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Author's Note: I'm trying something different. This story is the first towards my goal of writing a story specifically for each of this site's theme categories. It is a pretty lofty goal, I know, but maybe one day I'll accomplish it.

The alien theme is not one that I personally get into, but this story was fun to come up with. Now I have like 30 more theme stories to go. Next up: Anal!

The Cornfield Rape

My eyelids fluttered open, feeling abnormally heavy, and I blinked blearily at the bright light of a full moon above me. I had the sensation of being weightless, and realized I was suspended in the air, being carried by a group of large, dark figures. Each of my limbs was held by a different shadowy stranger in the cool, late-Summer night air. With shock, I discovered I was completely naked, my creamy white skin a stark contrast to the darkness around me, my body beginning to tremble. My breasts were heaving on my chest with my panicked breaths, my small nipples hard as rocks in the chill of the night. I parted my lips as if to scream, but no sound seemed to come. I'd been kidnapped!

They were carrying me through a cornfield; all I could see were tall stalks of corn all around me and the starry sky above. Each dark figure was cloaked in blackness, with black masks over faces and black gloves over hands. I saw no skin, no eyes, no hair. They carried me along effortlessly as my head spun with fear. It seemed they were communicating in a language I'd never heard before, in voices that sounded inhuman, which seemed to be emanating from within their bodies rather than from their mouths. The cacophonous sound they were making was like a combination of growls, clicks, squeals, murmurs, and roars all running together over a noise that sounded like howling wind rushing through trees. It was so loud, it was hard to hear my own panicked thoughts. How the hell were they making that noise? Was it just dizzy sounds conjured up by my disoriented head? Did they drug me?

Terror began overcoming my hazy mind and I started struggling to free myself. The figures stopped, realizing that I was conscious and attempting to break free. Their noises abruptly ceased and the ensuing silence was suddenly deafening; a roar of its own. I kicked my legs but the kidnappers held me more firmly to keep me from escaping. No matter how badly I wanted to scream in fear, it seemed my voice would not come. One of them put a hand around my throat and I ceased thrashing about out of fear of being choked to death. The hand was removed after I stopped resisting. My exposed breasts quivered with my hard, shuddering breaths.

I was helpless as they carried me onward for several more minutes before we finally reached a clearing in the cornfield. They stopped and suddenly dropped me. I hit the ground hard, fallen cornstalks scraping my back and ass. Dazed and flat on my back, I looked up in fear at the dark figures surrounding me. There were eight of them circled around me, preventing my escape. From my vulnerable position on the ground, the kidnappers looked huge -- they looked taller than the average man, their limbs longer. They were clothed from head to toe in black. Suddenly, one of them broke the silence. Initially when he tried to speak, only a scratching sound came out, like sandpaper on wood. Then he let out a series of strange hacking coughs to clear his throat, and I jumped at the deep, clear, male voice.

"Do not be afraid, uh, human girl," the voice said loudly. It sounded so familiar, yet so strange and robotic!

"No, fear not," said another. The voice of the second kidnapper sounded just like the first voice!

"We love you. Our intentions are peaceful," said a third, in the same exact weird voice! What the fuck! My mouth was open, words trying to come, but it seemed my own voice was gone. I stared up in shock at the figures looming above me as they bent down to get a closer look at me. How could their voices all be the same? It was definitely a voice I'd heard before.

"You are so attractive when you ovulate," said the one trying to peer in between the legs I had clamped together.

"Yes. You are exceptionally well evolved. You are a perfect human female," said another with the same robotic voice. They all began talking at once, trying to keep me calm but really just frightening me further. All their voices sounded alike! Their longs arms suddenly reached out towards me and I screamed a silent scream.

I was pushed onto my back and two of them grabbed my arms to hold me down. Two others took my thrashing legs and held them wide apart. I stopped struggling when they splayed my legs so far it made them burn with pain. Letting my legs fall, I watched as one of them stepped up in front of me, staring down at me while I lay prone and restrained on the cold, dirty ground. They had stopped their chattering and everything was quiet. I couldn't even hear crickets. The icy moon stared into my face, watching my torment.

The tall figure that had stepped up in between my legs stood motionless for a few moments, silently looking down at me. I began violently kicking my legs again when I saw his gloved hand go towards his crotch. It looked like they were wearing some kind of robes and cloaks which covered their whole bodies. The kidnappers restraining me held me down firmly; the ones holding my legs began pulling them apart again, making me stop fighting before they split me open like a wishbone. I wanted to cry with the pain in my thighs from being held wide open, but no tears came. Silently I sobbed, my mind now nearly delirious with shock and alarm.

