My daughter has an unusual condition. At a young age (and not pregnant) she is lactating.
I had fucked my daughter. SHIT. The reality of the situation hit me as I lay there, my baby girl on top of me, my semi hard cock still tucked inside her body. All the ramifications ran through my head like a movie reel. It just didn't seem possible that my little girl could keep something like this a secret forever. I saw scenes of divorce, job loss, jail time; but of all the scenes most horrifying I thought of never feeling my cock squeezed inside my daughter's tiny, juicy, little baby cunt. I thought of never again sucking breast milk from her little tits, never again tasting her juices on my tongue or feeling her suck the Daddy milk from my rock hard cock. Realizing that the loss of those options were what affected me most, I decided then and there to enjoy her as much and as often as I was able to. It was too late now, I was probably doomed, but I was going to go down cumming with a smile on my face.

I lifted Emily's little body off my cock and rolled out of bed. Yes, I was stiffening – impossibly - yet again but she was going to be sore and if I was going to fuck her for the next two evenings, I wanted her to enjoy it as much as me. I put her in a warm bath, cleaned the sticky, slimy goo of our combined juices from her cunny and tucked her safely into her own bed.

The next morning, as my wife Jessica climbed into bed, I climbed out and went to check on Emily. She was already awake and rubbing her titties sleepily.

"Hey Baby" I whispered, "how're you feeling?"

"My boobies are full again" she replied.

"How about your vagina? Are you sore?"

She looked at me quizzically. "Not really".

I approached her bed. "Let's get your milk taken care of then" I said as I sat down on the edge and reached for her breasts. As I began the familiar routine of squeezing and rubbing her tits, I watched her face for any signs of discontent. If anything, she looked relaxed and happy. I leaned over to begin sipping at her now hard nipples and felt the first squirt of baby juice. That was quick! I began manipulating her other breast with my hands, feeling the milk start to leak there as well. I got up to lie down between her thighs and begin nursing at her breast in earnest.

It never failed to turn me on, this act of releasing her milk, feeling it squirt in my mouth like a little breast orgasm, the firm little titty and hard nipple tickling my other hand, spurring me on. I humped the bed as I continued emptying Emily's breast. I felt her hand brushing at my hair. It was the first time she had done that and it made me impossibly harder.

"Daddy, are you going to put your penis in my vagina again?"

My heart stopped as I released her nipple with a loud pop. I looked at Emily. "Do you want me to?"


Well that was a definite answer I grinned to myself. "Not in the mornings, Sweety. You're Mom is in the other room and she can NEVER know that we do that. But if you still want me to, I'll definitely do that tonight".

Satisfied with that answer, Emily nodded and tugged at my hair to return my mouth to her breast. I finished emptying her tits and headed to the bathroom to masturbate my cum into the toilet.

I couldn't concentrate the rest of the day. I kept remembering my cock clutched in Emily's tiny little pussy, her wails that she couldn't stop moving, and the pussy juice that squirted out as she orgasmed. At 3:00, I practically ran from the office, speeding towards home. By the time I arrived, Emily informed me that Jessica had already left for the evening. We passed the rest of the afternoon normally. I ordered pizza so the cleanup would be minimal and we could get right to the main event after dinner.

Emily seemed especially talkative this evening. I wondered if she was nervous as she chattered on about school, her friends and her classes while we disrobed. Once in bed, I started at her little feet with a massage while I listened to her talk about her day. I moved up to her calves and was rubbing them while she told me how good it felt and how mean the gym teacher was. When I reached her thighs, her chatter had dropped to intermittent comments, seemingly out of context, as her breathing sped up. I brushed my hands over her hipbones and bypassed her pussy as I went to her tummy. She humped at me as if begging me to touch her cunt, but I ignored her as I played at her belly button. I lay down, the full weight of my chest pushing against her pelvis as I moved up to her breasts. As I watched, her nipples hardened and began leaking. It was becoming increasingly easy with each session to get her milk to let down.

I watched the little white bead well up as I jiggled her little titty, dislodging the milk from its perch on her nipple. I swiped at it with my fingers and painted her milk down her breast and across her ribcage. Emily let me know breathlessly that it tickled. I smiled and dug my fingers in a little more as she wiggled against me. My cock was drooling into the bed sheets and I could feel Emily's pussy getting moist against my chest.

I sat up on my knees and grabbed my cock with one hand, directing it through the juices in Emily's pussy. I cupped her cunny lips like little titties and wrapped my cock as much as I could in the meat of her cunt, fucking through her slippery folds. I picked up her legs, putting one on each shoulder, licking the delectable little ankles at mouth level. I swiped my cock from the top of her pussy, to the bottom and nudged it even further down. I watched her little asshole clench as my cock bumped it and Emily gasped. She seemed to really enjoy this kind of play and I was quite certain at some point, I was going to fuck her ass. In the meantime, I moved back up, placed the head of my dick at her pussy hole and gently pushed. I watched her cunt mouth open up for me and I left the head poised there, half in, half out.

