Annie tells me some secrets
Annie and I talked for an hour after our first fuck session. While we both knew we would fuck often, there were other things on Annie’s mind. Still naked, we both sat and chatted. Annie used it as confession time. “I always saw hoe you looked at me Dad, but I never thought you would act on it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sorry you did, but you never indicated anything but looking. Now that we have this little secret between us, I need to tell you something.”
As Annie got serious, she came back over and sat in my lap. I wasn’t sure why, but feeling her smooth ass on my thighs caused me to not argue. ‘What’s up Annie?” I asked. Annie giggled, and shifted her weight on my lap. “Nothing yet, but we’ll see. Actually Dad, something is bothering me. It’s my Mom. She has been such a bitch to my Dad, and I wish she could be taught a lesson.” What do you mean Annie? I know you don’t love her or anything, but Dad isn’t an innocent bystander here. He began molesting you when you were 11.”
“Let’s get this straight Dad. You keep calling it molesting. My Dad never hurt me, and I think I asked for it.” “Sorry Annie, but an 11 year old girl doesn’t ask for it. How can you blame yourself for him taking advantage of you?” Annie again shifted her weight; only this time she made a point to put her pussy lips on my now growing cock. I couldn’t help myself. As I’ve said, this girl was hot. And she seemed to be getting more excited. “Annie continued her story.
My Mom never gave him the time of day. She always wanted him to work hard, but when it came to romance, she had nothing to do with him. When I was little, I used to hear them argue about sex. He would almost beg for it, but the cold bitch always pushed him away. I never heard them having sex. I also never saw my Dad wander on her. He was always home. I loved my Dad. I would always sit in his lap, and we would talk and talk. He was my best friend. As I got older, I noticed that Daddy wasn’t as comfortable with me on his lap. He used to push me onto his knee, and wouldn’t let me sit back. When I asked him what was wrong, he would just say that he was getting a cramp.”
By now, I could feel Annie’s juices starting to flow. Her nipples were getting harder, and her pussy was wet. My cock reacted by stabbing her bush, and sliding in between her cunt lips. I continued to listen, and enjoy Annie’s latest show.
“One night, Mom and Dad had a huge fight. She called him a fucking loser, and told him to sleep on the couch. That is the first night Daddy came into my room. I wasn’t sure why he came in, but he was being really quiet, so I pretended to be asleep. He came over to my bed, and kneeled down by me. I felt his hand on the side of my face. Then, I felt his hand at the top of my blanket. He began to slide it slowly down my body. I didn’t move. I was afraid he would get mad if I caught him. He slid my blanket all the way off of me, and sat there staring at me. I only had a t-shirt on, and I knew he could clearly see my yellow panties. I lay there confused, but was glad my Daddy was looking at me.”
With that, Annie lifted up, and put my cock inside her wet cunt. She didn’t start humping it, so I sat there and kept listening, I was now fully erect. “My Daddy then started to touch my thighs. I almost jumped when I felt his hand, but it felt nice. He then moved up my leg, and his hand felt my pussy, with my panties still on. I didn’t know what my Daddy was doing, but I got all tingly inside. My Daddy was looking at my cunny, and it felt nice.” With that, Annie sat back, driving my cock deeper inside her. She was hot and wet, and I wasn’t complaining. Her pussy seemed a little tighter, if that was possible. I never spoke, just kept listening, and enjoying her hot cunt. I wanted to grab her hot tits, but I elected to let her do what she wanted. It was going well so far.
“Anyway, my Dad sat there for a while. He cupped my cunny, and didn’t move. Then, I felt his hand on my tummy, under my shirt. I almost jumped, but his hand was warm, and felt good. He moved his hands up to my little titties, and began rubbing them. They were still small, but he moaned, and I think he liked them. My mind was racing, but my cunny was feeling even tinglier. I liked him massaging my little boobs, and didn’t want him to stop. He then got a little braver, and lifted my t-shirt up my body, so he could see my bobs. I still was frozen, so I know he thought I was sound asleep. Then, my Daddy moved his hands to the top of my panties. I thought he was going to rub my cunny again, but instead he slipped his inside them, feeling my cunny lips with his finger.”
By now Annie was slowly riding my rock hard dick. The more she spoke, the faster her pace. I could feel her juices running down my thighs. I, of course, stayed silent. If this hot bitch was having a good fuck with me, who was I to argue. She continued her story.