"Keep her open," said the one standing in between my spread legs. I shuddered. That voice -- where had I heard it before? He peered into my gaping virgin pussyhole while his cohorts held me open for their lewd inspection. "Yes, that is good. She is ideal. She is perfectly ripe."

My eyes were wide with panic and fright. This was humiliating! Would I even live through whatever they had planned for me? I could see a gigantic bulge forming under the clothes of the one standing before me and I swallowed hard, beginning to resign myself to the impending rape I was about to endure at the hands of these men. One of his large gloved hands went to his head and slowly began peeling his mask off. I watched, frozen now with fear.

The face that was suddenly revealed -- it was my father's! My father's face under the mask! No, it couldn't be -- he'd been dead for years! My eyes rolled back into my head, I was so overcome by terror. The masked beings restraining me began shaking my body and head to keep me conscious; one of them slapped my face hard and my eyes came back into focus on the man poised to penetrate my unwilling pussyhole.

"No, human daughter, do not die. I love you," it said to me in a creepy monotone.

I shuddered violently, more terrified than I'd ever known possible. They held me down as the one straddling my prone body began freeing the growing bulge that would surely invade my poor, virgin pussy. I was 17 and innocent, saving myself for true love. Now I was about to get raped by some pervert impersonating my father? What kind of gang did these assholes belong to, anyway?! Jagged cornstalks scratched me up, but I barely noticed them as I watched the stranger in between my legs reveal his raging erection.

My jaw dropped at the cock that was pulled out -- it was gigantic, about 11" long and as thick as a soda can! I thought to myself that I must have been drugged, that penis could not possibly be real, I must be hallucinating! Or was it the moonlight making it look a gleaming purple color?! No, it couldn't be the moonlight, impossible... What the fuck is that thing down by the base of the throbbing shaft? This man's cock has a knot at the base, almost like a dog knot! The whole cock looks ribbed! Like a vibrator, ribbed for my pleasure! What in the name of...

The creature took its inhuman prick in hand and I swear it flicked some kind of On switch. The cock started whirring to life, casting an odd white glow and beginning to slowly pulsate. Was I about to be fucked by someone wearing a strap-on dildo? How cruel! This is fucking perverse, sweet Jesus! I'd never used a dildo or a vibrator on myself -- it just always seemed so naughty! And now here I was, restrained on my back about to be penetrated by what looked like my father with a huge, purple, ribbed, glowing dildo!

I stared in between my legs at the cock seeking entrance to my unfucked hole while the others held my arms down and my legs wide open. The large mushroom head pulsed with light and vibrations, now aiming right for my virgin flesh! I shuddered again as the strange, evil person impersonating my dad looked me in the eye with the cock in his gloved hand, pressing the head at the opening to my virgin pussy. My head fell back, my eyes staring blankly up at the stars and the cold moon.

The feeling of the pulsating prick pressing into my pussy flesh made me shudder again. My mouth fell open as I felt my pussylips parted by the rubbery cockhead. Screams would not come as much as I tried; it was as if the captors had rendered me voiceless somehow. The obscene prick pushed further inside me, the being who looked like my father straining to get more of the inhuman cock inside my tight hole. The thick meat was beginning to fill me up, each throb and groove in the ribbed shaft stimulating my virgin pussy walls.

"Oh, yes, oh, yes," said the creature in the robotic Dad voice. "This female is incredibly constricting around my impregnating device. Excellent. You can have her next, Zizikomomo," he said to the one holding my right arm down.

"Thank you, Zardong," said the one to my right. "She does appear to fulfill all the necessary requirements for successful procreation."

"Ah, yes, my human impregnation-stick feels most excellent in this human female's body," said the monotoned father-creature pushing further inside me. I winced -- he was about to split open my hymen! "Oh, yes, good girl, good female. I don't think this one has copulated before. She is very constricting around my tool. This is quite incredible, really. This subject is much better than any other I've impregnated on this planet as of yet."

My eyes widened further. This planet? What? Just what on earth was penetrating me, to be exact?? My mouth hung open as the creature pushed forward. It tore my defenseless hymen apart, splitting my hole open for its taking. I swallowed hard and closed my eyes from the pain racking my body and mind. The thing fucking me let out an inhuman groan for a moment as it proceeded with stuffing my entire womb full of its weird giant cock. For a moment the group began stirring amongst themselves excitedly, making that awful shrieking, clicking, roaring sound until the one penetrating me motioned for them all to calm down.

"You will all have her in turn. Do not fear. She is worth your wait. I have nearly all of my tool inside of her now. Look, it's right up in her womb," he gestured to my abdomen. I opened my eyes and looked down and saw my belly glowing from the cock reaching deep inside me! My head fell to the hard ground and I'm pretty sure I passed out a few moments. When I opened my eyes the same creature with my dad's face was still inside me, its huge cock reaching into my cervix. A weird grin was plastered on its face.

