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This is a work of fiction. It involves sexual acts between underage persons and adults. If this offends you, leave now. If you are still here, enjoy. I would greatly appreciate any and all comments about the story, love it or hate it. I will only get better through the help of others.

Best Summer Ever (incest, MFmf, bi-sexual)
By: Scott Winslow

“Yes sir.” the doctor said, pointing toward the screen connected to the ultra-sound machine. “We can clearly hear two distinct heart beats. Would you like to know the sexes?”

I glanced from the screen to my wife lying on the table, her round belly exposed and being examined by the doctor. We shared a look that started as shock then quickly changed to excitement. “Yes!” we said in unison.

“It seems you are going to have one of each,” The doctor answered “a boy and a girl.”

My wife and I shared another excited look, and then we both began to giggle lightly. The doctor looked from me to my wife, a look of wonder at what was so funny on his face. I suppose it was more ironic than funny. I do not know all the statistics on twins. I do not know how common it is to have twins, especially when one of the parents is also a twin. I imagine the odds are even higher if BOTH the parents are twins, let alone each others twin. But that is exactly what happened. You see my “wife”, and the mother of my twin children, is actually my twin sister.

My name is Dan, and my twin sister is Katie. We were always very close. We would talk about everything; we kept no secrets from each other, and were each others best friend. Our family spent our summers at a cabin on the lake. We absolutely loved it there, the weather was great, the lake was a blast, and the cabin was nice. The only problem with the cabin was that there were only two bed rooms. Our parents slept in the large master bedroom, and our bedroom had two smaller beds. This, however, wasn’t too much of a problem, considering how close my sister and I were. We didn’t mind sleeping in the same room. As we started getting a little bit older we both started becoming interested in the opposite sex. Naturally we talked to each other about this as well. It started the summer we were 12. After a long day on the lake playing with each other and other children from near by cabins we turned in for the night. We would always lay awake and talk for a while after we went to bed, and this night was no different. “What does it look like?” my sister asked. That night we played a lengthy game of You Show Me Yours, I Show You Mine. By the end of that summer we were lovers. As we grew up we each had several other boyfriends/girlfriends, but never anything serious. I knew that I would never feel about anyone the way I felt about Katie.

When we were 25 our parents passed away in car accident. We had both graduated from college and were looking for jobs. We were both sort of lost, not knowing what to do. The only thing we had was each other. Then everything changed. I got a job offer to teach high school in another state. I knew I had to take the job, but leaving my sister would be hard. That was when I got the idea to make her my wife. Of coarse she said yes, we moved to the new state together not as brother and sister, but as husband and wife.

We had talked about it ever since we found out Katie was pregnant. We knew there was more to our love than most other people have. There is something special about being in love with, and making love to, a family member. We wanted to involve our new bundle of joy in our incestuous life, when the baby was old enough of course. So we could barely contain our excitement when the doctor told us we were going to have twins, a boy and a girl. We would help them find the kind of love my sister/wife and I had shared since our childhood.


Eleven and a half years had passed since the birth of our two wonderful children. This summer our little ones would turn 12, the same age Katie and I were when we began our loving relationship.

“Mom, Dad, we’re home!” Brandon yelled as he came in the back door. It was the last day of school. Summer had officially begun. “I win!” he added to his sister, coming in the door a few moments later.

“No fair!” Molly whined. “You can’t cut through Mr. Jebbia’s yard. You know he would flip his lid if he saw you.” The race home from the bus stop had become a daily ritual for the kids. Molly usually won, when Brandon didn’t cheat that is.

“Yeah, but he didn’t, so I WIN!” Brandon shot back, lifting his arms in the air like he had won the World Series. “Last day of school too, so that means I’m the champion” he added and then stuck his tongue out at his sister.

“I don’t think so” Molly said, and grabbed for her brother, attempting to pinch him. Brandon ran off to escape his sister’s attack. Molly chased after him.

“Don’t full around too much you two” Katie yelled from upstairs, “you both still have to get packed and ready to go.”

I was carrying a suitcase down the stairs as the children ran past me, giggling and laughing. “What was that about?” I asked myself, setting the suitcase on the pile with the other bags, ready for the trip. It had taken Katie and me a while to decide exactly how to handle letting our children in our little family secret. It had been her idea to do it at the same place it had happened for us, the cabin at the lake. I loved the idea of spending the summer on the lake, enjoying the weather, and each other, all summer long.

