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This is about the first time my wife had more then one man and a woman
One Hot Night

It was the weekend, and I had been looking forward to this night for weeks. My best friend, Will, had moved back to our home town after living out of state for close to ten years. He had gotten a band together and tonight was the bands first gig. My wife Andrea was in the bathroom getting ready. I was setting in the living room when she called to me. I walked back to the bathroom to see her standing at the full length mirror in the nude. She turned around and pointed at her pussy and asked me what I thought. Andrea had shaved her bush bald.
I stood there looking at my wife and felt the heat in my pants grow. Andrea is 5’4”, with strawberry blond hair that goes half way down her back. She has green eyes, full lips, and the high cheek bones of a classic beauty. She is 36DD-24-34, with a perfect ass and nice shapely legs. I went to her and picked her up as I kissed her deeply. I set her down on the counter as I slid my hand to her right breast. Finding her nipple was hard as soon as I touched it I lowered my head down and took it in my mouth. As I did this I lowered my hand down to her hot, tight pussy. Rubbing her clit with my thumb I heard her moan as I stuck a finger in her tight slit. She was dripping wet already so I picked her up and turned her around to fuck her from behind as I watched her face in the mirror. As soon as she felt me going for my cock she pulled away from me and told me that I would have to wait until after we got home, she had to get ready.
When Andrea was ready to go all I could do was say wow. She had on black fishnet stockings and a black garter belt, over this she wore a black thong. With a black leather mini skirt and a black and sliver silk blouse she was ready to go. Andrea likes the feel of silk on her bare skin so she didn’t wear a bra and her big tits bounced with every step she took. When we got to Wills to give him and Pam, his bisexual girlfriend, a ride to the bar, both of them went on how good Andrea looked.
When we got to the bar I helped set the band while the woman set around and started to drink. Everyone was getting lose and having a good time. Soon it was time for the band to play and we kicked back and had a great time. Every time that Andrea got up to dance every man in the bar watched her with open lust. At the first break some of the band went out to the drummers van to smoke some weed, they asked me if I wanted to go and I said no. Andrea asked if she could go and I said sure, go ahead. Andréa had never smoked weed before and I knew that she wanted to try it. When she came back in she said she didn’t feel anything after smoking weed for the first time. I told her she had to smoke more to get off.
After another set of good music and good times the band went out for more weed in the back of the van. Andrea went with them to smoke more grass. When the guys from the ban band came back this time they told me that Andrea had gone to the bathroom. Just as the band started on there third set Andrea set down next to me and grabbed a handful of my cock. She then took my hand and put it between her legs, she had taken her thong off and her pussy was soaking wet. She looked me in the eyes and I could see that she was very turned on. So while people set all around us and Pam set right beside her I fingered her to at least three organisms in the next 5 minutes.
After a few minutes Pam asked Andrea if she wanted to dance. Andrea went to the dance floor and after a short time started to dirty dance with Pam. After watching Pam openly grab and rub Andrea's tits while Andrea rubbed her cunt into Pam’s leg I set there with a very hard cock. I don’t think at there was a man in the house who saw them dancing who wasn’t turned on. The dance floor cleared as the two of them danced. Even the women watched, and I saw more then one woman touch herself as they danced.
Soon the night was over and it was time to tear down. After 45 minutes we had the band loaded up and it was time to go home. Will and Pam rode with other people to go to an after hours party while I took Andrea and went home. When I got to the car I found Andréa fucking herself with a longneck bar bottle. She didn’t stop until I started the car.
We where not even out of the parking lot before Andrea was on her knees in the car digging my cock out of my pants. She took all 8” of my cock down her throat at once. She gave me on off the best blow jobs she ever had all the way home. When we got to the house she got out of the car while I put my hard cock away. When I got out off the car I heard cat calls and yells of take it off. This was coming from across the street at the apartment building where there are always people hanging around in the summer months. I looked up to see 6 or 8 guys in there late teens or early twenties all looking up to my porch. I looked over and saw Andrea standing on the porch under the porch light with her blouse all the way open and with her skirt hiked up as she stuck two fingers in her dripping wet cunt.
I open the door and pulled her in the house as fast as I could; at the same time I was so horney that I thought about fucking he right there. Andrea always gets very turned on when she flashes her tits, but she always got mad if I wanted her show her pussy, now she not only flashed her cunt but fingered herself at the same time. I locked the door and turned around to see her blouse, skirt, and shoes lying in the floor on the way to our bedroom. I walked back and thought how good her tight pussy would feel. As soon as I got to the door she grabbed me, pulled my pants down to my knees and pushed me down on the bed. She took my cock in her mouth in one big gulp as I pulled her around to eat her tight shaved pussy. She was wetter then she ever had been as I sucked on her clit and slid two fingers in her cunt while I worked a finger up her even tighter ass. After she came twice she pulled off of me and turned around to take my cock into her pussy. She rode me like she had never ridden me before. Grinding my cock into her pussy and then rising up until the head of my cock was almost out of her only to slam down on it as hard as she could.
