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Hey it’s been awhile since my last story, here’s a fresh new one to start off another chain. Once again I hope you enjoy it, and if you have a helpful critique, please feel free to let me know. My stories are for people to enjoy. Well have fun reading.

I stared at my father across the 10ft marble table as we ate dinner. My Father was telling me that he’ll be away on business in Japan for a while and that I’ll be staying at a hotel called Steele Maize. I was a bit surprised, not by the fact that my Father will be leaving since his job usually requires him to make trips. My father was the director of a massive medical corporate and was often selected as one of the most successful men in the U.S. It was the fact that I’ll be staying at a hotel in the meantime. Usually my father would have me stay with my Mother in France or with other relatives.

“Rose be sure that you mind your manners,” He said finishing his plate, “Even though I helped established Steele Maize, you are to be respectful and well mannered. Am I understood?”

I nodded, “Yes father.”

“Good,” He said getting up. “I will be in my studies if you need me. Once you finish your meal, go to bed. You’ll be leaving early in the morning,” and with that he left, leaving me to clean my plate.

After I finished, one of our many servants came and asked, “Would you like something else Ma’dam?”

“No thank you,” I told him with a smile as I left for my room. After going up two flights of stairways, I finally arrived to my room. Quietly entering, I began packing my things I need into a suitcase. When I went to my dresser to gather some clothes, I passed one of my large mirrors. I couldn’t help but do a little spin in front of it. I stood still to examine my body. I had a slender physique and was well toned, my skin was fair and smooth. I was half American and half French, but I was born in Italy. I had long wavy blond hair, I was average height, being 5’8 at 19 years old. My tits weren’t big or small, but they were round and firm. My ass on the other hand was a different story, I had a big smooth, shapely ass that I was quite proud of. When I was younger I was embarrassed at first by it, but as I got older I realized that it was a powerful weapon of sexual appellation. I took after my Mother face and her big blue eyes which my father once described as angelic.

I finished packing and dressed into my night gown. Switching off the lights, I jumped into my huge bed and quickly fell asleep. The next day I had a light breakfast of eggs and bacon and got dressed into an elegant pink dress that was prepared for me. My father had already left for Japan, so I boarded into a limo that was driven by the head butler of my household Stewart Evans. He was a 56 year old retired veteran solider from Vietnam. After loading my luggage into the limousine, we were off. The drive was only a quarter to hour long, I passed the time by reading Twilight for the 50th time. When we did arrive at Steele Maize, I saw 2 people were waiting for me. The first man was short and plump who I recognized as Joseph Margo the hotel’s manager.

After Steward parked, he got out of the limo, and opened the door for me, took out my luggage and placed them on the curve. I stepped out of the vehicle and thanked him.

“It is my pleasure Ms. Rose.” He said smiling gently, “If you should need anything, please let me know.”

“I will, thank you.” I said smiling back. Steward then got back into the limousine and drove off. I walked towards the 2 men.

“Bonjour,” I said fluently when I approached them then I added, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Mr. Margo said, “The pleasure is mine Ms. Strautose, we’ve been awaiting your arrival. We do hope your stay here will be a pleasant one.” He then indicated to the young man beside him and said, “Ryan here will help provide any assistance you should need during your stay here.” I glanced at Ryan, he was quite tall probably around 6’3ft, he had shaggy black hair, brown eyes, and he was pretty built. He was quite handsome.

I smiled and held out my hand, “Enchantee.” When I saw how puzzled they both looked, I giggled and said, “Please forgive me, I’ve just returned from visiting my Mother in France a few months ago. So I’m still used to greeting people in French.”

Ryan relaxed, “So you’re bilingual?”

I took some time to ponder then said, “Well I know 3 languages. English, French, and Italian, so I guess I’m trilingual.”

“Wow.” Ryan said obviously impressed.

I smiled and then held out my hand again, “Let’s try again. I’m Rose Strautose, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Ryan took my hand into one his own and said, “Ryan Wilter, the pleasure is mine.”

Mr. Margo suggested that we go ahead to my room, I accepted so he had Ryan carry my luggage to my room. I felt a little bad since I had 6 luggages. As Mr. Margo and I walked into the elevator, I asked him a few questions about the hotel and Ryan. According to Mr. Margo, Ryan was just 18 years old which surprised me, he just finished high school, and he’s been working at Steele Maize for three years. Mr. Margo also said that Ryan wanted to become a lawyer, so he was working for money so he can get into a good college.