"This is quite exciting, keep up the good work, Zardong. Fertilize her. Impregnate her, go on, give her your spermatozoa," said one of the beings holding my legs open.

"Be patient, Anuknak. I am inside the cervix now. I am about to seal myself inside her and release my seed."

"Splendid. The particular phallic design you chose was an excellent selection. The bulbous glandus at the base surely will seal the sperm inside her for certain impregnation. The sex emporium we went to for research purposes had an excellent repository of mock phalluses to choose from," I heard one of them say. Huh? 'Phallic design you chose'? 'Mock phalluses?!'

"Yes, this is quite incredible. Her human hole makes copulation much more pleasurable than copulation with the native females on our planet @#&^#&%!" When he said the name of the planet, his voice reverted to that crazy, unearthly noise again for a moment.

My breasts bounced around on my chest from the creature's thrusts. Aliens? This was completely insane! What the hell did this gang drug me with to make me hallucinate like this while they raped me? I could hear my poor pussy squelching around the giant, pulsing, rubber cock in my womb. It felt like the knot at the base was expanding, growing to seal the sperm up in my womb.

"Anuknak and Quiznos, take her legs and hold them up high so she is angled for optimal ejaculation reception. Commencing semen expulsion in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6..." They counted down together in unison, all in my father's voice. Breathlessly I looked down at my glowing abdomen, so full of cock it was bulging. The creature looked me in the eye as the countdown finished, its cock pulsating wildly in my womb. It looked like my abdomen swelled and throbbed with the torrent of sperm flooding my insides. The cock's odd pulses of light pulsed more rapidly during ejaculation; I could see it glowing through my belly as if I was filled with a strobe light. My mouth was dry, hanging open, my eyes closed and my head fell hard against the ground again. I couldn't believe the treachery of my body -- I was beginning to feel pleasure at the bizarre cock invading my once virgin flesh!

Despite the obscenity of it all, an orgasm crept up on me while the rapist filled my womb up with its alien sperm! It felt undeniably good feeling my insides filling up with torrents of hot cum! I shuddered and convulsed violently with my climax, causing the figures around me to buzz and click excitedly. The knot at the base of the dildo-like shaft was plugging all the semen up in my womb; it was sloshing around inside me. My body shook violently, involuntarily squeezing the cock raping my formerly virgin hole. The creature stayed knotted to my pussy, its cock pulsing and glowing in my abdomen for at least 10 more minutes while the others waited patiently and kept me securely restrained upon dirty, broken stalks of corn.

"Wonderful womb, this one," said the thing stuck in my cunt. "She took all the sperm; she is very well fertilized. Her constriction allows for maximum penetration and ejaculation. I quite enjoy this particular method of insemination found on this planet."

"I quite agree, Zardong. Their sex is so much better than the impersonal, pleasureless copulation of our planet @#&^#&%!"

"Quite right, Zizikomomo. These human females are so easy to fertilize, and so enjoyable, too. Here, you can have your turn inside her now, I am finished."

With that, the creature tore its huge, still-engorged prick out of my poor pussyhole abruptly, bringing tears to my eyes. They held my legs up so that my ass was raised off the ground, keeping my body tilted so that no sperm leaked out of my pussy.

"Thank you, Zardong. I am quite eager to copulate with this one. She is so perfectly evolved. Perfect offspring-bearing hips, with ideal mammaries for lactation and sustenance. Splendid, splendid."

The one called Zizikomomo stepped in between my legs and I looked up at it in fear. A huge bulge jutted out from under his robe. He raised his hand to pull his mask off, and my jaw dropped when I saw this one too looked like my father! My eyes widened further as the creature pulled its prick out and proudly displayed it to the others who nodded with approval.

"Superb choice, Zizikomomo. That penis model looks like it will do quite well with insemination. It is very long, it will surely reach right into her womb for optimal fertilization. She will be pregnant instantly with your ejaculation."

I shuddered with horror, eyes on the raging prick before me. It was about a foot long and skinny, with a pointy head and it looked studded in texture. This one was a metallic blue color and glowing. What in the name of fuck!

"I thank you, Barto. I do feel this model is good for reaching the womb. Do not be afraid, human daughter, I love you and am making this love with you now. Commencing penetration in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6..."

Cock in hand, it stepped in between my legs while my ankles were held far apart, my pussy gaping open for the taking. Sperm sloshed around inside me as my captors kept me restrained for the next prick to invade my hole. I felt the hard cockhead press against my slit, rubbing all along my pussy flesh, seeking the entrance to my womb. Involuntary shudders of pleasure overcame me as the rubbery prick parted my hot pussy meat and began delving deeper inside my tight walls. The creature with my dad's face kept his eyes on mine; I realized his eyes had a dull, blank, dead look to them, and it made me even more terrified.