“My Daddy began rubbing my slit, moving his big fingers up and down it. It felt so good. When his big finger started to move inside me, I almost jumped. I couldn’t stay still any longer, but I didn’t want to scare Daddy. He made me feel good. So, I spread my legs a little, so he would have easier access. My Dad froze. Then he pulled his hand out of my panties. I was disappointed. I thought he was going to get up and leave. But after a few minutes, he slid his hands back down, and pulled my panties down to my thighs. I was now totally naked in front of my Dad. I know I was only 11, but I liked my Daddy staring at my body. I loved him, and he wasn’t hurting me.”
Annie was now humping my cock hard. Her breath was getting ragged, and her boobs were bouncing perfectly up and down. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I grabbed Annie by her hips, and began pounding her back. Annie took my hands off her hips, and put them on her jiggling boobs. We both erupted in orgasm. My cock almost hurt from all the action today. Damn, would this hot minx ever get enough?
Annie took my cock out of her saturated pussy, and turned herself around to face me. As she laid her arms on my shoulders, she looked into my eyes. “So Dad, that’s how it all started. My Dad wasn’t molesting me; he was making me feel good. You seemed to like my story, judging from your rock hard dick. So, do you still think he is a pervert?” I wasn’t sure how to answer. Annie was convinced that this was a mutual thing when she was little, and after the fucking she had just given me, who was I to argue?
“I know your Daddy loves you Annie. But couples have problems. Me and Mom don’t exactly make love three times a week you know.” Annie giggled. “Make love? Dad, you are such a romantic. I knew Mom and you weren’t getting it on that much. I saw the same look in your eyes as I saw in my Dad’s. So, I guess we could call me a good girl after all. I give you and my Daddy something you are missing.”
Who could disagree with her train of thought? But I was more curious if she really hated her Mom, and how much. “So Annie, I get it. You were mad at your Mom for not giving it to your Dad. But you hooked him up with something a lot better, and they are still together. No harm, no foul.”
“That bitch gets away with being a cold bitch, and you say no harm, no foul? She used him for his money, and never gave up anything for it. She needs to be taught a lesson.” Annie now had a serious look on her face. She got up off my lap, and began to collect her clothes. “What do you mean Annie? What kind of lesson? Do want someone to hurt her or something? Never mind, I really don’t want to know.” Annie pulled her panties back on, and pulled her dress back over her head. She was silent for a minute. She then sat on the couch, and replied to my question. “That’s all I’m saying Dad, is that this prudish bitch needs to be shown that her body isn’t sacred. She needs to be fucked and humiliated, and to become more obedient.”
Annie was mad. And Annie was serious. She seemed to have something in mind. So I asked. “I’m not sure what you mean by obedient Annie, but I like the fucked part. What do you have in mind? “Well Dad, I’m glad you asked.” Annie came over and sat on the arm of my chair. “I know you like to blackmail people with your videos. Maybe we can teach this bitch a lesson, and make her more open to what we have to say.” Annie had an evil grin on her face. But I liked her enthusiasm. I also liked the thought of someone fucking her Mom. Mary wasn’t bad looking. In fact, Annie and her Mom shared similar beauty. Her Mom was 52, but she had aged well. I always looked at her when she was around with her shorts and low cut blouses on. That’s why I was surprised Stan wasn’t getting any. Mary always looked like she was very capable of giving some.
“So little lady, what do you have in mind?” “Annie hopped back into my lap, and snuggled my neck. “Come back tomorrow, and I’ll let you know,” she answered. “But for now, let’s keep today between us. I’ll tell my Dad that we just talked, and that you got rid of the video. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. I’m not so sure that I can go back to his little dick, because now I’m kind of spoiled.” As she spoke, Annie rubbed my still naked shaft.
“Oh, I’ll be back Annie. I like the way you think. By the way, I will never be able to throw my wife another fuck, because now I’m spoiled too!” We both laughed as I got up and got dressed. Annie gave me a big hug before I left, and as I went out the door, she said ‘Hey Dad, before you go, don’t forget,” As I turned back to look at her, she pulled the top of her dress down, exposing her ripe tits to me again. “We have something to do in the morning.” “I’ll see you then beautiful!”
I was exhausted. But I was also very happy. As I lie in bed next to my wife that night, I replayed today’s scenes in my mind. My cock was too worn out to even stroke, so I drifted off to sleep. When I awoke, my wife had already left for work. I showered and dressed, and headed down to Annie’s. I couldn’t wait to fuck her some more, and to hear her plan about her Mom being fucked too.

To be continued…..

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