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This story is total fantasy. If you are offended by incest or stories about young children, go read something else!
I’m sitting in the living room waiting for my daddy to get home from work. My name is Jessica and I’m 13 years old. I have that same nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach that I always get, even though this is certainly nothing new.

I know exactly what will happen when Daddy gets home. It’s the same routine every time, although it has evolved some as I’ve gotten older. I’m going to have to take all my clothes off in front of my entire family (and anyone else who happens to be there at the time) and my mommy is going to spank my bare bottom right in front of everyone. Then there’s other stuff…I’ll explain later.

Mommy told me I had to be home at 9:00 last night when I went to the library with some friends. We were having so much fun, I completely lost track of the time, and I didn’t get in until 10:15. Now I’m going to pay! No matter that this has happened hundreds of times, I still feel shy and embarrassed when my daddy and my brothers see me all naked and see me kick and cry and yell when mother spanks me. And then there’s the other stuff…that’s where it changes, and I kinda like it.

My brother James is 17 years old and my little brother Joey is 11. I guess they’re OK for brothers, but they really like seeing me get in trouble and watching my mommy spank me. I’ve seen them get lots of spankings too, and they have to strip naked when they get it. So we’ve all seen each other completely bare, but I still feel nervous.

Daddy walks in the door, and my mother calls the boys into the living room. Daddy never does the spanking; that’s Mommy’s job. He just sits and watches. Mommy informs everyone that I’m to receive a spanking today. Both of my brothers get these big shit-eating grins on their faces. Daddy just nods and sits down in his easy chair.

Mommy tells me that I need to get my clothes off. I have to stand up and face the four of them as I strip. My shoes and socks are first. Next comes my blouse, one button at a time; I take it off and drop it on the floor. Then I reach back and unsnap my bra. As it falls to the floor, I hear a sharp intake of breath from my little brother, Joey. The cool air hits my little pink nipples, I feel them tighten and pucker. My brothers and daddy are staring at me intently, waiting for the show to go on.

I unsnap the button on my shorts, unzip them and pull them down and off my feet. Now I just have on my little panties. I hook my thumbs in the waistband and start inching them off my hips. I’m going as slowly as I can because everyone is going to see my little puss, and I feel so embarrassed. I’m starting to get a little hair down there, actually just a little blond fuzz. It isn’t long enough to cover up anything, and I know from looking in the mirror that my daddy and my brothers are going to see my slit as I stand there in front of them. I’ll probably have to start shaving down there soon, like my mom does.

As I finish pulling my panties down, I can clearly see that my dad and the boys have lumps in their pants. James has a really big penie, even bigger than Daddy’s. Joey’s is still small, just about the size of my thumb when it’s soft, and not much bigger when it gets hard. Even though I’m shy, it feels kinda good to know I can affect them that way.
Now comes the part where I have to stand there naked and tell everyone why I’m getting a spanking. I’m not allowed to cover up my little breasts or my puss. I have to keep my arms and hands down by my side. I explain that I was told to be home at 9:00 and didn’t get home until an hour and fifteen minutes late. I have to say that I deserve a good hard spanking and then I have to say to Mommy, “Mommy, please spank my naughty bare bottom.” Joey and James have both started rubbing their penies through their pants. Daddy smiles a bit as I ask for my spanking, but he isn’t touching himself yet.

My mommy tells me to go get the ruler out of the drawer in the dining room and bring a chair. I bring them back into the living room, and hand Mommy the ruler. She hikes her skirt up around her waist, sits down on the chair and I lay face down across her bare legs. She’s very smooth and her legs feel soft against my bare tummy. The chair is arranged so my legs and naked bottom are totally visible from where my father is sitting. The boys scramble to get good vantage points to look at my body. Right now my legs are pressed tightly together and my bottom cheeks are clenched to hide as much as possible, but we all know from experience that as soon as the spanking starts, I’ll lose control and everything will be open and on full display for them to see.

Mommy starts rubbing my bottom, caressing it really. It feels good, but I know that won’t last. Finally she brings the ruler down on my butt. Ouch! Oh, that stings so much! I kick my legs, and I know my brothers can see my puss and my little pink bottom hole. Now I have to say, “One! Thank you, please do it again.” Smack! “Two! Thank you, please do it again.” This will continue until we reach 25. I’m in tears now; it really hurts.

After ten smacks with the ruler, my bottom feels like it’s on fire. Mommy stops and asks me if I’m learning my lesson. I sob and say that I’ve learned my lesson and I’m sorry and I’ll never do it again. I beg her to stop now. She replies that she can’t stop until I receive the full 25 spanks.

But she does put the ruler down and starts to spank me with her hand. “Smack! Eleven! Thank you, please do it again I moan. Between spanks, Mommy pauses and rubs my bottom. The contrast between the slaps on my bottom and her soft hand rubbing my cheeks, and even sometimes in between them, is causing my body to react. My puss is tingling, and I can feel the juice in there. We get to 15 now.

I look back, and through my tears I can see that I’m not the only one who is aroused. Both of my brothers have their penies out. James has pulled down his zipper and his long, thick penie is hard and purplish pink. He’s masturbating as he watches Mommy spank me. Joey has pulled his pants and his underwear down and is vigorously rubbing his little pencil. Daddy hasn’t taken his out yet, but he’s rubbing his through his pants.

Now comes some of the other stuff I mentioned. Mommy asks Joey if he’d like to help her. He quickly agrees, and Mommy tells him to come stand behind me.

“I need for you to check and see if your sister’s pussy is wet. I think she’s getting a little excited.” Joey reaches out and runs his forefinger slowly, gently up and down my pussy lips. If I hadn’t already been soaking wet, I would be now. It felt like jolts of electricity radiating out from my puss to the rest of my body. I feel my nipples harden and tingle. My legs shudder. I open my legs a bit wider to give his finger more access.

