let he games continue
My Daughter-In-Law Annie stood up from the couch with a coy grin. She had just asked me if “I was done now.” The girl who refused to put my cock in her mouth 15 minutes earlier, and then swallowed almost my full load as I devoured her hot cunt, wanted to know if we were done now. Not only did she swallow most of my load, she licked a bit of cum off her lip. As she stood, I once again marveled at her beauty. This girl was going to be my new fuck toy!
Annie walked right up to me, and wrapped her arms around my neck. Her tits pushed into my chest, and she rubbed her bald pussy on the top of my thigh. I really didn’t know what to make of this girl. Miss prim and proper was a wild animal once her motor got started. She even ridiculed her own Dad when he couldn’t make her cum. “Well Annie, I’m not sure if this is over. Do you want it to be over?” She released her grip, and stepped back a few steps. “I fucking hope so. You come over here, show me and my Dad your little homemade video of me fucking him, and then you make me suck you off. I wonder what your darling Son would think of you right now.”
This girl was nuts. She almost sucked my dick into her stomach, and now the bitch was acting like I was the guilty one. As she moved over to pick up her dress, I stopped her. “Sit the fuck down Annie. Leave your clothes on the floor, and sit down! “As she bent over to pick up her dress, she had her back to me, and I got a full view of her hot slit. I wanted to pound my meat into right now.
Annie left her dress on the floor, and again turned toward me. She put her hands on her hips, and said ”Or what Dave, you’re going to spank me?” “If that what turns you on Annie, I’d be happy too. But right now I want you to remember something. Not only do I possess a video that would embarrass you, and maybe end your marriage, but it would also embarrass Daddy. I’m sure Mom would love to see his little pecker pounding you. Maybe she would be relieved. Maybe she would be happy that she didn’t have to deal with him even touching her. Or, maybe she would take him for every penny he has. Not to mention, he might end up in jail.”
“Fuck her, I could care less about that bitch,” Annie answered. As she sat back on the arm of her living room chair, again she gave me a perfect view of her hot slit. Before I could say a word, Annie continued. “Did you know that she never fucked my Dad? After they were married for ten years, she shut him off. She only wanted his money. No wonder why the guy was always horny.” Annie didn’t seem to get the concept of what her Dad had done to her.
“So Annie, because Dad wasn’t getting enough, he thought he would help himself to his eleven year old Daughter? Don’t you think there is something wrong with that? Don’t answer, I already know what you think. I’ll deal with him later, but for now, we have some unfinished business. “No we don’t Dave, we are done. You got your rocks off, and saw me naked, so we are done. For someone who acts all revolted by my Dad fucking me, you had no problem eating me out, and I’m your Son’s wife.”
I had enough of this bitch. She was fucking her Father for years, from age 11, and it everyone else’s fault. I decided to call her bluff. “Well then Annie, I guess we are done here then.” I grabbed my shorts, and began pulling them on. “I guess I’ll take my chances, and release the video. Sure, Dan will be pissed at me, for today, but I’m pretty sure he and Mary will be more pissed at you and your Dad. Put your clothes back on, and make some popcorn. I heard a good movie is on around 7 tonight.” I grabbed my shirt and shoe, and headed toward the back door. Annie, for her part, just sat in the same position on the chair, legs still slightly spread. She had made no attempt to get dressed. “That’s what I thought Dave; you are so much like your Son.” “What the fuck does that mean,” I shot back. Annie stood up, and walked back toward the couch. She lies back down, and again spread her legs wide, with one on the top of the couch. “Neither of you can get the fucking job done. All talk no action. At least my Dad tries. But I can’t seem to find a good fuck no matter where I look. Do what you want, I don’t care. I love your Son, but maybe it’s time for me to find a good fuck.” As she spoke, she began rubbing her hot slit.
“Don’t kid yourself Annie”,” I shot back,” I can finish what I started, but nobody has asked me yet.” I was on to her game. Miss prim and proper was a horny cunt, and this was all a game to her. She sat back up on the couch, and opened her legs wide. As she began to fondle her luscious tits, she looked up at me. ‘Oh, I get it,” Annie chuckled, “I have to ask for a good fucking. Well, let’s try this, Dave; do you think you are man enough to make me cum on your cock?”
