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Alex has a great day.
Hello again everyone. Thanks to the people who have given me advice! Your support keeps me going strong :) Today I decided to write more sex into this one. This site is not "Love Stories" its "Sex Stories". I will write in more sex in this one. It will be long. I swear. I write this intro an hour before I start to brainstorm ideas and so if it doesnt reflect 100% don't get picky. Also, mere contact with him turns me on so if it's not enough for you atleast know I ask myself if I can cum to an idea before I write it. 

 NOW THEN. On with the show :P <3

Where we live you can get your car permit at 15 and 9 months. I dont know how the process works but I have a great idea so bear with me. Today he gets his results back. 

The date is December 22nd.  The time is 8:30 am.

I woke up and the first thing I did was see if Alex was here. He was still asleep next to me, so I decided to get breakfast ready for him like he did for me yesterday. I made us eggs and bacon and put them on the table infront of the tv and couch. I went back into the bedroom and kissed him awake. "Morning Alex!" "Morning John!" he replied, albeit groggily and half asleep. Breakfast is on the table if you're interested. Today's the day after all. Your test results come in." "Oh yeah I forgot. Let's check!" We ran down to the mailroom and checked our box. Sure enough there it was! "Oh boy let's read it at the table!" We ran back to our room and I grabbed a letter opener. We opened the letter up and the letter said "Congratulations Alex Smith, you have passed the permit exam and your license is attached. Please follow the law and drive safely! -Katie, your examiner" We both were giddy with excitement. "I need to call Uncle Joe! He'll love to read this!" He dialed and turned on speaker. "Hey Uncle Joe guess what!" "Holy shit Alex it's 8:45 am what the hell is so important?" "I passed the permit exam!" "Wow! Great! Your dad know?" "No fuck him. Homophobic ass." "He sure doesn't approve of me and Jace so I'd be shocked if he supported you two. I'll be right over with Jace driving your car. I've been saving it for you. My old Ferrari. I got it fixed!" My mouth dropped. A fucking Ferrari? His uncle is gay too? Wow! "Awesome cya soon love ya!" 

"Holy shit Alex. We can finally drive! See the world! Have sex at the grand canyon!" I joked a bit at the end. "Maybe even on the Moon!" he replied. We ate breakfast and had an hour to kill before Joe got here. "Wanna have sex?" Alex suggested. "Sounds good!" I replied. We were already naked so we laid down next to eachother on the bed giving eachother handjobs. I was still sleepy so I didnt want a dick in my mouth quite yet. I could start to feel the veins on Alexs dick and I couldn't wrap my hand around his cock it was so big. His Ginger pubes are so perfect I couldn't help but swirl my tongue in them for a bit. After a couple minutes we became more awake and went out to the couch. Alex sat down as I gave him a lap dance like I saw in a porno last week. He seemed to enjoy it and we were cracking up. I got him on his back and started massaging him, feeling his tight Ginger skin relax. For being as skinny as me and the same weight, he sure felt strong to my hands. I want to marry this man. His skin was so perfect, so soft yet so strong. . I sucked on his nipples and he seemed to enjoy it because he let out soft moans. His nipples were erect as hell and I licked all around them. After a minute I decided to massage his ass. I had him bend over against a wall and started fingering his ass. His ass felt tight but welcomed my finger so I invited another finger. I had both of my fingers up his asshole thrusting them in and out. "Oh yes John keep going. This feels great." he said, moaning quietly and calmly. Once I guessed he was loose enough I got him to lay down on the couch head back and down over the arm rest. Easy access to his throat. I glided my cock into his cool mouth as his soft lips formed a circle around my cock and I thrusted slowly. I read online that if I went a bit slower it would feel more passionate. I certainly agreed. Alex used his tongue to slowly work magic on my balls. I had my entire cock in his mouth but his long tongue crept out under and started licking my balls. "Shit alex this feels so passionate and hot. I love you." I said. I started to pick up speed and Alex got on his knees infront of me and started blowing me taking more and more in each time hitting the roof of his mouth. Alex got under me and I pushed my boner straight down. He blew me by kneeling more up or down taking more in. He started to have his gag reflex and that turned me over. "Fuck Alex I'm gonna cum I love you man." Almost instantly, I blew a large load of me into Alex. He licked it all up and continued forcing my cock down his throat until I became soft in his mouth. 