After a few minutes of this she reached over to the nightstand and pulled a tube of KY out of the drawer. She pulled my cock out of her cunt and put some KY on the head of my cock, she then guided my cock into her tight little ass. Riding and grinding my cock deep in her ass she grabbed my hand and put it on her cunt. I rubbed her clit until she came so hard I thought that she was going to pass out. After that she pulled off my cock and slid my cock back into her pussy. She went on taking my cock in her pussy then her ass until I felt my cum starting to rise in my cock. Grabbing her hips with both of my hands I ground her hard on my cock until I came deep in her pussy.
As soon as I came in her she slid off of me and took my semi hard cock in her mouth and started to suck it hard. When she had it hard again she climbed back on top of me and told me she wanted me to cum in her ass this time. She rode my cock in cunt for a while and then slid it back up her ass. Doing this back and forth for several times she leaned over and grabbed her dildo out of her drawer and slid it up her cunt as she took my cock up her ass. This toy always makes her cum hard and fast. With my cock up her ass she was cumming so much that she was having one big long orgasm. In a few minutes I came hard, deep in her ass. As soon as I came in her ass Andrea got down on her knees and sucked my cock clean.
Looking up at me she told me that Pam wanted to come over and fuck us both and Andrea would do it if I let her go over to the apartments and get someone to fuck. She knew that I was done for a while as hard as she fucked me. How could I say anything but yes? So off she went out the door still in the nude. A few minutes later she came back with two young men. The first was Mark; he was back for the summer from the university and staying with his mother, Rita. Mark is 5’9”, with an average build. The second was Kenyata, at 6’8” tall he had to duck to enter our bedroom. Kenyata played ball for the school and was built like a bodybuilder. Andrea pulled Marks shorts down and took his 6” cock in her mouth while Kenyata slid first one and then two fingers up her dripping wet cunt.
Kenyata said he wanted some of that good head so they turned her around on the bed and Mark got behind her and slid his cock into her pussy as Kenyata pulled his paints off. Andrea told me one time that my cock was as big as she thought she ever wanted to take but Kenyatas cock was 3” longer then mine and it wasn’t all the way hard yet. Andrea took the head in mouth but couldn’t get any more in then that. She wrapped her hands around his cock and jacked him off while she sucked him hard. Soon he had grown anther 2” and said that he had never had any hot white pussy and wanted to fuck her. Andrea said alright but she wanted to be on top.
Kenyata lay down on the bed and Andrea got on top of him and started to work the monster cock into her tight pussy. After several times of sliding up and down she final took all of his meat in and just set there feeling her cunt filled to the max. Soon Kenyata started to move her up and down on his cock as Andrea had one orgasm after anther. Mark stood off to one side with a hard cock watching when I threw him the KY and told him to take her ass. He put some KY on his hand and lubed her ass up and then pushed her down on Kenyatas chest and lined his cock up with her ass. With one hard push he buried his cock all the way up her ass. Andrea let out a scream of pain and pleasure as Mark started to fuck her ass. Soon her eyes glazed over as Mark and Kenyata moved her up and down on their cocks in unison. Andrea started saying “fuck me” over and over again. I couldn’t take it any more and pulled my now hard cock out of my paints as I walked over to the edge of the bed. Andrea reached over and grabbed my cock and pulled it to her mouth as she took three cocks into her for the first time in her life.
Soon Mark shot his wad up her ass as Andrea came hard on Kenyatas cock. I felt my balls tighten just before I shoot a load of hot cum in her mouth; Andrea didn’t let a drop of cum out of her mouth as she kept riding Kenyatas hard cock. Kenyata said he wanted to cum in her mouth as well so Andrea pulled his cock out of her well fucked cunt and took him back in her mouth. Kenyata was fucking her face so hard that I thought he was going to break her jaw when he came what looked like gallons of cum into her mouth, on her face, and all over her tits. Andrea licked up every drop she could and said that she loved how good it tasted. I took one look at Andréa and could see that she was fucked out and even though Mark and Kenyata wanted to keep fucking her I told them that I thought she had enough for the night. As I saw them to the door Andrea passed out naked on top of the covers.
A few days later I walked in the house after I got off work to find Rita, Marks mother setting in the living room talking to Andrea. I walk in, gave Andrea a kiss, and turned to say hi to Rita. I didn’t get the words out of my mouth before Rita was yelling at me. She wanted to know what kind of a man I was, how could I let my wife do drugs and get high. How could I let her do nasty things with children, the fact that one of them was Rita’s son made it even worse. Rita had jump up out of her chair and was poking me in the chest as she yelled at me. Each time she moved I saw that didn’t have a bra on and that she had a nice set of tits with no bra under a very thin tank top. Not as big as Andrea’s she still had a c cup on a small, 5’2” frame. Rita has dark hair, eyes, and skin. She is 34-24-34, and has a body that women 10 years younger then her 34 years would die for. So she set there screaming at me, telling me that I wasn’t a man, I was a monster, and that someone should do something about me while I watched her tits bounce and sway under her thin white tank top. She turned to Andrea and ask her if she saw me looking at Rita’s tits, when Andrea said yes Rita said that someone needed to take care of me and she was going to do it. With that she reached down and pulled her tank top off, she then un-did her cut-offs and let them fall to the floor. Rita didn’t have any panties on.
