as tall as mom Debbie and she has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair is in a ponytail and she has on some light make-up which enhances her pretty face. Like her mom she is wearing tight white shorts and a blouse which barely hides her big tits. My brain goes, “Well, I have already seen you nearly naked, babe.” It brings a smile to my lips and Debbie likes it, not knowing why I grin. Mom Debbie’s hand is on my lower back and she is slowly rubbing me. Oh yea, I am definitely being hit on.

About two hours later as the last girls were being picked up from the party by their parents; I am standing outside as Debbie and her daughter Diana come out. Debbie tells me it was nice to meet me and I smile at her, “Oh Debbie, the pleasure is all mine. It was nice to meet you and your pretty daughter.” Debbie’s face lights up and she stretches up on her toes and gives me a kiss on the cheek. It looks real innocent, but Debbie has her arms around me and rubs her DD tits against me hard. One hand goes for mine and I feel a card being passed. “Thanks Debbie”, I say as I squeeze her hand, “I’ll put it to good use.”

As Debbie turns lose, I get a big surprise. Daughter Diana comes up and mimics her mom. She gives me a big hug rubbing her big tits against me, too. No kiss, but her hands go around me and my ass gets a nice grope. It is not an accident. I look down into her face and she gives me a knowing look. “Thanks Diana, hope to see you again”, I say. Diana nods her head and skips off. Wow, I’m not sure, but I think I just got a mother and daughter combo proposal.

So I finally have a date arranged with Debbie; but what I did not expect is a phone call from Ted asking me to babysit the twins, Lori and Tori. Debbie was gracious and told me, “No problem, just bring them along and they can play with Diana.” So I plan for the three of us to visit Debbie on Saturday and take the girls to a movie.

Meanwhile I was stuck with two eight year olds on a Friday night. Fortunately the twins are sex machines and they had me in their bed by eight o’clock for an all-night fuck fest. When I wake on Sunday mid-morning I am one sore puppy and crawl into the tub and soak in hot water. While soaking in the tub my mind reviews our Friday activities.

First, after school was over, Lori and Tori spent time at Alisia’s house swimming in her pool. They had their first climax when I put sun tan lotion on their flat bellies and let my hands wander to their pussies. When I fingered Lori her arms went around my head and she pulled me to her and kissed me hard. As we held the kiss I rubbed her clit and she threw her head back and meowed, “OMG, don’t stop”. I didn’t until both girls exploded in a body shaking climax. That’s how the party got started and it just got better all night long.

They had their second climax after I made a pitcher of margaritas at their request and we moved to the girls’ bedroom. The vixens kissed and played with each other and then asked me, “Do you want to watch us sixty-nine or are you about to pop?” So I answered, “Bring on the show!” And a nice show it was too as I watch their tongues in each other’s pussies from inches away. Best of all they had me finish them to a climax. Wow.

Lori got her special wish later as I fucked her deeply and loaded her full of Jizz. Lori’s eyes were wide open and she moaned, “OMG, OMG it’s hot.” I sure hope so, because I worked hard to make her happy.

When it was Tori’s turn she rode my cock and she sank down on it to the root. Her face was above me and her hair fell over me like a curtain. Tori leaned down and kissed me and then whispered into my ear, “I love you Derrick; even more than Lori does. Cum inside me and I’ll be yours forever.” As she says it she rocks back and I push into her hard. I don’t even want to think about “forever”; just stay in the moment with my cock deep in her pre-teen pussy filling her with Jizz. From there I lost count of the girls’ climaxes until we finally fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Lying in the bathtub this morning, I think about what Tori said and I know I have to be careful with the girls not to damage them psychologically. While they are both mature for their age the fact is they are eight years old and should not be attaching themselves to adults “forever”. I really need some advice from an expert.

When I get out of Sherrie’s tub after my shower, I shave and clean up the bathroom. Sherrie’s sexy underwear goes back on the shower rod. I’m sure Sherri will be able to tell it’s been moved. Back in the girls room they are still under the comforter sleeping soundly. I behave myself and put my clothes on and prepare a hot breakfast for the girls since it’s nearly noon.

When the smell of sizzling bacon and hot food hits the second floor my two sleeping beauties stumble down the stairs. All they are wearing is thongs. They look like they really need a pick-me-up so I hand them a glass of tomato juice each. Surprisingly they drink them in one move and follow up with half a glass of milk. Then they dig into their eggs and bacon without speaking.