The cock pushed into my wet slit in a quick, smooth movement, instantly filling me nearly to the base. I stared up tearfully now at the creature in between my legs, hating my body for feeling pleasure at the firm, deep thrusts. My eyes were on my dead father's eyes, an impossibly alien cock in between his legs. I shuddered, my eyes closing, tears falling down my cheeks. My pussy was filled completely with the invading rubbery shaft.

"Why is this female leaking? I have never seen one leak from the eyes like this," said my dad's voice. I swallowed hard, keeping my eyes shut tight as the creature continued raping my poor, tight, defenseless pussy. It was just getting more and more bizarre. My cunt muscles involuntarily squeezed around the cock inside my hole and I shuddered, a wave of pleasure curling my toes. The incredible cock reached into my guts and when I opened my eyes and looked down I could see my belly glowing again while filled with weird alien dick!

"This is indeed one pleasurable, constricting, vagina. I have not penetrated a hole this tight since that time we accidentally took that farmboy and inseminated his rectum," said the creature inside me.

"Haha, right, Zizikomomo. We certainly learned from that failed experience!" said the one holding my right leg. My mouth was agape, my mind so full of confliction: Both pleasure and fear were overwhelming me. One of the cloaked figures placed a gloved hand on my breast and gave it a light squeeze.

"These will be excellent for suckling."

I wanted to vomit hearing that in my dad's voice. With teary eyes I looked up at the pussy rapist in between my legs as he smiled that weird smile at me while calmly thrusting his hips firmly at mine. His eyes were on mine while his cock screwed into me hard and impossibly deep. He picked up the pace inside my pussy and I closed my eyes again, feeling another damn climax coming over me. I wanted to cry out but again no sounds would come from my opened mouth, not even to moan with pleasure.

"Excellent, the female is orgasming," said the one in my pussy. How did he know? My eyes rolled back into my head as waves of orgasm rippled over my prone body. "Commencing ejaculation in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6..."

The thing in my pussy groaned and sputtered and made a buzzing noise as its hot jets of cum began erupting deep in my womb and washing over my insides. My legs were held up high, my body tilted so that my pussy didn't lose a single drop. I felt so full of cum! I trembled after the quake of my intense climax, feeling the foot long dildo-esque prick erupting more and more sperm. It felt like the creature's ejaculation lasted nearly a full two minutes! My breathing calmed by the time the cock in my pussy had finished spurting ropes of thick, creamy, glowing sperm inside me.

It stayed still inside my fertile pussy for about 15 minutes while I closed my eyes and cried silently to myself. The moon had risen farther in the sky, casting its glow to illuminate this bizarre alien gang rape. Finally, the second rapist pulled out of my pussy and the third one stepped up. This one pulled its cock out with the mask still on, and it made me cower in fear. It had to be about two feet long!! The entire group nodded and buzzed and clicked with admiration at the huge prick. It was red, with exaggeratedly huge bulging veins and a giant, angry-looking cockhead that was nearly the size of my balled up fist!

"Marvelous selection, Barto. That is incredible, certainly a wise choice for an impregnation device. I am not sure she will be able to accommodate the length of that one, though," said Zardong.

"The human erotica and sex emporium we visited in preparation for this impregnation project called this particular model a 'Double Dong Dildo.' I could not find the translation in my human lexicon manual for a 'Double Dong Dildo' but I quite liked this phallus. It seemed optimal for womb fertilization. And so I decided to model my chosen penis after the 'Double Dong Dildo.' The model at the human erotica and sex emporium had a penis head on both ends of it; perhaps some humans can ejaculate from two heads? We will have to do more research."

The creatures buzzed and stirred in their extraterrestrial language. My eyes nearly bugged out of my skull. The one with the two foot prick stepped in between my splayed, taut legs and rubbed the long phallus all over my lower body, teasingly rubbing it over my slit.

"See, she is not that deep, Barto. Her womb is easy enough to reach, even if we had chosen 6" models!" said one of the creatures restraining my wrists.

"It is true. But it is more of the, what is the human word for it, ah yes, 'fun' to use these colorful, big ones. It seems the females really respond to them," said Barto. I shook my head and kicked a leg and the grip on my wrists grew tighter.

"We may need to use paralytic restraint for her to accept your exceptionally large penis organ. Copulation will be easier for you that way," said one of them. I opened my mouth to scream my silent scream as one of them clamped a large hand around my throat. Instantly my limbs went limp. I still had sensation, but couldn't seem to control them -- they were suddenly so heavy! I could only control my eyes; my mouth was frozen open in a scream.

