Dale and Carrey Get It On
Introduction: New School,New Friends,Old Fears and possibly a Orgy or two for

extra credit

Dale and I, Chapter VII Part B

This is a true story about friendship and coming of age. The names were changed. These events took place in the early 1970's.

This is a true story of a friendship that had evolved over 40 years. This is also a tribute and a memorial to my friend, Dale, who passed away a few months ago. I am not a professional writer. I want this story to be three dimensional and not just another suck and fuck story, it will have substance.

I do welcome constructive comments, and thank you to those that have. I would also like to say to those that are voting negatively, my mother once said,"If you cannot say anything good do not say anything at all." In this case don't bother voting if you are just being negative to be negative.

I also thank everyone for voting and if you really like what I am writing about, tell me so and also VOTE,VOTE,VOTE, preferably positive. I am not a professional writer.

Though Carrey and Dale were intently watching Karly and Mike mutually exploring each other, Carrey's right hand had drifted to massaging Dale's cock through his jeans and Dale responded by taking a keen interest in his left hand massaging Carrey's slit through her cotton panties. Carrey started to grunt and groan," Oh gawd Dale, Ah shit keep fuckin doing that, motherfucker that feels good." " I bet it would feel a lot better if you were out of those panties." Dale panted. " If I am going to be naked, then your going to be also!" exclaimed Carrey. "You got a deal!" Dale retorted, then Dale jumped up, kicked his boots off, sent his jeans and underwear flying across the room over the heads of Mike and Karly, over into the corner of the room.

Dale turned around to face Carrey, who was now sitting on the edge of the bed. His almost 12 inches of manhood is sitting even with her mouth and only inches away, Dale says, " I want you to suck my dick and suck it good, bitch" "This is only the second cock I..I have ever seen and never seen a cock that big, ever." stuttered and exclaimed Carrey, with tears rolling down her cheeks. "Dale, your going to have to go easy with her." pleaded Karly. "Carrey, honey, take your time, start by stroking it, put your teeth under your lips, lick his cock so it is good and slippery, then slowly take his cock into your mouth." instructed Karly. Carrey gently wrapped her hands around her first cock. She stopped crying and started to have fun with her new play toy. She rolled it between her hands like it was play-doe, while Dale was grunting and groaning with pleasure. She played hide and go seek with his head and foreskin. As Carrey became more relaxed with Dales member, she started licking it and tasting it. Looking up at Dale Carrey said," Wow your dick is fun to play with and tastes good, I think I am going to like doing this!" Dale nods and bucks to her every stroke of his stiff cock. Carrey abruptly crammed the first 3 inches into her mouth. She started bobbing back and forth on Dales cock. Carrey seemed to have settled into a good rhythm. Dale sits down on the bed aside to Carrey, who does not break her connection to Dale. " OH Fuck I'm CUMMING.", Dale screamed. Carrey must not have heard him or ignored his warning. But when he popped a load into her mouth, she got this sick look on her face, she jumped up and ran to my bathroom and puked her guts out.