“And here is the floor for our platinum members, and this will be your room,” Mr. Margo said when we got to my room, I was amazed, for a hotel room, it was simply amazing. There were a total of six rooms, each room fabulously furnished with exotic paintings, carpeting, and beautifully made furnitures. Although I shouldn’t be to surprise since their platinum members are given the finest rooms in the hotel. Ryan came in bringing in the last of my luggage just as I finished going in every room admiring each unique decors. I thanked him sincerely.

“Oh you’re welcome.” Ryan had said, turning somewhat red, before he left he added, “If you need anything, just let me know.”

For the next two weeks in which my time in Steele Maize were more than comfortable. Everyone was rather generous towards me. The staff helped me as much as possible. Even the other guests were kind to me. I was often surrounded by them whenever I would leave the platinum floor. Women often asked me about my make up, hair, or skin, although I didn’t really used any unless for a very formal party, I’d lie and tell them that I used AVON products. Whenever I enter a room to sit down at a table, men would practically trample over each other to pull a chair out for me. Sometimes they’ll try to tell me jokes, I’d just fake a laugh, despite the joke having no humor. But everywhere I went, I heard them talking about how elegant, graceful, and kind I was. Yet what they always described wasn’t me at all, at least not the real me. The real me was a sadistic, cold, and uncaring person who was also very manipulative.

Ryan on the other hand, seemed to be the very opposite of me. He was really nice, and hardworking. I enjoyed any discussions that we would have. Ryan told me that he had a mom and a sister and that his father died when he was pretty young. He also asked me a few questions.

“Well I’m actually into fantasy books.” I said, when he asked me what books I liked to read.

“Really, me too.” He said smiling.

With each day, my time here was becoming more and more enjoyable. One day, there was a small package for me from my older cousin Mary. When I opened it there was a DVD. When I looked closer, I realized that it was a porno. On the back of the DVD case was a note it read:

Hi Rose, how are you? I wanted to give you the latest set from the series. It’s thanks for that wonderful party you had for me. I hope you enjoy it, P.S. send me an e-mail would ya.

I slipped the DVD into the player and watched the clip. I skipped the parts till I got to a sex scene. A girl with big tits was strip teasing a guy in a chair. The man’s face was blurred and he was naked. When the girl started taking her shirt off, the camera closed in on the guy’s body showing his limp cock stiffening. The girl swung her shirt over her head while jumping up and down causing her tits to bounce. The guy jumped from the chair and grabbed the girl from behind and grinded his cock against her ass through her jeans she still had on. The girl pushed the man off her and started taking her jeans off.

I was starting to feel wet, I hunched up my black skirt to my waist, I pulled the strap of my thong to one side and started rubbing my fingers against my pussy. I watched as the girl had her jeans on the rim of her ass and started wiggling her ass to get them off. The man stood there stroking his cock and groaning. By the time the girl finally got the jeans off her, I was plunging my fingers deep into my pussy. I felt moans escape me as I watched the girl throw panties off and started kissing the man furiously. The man responded with equal enthusiasm, he eventually went down to her big tits and started sucking on her dark nipples. The girl moaned as she pulled away from him and knelt in front of him.

She slipped his cock into her mouth and started deep throating him. I watched her take in his entire cock’s length within moments. Her gags mixed in with his moans as her oral assault intensified. After a minute of this the man pulled his cock out of mouth and gently laid her on her back. He spread her legs and proceeded to fuck her. At this point I was getting close to cumming. My body slightly trembled as I slipped my hand in my grey shirt and grabbed my tit. My pussy tightened as my fingers explored its contents. Within a moment I was completely overtaken by an intense orgasm, I threw my head back, closed my eyes, and bit my lip. For a moment my body shuddered as the orgasm slowly faded. As my body slowly relaxed, a noise startled me, I opened my eyes and looked at the source before freezing. Standing at the doorway with a cart of cleaning utensils was Ryan.

Ryan was staring at me, I still had my hand between my legs and I could hear the male actor in the movie saying, “Ugh baby.. gonna cum now.”

My lips trembled as I tried to speak, but no words would venture from me. I unconsciously noticed Ryan had a huge bulge in his pants.

“Oh sorry,” Ryan quickly muttered and as fast as he could, pulled the cart out and left while closing the door behind himself. I cursed myself, as a feeling I’ve never felt before began to engulfed me. Not awkwardness, shame, not even embarrassment, it was humiliation that choked me. I didn’t know why, but I felt as though Ryan had humiliated me beyond recognition. Then I felt anger towards him swell up inside me. The video ended with the guy cumming on the girl’s face before I turned it off. Suddenly fear invaded me, fear of the idea Ryan telling everyone what I was doing.