I glanced at myself in the mirror at the bottom of the stairs. I suppose I am attractive. I’m 6 foot tall, dark hair, and I work out regularly to keep a muscular build. The idea of what was going to happen this summer was making me quite excited. A bulge was starting to show in my pants from my 7 inch penis. I was lost in thought and didn’t even notice Katie come up behind me.

“You may want to put that thing away, you don’t want to spoil the surprise before we get to the lake do you?” she teased. I turned and saw her standing at the foot of the stairs. She was beautiful, tall, long legs. She had the face of an angel, framed by a head of bright red hair, cut short to her shoulders. Her large 36c breasts fit perfectly with the wonderful curves of her hips.

“What surprise?” Brandon asked, carrying his own bags into the room, his blonde hair reflecting the light coming in through the window. He had a slim body, toned from playing sports. He had switched into a pair of shorts after school and I could see his slender, but toned legs as he came down the stairs, leading up to his tight butt. He had soft features that made him incredibly handsome.

“You’ll just have to wait and see young man” Katie said, running her fingers through his hair.

“Oh come on mom, tell me. I promise I won’t tell Molly.” Brandon replied.

“No can do kiddo, not until tonight” I said. “Where is that sister of yours anyway?”

“Right here daddy” Molly said, finally making her way down the stairs with her luggage for the trip. She is the spitting image of her mother at her age. Same long red hair, same pale skin, same thin long body, and same small slightly budding breasts. She looked absolutely adorable in the summer dress she had changed into. I could almost see up it to her panty covered mound as she came down the stairs. I caught my mind wondering. At that age her mother was almost completely hairless. I wonder if my daughter’s body was just as smooth and soft as her mother’s when we first began making love. The idea excited me, and Katie noticed yet again.

“Ok kids, time to go. Let’s load up the car” she said, snapping me back to reality. We quickly loaded the car and were on our way. In a little over an hour we would begin our summer on the lake.


Upon arriving at the cabin at the lake we all helped unloading the car. After carrying all of the luggage into the cabin the kids went exploring. This was the first time either had been here and neither really knew what to expect. It didn’t take them long to realize the shortage of bedrooms. Katie and I knew that it would not really be an issue, but we told them for the time being if it really bothered them, one could sleep on the couch in the living room. This seemed to appease them and since we still had a few hours of daylight remaining, I suggested we take a swim in the lake before dinner. We all changed into our swimwear, and had a nice dip in the cool water. As the sun started to go down, we all started to get hungry. We went back into the cabin and got changed. As the kids watched a movie, Katie and I prepared dinner. The meal was great, and we spent some time after dinner sitting around the table talking.

“Hey Mom, what about that surprise you were talking about?” Brandon asked.

“What surprise?” Molly asked, getting excited.

“Mom and Dad have a surprise for us” Brandon answered her.

“Ooo what is it?” Molly joined in.

My heart began to pound. This was the moment I had been waiting for since the doctor first told us we were having twins. The moment when my kids find out the truth about their parents. The moment that we would finally get to enjoy the pleasures of our children.

“Well honey,” Katie said turning to me, “I think it’s time we tell them.”

“Yes it is,” I said.

“Tell us what?” Brandon asked.

“Ok here it goes.” I began. “Did you kids know that your mother is a twin, just like the two of you?” I asked.

“Really mommy?” Molly asked, turning to her mother.

“Yes darling, and your daddy is too.” Katie replied.

“What?” Brandon said, sitting up, obviously shocked. “Why haven’t we ever met your brother or sister?”

“You have” I answered.

“When? Who are they?” Molly asked.

“Well you see kids” Katie said, “your father and I are each others twin.”

It took a few moments for this information to sink in for the children. Molly was the first to react. “WHAT!?!” she said. “That means you are brother and sister”

“Yes dear, just like you and Brandon.” I added.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa” Brandon said “that means that you two are both brother and sister and husband and wife. That means you have been having sex with your sister.” This was the moment. How would they react? Would it be disgust? Excitement? Would they understand? And then it happened. The looked at each of us, then at each other, then they smiled. My heart skipped. They SMILED! I was so excited, so happy. I knew everything was going to work out exactly how Katie and I had hoped.

“Yes kiddo, we are both. We have been making love” I corrected “since we were your age. That is why we are here this summer. Your mother and I began our relationship together in this very cabin over the summer when we were the age you are now.”

“What is why we are here?” Molly asked.