I stood there looking at one very hot woman total nude in front of me and didn’t know what to say or do. Rita looked at me and asked me if I was going to stand there with my mouth open or was I going to fuck her. I felt Andreas hand in mine and looked over at her as she stood there smiling. Andrea asked me not to be mad. Rita had over heard Mark talking on the phone about what had happened and how Andrea promised me to have sex with a woman. When she heard this at first she was mad, then she decided that if Andrea wanted a woman it might as well be her. Rita is bi and loves to have sex no matter if it was a man or a woman. And she said that from the first time she saw us she wanted to fuck both of us.
Rita had gone over to the house just a little while after I had gone to work. She had talked to Andrea all morning about what had happened the weekend before, she also told Andrea that she had wanted to see if we would play with her but didn’t know how to approach us. By noon Andrea and Rita were fucking each other, by 3 they had cum so many times they had lost count. By the time I got home at 5 the plan was born to fuck with me.
I reached out and took her in my arms; pulling her to me I stuck my tongue deep in her mouth as I ran my hands first to her tight ass and then up to her firm tits. I picked her up and put her on the dinning room table as I pushed her back and got down on my knees to eat her pussy. After I made her cum at least three times I stood up and pulled my cock out of my paints and lined the head up with her wet slit, pushing in I buried my cock in her tight cunt all the way.
Rita moaned as soon as I entered her and started to fuck her. I grabbed her legs and put them over my shoulders as I rammed my cock in her as hard as I could. I then took her left leg and put it on the other side of my head so her legs were together as I fucked her and reached up to play with her tits. Andrea got up on the table after she stripped and lowered herself down on top of Rita’s face. I made Rita hold her legs together as I pounded her pussy and reached down to rub her clit. Rita had one orgasm after anther as she passed on what she was feeling to Andrea’s pussy. After pounding her cunt until I was starting to get weak in the knees I felt my balls start to tighten as I watched Rita tongue Andrea’s puss. I came what felt like gallons in Rita. As soon as I pulled out of Rita Andrea turned around and started to 69 with Rita and sucked my cum out of her.
I went and set down in my recliner as the women ate each other on my table for the next 20 minutes. They then came in to me, Rita got down on her knees in front of me and started to suck my cock as Andrea lay on her back on the floor and lick and sucked on Rita’s cunt. Andrea went back to the bedroom and came back out with her favorite sex toy and the KY a few minutes later. She stood Rita up and lubed her ass up before turning her around and setting her down on my hard cock. Andrea then guided my cock to Rita’s ass and helped me work my cock into her tight little ass.
Andréa knows how much I like to fuck women in the ass so she wanted me to fuck Rita’s tight little ass. Rita had never had anyone fuck her ass so it was extra tight as I slid my cock into her. After I had worked it all the way in her Andréa slid the dildo in her cunt and turned it on. This made Rita cum as soon as it was turned on. When she orgasmed it felt like I was in a hot vice that wrapped all the around my cock, every time she came it felt like someone tightened the vice. Soon, too soon, I shot a load of cum deep in her ass as Andréa sucked on her clit. I pulled my half hard cock out of Rita’s ass and grabbed her by the hair as I shoved my cock towards her face. Rita looked up at me and took my cock in her mouth, liking it clean. Andréa joined her in sucking my cock until it stood high and hard again.
I then grabbed the KY and used it to get Andrea’s ass ready for me to fuck. I pushed Rita down on the floor and put Andrea's face in her cunt. I then shoved my cock deep into her ass. I had always wanted to fuck her ass while she ate a woman out. I pounded Andrea's ass for what felt like an hour. She would stop eating Rita to tell me to fuck her ass harder. Rita had Andrea by the hair to put her mouth right were she wanted it. Andréa grabbed the dildo and shoved it into her cunt to fuck her self will I fucked her tight ass. I could see the pussy juices running down her legs as she had one organism after anther. I finally grabbed her hips and shoved my cock deep into her ass as I shot my cum into her before I fell to the floor totally worn out.
After we rested for a while we went back to stopping to eat and drink before going back to it. I came in the 2 of them at least 5 times that night and the 2 of them came countless times. One of the best times came when we ordered a pizza and the 2 of them opened the door and let the pizza man in and paid him without getting dressed. I thought he was going to die when they opened the door. For his tip Andrea got on one side and Rita got on the other and rubbed their bodies all over him. I think he shot his wad just thinking about it. That night I went to sleep with Andrea on one side and Rita on the other, one for each shoulder.

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What's it take to become a sublime expounder of prose like youreslf?


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very very nice
make another story please


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Mmm, this story gave me a big boner!


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Sounds like a bit of bs to me, but good story.


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Hurrah, you got some pussy, some butt, some head,
and got it all at one time. And it was not from a relative. Good for you.

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