The tomato juice and food does its magic and in five minutes they are smiling, “Thanks Derrick, this is nice.” I smile back and remind them to get cleaned up and pack for the night at Diana’s. Tori comes over to me, jumps in my lap and gives me her milk stained lips. “I still love you Derrick and its forever” she says with a serious look. I kiss her again and let my fingers dance across her nipples. When she giggles I tell her, “We have to talk about the ‘forever’ stuff.”

As I push her off my lap I spank her little bottom gently and say, “By the way, Ted says you look hot in your cheerleader outfits. You can wear those if you like.” Lori and Tori grin as they leave the kitchen and I see an extra wiggle in their naked asses going up the stairs. Good grief, how could a dad deal with a set of vixens like these? Maybe with a real dad around they would not have turned into sex machines.

An hour later the twins yell down the stairs for me to come up and check that everything was cleaned up. Their room is spotless and there are no signs of a party. I had forgotten two glasses; but they are washed and ready to carry back to the kitchen. When I look into Sherri’s room it looks even cleaner; but I was the only one who used the bathroom. Amazing; worst case the girls could hire out as maids. It makes me laugh. I tell them I’m amazed at the good job and they smile. Lori and Tori each have a sports bag with a dance school logo on it and the bags look heavy. Everything but the kitchen sink, I’m sure.

When we get to Debbie’s house she invites us in and gives me a big hug. Because the twins are watching she doesn’t rub her tits on me in an obvious way but her hand rubs my ass. She stares at the twins as they introduce themselves. Lori says, “Hi, I’m Lori and she is Tori.” while pointing at the monogram on her top. Debbie looks at them closely and her eyes go up and down on the cheerleader outfits before she gives each one a little hug.

Lori and Tori are wearing the outfits which Ted had described. Their identical outfits consisting of very short pleated skirts which are white and set off the girls long legs really nicely. On the lower edge of the skirts are a band of blue and gold colors similar to school colors. On their feet are white sneakers with the same blue and gold stripes. Since the skirts are so short, they just barely cover their nearly naked ass cheeks.

They wear white tops which look like modified sports bras. The tops stop below their breasts and show a lot of flat, tight belly. The bottoms of these tops have the same blue and gold stripes. It seems Tori and Lori’s bigger breasts are straining the material. Each girl has a small monogram on her left breast. Their red hair is in a ponytail sticking out of blue caps.

After Debbie hugs the twins she calls down into her basement for Diana. She comes running up the steps and screeches to a halt in front of the twins. She looks bewildered for a moment and then grins, “You’re Lori and your Tori.” The twins look at each other and Diana says, “I cheated, I saw the monogram right away.” The girls laugh and hug and giggle as Diana drags them to her basement rooms.

Debbie uses the moment we are alone to move into my arm and say, “Welcome to my home; make it yours.” She reaches up and pulls me down for a hard kiss. She doesn’t hold back and squashes her DDs into me as her tongue explores my mouth. When she finally moves back, I breathe hard and say, “Thank you Debbie.” She grabs my hand and pulls me through her house and shows me her large bedroom. It’s a bit overly girly for a bachelor; but Debbie is proud of the pink walls and curtains.

“Are you going to spend the night”, Debbie asks with a smile as she stands close enough for her tits to poke me. “If you want me to”, I smile back at her. She pulls my hands up to her ample chest and rubs them across. “Does that answer it”, she grins. I squeeze her tits gently, feeling for her nipples and give them a tweak. “I sure think so Debbie; but later please. We promised a movie.” She grins and says, “Oh, pooh.” As she walks in front of me, her tight shorts give me an inviting target and I run both hands over her cheeks. It makes her giggle like a girl.

The three girls come back up from the basement and I notice Diana has changed from jeans to a short white tennis skirt. She has white sneakers on and looks almost like she was trying for the ‘older sister’ look. Except in her case the white sports bra top just makes her big tits stand out even more. I can see a dark outline where her nipples are. Diana squashes herself against me and says, “Sorry Derrick, I didn’t say hello. Got too excited about Tori and Lori being here.” Her arms are around my middle and her boobs are hard against me. Before she turns lose her hands run all over my buns. Good grief, it’s going to be a long night.