Katie answered this question. “We are here this summer, kids, to help the two of you find the love in each other that your father and I found.” The kids looked at each of us again, then at each other again, and then smiled again. I could read the excitement on each of their faces. I do not know if they had ever thought about each other the way they currently were, but I know they liked the idea now that they were having it. The conversation continued, the kids asking about how we started making love, us asking about the kids sexual experience. We found out that both kids had discovered masturbation, but had never done anything with anyone else.

“Why don’t we take this conversation to our bedroom” Katie finally said.

“Ok” the kids both said.

I walked to the bedroom first; I turned on the light, and sat against the head board on the large king size bed. Brandon and Molly come in next, both obviously nervous and excited at the same time; they each sat at the foot of the bed, turned toward each other. Katie came into the room last; she shut the door behind her and walked over and sat next to me.

“So neither of you has ever had a kiss before?” Katie asked.

“Not a real one” Molly said.

“No” Brandon added.

“Well now is your chance.” I said “Just like this.” I leaned over and kissed Katie passionately, wrapping my tongue around hers. “Now you” I said, motioning the two of them together. I could tell that they were ready, scared, but ready. Molly seemed to take the lead, and leaned in first. Her brother followed suit and they pecked each other on the lips. Then Brandon did what I had done with his mother, put his hand on his sister’s face, pulled her close and opened his mouth. The children then began making out with each other for the first time. They did this for several moments before stopping and looking at us.

“Very good” Katie said, “now how about this?” She reached over and took my shirt off. Molly did the same with her brother. Katie then took her own shirt off. Molly followed suit, but started to cover her little buds when she realized she was topless in front of her family.

“Don’t do that sweetheart” I said. “See its ok” I reached over and took Katie’s bra off so she too was topless. I started touching her breasts. Brandon must have been very excited because he instinctively started to touch his sister in the same way. Molly began to calm down and moved her hands from her own chest to her brothers. It seemed the time for words had passed; no one said a word for quite a while. I leaned in and began to kiss and suck Katie’s breasts; my son did the same with his sister. She appeared to be enjoying this very much. Seeing my daughter this way, topless, in ecstasy, made my mind wonder back to my earlier thoughts. I knew that now was the time to find out exactly how much like her mother Molly really was. I reached down and undid Katie’s pants. Brandon did the same and before I knew it both girls were bottomless. I couldn’t help myself from looking. I was delighted to see my little girl was as hairless as the last time I had seen her naked as an infant. But I knew the time for my pleasures with my daughter would come later, right now was the time for my children to experience sex with each other. I took off my pants, and Brandon removed his. I was surprised to see a small patch of hair above his erect penis. His member was quite large for his age as well. As I was admiring it, it disappeared into Molly’s mouth as she followed her mother’s example of beginning to suck my cock.

“Does that feel good kiddo?” I asked, breaking the silence.

“Yeah” was all he was able to say, obviously overwhelmed by the situation and the pleasure.

“That’s enough Molly” Katie said removing my penis from her mouth “don’t want him to finish before we even get started.” She then lied back on the bed and spread her legs. Molly mimicked her mother’s actions.

I could see Brandon looking from his sister to his mother. “They both look delicious don’t they kiddo?” I asked.

Once again “Yeah” was his only response.

I leaned down and began to lick Katie’s waiting pussy. Brandon began to do the same. I made sure to tell him to be gentle, licking her lips first, and then slowly going deeper. I told him how to find her tiny clit, and I could tell by Molly’s reaction that he had found it easily. I was paying more attention to the children, helping them and being turned on by them, to Katie’s pussy. She didn’t seem to mind though. When I finally went back to her, Katie seemed wetter than ever before. She obviously found the sight of our son eating out our daughter as exciting as I did. I looked up into her eyes and she gave me the look. I knew it was time. We knew it would require our help for the kids to get started. Katie reached down and held Molly’s legs apart, then spread her virgin pussy. I took my sons rock hard cock and helped guide him into her.

“Ok, this may hurt a little sweetie, are you ready?” Katie asked her daughter.

“Yes mommy” Molly responded.
Katie nodded to me. I pushed my son’s back; he slid into his sister deeper. I felt a bit of resistance, then a little pop. Molly let out a slight yelp. We all froze. Eventually Molly moaned.

“I’m ok.” She said.