Emily took up her chatter again. "It feels really tight, Daddy" she breathed.

I grunted and pulled back out infinitesimally. She hunched her hips at me. "Put it in Daddy".

I obeyed, slightly, again watching her swallow just a portion of my tip.

"I like how it feels."

I nodded and pushed enough that my cockhead was submerged and her cunt ring snapped around me.

"I like it better when you're all the way in".

I groaned. Part of me wished she would stop talking, the other part of me was practically spitting precum at her words. She reached up and rubbed one of my nipples.

"You're boobies get hard too, Daddy". FUCK! She was driving me crazy. I started humping my way deeper into her pussy. The chattering gave way to grunts as I pounded into her slowly.

"Is this called fucking, Daddy?" she asked in between grunts. I nodded, my cock getting impossibly harder. I leaned down to her nipples, which were now pouring milk down the little peaks. I sucked hard on her tip and in response she humped my cock even deeper. I sat back up and wrapped both hands around her breasts, squeezing them roughly. Emily was silent for the moment as the milk began spurting in little fountains, splashing on her chest, rib cage and even on her face. I stuck my tongue out and lapped in mid air trying to catch some in my mouth as I continued fucking her pussy.

As I felt her walls spasming against me, signaling her orgasm, I felt my balls draw up tight. I was close. I looked at Emily's face and saw her watching me intently. As my orgasm approached she started talking again.

"Daddy, are you putting a baby in my belly?"

FUCK! The cum in my dick felt like it exploded out of me. I could feel my juices splashing inside my baby's pussy as her words reverberated in my head.

"FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK" I chanted as my hips continued pumping helplessly, releasing my sperm by what seemed like the gallons. As my humping finally slowed, I collapsed in a boneless heap on top of my daughter. At her soft grunt, I realized I was probably crushing her so I rolled to the side bringing her with me, still impaled. I pushed her head against my shoulder. I wasn't ready to look her in the eyes yet.

"Why did you ask that, Em? I mumbled.

"Jenny at school said that fucking is how you get babies. And fucking is when a boy puts his penis into a girl's vagina. I didn't believe her so I thought I would ask. You're not mad are you?"

I reassured Emily that I wasn't, that she could ask me anything and that I was NOT putting babies in her belly. She was too young and it wouldn't be a good idea anyway. She seemed content with that answer and drifted off to sleep with my cock still inside her. As for me, her words had clearly affected me. I could not get the image of Emily pregnant out of my head. I should be disgusted at the thought of my little girl with a big baby belly waddling around the house, but I imagined her tits even more full of milk, impossibly big, her pussy wet for me, waiting for the baby to come.

SHIT – I was more perverted than I had originally thought. I pushed the images out of my head and determined that I would be keeping a close eye on Emily's body. The moment her cycle started, there would need to be some changes. I couldn't afford a pregnancy.

The next evening was the last of what I considered our little sexual vacation. JJ, my 16 year old son would be back from his trip and we would no longer be alone in the house. I had no idea how I would manage from here on out so I savored Emily's pussy all night long. Just before dawn, I fucked her one last time and then carried her back to bed before my wife came home.

The morning was a mad rush as I overslept. We skipped our AM lactation session since I had last suckled the milk from her little baby titties sometime before daylight. I mourned the loss of our alone time as I headed to work. All day long I thought of Emily. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but I knew the chances would be few and far between now. I would have to be more careful than ever. Finally, after realizing I was hard yet again, I decided to head home early, pleading an illness. It was after 3:00 so I knew Jessica would be gone. JJ would be back, but maybe he would be distracted by video games and I could at least get a quick grope in.

I entered the kitchen as usual, but the house seemed unusually quiet. I wandered towards the living room expecting to see JJ in front of the TV, but it was silent and empty. I headed up the stairs, pulling my tie off as I went and padded softly towards Emily's room. As I approached, I heard Emily.

"Please JJ… Daddy won't be home for hours and I'm leaking."

OH SHIT. I had a feeling I knew exactly what that was about. Something made me tiptoe soundlessly to the mostly closed door and peek through. JJ stood in front of Emily, watching in fascination as two little wet spots enlarged on Emily's white school blouse.

"Em," JJ reasoned, "I don't even know how to use the pump" but as he said it, he licked his lips and adjusted the lump in the front of his pants.