Debbie lets me drive her minivan so we can all have comfortable seats. The movie of course is a chick flick and somehow I end up sitting between Debbie and Diana. One twin on each end makes the ‘bookends’. Not soon after the lights go dark Debbie has us holding hands on one side; but daughter Diana is a bit more aggressive and has put my hand on her thigh. The invitation is obvious and during several night scenes my fingers wander up to her panties. After about the third time I touch her panties and run my finger across her pussy she pulls my hand under the waist band. My finger notices her hair has disappeared and I stroke clean shaved cunt. Ah, much better.

It makes me wonder just how much of a plan mom and daughter have hatched. Will Debbie want me to pop Diana’s cherry first thing tonight? Fortunately the movie ends before Diana has me rub her to an embarrassing orgasm. When Diana stands next to me in the still dark theater, I slide my wet finger into my mouth and she about strokes. Her eyes get big when I tell her, “Thank babe.”

Instead of bringing supper home, we go to a nice steak house. Of course Debbie in her shorts and the twins cause all the guys to focus on us. I’m starting to get used to waiters hovering around the twins; but Debbie’s and Diana’s racks also draws their share of attention. A guy who was not sure of his masculinity could get a complex. It also makes me wonder why Debbie is single. Debbie notices the attention and I complement her, “Debbie, you’re drawing guys like bees to honey.” She laughs and takes the complement in stride.

I ask her what happened to hubby and she tells me that he ran off with his secretary. I can’t believe it and my face shows it. “No way”, I say incredulously. Debbie leans back and arches her shoulder so her DDs stand straight up. She says innocently, “What can I say?” I lean over and whisper to her, “Well maybe I can make you feel better later.” She shows her appreciation by running her hand over the inside of my leg under the table.

Back at Debbie’s house she asks me if I care for a drink. I need to see if she is willing to include the twins in tonight’s fun. “Debbie if you’re OK with it, the twins are allowed to sip wine; but they prefer margaritas.” Debbie arches an eyebrow; but finally says, “OK, the girls get margaritas if you make them. For me, its bourbon and lots of ice.” She has a nice bar and I start making drinks. Might as well make two pitchers of margaritas and put one in the fridge. Everyone gets a glass and Debbie tells the girls to go to the basement.

Debbie grabs my hand again and pulls me to her bedroom and locks the door. “Derrick I can’t wait any longer, you should have called me the next day.” She reaches for my polo shirt and pulls it up and runs her hands over my chest. “OMG, I hope the rest of you looks like that”, she whispers as I pull my shirt off. Debbie kneels down and unbuckles my belt and I’m naked in another minute. Debbie’s hands are on my cock and she smiles as she pulls the skin down and slowly stokes me. “Oh yes, I like”, she says. Well, you have to admit there is something about women who know what they like. And Debbie’s DDs are a serious help.

Before she gets too far along, I pull her up and unbutton her blouse. She helps and has her bra and shorts off in half a minute. I sit on the edge of her bed as she kneels before me again and pulls my cock to her lips. Her tits sway with her bobbing motion as she sucks me deep into her mouth. She sucks me for about five minutes and has me rock hard. Her brown eyes never left my face and I stroked her hair and gently encouraged her to go deeper. Debbie stands up and tells me to lean back. “Can you handle a girl on top”, she asks with a big grin as she climbs up on me. When she leans forward her tits are in front of my face and I suckle her nipples. Debbie moans in satisfaction as she slides down on my cock.

Debbie definitely knows what she wants from a hard cock. She rides me expertly clenching her pussy on the down strokes and giving me a superb fuck and massage. Now I’m moaning in satisfaction. Debbie leans down and locks her lips to mine and we swap tongues for several minutes. When her lips go to my ear, I’m ready to hear another secret. “Gosh I’ve waited for you so long. I’m safe, fill me up.” I do want to cum inside her but first I want her to have an experience like she has not had lately.

“I’m going to roll over”, I tell her and roll her onto her back. She pulls her legs wide apart and up near her head. It lets me stroke into her even deeper hitting her cervix I assume. Debbie lasts about five more minutes and I can tell she is getting close. She is panting and breathing hard and her legs come around me and pull me into her even harder.