“Ok you’re on your own son” I said. Katie lied back and I slid my cock into her. I started pumping in and out of her, while Brandon did the same with his sister. He slid himself in and out of her young pussy. I knew he wouldn’t last long, but I knew I probably wouldn’t either with the erotic scene going on next to me. Katie must have been the most excited out of any of us because she was the first to reach orgasm. She moaned and let out a little scream as her pussy clamped around my shaft. Then moments later Brandon began panting and he too came, shooting his load deep in his sister. This sent me over the edge and I too shot a load deep in Katie’s pussy. Molly was that last to cum. Luckily her brother was a healthy young man. He was able to continue making love to her until she panted and jerked and collapsed back on the bed after her orgasm. This had been a long, eventful day for all of us. We all collapsed with Molly and fell asleep one big, happy, naked family.


I was the first to wake up the next morning. I lied there for a moment and looked at the scene around me. Katie lied next to me, her back to me. I looked over her and saw Brandon curled up in front of her. I looked down toward the foot of the bed and say Molly was laying between my legs. “Wow, what a night” I thought to myself.

I got up and decided to make breakfast. I was always hungry first thing in the morning. I wrapped a bathrobe around myself, tying it loosely in the front. I went down to the kitchen and started frying some bacon and making some pancakes. I heard someone coming down the stairs a few minutes later. I was just finishing making breakfast. I switched off the stove and turned to place the food on the table just as Katie was walking into the room. My sister/wife looked incredible wearing a long t-shirt. I noticed she wore nothing else as she sat at the table and the shirt rode up revealing the beautiful treasures between her legs. We looked at each other, neither of us knowing exactly what to say. Finally we both started to laugh. I walked over to her side of the table, leaned down, and kissed her passionately.

“Last night was…” I began.

“Amazing” Katie finished.

“Yes, that’s the word. And everything I had hoped it would be.” I added.

“Oh yes, me too.” Katie said. “And just think, we have all summer to do it again and again and again.”

We both ate a little breakfast, discussing the previous night’s events. We both stated how pleasantly surprised we were at how willing the kids seemed to make love to each other. I added that I thought maybe they had each considered it before. We were both so thrilled that our children could share the same type of relationship as we had at their age. Eventually our conversation drifted from our children loving each other, to us loving our children. We had both agreed long ago that when this day finally came that the four of us would share everything. Katie and I had realized early in our relationship that we were both bi-sexual. When we found out we were going to have twins and decided that at some point we would involve them in our incestuous relationship, we knew that our relationship would include each of us making love to both of our children. We both decided to let things happen when they happened, not to rush into anything. Slowly our conversation died down.

“I’m going to go take a shower.” Katie said and got up from the table.

“Why don’t you wake the kids and send them down for breakfast while you are up there?” I asked

“Sure.” Katie answered. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek then went upstairs.

I started cleaning up the dishes, waiting for the kids to come down to eat. A few moments later I heard the shower turn on, and then heard one set of feet coming down the stairs. My son Brandon walked into the room. He had put on a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt before coming down.

“Hey Dad” he said when he saw me standing by the sink.

“Hey there kiddo” I said, turning around. “Hungry?”

“Na, not really” he answered. He never seemed to eat breakfast. Kids… don’t they know it’s the most important meal of the day.

“Where’s your sister?” I asked.

“Mom asked her take a shower with her, said she needed to clean her up after last night” he answered.

“Oh I see” I said. So much for ‘letting things happen on their own’ I thought to myself, chuckling. “Yeah, you sure made a mess in your sister, she probably does need cleaned up” I added.

Brandon looked away, appearing a little embarrassed. “Yeah I guess” he said.

”Hey, don’t be embarrassed Kiddo. You had fun didn’t you?” I asked. Brandon looked back toward me and nodded. “And Molly sure seemed to enjoy it too. So there’s no need to be embarrassed.”

“It was a lot of fun Dad” Brandon said. “I still can’t believe that you and Mom are twins, just like Molly and me. And then what I did with Molly, it was just… wow.”

I laughed. “Yes, wow, that’s about the best way I could put it myself. And now just think about what Mom and Molly are doing right now” I added.

“What do you mean?” Brandon asked, looking confused.

“Well they are upstairs, in the shower together, washing each other, touching each other…” I left my sentence hanging, indicating to Brandon to use his imagination. I could tell it took him a second, but then his eyes lit up.

“Oh! You mean they are… with each other?” Brandon asked.