I held my breath as I waited for Emily to reveal that we hadn't used the breast pump since that first night with my wife. "I hate the pump anyways" Emily responded. "I'll show you what to do instead". She didn't wait for a response as she stripped her shirt off and climbed up on the bed. JJ gulped audibly and stared at his sister's perfect tiny little tits. They were in their usual perfect form, dribbling little droplets of milk down her chest. She gestured impatiently.

"Come here and sit next to me."

JJ obeyed as if he was a zombie. He sat on the bed and Emily grabbed one of his hands. "First, you have to feel all over them to make sure they're not too hard or too hot. I can't get an infection. Do they feel okay?"

JJ nodded.

"Do them both".

JJ complied. I watched as his hands moved reverently over his sisters little titties. He seemed to be snapping out of his trance and getting more into his task. I felt my dick get harder as he gently brushed one of Emily's nipples and it squirted a drop into the air.

"Do they always do that?" he asked.

"Sometimes" she breathed. "When I'm feeling really good they even squirt a bunch of streams into the air."

"Shiiiiitttt" JJ moaned. "Not that I'm complaining, you have awesome tits, but can't you do this yourself?" he asked as he began kneading even harder, watching the milk begin to pour, never taking his eyes off his sister's nipples.

"No silly, I can't suck my own boobies."

JJ's glance flew to his sister's face. "You want me to suck them?"

"Yes, please. Without the pump, it's the only way to get all the milk out" she lectured.

He nodded absently and moved his attention back to her breasts, his fingers rubbing her nipples gently. He licked his lips nervously and lowered his head. I couldn't believe I was about to watch my son suck milk out of my little daughter's tits. The same tits I had emptied before dawn that very morning. My cock was throbbing uncomfortably. I thought about interrupting the scene before me, but I'll admit, I was so fucking turned on that I didn't have the willpower.

JJ's tongue snaked out slowly and captured a little droplet. He brought it to his mouth and tasted Emily's baby milk. He seemed to conclude it wasn't so bad as he went back for more, nudging the hard little tip with his tongue. Emily squirmed.

"Suck it JJ" she commanded.

He pursed his lips and wrapped them gently around her nipple. I saw his throat work as he began suckling, still softly kneading her breast like a baby. With every pull of his mouth, Emily arched her back… and I rubbed my cock. I realized at some point I had released it from the confines of my pants and was masturbating at the sight of my two kids.

JJ seemed lost in tit heaven. His other hand was squeezing Emily's breast roughly, causing the milk to pour out faster. Emily touched his thigh, I thought maybe to slow him down, but she brushed the lump in his pants and he moaned helplessly as she lingered to rub his erection. He released her breast long enough to lower the zipper on his jeans frantically and push Emily's little baby hand against his dick. He fumbled again, moving his tidy whitey underwear out of the way so his cockhead could peep out over the top and he grabbed Emily's hand again, using it to masturbate his hard stem. He released her hand and went back to mauling her breasts while she gripped him and he humped through her fingers.

Within seconds, my son's cum was geysering up out of his underwear and mine was shooting out against the wall. As he made to move away from Emily's breast she pushed him back down.

"Keep sucking, my milk didn't finish yet" she gasped. She reached down to her little cunny and rubbed frantically while JJ returned to her titties. He sucked and squeezed until with a little cry, Emily's back arched, the hand at her crotch stilled and her milk shot into the air. JJ watched in fascination as he absently rubbed his cock. I don't think he had ever lost his erection.

Emily recovered from her self induced orgasm and looked over to see JJ masturbating his dick. As soon as she elbowed her torso up, I knew where this was going. She maneuvered her body around within reach of his cock and without hesitation, slurped him into her mouth.

JJ's entire body jolted as he grabbed her head. I thought he would remove her mouth from his dick, but instead he twisted his hands through his sisters' long curls and began moaning helplessly.

"FUUUUUCK… God, Emily. Suck it harder". I watched jealously as JJ fucked her mouth, his cock pistoning in and out faster and harder than I had ever had the guts to do. Emily's whole body moved with JJ's thrusts, her titties jiggling and her nipples still leaking slowly. JJ reached down and rubbed the tips of her breasts, groping blindly since his eyes were closed in ecstasy. I could tell he was close to cumming for a second time as his thrusts became more frantic and less rhythmic. Emily's throat continued to work and I swear I could see JJ's cock pushing against it as she sucked. Suddenly, JJ hunched over, pulling his dick out of his sister's mouth and with a seeming loss of all control, sprayed his cum all over his sister's face and tits.

"Shhhhiiiiiittt…" he breathed. When he finally calmed down enough to open his eyes, he gasped.

"God, I'm sorry Em" he grimaced as we both watched the cum drip off her. She shrugged and scooped the goo of her face, adding it to the mess on her chest and began rubbing it into her skin.