When her climax hits she moans hard and her body shakes all over. Her tits dance all over her chest and I almost grin. Except I lose my load too. With a hard push into her my Jizz fills her pussy. Several loads. Debbie’s eyes open wide and her hands come up around my head and she pulls me down to her. She holds me tight and her legs still have me locked into her cunt. “OMG Derrick, I needed that”, she says and pulls my head close to her.

Another secret is on its way. “Derrick, I need a favor”, she whispers and I fairly well know what’s coming. I nod my head and she says quietly, “How would you feel about teaching Diana?” When my cock twitches several times she has her answer.

“OMG, you’re not surprised”, she asks. I shake my head and whisper back, “A little birdie gave me a hint.” Diana laughs and says, “That bitch, can’t tell her any secrets.” We both grin and fall back onto the bed. “Debbie, I think the twins will want to watch.” Debbie’s mouth drops open in disbelief and I blame it on Ted. “You remember Ted who is dating their mom? I think they have watched them do it.” I don’t tell they also participated.

“Can they keep their mouths shut?” she asks and I tell her they are better than tombstones. Debbie cuddles up to me and we relax as she says, “Next round you can decide what to do. I just needed this so I can think straight.” After resting fifteen minutes, Debbie tells me to think about Diana. She disappears into the shower. So I think about Diana’s voluptuous body and big tits. Like her mom it will be a different experience.

Debbie surprises me by coming back all fresh and happy. The grin on her face has the ‘fresh fucked’ look as she slips into her shorts and blouse. She sips from her drink and tells me Diana will be here in a second. Debbie sends a short text message on her i-phone and Diana knocks on the door a minute later. Her eyes go wide when she sees me lying in Debbie’s bed under the sheet. I’m sure she figures it out with the smell of sex in the air. Debbie looks at me and a big smile spreads across her face.

Mom asks her, “Do you want to kiss Derrick, baby?” Diana grins and jumps up on the bed, leans into me and gives me a kiss. Our first kiss; I keep it gentle and sweet and run my hands through her hair. Diana gives me a little moan and pushes against me harder. Her hands pull the sheet down and she explores my chest. Diana takes a big breath and her eyes sparkle as she moves into me for a second longer kiss. Her tongue is not shy and explores the inside of my mouth. Little Diana is a great kisser and we keep at it for about ten minutes.

Debbie is watching from the side and she seems to like my gentle approach to deflowering her baby daughter. She smiles and mouths at me, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Diana leans back away from me and we both pull her sports bra over her head. Her bust looks to be at least a 36CC and the twin cones bounce before me. Her tits are conical and are topped with dark areolas and hard nipples. They look even better close up compared to the sexy look when she stepped out of the pool all wet.

Diana reaches down and pulls her short skirt and thong off in one move. I guess we both agree on what’s next. The question is, “Is she willing to let me explore her before I break her cherry?” Diana seems to read my mind and she gets on her knees and pushes a breast at me. I kiss her chest with gentle butterfly kisses before concentrating on her nipples. As I suck them gently she pulls me into her harder and moans, “OMG Derrick, don’t stop.” When I roll her on her back and kiss her belly, I tell her, “It will get even better babe.”

Since I’m still half under the sheet it’s time to let Diana see what’s in store for her. I pull the sheet aside and get on my knees with my cock near her face. My half hard cock bobs in front of her and she inhales hard. I know girls her age have watched porn on the internet, but their first experience with a real cock is always interesting. Diana seems to appreciate my size and she reaches out and puts her hand on my cock and just holds it. Girls her age know that all guys want blowjobs and that good girls swallow.

She strokes my cock slowly and puts her lips on it in a small kiss. I let her play at her own speed because she will get fucked several times before the night is over. It makes me smile even while Diana kisses my cock. She sees my smile and also grins. Good, a happy girl. “I’m going to let you suck me off later, babe”, I tell her as I roll her onto her stomach and gently rub her butt. A bottle of baby lotion sits on the night stand and I dabble some on Diana’s back and massage her back and butt. When my fingers go between her butt cheeks she spreads her legs and gives me access to her pussy.

“That’s the idea babe”, I tell her as I let my fingers stroke her pussy. It reminds me when I first met the twins and did it to them next to the pool. Diana’s thirteen year old shapely body, however, is so much more exiting. She is nearly a woman and probably fertile. In a strange way she could be a mommy in an hour. Good grief, where is my brain at.