"Successful paralytic restraint achieved. Will last for approximately 17 minutes," said the one with the hand on my throat.

I stared up at them, dry mouthed and terrified. The one with the giant penis pushed his huge cockhead at my little slit and shoved himself into me. The sudden invasion was painful for a moment, but was eased by the copious amounts of semen already inside me. How much cock and sperm could I take? The prick delved deeper, seeking my womb. My body lay limply on the ground. The creatures stood around me, the ones who had not yet taken advantage of my unwilling pussy were now rubbing the huge bulges beyond their cloaks. It felt like an arm was being stuffed into my juicy pussyhole now, and there was nothing I could do about it. Tears welled in my eyes and droplets occasionally fell down my cheeks. Zizikomomo suddenly bent down and licked my face.

"This liquid she is secreting is salty. How curious this is. Is there any information in the human instruction manual regarding its orgin and purpose, Moopding?"

Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of them pull out an Anatomy textbook, like the one I have for my high school class, and begin leafing through the pages. I turned my eyes back to the creature penetrating me and watched him slowly pull his mask off. Again my father's face! The mouth was grinning that hideous fake grin while staring down at my motionless body. The cock made my belly glow again; my abdomen looked so distended with the gigantic organ inside me! My rapist held my limp legs wide open by the thighs, stretching my hole to unbearable limits in a quest to fill me with its alien sperm!

Only half of it was inside of me, and it was agonizing. The dad-imposter looked down at me, maintaining eye contact with me as my tears dripped down my face. My legs were high in the air, my feet danging, still no cum oozing out of my poor pussy. I wanted to scream so badly, but my mouth was just frozen open uselessly. The thing in my pussy pumped onward, thrusting hard into my soft, velvety flesh.

"You were right, Zardong, her womb is incredibly tight. I am not sure how much more of it can fit my shaft."

The creature humped at me harder and faster while keeping my legs splayed widely, fitting more than a foot of the gigantic dong inside my pussyhole! Tears fell harder as it split me open. It was an incredible pain to feel that monster inside of me, but the shaft was rubbing somewhat pleasurably on my tiny clitoral button. The conflicting feelings were a torture of their own!

It continued its rabid assault on my pussy while staring deeply into my eyes, grinning all the while. I could feel a tingling starting to come over my body, knowing an orgasm was near. Before I could climax, a wave of pleasure caused my body to suddenly jerk and I realized I was coming out of the paralytic state the captors had put me under. They realized it was wearing off, too, and one of them stepped up behind me and put its arms on my shoulders, ready to paralyze me again should I struggle. I stayed somewhat still while the thing penetrated me with the gigantic prick, my pussy feeling every bulging vein in the hard, rubbery shaft.

Waves of pleasure began coming more rapidly. The rapist continued pumping into my pussy hard and fast while grinning at me. I closed my mouth and swallowed hard, hating the pleasure I was feeling against my will. This one was soon going to sperm inside me like the others, and there were still 5 more of them standing around waiting their turns! I stared down at my bulging gut and noticed the glowing light inside my belly was starting to pulse faster. The creature maintained its intense pace, my breaths ragged, my breasts bouncing all over the place.

"She is about to orgasm, I will commence ejaculation in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 - ejaculation in progress."

My mouth fell open again as a hard climax washed over my entire body while the cock inside me exploded with sperm, making me shudder. It kept its eyes on mine as we climaxed together. The creature kept thrusting while filling my insides up with the hot cum, my wet pussy squelching around its prick. It bathed my insides, coating them with semen while my legs were kept high in the air so that my ass was off the ground, my pussy not spilling any of the strangers' seed. After a few minutes, with the sperm still shooting inside my womb and the cock throbbing in my tight hole, the creature stopped thrusting and went still. It felt like his ejaculation lasted five full minutes or so, thick ropes of sperm inundating my young womb. He stayed inside me for several more minutes, making sure my pussy had taken all of his cum. It certainly had, all of it against my will.

The glowing prick was then pulled out of my pussy so the next rapist could step up. This one already had his cock out and mask off, no surprise to see another face that looked just like my dead Dad's. The cock in his gloved hand was pink and looked just like one of those Jack Rabbit vibrators with a clitoral protrusion -- this one even had an anal protrusion, a vibrating nubby thing that was supposed to go in the ass! It was whirring and pulsing with vibration.

"Interesting choice, Anuknak."