I didn’t know how long I stood there, but in the end I decided that it’d be best if I went to get something to eat, so I straightened my clothes and composed myself. To my astonishment everything was the same, no one looked at me differently, however I didn’t see Ryan again for the rest of the day.

The next day I was reading a book when Ryan came and tried to apologize to me, however I chosed to leave without acknowledging him. Again he tried but I just ignored. Ryan then said calmly, “Look, I’m sorry okay? But if you want to act like a spoiled brat, then fine. I have nothing else to say to you then.” I looked up stunned, but he was already walking away. My body trembled as the humiliation I felt the other day increased exponentially. For the next few days, Ryan gave me the cold shoulder and made no contact, if he did clean my room, he waited till I left, and would be done by the time I came back. During the fifth day, when I saw him, I tried to say something, but he walked right past me.

That night as I laid in my bed, I thought back to when I noticed Ryan at the doorway. The way he looked at me made my body feel so hot. Remembering how his eyes scrutinized over my body caused my pussy to drip.

As my lust took over, my hand instinctively went in between my legs, my fingers gently caressed my clit. I moaned in ecstasy, I cupped my tit in my hand, before playing with my nipple. My body softly shuddered as moans occasionally emerge from my lips. I rocked my hips against my fingers, shoving them deeper into my wet pussy. I masturbated to Ryan, his calm, and shy face, his gentle brown eyes, and his exceeding kindness. It wasn’t till I remember his huge bulge in his pants that I realized something, I wanted to have Ryan, I wanted to make him mine and I knew just how to do it. As my last orgasm of the day occurred, I resolved to fuck the shit out of Ryan. The next day when I saw Ryan leave for home, I went to Mr. Margo.

“Excuse me sir, but can I request Ryan Wilter?” I asked.

He looked at me oddly, “Well Ryan’s shift is over now and he has a day off tomorrow. Is there any specific reason that you have for requesting him?”

I chose my words carefully, “Yes sir, you see there is a private matter in which we need to confront. I would very much like to get it out of the way as soon as possible.”

Mr. Margo sat back into his chair pondering over what I had said, “I understand, I’ll phone his house and let him know.”

I smiled gently, “Thank you sir.”

He nodded, “You’re very much welcome Ms. Strautose.”

I went back to my room, I felt a smile curl up on my face as I got a cup of ice cold water and putted it on a nightstand besides my bed, and brought out my personal black bag. I took a quick shower and changed into a black skirt and grey shirt while wearing a black thong, the same outfit he saw me masturbate in. I chose not to wear a bra and went to sit on my bed. I didn’t have to wait long, for within minutes I heard the door open. I heard footsteps coming towards my room. Ryan came into my room and stood there not saying anything.

“Hello,” I said looking up at him.

“Hey,” he responded. I stood up, picking up the cool glass of water, walked towards. Stopping directly at him, I looked up into his brown eyes and he looked into my own. We were both still for a while. Then within a flash, I hurled the cold water into his face. Everything seemed to slow down, I watched as soon as Ryan stumbled back after being hit by the water. I was easily able to push him down on the floor.

“What the hell.” Ryan said wiping water off his face.

“How does that feel.” I said my voice carrying a somewhat darker tone. I looked down at Ryan, despite his calm face. I could see anger and irritation emitted from his eyes. I knew he wanted to harm me, and the knowledge brought shivers of joy to my body.

“What was that for?” Ryan asked, trying to keep his cool.

I tossed my hair back, “Isn’t that obvious, that’s for humiliating me.”

“What do you mean?” He questioned.

“You had the decency to come into my room without any warning.” I yelled at him.

“Look, I apologized for that, and besides you should’ve put a sign telling me that you won’t need any services. Just the record I did knock.” he said raising his voice. “If throwing a damn tantrum was all that you wanted, then I’m going.” he said making an attempt to stand.

“No you’re not.” I muttered. He ignored me and walked towards the door. Then I shouted something that made him stop, “If you leave this room, then you’re fired.”

“What?” He exclaimed, “What the hell you mean by that?”

I held up 2 fingers and said, “With just 2 calls, I can have you fired and ensure you don’t get into any type of schools.”

“He glared at me, “You conniving bit-.”

I cut him off, “Maybe I should start with the first call.”

He stared at me. “What do you want from me?” He questioned.

A sadistic smirk crossed my face, “I want you to strip off down to your underwear.”