“Knowing your mother, Kiddo, and having taken several showers with her, I’m sure there is more playing going on up there than cleaning.” I answered, the idea making me very excited. I felt my cock starting to stir. I knew that with me only wearing a bathrobe it would begin to poke through if I got much harder. I looked at my son, and saw a tent in his pants as well. I obviously wasn’t the only excited by the thought of mother and daughter making love. I started to think that maybe they weren’t the only ones who could have some fun. This thought sent me over the edge. I felt my almost fully erect penis poke through my robe. I saw my son look down my body, and focus on my hardening cock. I reached down and untied the robe, opening it up. I walked over to my son who was leaning against the door frame. He stood up straight as I neared him. His eyes moved up from my crotch to my eyes. When our eyes met a look of passion passed from father to son. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him to me. I leaned down and kissed my son on the lips. He opened his mouth and our tongues met. It sent a tingle through my body.

I broke the kiss and asked him, “Are you ok with this kiddo?”

Brandon’s only response was to nod his head and lean in for another kiss. I pulled his shirt up and broke the kiss to pull it over his head. I ran my hands down his bare chest, touching his little nipples. I could feel his heart beating. I leaned down and kissed his neck. He moaned in my ear, which drove me crazy. I ran my hands lower, squeezing his butt through his shorts. I slipped my fingers under the waist band and pulled them down, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. His penis was pointing straight up at me. Brandon ran his hands over my chest, then up to my shoulders and slipped the robe off of me. We were now standing in the kitchen, each of us naked, running our hands all over each others bodies.

I took Bandon’s hand and led him into the living room. I had him lie down on the couch. I started at his lips and kissed my way down his body. I took extra time when I reached his chest, licking and sucking his nipples. I continued on, going lower. I could hear his breathing getting louder and faster the lower I got. We both knew my final destination. When I passed his belly button, Brandon instinctively spread his legs, putting one on the back of the couch and the other down on the floor. I reached his crotch, but passed his member by and started kissing his balls. I sucked them into my mouth, gaining a moan from my son. I licked them, and then removed them from my mouth. I licked the underside of his cock from the base to the tip then took it into my mouth, sucking the length of it into my mouth. I stated moving my head up and down, sucking my son’s cock. I rubbed my hands down his legs then squeezed his butt. I pulled his checks apart and took his penis out of my mouth to look at his butt whole. It was one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen. I couldn’t help myself; I dove in and began licking my son’s tiny whole. Brandon began panting and moaning very loudly, obviously enjoying this. I used my hangs to play with his cock as I licked and stuck my tongue into his butt. My own cock was aching for attention.

I picked my son up. I then lied down on the couch and placed my son on top of me, his cute little bottom in my face. I went right back to rimming my sons butt. He immediately knew what I wanted and wrapped his fingers around my shaft. I felt him start to lick my balls, then my shaft. He licked all over it then put the head in his mouth. He started to suck. He was a natural, his warm little mouth wrapped around my thick cock felt amazing. As I was 69ing with my son, in extreme ecstasy, I heard the shower turn off upstairs. Although I was having a great deal of fun with Brandon, the old saying popped into my mind… the more, the merrier. I stopped licking.

“Oh don’t stop Dad” Brandon said.

“How about we go see what the ladies upstairs are up to?” I asked. “Maybe they can join us.” Brandon obviously liked this idea because he got up without saying a word and started up the stairs. I followed after him, and caught up with him in the doorway of the master bedroom. I looked into the room and the sight that greeted us was breathtaking. Molly was lying on her back, her legs spread wide. Katie was between her legs, licking her pussy. Molly was running her fingers through her mother’s red hair. Molly was panting and moaning in obvious ecstasy.

“She tastes good, doesn’t she Mom?” Brandon said, startling the women.

Katie turned her head around. Seeing the two of us standing in the doorway naked, her eyes got wide. “Yes she does son, yes she does.”

“You know kiddo” I said to Brandon, “I haven’t tasted your sister yet, but I know your mother tastes very good too. Why don’t you turn around there dear” I said to Katie “and you have a taste of her” I said to Brandon. Katie turned herself around and lied back, spreading her legs. Brandon crawled up between her legs and started eating out his mother. “And maybe I’ll have a little taste over here” I said as I crawled between my daughters spread legs.

“Mmmmm she does taste good Dad” Brandon said to me.