The alien creature rubbed the rubbery, pulsing, and spinning cockhead against my wet slit while a couple others held my ankles up by my head, my sex exposed wide open. The vibrating cockhead felt undeniably good on my gash and my body shivered at the touch. I was already stimulated from the previous rapings, and couldn't help but feel pleasure at the intense vibration of the pink prick poking at my cunt.

"What are these?" said Barto, pointing at the goosebumps breaking out all over my arm.

"I am not certain, let me consult the human instruction manual once again," said Moopding. It flipped through the textbook pages hurriedly, a few others peeking at the book as well with curiosity.

The creature in between my restrained legs parted my pink pussylips with its whirring prick meat, a red glow emanating from the fuck-stick beginning to enter me. My nipples were so hard, my pussy feeling over-stimulated with the intensely vibrating cock, my breathing heavier now. The prick pushed forward, the cockhead swallowed up by my wet pussy meat. I enjoyed the vibrations stimulating every nerve in my wet pussyhole as another inch of the creature's strange cock sank into my depths. This one's cock wasn't that long, maybe 8" or so, and was mercifully the width of a normal human prick.

Not even half of it was inside me when I felt the clitoral protrusion pushing against my sensitive clit all of a sudden, making me jump. This new feeling on my clitty was exquisite, making me sigh with pleasure. The cock pushed ever deeper, and suddenly I felt the anal protrusion rubbing against my puckered asshole! My mouth opened in silent screams again as the hard rubber poked at my anus and then slipped inside. I was bracing myself for pain, but it actually didn't feel bad at all! The whole apparatus vibrated and pulsed, and I could see a dim reddish glow inside my pussy mound when I looked down. Now the protrusion was firmly in my asshole, vibrating up into my bowels, my clit over-stimulated with the clitoral protrusion, and the cock itself inside my womb to the base. It actually felt good being stuffed with this crazy cock! My body began jerking with an impending climax, my toes starting to curl.

"She is nearly orgasming already, I will need to commence ejaculation imminently, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6..."

I closed my eyes as my orgasm rocked my body, feeling the vibrating prick inside my pussy now opening up and sperming in my womb. The torrential blasts of cum lasted longer than the sex! I felt like I might cum again as soon as my hard climax began to subside. The creature stopped erupting sperm but was still inside me, motionless now to seal his cum in my cunt.

"Oh my, it seems she is going to orgasm again," said the one in my pussy. His monotone seemed to have a hint of urgency.

"What do we do? This has never happened before!" said another.

"What does it mean? She wants you to ejaculate again. Did your sperm not take with your first ejaculation, Anuknak? Are you sure she orgasmed?

"Of course it was successful, and yes, she orgasmed, Zootizapp, therefore of course my sperm was successful. Everyone knows the human female has to orgasm for the alien sperm to be successfully received and she did. She must want to have two of my offspring. I am honored. I can produce a little more for her, here it comes, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, ejaculation!"

I shuddered again, weakly, while another orgasm surged from my head to my toes. More cum erupted inside of me; even though the creature said he'd produce a little more, his ejaculation lasted about a minute if not more. When I opened my eyes, his were on mine, the grin leering down at me in the bright moonlight.

"That was remarkable, Anuknak. I have never seen a human female orgasm multiple times in such rapid succession. She will surely have 2 of your offspring," said Zootizapp as Anuknak pulled out of my slick pussyhole.

"Most excellent, that is one more spy to collect the necessary data from this planet," said Anuknak. I looked up at him with wild eyes. They kept my ankles high in the air, still not letting any cum escape.

"Alright, those who have had her so far, you are certain she climaxed when you deposited your ejaculate in her womb?"

"Yes, Zardong," said Zizikomomo.

"Yes, my internal orgasm detector confirmed her climax as I injected my sperm into her," said Barto.

"Indeed -- twice." said Anuknak with a glint of pride in his monotone.

"Splendid, if you made her orgasm she is certainly pregnant now with your spawn, as we know that is the one and only reason for human females to have orgasms -- to allow for successful impregnation by an alien race. Now raise her to her feet to let some of the semen drip out of her since each of our ejaculations so far have already produced gestating offspring, then the rest will have their turns at impregnation."

They grabbed my wrists and pulled me to my weak feet, cum instantly beginning to ooze out of my stretched pussyhole down my legs to a puddle on the ground. I stared in shock at the goop seeping out of me -- it was glowing! The cum leaking out of my pussy was emitting a strange, greenish glow!

"Pick her up in the air and two of you take her ankles. Hold her far apart to allow the ejaculate to drip out of her," commanded Zardong.

"Yes, Zardong."