"Alex man that was the best BJ you've ever given me." I said. "Thanks dude!" he responded. I proceeded to lay him down on his stomach and lick his body all over, especially his pits. I might have a thing for licking pits with some but not a lot of hair, haha. I snuggled next to Alex and he turned on the TV. I think I fell asleep because I woke up to Alex answering the door. "Alex!" Joe said. "Why are you naked?" "I just got done blowing John and we don't wear clothes around the house." he responded. I got up and said hi to Alex's uncle. "Wow Alex...he sure is smaller then you down there haha. Jace here has a 10 inch hard!" I gasped. I was jealous. "Anyway get dressed let's take your baby on a drive. And by baby I mean John. Hes so cute!" Now I get why Alexs dad kicked him out. He doesn't like Joe or any gays. Sad. I got dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie, Alex in ripped jeans and a thin jacket. We went down to the car and Alex took the wheel. "John you can get in shotgun, maybe give him some road fun to break in the car?" he laughed. I was sure he was kidding although the idea tempted me. We drove to the McDonalds in town and skipped it for Subway. Me and Alex got meatball subs, while Joe and Jace said they already ate. I heard shuffling in the back and saw Joe road blowing Jace. We're all guys here why not? I opened Alex's jeans and boxers and ate the behemoth of a cock he had. Even while driving he still thrusted his dick up and down at a high speed. His dick was so fucking thick I couldn't even wrap my tongue around it. He jizzed early because his uncle in the back was kind of like porn so he got hornier faster. I lapped it all up and put the behemoth back away. I looked back at Jace and saw 10 inches of cock go into Alex's 25 year old uncle's cock. Jace seemed to be about the same age. I looked away before I came in my pants. I whispered to Alex "I want your uncle and or Jace for a threesome or more...can you make it happen?" "I doubt it maybe they'd let you blow them but that's it." he responded. "Good enough. I want to learn how to blow better haha." "I'll make it happen. It won't be today though." he said. "Thats ok." The rest of the drive was silent and when we returned home we said our goodbyes and they left with their 2nd car. "Why do you want them?" Alex asked. "Seeing Joe blow Jace got me horny so I want to do it. Just once haha. I still only love you don't worry." I responded. Before he could say anything I kissed him for 5 minutes. 


Me and Alex decided to play a new computer game we bought an account for called World of Warcraft. Kevin had said he plays it and we decided to give it a try. We played it for a couple hours but got bored so we put the game aside. Xbox was far less boring haha (No offense to anyone who might play that game).  We had nothing to do so we showered. Separately today, I was already beat from today so far I needed a nap. After the shower we took a 2 hour nap and woke up and made and ate dinner. I grilled a couple steaks and Alex made the mashed potatoes.  It tasted great as always and we fridged the leftovers. We watched another
couple episodes of Undercover Boss on the iPad streamed to the TV and called it a night. "Alex remember last night? It's my turn love." he nodded and got on all fours on the bed. I started rimming him while jacking him off, or atleast trying to, it was so fucking big!  Once he was lubed enough I slowly pierced his asshole with my dick. His ass felt cool and warm like always. His ass was pretty tight so fucking it felt like fucking a god. Total awesomeness. I had him start to ride me because that position is more fun. I sat there while he pounded his own ass with my meat. He took me to the balls everytime. "Shit yes John keep going! C'mon!" he moaned! I had him get on all fours and fucked him doggy style. His ass felt like heaven and I was now going at a really fast rate "Alex I'm gonna cum soon. I love you." I said. He nodded and moaned. "I love you too dude. My ass is tighter then yours and this feels like heaven with you up my ass!" he yelled. We both moaned to wake up the floor again and he came in my hand and I in his ass. I immediately laid down to breath. "I love having sex with you. Your ass is so damn tight and your hole so stretchable!" I said. "Congrats on your permit Alex." I said. "Thanks babe." he said.

We fell asleep with him on top of me cocks touching so we might have a sex dream, a crazy idea we randomly came up with.

This story is far longer. Hope you enjoy! =]

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2011-09-08 21:16:05
What a great story:D love the detail lol

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2011-09-08 17:59:44
very nice:3 i'm' slightly wanting that threesome with Jace(; Mr. 10 inch cock<3


2011-09-08 15:22:18
o.O this story was totally... erm what's that word... oh yeah... AWESOME!!! XD

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2011-09-08 12:38:50
Keep the stories coming. I really think that there should be a threesome with john and alex uncle and boyfriend.

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