I looked down at my little girls waiting pussy. I could tell her mother had been licking her tiny clit because it was sticking straight up, pointing at me. I took this as an invitation and began licking it myself. I licked and sucked on it, gaining moans from Molly. I alternated between licking her clit, and sliding my tongue deep into her pussy.

This continued for several moan filled minutes before I heard my wife say “Mmm fuck me baby. I want you to come up here and put your cock in me. I want you to make love to your mommy.” I could tell Katie was very turned on. She usually only talked dirty like that when she was very excited. I continued licking for a few moments before I felt Molly orgasm. I stopped licking Molly and knelt up. I wanted to have a better view, to see my son make love to his mother. As I was watching him slide his smooth member into my wife/sister I felt something between my legs. I looked down to see Molly licking the head of my penis.

As I watched my son have sex with Katie, my daughter was giving me a blowjob. She slowly started sucking more and more of my shaft into her mouth. Soon she was able to get about half of it into her tiny mouth. She used her tongue to lick up and down the shaft as she sucked. My little girl was an excellent cock sucker. Meanwhile, Katie and Brandon were moaning very loudly next to us. The scene was more than I could handle. I was about to cum. I pulled my penis from her mouth and shot my load all over the bed next us. A little bit of it splashed onto Katie’s breasts. Molly instinctively leaned over and licked it off her mother. This added stimulation sent Katie over the edge. She wrapped her legs around Brandon and pulled him deep as they both had a loud orgasm. We all shared a few passionate kisses before we got up and went about our days.


Although we came on this summer vacation to have fun and experience a whole world of new pleasures, there was still work to be done. I found my self outside chopping firewood so we could build campfires to toast marshmallows and make s’mores. It wasn’t a fun job, but necessary and I did not mind. I had been out there for a few minutes when I heard someone come out the door. I went around to the front to see who it was. I saw Katie and Brandon walking to the car. Brandon had his hand on his mother’s butt, rubbing it as they walked.

“Where are you two going?” I called out.

“I need to run to the market” Katie answered, “Brandon is going to ride with me.”

“Sounds good” I said and returned to my wood chopping.

I was only working for another five minutes or so when I felt a few drops of water on my back and arms. I looked up and could see some rather ominous looking clouds rolling my way. I decided we had enough wood for the time being and I wanted to get inside before it started pouring. I put my axe away, and went inside. I grabbed a beer from the refrigerator and went into the living room. I saw cartoons playing on the TV, but didn’t notice Molly lying on the floor watching it until I came around the couch. I plopped down and opened my beer. Spongebob did not interest me much, but my daughter sure did. She was wearing a short pink dress. She was lying on her belly with her legs pointed toward me. As she watched the TV she would lazily bend her legs at the knee, sticking her feet in the air, by doing this her dress had ridden up very far. I was getting a great view of my daughter’s smooth long legs and a little peek of her rear end.

“Daddy?” Molly said, not even turning her head.

Her call brought me back to reality. “Yes dear?” I responded.

“I was just wondering” she said, now turning around looking at me. “Brandon had sex with me, you know, and with Mommy, and I know you have sex with Mommy, so when um are you gonna have sex with me?”

My penis instantly jumped to attention. I nearly spit out my beer. I had never expected to hear my little girl talk like that. I was speechless for a moment, not knowing what to say.

“I mean, if you don’t want to, I understand” Molly said, looking down.

“No no no, it’s not that baby doll” I said getting down and crawling over to my daughter. I placed my hand under her chin and lifted her head. Our eyes met. I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. “I guess I’m still as new to this as you are little lady. I suppose I didn’t want to force you into anything you weren’t ready for.”

“So you really want to have sex with me?” she asked.

“Look what you do to me Molly” I said, pointing to my hard penis sticking up in my pants. ”This is all for you.”

Molly reached out and touched my crotch, feeling my hard penis. “Really?” she said, looking up at me.

“Oh yeah” I said and put my hand on her bare leg, rubbing up toward her thigh. “So, I guess you are ready then?” I asked.

“Yes Daddy.” Molly answered.

“Then come with me” I said. I stood up, took her hand and helped her stand. I led her by the hand up the stairs and into the bedroom. I had her lie down on the bed. I took my shirt off then lied down next to her. I kissed her on the lips again, and when I did she opened her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and pushed it into my mouth. I made out with my daughter while I started running my hands up her legs. Eventually I made my way up under her dress and found that she wasn’t wearing and panties. I ended our kiss and pulled her dress over her head. My daughter was completely naked, lying in bed with me. I went back to kissing her, and then continued kissing all over her body. Molly was breathing very heavily. When I reached her crotch I was very excited. I absolutely loved this smooth little slit. She spread her legs, opening up for me. I dove in and licked her up and down. I used my tongue to slide in and out of her. Then I found her clit and sucked it into my mouth.