So I concentrate on Diana’s pleasure. Rolling her over I see a big grin on her face and I know she loves her first sexual experience. I kiss her nipples again and gently stroke her breasts. After sever minutes I move south and kiss her belly and Diana giggles as it tickles her. Getting between her legs I ask, “Babe, is there anything you want special?” Diana grins and says, “I think you are about to do it!” Her brown eyes sparkle even more and I love it. When I ran my hands over her butt it felt like a baby’s. The few extra pounds on her frame not only make her shapely and sexy; but her skin is flawless. She is a sexy girl.

I’m about to lean down towards Diana’s pussy when I hear the door open quietly and I see the twins approaching on each side. When Diana sees them she is about to speak; but the twins shoos her with a fingers to their lips. Diana keeps quiet and watches. Lori and Tori sit down on the bed on either side of her and grab a hand. They say quietly, “Just enjoy it.” I laugh as my tongue moves down between Diana’s legs. Kissing everywhere except her pussy makes Diana squirm and she wiggles her ass trying to get my face to her pussy. Ok, I’ve had fun enough and start serious pussy slurping. My tongue runs the length of her slit down to her little pucker. When my tongue hits it, Diana jumps with a little scream. Yes babe, that’s definitely a new experience.

She falls back on the bed and inhales hard. “OMG Derrick, don’t do that” she says and I grin to myself knowing her ass will be invaded probably before the night is over. Moving back to her pussy I slowly spread her outer lips with my fingers and gently invade her with my tongue. It gets an expected reaction as Diana rocks her ass against my face. When I do it again, Diana rocks again. In a minute I have her rocking her pelvic like a pro. I love it. I do it for about five minutes before moving to her clit.

My lips go around her clit and I suckle it to make her nubbin come out of its shell. In minutes my tongue runs across it and Diana groans loudly. A climax is on its way. Lori and Tori lean over and suck on her big tits. Diana shakes all over as I see the twins suck her nipples hard. I know it must hurt in a sex filled way. Diana’s wide spread legs are shaking and her moment draws near. When she screams we all know she is there. Her body almost comes off the bed as her orgasm hits and rolls over her body. I feel moisture spreading across my face and it’s time to make her a woman.

My cock slides into her pussy easily the first few inches until I hit her hymen. Diana clenches her muscles to push the invader out of her. Backing out I can hear her exhale before I stroke into her again. By the fourth time, Diana gets with the program and rocks her ass against me and a smile is back on her face. The twins are holding her hands and know what’s coming. I fuck Diana gently for several more minutes and she really enjoys it. “Ready babe?” I ask her and before she thinks about it too long I drive into her.

Her head is still nodding ‘Yes” when I’m already deep into her. Diana gasps hard and I hold still as her pussy adjusts to the new sensation. The twins turn loose of her hands and say in unison, “Welcome to being a real woman.” Diana looks at them both and they nod their heads letting her know they are no longer virgins either. When I pull back and then stroke into Diana a bit harder she smiles and spreads her legs even further. She is ready for a real fucking.

“Do her easy, Derrick”, a voice says behind me as a set of DDs press into my back. Debbie must have seen the whole thing. As her hands come around me she says, “You were nice and gentle. Thanks.” As I fuck Diana in slow long strokes Debbie moves her hands to my naked ass and gives it a little push on every down stroke. I’m about to fill Diana with Jizz if she doesn’t stop. Debbie reads my mind and leans close to me and says, “Go ahead Derrick. She is on the pill. Give her the full experience.”

Good grief, I have three sets of eyes watching me closely as I’m about to cum into thirteen year old Diana. But men are pigs and with a big push and a loud groan I shoot several shots of Jizz as deep into Diana as I can. I stay inside her for a few minutes before falling back on the bed exhausted. Diana slides up on me, her big tits covering my chest, and she kisses me affectionately, “Thank you Derrick.” I kiss her lips and tell her, “Thank you babe, you are so beautiful.” Diana grins and states, “We need drinks.”