Mommy asks Joey if I’m wet and he tells her I sure am. She tells him to put his finger up inside my hole to be absolutely sure. I feel him slide his finger in my puss and feel like my insides are melting around it. Mommy tells him to put another finger in, so he does. The feelings are building up in my body, and I’m getting close to exploding.

Then Mommy tells James to come help her too. I know what’s coming next. Joey is slowly moving his fingers in and out of my wet slit. Mommy tells James to put a finger up my naughty bottom hole. That will teach me, she says. James runs his little finger around the wetness dripping out of my pussy around Joey’s fingers and spreads some of it on my little asshole. Just rubbing my pussy juice on my bottom hole almost drives me crazy. And then James slowly pushes his little finger into my anus. Oh, my God, that feels SO good!

The squirmy, tingly, electric feeling is building and building and all of a sudden my guts feel like they’re melting, and the sensations are so intense, I’m coming and it feels like it’ll never end. I don’t want it to. I’m screaming and moaning and crying out and I can’t stop and I don’t want to stop.

This is my favorite part of the process, whether I’m getting spanked or whether it’s my brothers. They always get hard-ons when Mommy spanks them, and a lot of times I get to rub their penie or put my finger up their bottom or both till they squirt their white stuff out. Sometimes Mommy even has me lick their bottom hole or their balls to make them come. She told me this afternoon that there will be something new today. I wonder what it is.

The boys take their fingers out of me, their part of the job complete. I settle down a bit and I can see that the boys are busy rubbing their penies again. And Daddy has taken his out of his pants too. It’s big and hard and he’s stroking it gently. He’s sitting back in his chair with his eyes half closed while he watches what the boys are doing to me. I like to watch him play with himself. The buzzing starts in my puss again.

I still have to endure the last 10 spanks, and Mommy spanks each cheek twice really hard. I keep counting. Just 6 to go now. Mommy finishes by alternating between each cheek three more times.

Smack! “25! Thank you, Mommy, for spanking my bare bottom.”

Now the spanking is over. I have to stand up again in front of my family and apologize for being late and having to have a spanking. I don’t think anyone really minded my getting spanked though. Even me. I have to promise to behave and not be late anymore.
Now Mommy tells me the rest of what she has in mind.

“Remember I told you there would be something new? She pointed at my father and brothers. You see how stiff their penies are, Jessica? They’re really uncomfortable and it’s all your fault, so you have to fix things for them.”

She gave me instructions. I have to suck on their penies, Daddy first, then James and then Joey until their white cream comes out, and I have to swallow every single drop. That way, they will be relaxed and not uncomfortable. Then Mommy said she’ll show me what I have to do to her.

I walk over in front of my father’s chair. He has pulled his pants and underwear all the way off. I kneel down in front of him, my little boobies resting on top of his legs. I take
his stiff penie in my hand and stroke it up and down like he did to himself. It seems to get even harder as my hand moves up and down. I lean forward and take the head of it into my mouth. I suck it gently. I start moving my tongue around in circles, licking the velvet smooth head, running my tongue over the little slit. Daddy moans and closes his eyes. I start moving my mouth up and down, and he starts moving his hips, fucking my mouth. I take my mouth off of him and start licking like I would an ice cream cone. I’m watching his face. He opens his eyes and we are looking at each other as I take him back in my mouth again and suck and lick the head of his penie. I reach down and start tickling his balls with my fingertips. I feel his penie start to throb, he starts to moan and groan and suddenly his white stuff shoots into my mouth. There’s a lot of it, and I just keep swallowing as fast as I can because Mommy said she’ll spank me again if I drop any of it.

When Daddy is finished I move on to James. He and Joey and Mommy have been standing and watching me suck on Daddy, and James has come once already, but his penie is still hard, so I kneel in front of him and start to suck. I tickle his balls with one hand and reach around and tickle his bottom hole with the forefinger of my other hand. I stop for a second and wet my finger in my puss and then put it up inside of his bottom. As soon as I do, he starts to shoot his cream into my mouth. He shot some out before, so there isn’t nearly as much as with Daddy.

Now it’s Joey’s turn. He’s lying on his back on the floor and I crawl over to him and lean over him and take him into my mouth. His penie is so little compared to Daddy’s and James’s, and he doesn’t have any hair down there yet, but it’s hard as a little rock! I can take his whole penie and his balls into my mouth at the same time. I suck and lick for less than a minute and he starts to wiggle and squirm and yell and just a tiny bit of fluid squirts out into my mouth.

While all of this is going on, Mommy has taken all of her clothes off and is playing with herself while she watches me suck off Daddy and the boys. She is rubbing her stiff nipples with one hand and her bare pussy with the other. As I mentioned, she shaves down there. She calls me over and tells me I have to do one more thing before I can get dressed. She gets up on all fours and tells me to get down behind her and lick her. I do as she says and start running my tongue up and down her pussy lips. She’s very wet and she tastes sweet. After a few minutes, she tells me to lick her bottom hole. I start licking the hole with the flat of my tongue, getting it nice and wet. Now she tells me to stick my tongue up inside of her asshole and move it in and out. Finally, she rolls over on her back and tells me to suck on her bump…she calls it her clitty. She is pulling on her hard brown nipples and starts yelling that she’s going to come. She screams and moans and pushes her puss up to my mouth and starts shaking.

When she settles down, she tells me that my punishment is done and I can get dressed. As I put my clothes back on, I can’t help thinking that I hope my brothers get a spanking again pretty soon…and I even fantasize about what it would be like to spank my mother.
If that happens, I’ll tell you the story!

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