“Are you ready?” I panted, finding myself short of breath. I was more excited than I realized.

“Yes Daddy, I want you to fuck me” she said, mimicking her mother’s statement from earlier that morning. This sent me over the edge. I jumped up and pulled my pants down. She eyed my hard cock as I started guiding it toward her waiting pussy. Her eyes got wide, perhaps now realizing how much bigger I was than her brother.

“I’ll be gentle baby, I promise” I said. She nodded. I placed the head of my penis on the lips of her pussy. I slowly began to push. She was so incredibly tight. At first she seemed ok, but the farther I went, Molly began to seem uncomfortable. Every time I thought I hurt her I would stop and wait. It took a while, but eventually I was able to get most of myself into her. I waited even longer now, making out with her. Finally I began to move in and out of my daughter. Eventually I had worked up to a good rhythm. I could not believe I was actually making love to my daughter. The thought alone was enough to get me off. And that is exactly what happened. I couldn’t help it any longer. I moan and pushed in deeper than I probably should have and shot my load into my daughter. I do not know if it was the cum or me pushing in deeper, but at that moment Molly screamed, bit down on my shoulder, and came herself.

I rolled off, and lied next to her. I kissed her again on the lips. I looked her over, she looked incredible. I noticed some of my cum running out of her pussy. She noticed it too. She reached down and scooped some of it onto her finger. She placed her finger in her mouth and sucked the cum off.

“I love this stuff” Molly said. “It’s yummy.”

“Well I’m sure you will have plenty of chances to taste it this summer” I answered.

We finally decided it was time to get dressed. The rain had stopped and I needed to get back to the firewood. As we were leaving the bedroom we saw Katie and Brandon coming up the stairs. Brandon had his hand up his mother’s shirt. They were kissing as they walked.

They saw us and stopped. “This son of yours has been teasing me since we left” Katie said. “I need to teach him a lesson.” She winked at me.

“And what were you two doing?” Brandon asked.

“I think you know son, or at least you’re about to find out.” I answered.

Molly and I walked down stairs as Katie and Brandon walked into the bedroom. I could hear Katie moaning as I walked out the door to get back to the wood. I could tell this was going to be the best summer ever.

Please drop me a message at and tell me what you thought about the story. I hope you enjoyed.

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2014-09-27 10:04:29
Poorly written, no drama, no build up, just okay lets do it.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-08-10 11:18:10
I don't like guys making out. But beside this, I like your other stories more, better writing stile and more deional. I also wondered that the twin parent had to introduce the childs to sex, I thought they would have a very open six live, so the twin childs would actually get curious by themselfes, make out and then share with theire parents.

Anonymous readerReport

2013-12-19 21:47:02
P.S. I sorry for any typo's in the comments below... you see my brother likes fuckin' me doggie style while I'm trying to type these comments... I usually catch most of them an back space to fix them, I notice a couple of things that got by me, So sorry for that. Still a great story... later.

Anonymous readerReport

2013-12-19 21:41:37
The comment they made most often was that they didn't like having to be careful that they kids would catch them fuckin' sometime in the night. So their sex life was put on hold for 13 yrs. or so. Or curbed it over what it was before the kid came along.

This was a delightful story. I'm glad you shared it with us. Thanks!

Anonymous readerReport

2013-12-19 21:41:05
My brother an I started out playin' with one another sexually when I was still 11, he was 13. We're exactally 18 months apart in age. I caught him jackin' off one day, and from that moment on I've been suckin' his dick. YUMMY! I live for the evenings while we're watchin' TV and I get to suck on his dick. I love the pre cum so very much. The cum varies in taste depending on what he's been eating that day. I eat it up all the same. We've lived together as hubby and wife for over 28 yrs. now. We were just to scared to think about having children. So I had my tubes cut right after I turned 18. Up to then our sex was mostly oral, or he fuck my cute little butt a lot. But reading this story, we had a long conversation on the subject of children. My fear of birth defects, was what kept us from havin' children. I think we concluded we made the right choice. Plus we love fuckin' way to much to put any kind of hold on it, during the raising of a child. We talked to a lot of married people..TBC

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