Debbie returns from the kitchen with new glasses of margaritas for the girls. They sip them slowly but down them all the way. Tori leans over to Diana and whispers into her ear and Diana has a shocked look on her face. She shakes her head ‘No’ as the twins push her back on the bed and spread her legs wide apart. I think I know what’s about to happen but Debbie is also shocked. Tori explains, “I want Derrick’s cum”. Several drops of white are visible between Diana’s legs and Tori’s tongue vacuum them into her mouth.

Tori’s fingers spread Diana’s pussy lips wide apart and her tongue goes deep into her fresh fucked insides. We hear Tori slurping and sucking hard for several minutes until suddenly Diana lets loose with a short scream as a new climax ripples over her. Her legs lock over Tori’s head and Diana grabs her long red hair as she shakes. When she relaxes enough to let Tori up; Tori moves up to Diana’s face and teaches her a new lesson. Tori’s wet face comes down on Diana’s and their lips lock. Tori is swapping pussy juices and cum by invading Diana’s mouth with her long tongue. After two long minutes they break apart and fall back on the bed. Lori looks at her sister and whines in a mock tone, “You didn’t save me any.” She laughs and it breaks the tension.

I think the twins just taught both Debbie and Diane something they did not expect from eight year olds. Debbie looks at me with an eyebrow arched. I grin and shrug my shoulders like, “News to me too.” I’m such a liar; it’s all little Sabrina’s fault. I realize when Sabrina put my cock into her small mouth I got hooked on pre-teen and teen pussy. No wonder Ted loves the thirteen year olds; they are no longer little girls but not yet spoiled older teens.

Diana looks at Debbie and me with questions in her eyes. It seems not only did she experience her first fuck but also her first lesbian contact. I move up on the bed and cradle Diana to me and quietly tell her it all right. She has to make up her own mind if she wants to play with the twins or not. Diana searches for my lips and kisses me hard and says quietly, “I don’t know Derrick.” I kiss her again and tell her to rest for a bit. Debbie pulls a blanket over her naked body and we leave her to rest.

After I’m dressed, Debbie takes us back to the basement and shows me Diane’s bedroom and an adjoining guest room. The twins’ bags are on the bed. It’s a perfect setup to give either Diana or the twins’ privacy if they want it. “Or if I want to come visit”, I think. Actually, I still have most of Sunday with the twins and I can take them to my house first.

Back in the living room, Debbie turns on a movie and invites the twins to watch. As normal they drag a blanket in front of the screen and lay down to watch. Their skirts slide up on their asses and expose their naked buns. Debbie looks at them for several minutes and motions me into the kitchen. She says, “Out with it, is Ted fucking these two honeys?” I nod my head and can’t help but grin. She reads my grin correctly and adds, “You too?” I say meekly, “Last night.” Debbie looks amazed and says, “Oh shit and I thought I was forward pushing Diana on you. Are you are fucking Alisia also?” When I nod again her mouth drops open and she says, “Plus Sabrina?” I can say honestly, “I was her twelfth birthday present.”

She sips her drink and says, “Well, you were right about being quiet as tombstones. I thought I knew every one of Alisia’s secrets.” I add, “And let’s keep it that way. Don’t let her know about knowing anything she does not tell you.” I hug Debbie and kiss her. She grins and says, “Shit, I think all this talk has made me horny again.” She takes my hand and leads me down to Diana’s room. As I look at the girl’s big bed, Debbie says, “I promised, what do you want?” Her big tits are rubbing against my chest and I say, “Let’s start with a BJ and go from there.”

Debbie grins and says in a snarky tone, “You want me to swallow too?” I just laugh because she already knows men are pigs; but good girls swallow. In a minute we are naked and Debbie surprises me by straddling me in a sixty-nine position. “Help me get worked up again” she prompts as her pussy comes down over my face. I can feel her hot mouth on my cock and she strokes me with a nice firm rhythm. My tongue invades Debbie’s pussy and she wiggles her ass in appreciation. After about ten minutes of licking her cunt, I go for her clit. Debbie moans hard as my tongue runs over her hot clit. It is fully out of its hiding and ready for action. I take her clit between my lips and suck it hard and Debbie twitches hard. I can feel her teeth on my cock as she nearly bites me.

Easing off on her clit for a second I try a new tactic and push my little finger into her bung hole up to the first joint. Debbie comes off my cock with a loud “Ahh” and when she sits up it pushes my finger all the way into her ass. With my finger in her ass, Debbie rocks her clit on my tongue and her second climax hits her hard. Juices stream from her pussy right into my mouth and I swallow the most of it. Debbie yelps, “OMG stop” as she rolls on her side next to me. She has a big grin on her face as she says, “You were a naughty boy; but it sure made me cum.”