Watching Annie play with her tits made me rock hard again. As nuts as she was, this girl was truly a beauty. Game on! I went back into the living room, and stood in the middle of the floor. I tried to figure out my next move. My instincts told me to just jump on the bitch, and fuck her brains out, but not quite yet. I would give her what she wanted. But first, maybe she needed a Father figure.
“You know Annie; you certainly are a bad little girl. I think you need to be punished.” I went over to a chair, and sat down. “Now, you naughty little girl, crawl over here to Daddy, and get your punishment.” Annie stopped playing with her tits, and gave me another shy smile. The same kind of smile she would shoot at me when she would catch me checking out her ass and tits. “Okay Daddy,” she said, as she got down on her hands and knees. She slowly crawled toward me, tits hanging and swaying, like ripe melons ready to be picked. She kept her head down, until she got to me. When she reached me, she put her head in my lap. “I’m sorry Daddy, please punish me. I’ve been very bad.”
Every second I was around this girl, she came up with something to surprise me. And turn me the fuck on. “Well little girl, I think Daddy needs you to take off my shorts, and then lay across my lap for your punishment. “ Annie wasted no time. She quickly stripped me naked again, and the laid down across my lap. My cock was stabbing her let stomach, as I stared at her hot ass. The two rounded mounds of flesh were a vision. This was the ass I used to try to picture as she strode around in her jeans. And now it was all mine.
I reached up and smacked my hand on her right cheek. “Ouch Daddy, that hurts. I’m sorry,” Annie said softly. I smacked her other cheek, and marveled at how tight and smooth her skin was. “Ouch,” she screamed a little louder. “I’m sorry baby, but Daddy needs to teach you a lesson. “ “Annie raised her ass a bit, and gave me another surprise. “I said I’m sorry Daddy! Please don’t spank me. Please don’t stick your finger in my butt hole, I’ll be good, I promise.” Now Annie was calling the shots. She wanted her poop shoot fingered. Although I wasn’t big on the other hole, I immediately put my index finger in her asshole. She met my finger by pushing back a little more, submersing my finger even deeper. “Daddy don’t that hurts me” Annie yelled. I didn’t want to play her game. I removed my finger, and pinched each ass cheek, as hard as I could. “Hey, that fucking hurts,” Annie yelled. “Well, if you don’t like that, why don’t you turn around on Daddy, and we’ll continue your punishment”
Annie muffled a quiet giggle, and spun around on me. She was now laying on me, and her tits and cunt were right under my view. I quickly grabbed both nipples, and pinched them hard. “’No Daddy, that hurts,” Annie squealed. I didn’t pay any attention. I reached between her legs, and shoved two fingers into het soaked cunt. Annie met my fingers by thrusting her hips. ‘Oh Daddy, that doesn’t hurt, that tickles. I’m glad you don’t have anything bigger to put in there.” Enough was enough. This game was over.
I rolled Annie off of me, and lay on the floor. “Well, baby girl, I do have something bigger, and it may hurt. Why don’t you get your little cunny on top of this,” I said, holding up my throbbing cock. Annie was now standing, and staring at my dick. No Daddy, I think it’s too big, it will hurt me.” “Too bad, now get your cunny over here, and sit it on this now. It’s time to teach you a lesson.” Annie bit her bottom lip and straddled my cock. She wasted no time grabbing my dick, and directing it to her pussy lips. Without hesitation, she impleads my entire cock in her cunt. The feeling was incredible. This girl had two kids, yet her cunt gripped my cock like a vice grip.
As Annie began to rotate her hips, she again spoke. ‘Is that okay Daddy, did I do good?” Before I answered, she let out a small moan, and picked up her pace. Wild Annie was back. Her tits were bouncing wildly as she gave my cock the ride of its life. I grabbed her tits, and squeezed them hard. No other words needed to be spoken. Annie was slapping her ass on my thighs, and letting out deep groans. I knew my load was coming, so I pinched both of her nipples, and told her ”Cum on Daddy’s cock now baby. Show Daddy how much of a big girl you are, and cum all over my cock.”
Annie needed no encouragement. As she pounded my cock, we both exploded. As I was shhooting my load deep inside her cunt, her pussy gripped me even harder. She wanted every last drop. As she finally stopped milking me, Annie gave me my next surprise. She let my cock plop out of her hole, and layed herself down on top of me. She whipered in my ear. "You know Dave, I've waited for that for 8 years. You didn't need a video. I guess I'm going to have to be a bad girl around you more often!"

To be continued....

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