I was suddenly lifted into the air, my legs pulled in opposite directions and held wide open. More glowing green cum leaked out of my pussy in a steady stream, making a bizarre, sparkling puddle on the ground below. When the flow of cum out of my pussy was reduced to a trickle, one of them stepped in between my legs while I was suspended helplessly and began pulling a bulging cock from beneath his robes while simultaneously pulling his mask off. It was yet another Dad. With an scary looking studded cock that was an irridescent green color, ribbed down the shaft. It was maybe 9" or 10" long and it got thicker towards the base. I heard him flick a switch and it started whirring.

With prick in hand, the creature placed it at my gaping pussyhole while the others held my body dangling in the air. It grabbed hold of my hips while thrusting forward, instantly jamming its long cock fully into my pussy which was coated with glowing alien semen. My mouth hung open with my hard breaths as they held me up like a toy for the fucking. The rapist inside me now was building up a faster pace inside my pussy, the squelching sounds of my pussy around the thick, long member sounding loud in the quiet night.

The studded prick was surprisingly pleasurable, my pussy muscles involuntarily squeezing it every once in awhile, I was so undeniably aroused now. I hated that my body was enjoying this torment. My breasts jiggled with the thrusts of the creature, its cock sawing in and out of my cunt while my body swung helplessly. The thrusts grew faster and faster, making my pussy squelch lewdly. They buzzed and clicked in their alien voices with excitement at hearing the noises coming from my sperm-soaked cunt. My breathing got heavier and I knew my body was going to soon betray me once again with a climax.

"Orgasm approaching," said the one inside me. "Female preparing to receive my sperm. Commencing ejaculation -- she is orgasming now. Releasing my sperm. Yes, excellent, I felt one of my sperm fertilize her nearly instantaneously," it said as the cock inside me continued pulsing jets of cum into my womb.

"Superb, Jinxlehopp. You did very well. Now Moopding, your turn."

The one called Moopding stepped up to my dangling body, tearing its mask off. I looked down at the new Dad-imposter's exposed cock and was shocked to see a nearly normal human-looking cock! It was still oversized, about 11", but it was a caucasian skin tone with realistic bulging veins. There were even rubbery balls down at the base! The group of captors nodded with approval. This particular rapist wanted me down on my hands and knees. They dropped me roughly into the puddle of irridescent cum; it splattered all over my nude body, giving me glow-in-the-dark speckles.

I was forced to my belly with my face in the dirt. They pulled my ass up, my cunt leaking copious loads of semen down my thighs. I felt this new pussy-invader step up behind me, hands on my hips as his cockhead rubbed against my pussylips. My body shuddered with the touch of his cockhead on my sensitive flesh. Once the cockhead had parted my pussylips, he thrust forward hard and was instantly inside me to the balls. My mouth dropped open -- it felt undeniably good.

The creature behind me rutted away at my pussy for a good ten minutes or so, my orgasm building up all the while. I knew it was going to be a good one when it finally began rippling through my body with tsunami waves of pleasure. With hands still on my hips, the creature went still and I felt its cock beginning to throb. In my ultra-aroused state I swear I felt every vein in the rubbery cock that was nestled in my womb. The cockhead erupted with a gallon of hot semen as my orgasm shook my body hard. My captors held me firmly while I convulsed with climax, my pussy juices leaking out with the alien cum now. I felt the cock in my womb pulsate for several minutes, shooting cum all the while.

My body quivered on the cold ground, so spent from the non-consensual sex I'd endured. I kept my eyes closed as Moopding tore its prick out of my cunt abruptly, making my pussy twinge with pain. The next one, called Quiznos by the others, rolled me over, its mask already off, and I stared up into my father's dead eyes once again with tears in my own. White teeth glared at me from the hideous fake grin. My creamy skin was so muddy from the attack, my thighs glowing with strange alien sperm. I looked down at the new purple cock pointing at my exposed sex, seeking entrance to my womb. This cock was small... with a beaded look to it... like an anal plug! They held me down and grabbed my legs, raising my ankles high. Quiznos was inside me rutting away in my pussy in seconds. The hard, beaded cock did feel good in my pussy, stimulating my cunt walls very effectively.

This one's cock glowed purple inside my pussy, the light pulsing rapidly when it ejaculated rope after rope of cum into my womb while my pussy convulsed around its prick with my climax. I looked tearfully up into its blank eyes as it grinned back down at me, its cock throbbing for several minutes. The alien creature stayed still in my womb while the last rapist prepared to get inside me. I looked up at the last one as it pulled its mask off. Now 8 faces that looked like my dead father's were staring down at me. The prick pulled from beneath the last one's robes was monstrous.

"Perfect phallus, Zootizapp. It will stretch her wide open to receive your sperm, for sure." said Zardong.