After a minute’s rest, she kneels between my legs and sucks my cock into her mouth. I give her a gently push on her head to make her take me all in. As I watch her tits swinging she tries not to gag as she sucks me into her throat. It does make her gag and she backs off as she spits phlegm from her throat. “Don’t overdo it, baby”, I tell her as she goes back to my cock. She rolls on her back and says, “Come on Derrick” as she cups her tits. I move up and sit on her belly and fuck her tits. Debbie leans back and closes her eyes as I glide between her mounds.

It’s when I feel the hands on my ass I know exactly who it is. Two naked twins stand beside us and watch. They have one finger across their lips motioning me to be quiet. When my first load of Jizz hits Debbie’s face she opens her mouth to get the rest. One shot covers her tongue with white spunk and another shot hits her face. I tweak a nipple and Debbie looks up and gasps as Lori and Tori move in on her. One licks the two streaks of cum from her face and the other locks lips with Debbie and lets her tongue search Debbie’s mouth. The twin who is not kissing Debbie leans over and pulls my cock from between Debbie’s tits and sucks me clean. Life is good.

I lie down next to Debbie and let the twins feast on us. I see it is Lori sucking my cock and Tori has moved between Debbie’s legs to slurp her wet pussy. Debbie looks at me and says, “I shouldn’t do this”; but her body gives her away. As Tori’s tongue hits Debbie’s clit she spasms and quivers. In a few minutes the spasms get harder and finally Debbie cries out as another orgasm hits her. She holds Tori’s head to her pussy and lets her drink the latest gush of girl juices.

When Debbie recovers she pulls Tori up between us and Lori slides up on the other side of Debbie, sandwiching her in. I lay on my side to watch the action. Tori and Lori look at each other and grin. They both put one of Debbie’s nipples in their mouths and suck ever so gently. Debbie starts to push them off; but her motherly feelings and sexual needs overwhelm her. She cradles the girls’ heads to her tits and lets them suck on her nipples like babes. Tori and Lori play nice for about five minutes and then their gentle sucking turns more urgent and harder. Debbie moans hard as the twins massage her tits and it takes me a minute to figure out that they are milking Debbie’s big tits.

Tori’s eyes get wide when she succeeds in getting a spray of milk. She points the nipple at me and when she squeezes it an arc of breast milk hits my face. Tori tells me, “Suck it” and I lean over and suck Debbie’s breast. Warm milk runs into my mouth and Debbie clutches my hair and holds me to her. I don’t want to stop and the way Debbie is holding me means she is somewhere between sexual bliss and ecstasy. Lori is sucking her other breast and we fill ourselves with a mother’s gift.

It seems we feasted for an hour but it probably was not that long when Debbie’s says, “Enough, it’s hurting.” We stop and Debbie says, “Good grief, I haven’t experienced that in twelve years. It sure felt sexy.” The twins say in unison, “Thank you, Mommy.” Debbie laughs and hugs them. I notice Debbie’s nipples are bright red and they stand up over an inch long. I’m sure they hurt; but the twins are now Debbie’s best new friends. She tells them, “Go check on Diana and let me rest for a bit.” After the twins have left she turns to me and snuggles up, “I didn’t think we would be playing milk cow today, Derrick. But you can do it again. God, I didn’t know it would affect me like this.” Debbie rolls over and puts her ass against me and tells me, “Fuck me hard.”

So I do. Extra hard and extra Jizz just like the doctor ordered.

When I fall back exhausted, I see the decorations in Diana’s room and I wonder if I’m up to fucking her again. Only once would not be fair to the newly made woman. It’s the last thing I think of as I fall asleep with my arms around Debbie and my cock still in her pussy.

When I wake up the room is dark and I’m disoriented for a bit. My wristwatch tells me its 2 a.m. After a quick stop in the bathroom I take a look around. The guest room is empty and I walk up the stairs silently. The twins have built a cocoon in front of the TV and are sleeping. I see Debbie and Diana sleeping in Debbie’s bed. When I touch my face I feel stubble which would not be welcome on a girl’s soft and tender skin. I grab my bag and head back to the basement and shave, shower and freshen up. It makes me feel like a new man. Now to make it worthwhile.