He stood there glaring at me, I slightly tilted my head, “Do you want to be added to the unemployment list?” He sighed and proceeded to take his shoes, shirt, socks, and gym shorts off. I licked my lips as I inspected his body, Ryan was indeed much more toned than I’d gave him credit for. I looked at his underwear which was concealing his cock.

“Take ‘em off.” I commanded. He did willingly, I silently gasped when I saw how big his cock was while it was still slightly limp. I pointed to the floor near the table that’s connected to the floor, “Sit there.” He did so. Then I told him to close his eyes.

“What for?” He asked harshly.

I pretended to think, “Let’s see, to keep your job, that’s what.” He glared at me for a while, but eventually his eye lids closed. I smiled as I pulled out a pair of handcuffs from my black bag and gently brought Ryan’s arms around one of the table legs. Then I quickly snapped the handcuff on his wrists. His eyes shot opened as he tried to pull his arms to his side but couldn’t.

“What the-?” He started, before I cut him off. Grabbing a chair from one of the table’s sides, I put the chair in front of him and sat on it. I took off my socks and placed my foot on his thigh. He glanced at my foot nervously then back at me. I softly nudged his cock with my foot. I pulled my foot back and stuck out my other foot in front of his face.

“Lick my foot,” I demanded. He stared at me for moment, when I held up 2 fingers again, he did so willingly. My body slightly jerked as I felt his tongue wrap itself around each of my toes, before going between them. I positioned my foot so Ryan can lick the bottom of it. I moaned as both ticklish and sexual pleasure went throughout my whole leg. Pulling my foot back, I got up and pulled down my thong, I knew Ryan was watching me carefully. I looked at his cock, which was now hardening at a slow rate. I told him to close his eyes again, I smiled when he did so without complaint.

Then I walked over and placed my legs on both sides of his head.

“Look up, but don’t open your eyes until I say so,” I instructed him. He did so quickly. I lowered ass on his face, I heard Ryan slowly breathed in the aroma of my body. “Now…lick.” I said softly moaning from Ryan’s heated breath. Immediately I felt Ryan’s tongue enter my pussy. I moaned as his tongue licked up all of my juices. I grabbed both my tits while wiggling my ass on his face. Ryan continued his assault, his speed increasing as he licked my pussy folds. Within about five minutes I was engulfed in an orgasm. When it died down, I knelt in front of Ryan and passionately kissed him. It occurred to me that it was my first kiss.

Ryan respond with equal force, our tongues explored each other’s mouths. I tasted my own juice in his mouth, and it made me even hornier. I wrapped an arm around his neck to pull him closer. Then I pulled back and glanced at Ryan’s cock, a smile crept onto my face. His cock was now very hard, and to my amazement, twitching while oozing some precum. I spread his legs a bit for easier access, then crawled out in front of him facing him on all four legs. I lowered my head and licked the precum off the tip of his cock. Ryan gasped in ecstasy.

“Open your eyes now,” I cooed softly. He did so reluctantly and stared at me between is legs. I grabbed his shaft with one hand and started stroking him softly. Then I slipped his cock into my mouth. Ryan’s body jerked as he moaned in pleasure. I bobbed my head up and down, taking in more of his cock into my mouth. My tongue wrapped itself around his cock’s head, before withdrawing softly to flicking at the tip of his cock. My hand played with his balls, grabbing, jiggling, and cupping. I felt his shudder, as his orgasm quietly approached. I withdrew my head somewhat till just the tip of his head remained in my mouth, then I took it all back in my mouth within one motion. Ryan body jerked upward. I quickly let his cock slip out of my mouth, I grabbed his cock with my hand and squeezed its shaft tightly. Ryan gasped in pain as I halted his orgasm.

He looked down at me. “You bitch.” He whispered harshly. I slyly grinned at him. I stood up and slowly lift my shirt up revealing my perky tits and round pink nipples. Ryan sat there obviously mesmerized, I kept my shirt up and bunched up my skirt to my waist, completely revealing my firm ass. I turned, my back facing Ryan and stuck my ass out. With both hands I grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them, while bobbing my ass up and down. I glanced back at Ryan and gave him a seductive look, at the same time I intently watched his cock hoping my plan would work.

It did, even though I stopped Ryan from cumming, he was still on the verge of it. I watched in fascination as cum flew from his cock, several landing on the floor, a few landed on the back of my feet. I scooped some up and licked it. It had a salty yet erotic taste that made me feel even hornier. I had my fun for today, so I adjusted my clothes accordingly. I glanced at Ryan and to my pleasure, he looked as broken as I’d hope to see him. I got the key to his handcuffs, and unlocked him. I greatly underestimate Ryan, the moment the cuffs fell from his wrists. Ryan grabbed me and hauled me onto my bed and pinned me down.