"I don't mind" she said. "I got some of my milk on you too. You'll need to change your clothes".

JJ looked like he just realized what he had done. "Um… Em. We probably shouldn't tell anyone we did this."

"Why not?" she asked.

"It's just not cool. I don't want you or me to get in trouble". She shrugged again and hopped up from the bed. "Okay" she said as she headed to the closet for her after school clothes.

I took this as my cue to leave. I didn't want them catching me spying on their little session. I swiped my cum off the wall with my tie and headed quickly and quietly back towards the garage. I pondered how I felt about the little scene I had just witnessed - other than turned on, of course. There was a little bit of jealousy. Would JJ begin to replace me at Emily's breast? I was still the only man to breach her pussy, but from experience, I knew it was only a matter of time if I allowed it to continue.

I re-entered the kitchen noisily and hollered "Hey guys, I'm home early, how about Chinese for dinner!" I tromped up the stairs and pushed Emily's door open.

"Hi Daddy" she smiled innocently. "Chinese sounds good".

I headed to JJ's door and knocked before pushing it open. "Hey Buddy, Chinese okay?" I asked as I watched his face closely. He kept his stare glued guiltily to the computer screen, which I noticed was still on the desktop view.

"Yeah cool" he mumbled.

Dinner that evening was a quiet affair. Everyone had little to say and once we were done, JJ mumbled something about homework and hotfooted it to his room, the door closing with a snap. Emily and I headed upstairs to her room where I closed and locked the door.

"Everything okay Sweety" I asked. "You seem kinda quiet tonight".

"I'm fine" she responded as she began stripping. I halted her with the reminder that JJ was in the house.

"We probably shouldn't get completely naked" I warned. She stopped, looked at me for a moment and shrugged back into her t-shirt, pulling it up enough to give me access to her already hard nipples.

I unbuckled my pants enough to let my cock free. I had cum earlier, but it seemed to have no affect on the state of my erection. I wanted inside Emily's pussy even though I knew I couldn't risk it tonight.

We began our milking session. I anticipated some difficulty since JJ had already emptied her breasts earlier this afternoon, so I settled in for a long suckling session. I laid my head on her breast and rubbed my 5:00 shadow across her nipples. She gasped as my beard rasped roughly. I watched her nipples pucker and noticed the faintest shadow of bruises on her breast. I was quite sure they were in the shape of my son's hands. He had been very rough with her titties earlier.

I kissed down one mound, through the shallow valley and up the other peak, giving the same whiskery attention to the tip on that side. I poked my tongue into her little nipple mouth and imagined it sucking me. I wiggled my tongue, watching her little titty jiggle. I moved back to the other breast and licked across the peak. I reached up with two fingers and stretched out the wrinkly areola, watching the nipple stretch along with it. Using both hands, I pushed her titties together as close as possible given their small size, and rubbed my face between the two nipples, I lifted my head and swiped my tongue across the right, then left. As I moved back to the right, I was astounded to see milk form on the tip.

How was it possible? She had squirted milk in copious amounts earlier for her brother. It used to be difficult to get her to lactate twice a day, now she was producing milk with little stimulation three times a day. My only thought was that sharing with her brother might not be so bad at this rate.

I went back to her nipple and began the familiar pulling, feeling her milk start to spurt in my mouth. I moved my hand down to her pussy and shoved her already busy fingers out of the way. I couldn't fuck her, but I could damn well see to her orgasm.

As I emptied her first breast, I moved to the second and sucked HARD. Emily arched her back, groaned loudly and I felt her pussy spasm around my fingers. I sucked again, HARD and Emily came in a gush, pussy juices shooting out of her cunt like her nipples during a particularly good orgasm.

Shit! My daughter was squirting… and so was I, all over myself.

When I calmed down, I realized Emily was crying. I gathered her up in my arms, shushing her and rocking with her.

"What's the matter baby?"

"I'm sorry Daddy" she wailed, "I didn't mean to pee on you".

I chuckled. "That's not pee, Em. You just had a really good squirt of milk down below, just like Daddy does sometimes. Don't worry Baby, we'll clean it up".

She nodded and scooped up some of her own cunt juice to rub into her skin. Then she reached over to my softening cock and gathered up my sperm to shove it into her pussy. I recalled her baby question from before and imagined my little swimmers moving up her canal, heading for an egg. I shook the thought out of my head and helped her get cleaned up.

That night as I lay in bed, the house quiet, both kids presumably tucked in for the night, I thought about the day. JJ was a normal 16 year old male. Add to that, he had my DNA with it's obvious sexual proclivities and there was no way he was going to be able to refrain from repeating the scene from today. I still wasn't sure how I felt about it, but I knew for sure I wanted to be around to watch. I plotted deep into the night just how to make that happen.


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