I touch Diana’s foot and step back. She blinks and looks around and when she sees me, my finger goes to my lips signaling her to be quiet. She looks at my naked body in the dim light and follows me as I motion to her. Back in the basement I point her to the bathroom and quietly tell her to freshen up. It only takes her a few minutes and she grins wide when she sees me on her bed. She closes the doors and turns the key. Works for me. In the dim light from a small table lamp I can still appreciate her beauty. She is a pretty girl even with her extra pounds. Her large tits don’t sag and her dark nipples are perky.

She sees me staring and rotates around slowly. I love her ass. “Very nice, babe”, I tell her and she jumps up on the bed into my arms. We kiss more seriously and our tongues explore each other hard. When we break she asks earnestly, “Derrick do you like me?” “Yes babe, I do honestly”, I tell her. “Not just because my mom let you pop my cherry?” she worries. So I try my best to make her feel better, “Diana, you are real pretty and I’m sure lots of guys hit on you for the wrong reason; but I do like you from the first minute I saw you.” She smiles and accepts it.

I pull her to me and kiss her chest all over before putting one nipple into my mouth and tweaking it with my tongue. Diana grabs my head and holds me to her breast and I hear several “Mmms” and “Ohhs”. As she pulls me to her other tit she says, “I love it, Derrick.” I want her to have fun and be satisfied. I suck her dark nipple a bit harder and she murmurs another round of “Mmms”. I tell Diana, “Babe get on your hands and knees.” She knows what I want and positions herself on the edge of the bed.

When my cock touches her pussy, Diana exhales and says, “Oh please Derrick; but not too hard, I’m still a bit sore.” She puts her head down on her bed and lets me push into her to the root. Goodness she seems tighter than earlier today and I stroke into her slowly and steady. Diana rocks back at me when I hit bottom and it makes both of us jump a bit. In a few minutes we have a nice steady fuck going. I can see Diana in her dresser mirror and her tits are swinging below her. I love the view and wish I’d have it on video. I definitely have to get her to my house and shoot some pictures and introduce her to toys.

We have been going for about ten minutes and I ask Diana if she is having fun. She responds with a long “Mmm yes!” I tell her she will get a new experience and to grab the sheet. She keeps her head down because she may know what’s coming. I stroke into her hard and hold her around the waist with one hand while the thumb on the other hand invades her puckered ass. Diana jerks and groans, “OMG Derrick.” I hold us together for a minute and then continue to fuck her gently. When she exhales and relaxes a bit, my thumb starts stroking into her at the same time.

In another five minutes her ass has relaxed enough so that a second finger fits and Diana is not uncomfortable. It seems she may be near her latest climax as her breathing is picking up. When she starts panting I know she is close. Her body is shaking and it’s time for her new experience. I pull my cock out of her pussy and slide it into Diana’s pucker. She jerks at the realization and yelps again, “OMG Derrick. Don’t stop.”

It’s exactly what I want to hear as it sends us both over the cliff. Diana screams into her pillow as her climax rocks her. She sets me off too and ropes of Jizz go deep into her ass. I try to stay in her ass, but when she falls flat to the bed we get uncoupled. I cuddle Diana to me and pull a blanket over us. “OMG Derrick, I can’t believe I think I like getting fucked in my ass” she whispers as she pulls the blanket over our heads. I grin because no one can hear us in the basement.

Diana pulls the blanket back down and lets the dim light shine on our faces. She grins and then kisses me hard. Her tongue is in my mouth and she explores me for a few minutes. “Promise not to ever tell Debbie you did my ass and I’ll let you do it again.” I chuckle at the backhanded invitation and promise and tell her, “If you come to my house or Debbie is at work I’ll fuck your ass every time you want. Besides there are other things for you to try also.” Diana grins and quietly tells me, “All those bitches on the internet swallow cocks, do you want me to do that.”

Her eyes get real big when I tell her, “Good girls swallow cum. I know you are going to be my very good girl.” She grins and says, “OMG, I’ll be your very best girl.”

We drift off to sleep as I visualize her in my own bed swallowing loads and loads of cum. Tomorrow I have to baby sit the twins again.

(More stories or not?)

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