He turned me so I’d be on my stomach. He literally tore my skirt off, revealing my ass. My body shuddered as his hand softly rubbed my ass cheek.

“Such a big ass. Nice and firm.” He whispered to me. Then he smacked my ass hard, causing me to scream in pain. He smacked my ass again. For about the next two minutes, he’s done nothing but smack my ass. My pussy was soaking wet from both the pleasure and pain of his abusive action. I was breathing hard, I turned my head towards him.

“You’ve learned your lesson?” He asked firmly.

“Go to Hell.” I spat. He lightly pat the very sore spot on my ass, my body flinched in terror and pleasure. Then he delivered his judgment by bringing his hand against my ass with such force. My eyes watered, yet I willed myself not to let a single tear drop.

“Did you learn your lesson?” He asked saying each syllable slowly.

“Yes.” I muttered. He got off me, my body relaxed thinking it was over, but to my surprise, Ryan turned me over on my back. He spread my legs with his own and positioned his cock at the entrance of my pussy. I stared at him, he looked back at me, his face completely emotionless. Then he shoved in with absolute force. He quickly entered his entire cock into me. I moaned in both pain and pleasure. Ryan slowly inspected my pussy.

“Should’ve known you were a slut.” He said coldly when he didn’t find any blood. The truth was however this was my first time, I had broken my hymen while masturbating a few months before. But as Ryan talked down to me, and relentlessly pounded into me, I felt a smile crept onto my face as he began to increase his pace. I enjoyed his rough treatment on me, even when he spanked me, the pain quickly turned to pleasure. I moaned in ecstasy as Ryan lifted my leg over his shoulder and slightly turned me on my side. The process continued, Ryan gripped my ass cheek and pulled me closer, making his cock go even deeper. Ryan then drove his finger into my asshole, I moaned in ecstasy as I felt both my holes being filled. Ryan drove his cock in and out of me, but I knew he was hitting his limit. Ryan’s grunt became more haggard, his thrusts more wild, and his hips buckled.

Then without any warning, Ryan drove his cock as deep as he could into me and came. I felt his cum fill me up, it felt amazing, the pleasure was unlike any other. My face was warped in pleasure. Ryan pulled out of me, it was obvious that he was exhausted.

“I hope you’re satisfied.” Ryan said glancing at me. My body twitched in pleasure as the cum slowly dribbled out of my pussy. I scooped it up with my fingers and took my time in licking it off enjoying the taste. Ryan got up to leave, but I grabbed his arm and pulled him back onto the bed. I hopped onto him and embraced him in a deep, passionate kiss, I could feel some of his cum flow from my mouth into his. When I released, I watched in joy as he sputter some of his cum out. I roughly pushed him on his back, and saddled him.

I placed my hand in between my legs and grabbed his cock and gently stroke him, it took awhile, but eventually it came back to life. I immediately sank my ass onto his cock, engulfing it into my pussy. I was already near an orgasm, so the pleasure I received seemed to have magnified. I looked down at Ryan, he had a shocked expression, to which I enjoyed looking at.

“What’s wrong..not done already..are you?” I breathed in delight as Ryan began to moan.

“Shut up.” He replied. I smiled, his hard to get attitude turned me on so much. I increased my pace. Ryan quickly returned with equal force, our moans melded together and echoed throughout the room. I loved every moment of what we did, I loved how Ryan hands reached up to squeezed my tits, how he pinched my nipples. How his hips rhythmically matched mine. I even loved how his balls slapped against my pussy. In an instant my orgasm engulfed me, I screamed in ecstasy, my pussy clamped down on Ryan’s cock, caused him to cum also. My smile broadened as I felt his cum shoot inside of me. I let my body drop onto his, and for a moment we stayed like that, our breathing haggard and uncontrollable. Then I moved up to kiss Ryan again. He looked surprised.

“Why are you doing all of this?” He asked.

I smiled at him. “Isn’t that obvious? Because I want you.” I reached down and grabbed his cock and started stroking it. His surprised looked warped into agony. My smile grew devilish, “Don’t think we’re done just yet. I’m still pretty horny.”

To be continued

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Fucking morons. Height doesn't matter! I've seen girls who are 3 feet tall, and I've seen girls who are 7 feet tall! Get over it!

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