"DALE, GET IN THERE AND COMFORT HER, NOW!!" Karly and I yelled at him. Dale jumped up off of the bed and ran into the bathroom. He slipped on some puke that was on the floor, fell on his ass, straddled and slammed into the sink support rod, and pretty much knocked his nuts between his shoulders or close to it. Carrey, still bent over the toilet, looked over at Dale, as he lay bent in a crescent shape, in a puddle of her vomit. and said, "Are you alright?", somewhat sarcastically." "What the fuck do you think, oh gawd does my nuts hurt!" Dale blurted out. " Why are you being such a nasty fuck head, we’re suppose to be having fun, besides I should be nasty to you for not warning me you were going to cum in my mouth!" " Damn it I screamed at you "I’m cumming", what the fuck do you think that means?" screamed Dale as he held his nuts in both hands. Carrey wiped her mouth of a few straggler bits of puke and knelt down to Dale. She compassionately rubbed his back and shoulders and gently said," Lets see if we can get you up." The cramping groin pain Dale was feeling was starting to subside. Dale put one arm around Carrey's shoulder and he pulled up using the sink’s inner edge, as Carrey lifted him upward. They made it to the toilet, where Dale sat down for a moment. Carrey grabbed some towels and wiped up the floor and tossed them into the laundry hamper. "Hey, Dale what if we took a shower together, would you like that?" Dale nodded cautiously, as his nuts were still on fire.
Carrey removed the remainder of her clothes and placed them in the dressing room adjacent to the shower. She then slid the long glass door back and turned on the faucets to two of the four showerheads. She closed the shower door and returned to Dale. Carrey expertly and quickly unbuttoned Dale's shirt and removed his T-Shirt. " Wow, look at that six pack" as she traced its outline with her fingers. Dale seemed to lighten-up and actually started to smile at her complements. She kissed and licked every inch of his six pack, She then removed his socks and tossed them into the hamper as they had puke on them. She gently wrapped her hand around his now limp cock and gently pulled him forward and saying," Come on, let's really steam that shower up."
Carrey was leading Dale by his still limp cock, as both of them walked slowly to the shower. Dale was grinning from ear to ear now. Carrey slid the glass door open and Dale followed into the shower from behind. Carrey then looped around and closed the glass door. Dale walked over to the farthest showerhead. Carrey followed him. She took the washcloth from the heated towel rack, picked up a bar of soap and lathered it up. She started to wash Dale's back and shoulders, and she gradually worked her way down to his butt. " Gawd Dale you have a really firm ass.", exclaimed Carrey. Dale glanced back and said,"I have been told that." " By who, Mike?" asked Carrey." Yes as a matter of fact." replied Dale. Carrey is still massaging Dales ass. " Dale, why were you being such a dick head earlier to me?" asked Carrey." I am sorry for that, I was jealous of Mike and how well he and Karly were getting it on." "Don't get me wrong, Mike is and always will be my very best friend, but he seems to just do things better than me and he catches on quicker, he does not have to struggle at anything, as it just comes naturally to him and I have to struggle at everything I do, do you see what I am saying?" as Dale's voice cracked with emotion. “I know something you have that he doesn’t!”, giggled Carrey. “ And what is that?” Dale asked quizzically. “You have a bigger dick than he does,” Carrey says now laughing and reaching around to shake his extending manhood in her hand. Dale busts out laughing,” Give him a few years and I will bet his will be bigger than mine or he will invent something to make it bigger.”
Then Carrey moved to the front of Dale, she placed her hands on both sides of his face, she pulled him to her level and gently kissed him on the lips. Dale picked up Carrey and she simultaneously wrapped her legs around his waist. They kissed as his now stiff cock's head is teasing Carrey's pussy entrance. "Shit, Dale that feels heavenly." “ Are you on birth control?”, asked Dale.” Karly and I haven’t started our periods yet.” explained Carrey.
“Dale, I want you and me to fuck.” “I have never done this before with a girl.” Dale spoke with a tone of humility. “ Well, I have not done it with a boy before either. “ Its not rocket science.” “Here let me help.” Carrey reached down and gently guided Dales cock into her. “ Oh Fuck, God does that feel good, God your pussy is so wet and its running down my balls!!!” Dale says as he almost drops Carrey, as he is now rubbery legged.
“Dale, set me on that seat over in the corner of the shower.” Carrey sensing the possibility she and Dale might fall while fucking standing up. Dale places Carrey on the shower seat. Dale kneels down on a towel as the tile is a hard surface to kneel on for extended periods. Carrey slides forward with her legs and butt over the edge of the seat and lays down on the seat. Dale gently and slowly inserts his cock into Carrey’s pussy, as he does this he is totally mesmerized as this sight unfolds in front of him.
Dale reach’s up and begins massaging her breasts as he slides his cock fully into Carrey’s pussy. But Dale stops and realizes there is something wrong, where is her hymen or venerable barrier? “ Carrey, there is something wrong, what happened to your hymen?” “ Karly and I broke ours with a hair brush while experimenting.” Carrey says nonchalantly. “ Doesn’t this hurt??” “ It is a little uncomfortable, but I am getting use to your cock being in me.” “ Its ok, go ahead.” Dale instinctively and rhythmically slid his cock in and out of Carrey’s pussy as Carrey moans the praises of “ OH, UHG, OH fuck does that feel good, Dale, keep it up faster, ah shit.” “ Shit Carrey, your pussy is so fuckin tight its squeezing the shit out of my dick.” OHHHH my God I think I am going to cum!!” screams Dale. Dale slowed his thrusts down, based on what past experiences had taught him, this is a way to throttle down to prevent from cuming to soon. Dale was moving at a slower pace, and was enjoying the sensations more. He started experimenting with rubbing Carrey’s clit, with each thrust. Carrey’s muscles were massaging Dales cock with every thrust. Carrey’s torso was pulling away from Dale then she would thrust back into him. “Dale Fuck me faster, ohhhhhh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, Ah SHIT I’MMMMMMM CUMMMMMING.” Carrey’s body twisted and convulsed, as she drenched Dale in what seemed like gallons of pussy juice. Dale was right on her orgasmic heels as he shot load after load of cum into Carrey’s young pussy and uterus. Dale’s cock slipped out and spewed cum all over her slit and ass. Cum was jetting back out of Carrey’s pussy. Dale’s body was convulsing as much as hers was. He collapsed on top of her from exhaustion. Seeing through her orgasmic cloud, Carrey instinctively wrapped her arms around Dale and held him close, as his body was still convulsing from this massive orgasm they just both experienced.
Karly and I were watching this at a distance and playing with each other at the same time. “ Karly, lets go join them.” I suggested.

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