Zootizapp's meat was black and as thick as a wine bottle, with a gigantic rubbery head and engorged veins throughout. This was meant to rip people open, for sure! When Quiznos pulled out, Zootizapp stepped up in between my spread legs and was jabbing the hard prickhead at my cunt entrance instantly. My mouth fell open again with pain as Zootizapp forced my pussy to accept his raging prick. It felt like a fist was being stuffed into my hole. He reached down and had to hold my cuntlips apart, pushing the huge cockhead inside me, beginning to tear me up.

I screamed my silent scream as more of the giant cock was forced into my wet hole. Zootizapp kept my pussylips wide open to shove his meat deeper. His finger was grazing my clit as he did so and I shuddered, still hyper-aroused from all the penetration. The cock slid in further, stretching my walls painfully. It was inside me a little more than halfway now.

"You're right, she is incredibly constricting around my penis," said Zootizapp. "Even still after being inseminated by all of you."

They all nodded. Zootizapp bucked his hips hard all of a sudden and I gasped, feeling the cock stuffing my womb to the brim, reaching into my cervix to flood my insides with semen. All of their masks were off now, all of the Dad-faces leering down at me with the same grin as my poor pussy was penetrated with the massive prick. My breasts began slapping at my chests with the creature's thrusts. Its finger still rubbed my clit and I swallowed hard, staring up at the light of the moon. My body tingled, another orgasm not far away. The creature inside me thrust steadily into my stretched cunthole now, still keeping my pussylips spread wide for the fullest penetration possible.

"She is about to orgasm again, preparing to ejaculate -- 10, 9, 8, 7..." said Zootizapp. The rest of them began counting down in unison while I closed my eyes tightly, my climax surging throughout my body now. I shook on the hard ground, each of the creature's thrusts pushing me harder and harder into the dirt. Its cock continued exploding for about 5 minutes. When I opened my eyes, his were on mine, the grin glimmering in the moonlight. The creature looked up at the others and nodded.

"Good work, Zootizapp," said Zardong.

"Yes, her womb is quite pleasurable. Maybe we should take her back to our planet @#&^#&%! for our continued enjoyment?" said Zootizapp.

"Now, now, she needs to be here to raise the offspring we have just implanted in her womb. She is now pregnant with at least nine of our spawn if not more, each of whom will be raised as normal human offspring while collecting data for planet @#&^#&%! which will be transmitted unbeknownst to them back to our headquarters."

I stared up at them, wide-eyed, Zootizapp's prick still lodged in my cunthole. They grinned down at me, staring at my stuffed pussy and bulging belly. One of them was perusing the Anatomy textbook again; they were talking amongst themselves now about human gestational periods. I opened my mouth, still trying to speak or scream, but still rendered silent.

"The data will begin broadcasting to headquarters when the offspring are about 12 weeks old in the womb. This is really quite exciting, I can hardly wait," I heard one of them say.

Zootizapp finally pulled his cock from my cunt with a sucking sound, sperm instantly beginning to ooze down my slit to my ass. They stood around me, looking down at my weakened body laying in a heap on the felled cornstalks. I heard them talking about how enjoyable my virgin womb was. Tears were starting to well up again in my eyes.

"Go ahead and reactivate her larynx, Zizikomomo."

Zizikomomo bent down and squeezed his hand around my throat until my eyes rolled back into my head. I felt him slapping me back to consciousness and I choked and sputtered for breath. They looked down at me with an expectant look while I looked back at them, tears falling down my cheeks now.

"Why do you secrete liquid, human?" asked one of them. I stared back blankly. When I opened my mouth to clear my throat, I realized I could make sounds again. I coughed violently, more sperm oozing out of my used up hole.

"Because you're terrifying, horrible, hideous assholes!" I screamed in the quiet night. They looked around at each other quizzically.

"But human, we took the form of your father so that you would be less frightened," one of them said. I raised my eyebrows.

"You thought it would be more comfortable for me if I was gang raped by a bunch of men that all looked like my father?" I lunged forward and tried to kick one of them but was held back by another one.

"This human has an aggressive attitude, the data compiled by her offspring will be quite interesting," one said.

"Yes, every century brings more and more interesting progress on this planet," said another.

"Fuck you!" I yelled. They looked at each other.

"Well, human, we just did fuck you, but if you want to be pregnant with more of our offspring we can certainly accommodate that," one said. I gasped and started to scream when I felt fingers around my throat again and again I was pulled to the ground. A whirring sound buzzed in my ears and Zardong's huge 11" ribbed, purple cock was in front of me once again. My scream was choked off by the hand around my neck as they closed in on me again.

And then I woke up. Sweaty, in a puddle of my own pussy juice, gasping. That's what I get for watching a documentary on crop-circles and lots of porn in the same night!

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