My daughter has an unusual condition. At a young age (and not pregnant) she is lactating.
Daddy Takes Care of Her Little Problem (Chapter 8)

It took me almost a week to get things arranged so I could spy on my son and daughter. I convinced my boss that I could work better from home. He finally consented and I was outfitted with a laptop and company cell phone. Of course, I didn't tell my family so on my first day of working from home, I got up as normal and headed off to work… at the library. I spent the morning there but I got little done. All I could think about was what I was hoping to catch this afternoon when my son and daughter came home from school.

Over the last week, I was quite sure JJ and Emily had continued their afternoon sessions. Emily's milk still came in copious amounts every evening, but I could see the faint bruises JJ continued to leave on my daughter's titties and sometimes I swear I could smell his semen on her skin.

At 3:00, I packed up my laptop and headed for home. My dick was throbbing and my whole body was shaking at what I was doing. I thought back to how this had all started and remembered my reticence in even taking care of my daughter's little problem. How different things were now. Not only was I fervently emptying her breasts twice a day, masturbating all over her tiny little body, but I had also fucked her on several occasions and was now ready to become a voyeur to my son and daughter's incestuous activities. I told myself that I was just trying to make sure things didn't go too far, but I knew I was just kidding myself.

As I snuck in the house, I checked the downstairs rooms and found them all empty. As expected, they were upstairs in Emily's room. I once again tiptoed to the door and pushed it open just enough to watch the action.

Emily lay reclining against her pillows, JJ stood beside her, both completely naked. I watched as Emily squeezed her titties together and milk trickled down the sides of her little mounds. JJ was masturbating his cock slowly and enjoying the show. I watched as precum slipped out the end of his cock to match Emily's oozing breasts.

"JJ, I need you to suck my boobies. They hurt". Emily seemed impatient. Apparently JJ was enjoying the show too much to move on to the meat of the project.

"Okay Em, just a sec" he said breathlessly, his eyes never leaving her breasts.

"You always say that and then you make me wait. If you want, I can take care of your milk first, but I want to hurry."

JJ shook his head "No, I don't want you to suck me like usual. I want to try something different this time".

"Okay, but first you have to take care of my milk" she bargained.

JJ finally approached Emily, his hard dick leading the way. I watched as he mirrored the actions I often took with Emily, rubbing his cock against her breasts. From this angle, I found fresh excitement in watching a cock not my own nudge against her tit, the little mound jiggling wildly as he fucked the tip of his cock against her breast. He poked her once more and left his cock nudged against her tit meat, pushing a little indent into her skin. He left it there, tugging on his balls and rubbing his dick as his cock drooled into the shallow hole his cock was causing. He rubbed his cock through the precum he was leaving behind and mixed it with the milk leaking from Emily's nipples.

Finally, he crawled up on the bed and lay down between Emily's open thighs. I released my cock from my pants as I realized I was making a mess, drooling into my underwear. I was holding my breath as it hit me that JJ was shorter than me. When I lay down on Emily to suck at her nipples, my chest pushed her pelvis into the bed. I often enjoyed the heat and moisture of her pussy as it seeped against my ribs.

JJ on the other hand, was the perfect height for her. As he lay full length against her, his cock was poised for entry into her cunt. He reached down to adjust himself, but seemed unwilling to take the step I already had as he pointed his cock against the mattress.

I watched as he played roughly with Emily's breasts, his butt cheeks hollowing out as he humped the mattress. He squeezed her tits and watched the milk flow faster. He pushed them together then pulled them apart. He pinched her nipples and rubbed them with his palms roughly. He batted her breasts around like a kitten with a ball and watched them jiggle, milk flowing crazily in all directions.

Finally, finally, he leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth. Emily sighed in contentment as he began sucking. He lifted his head.

"What does it feel like when I suck you" he asked.

"It feels kinda funny. My boobies get tingly and when you suck it feels like little ants crawling up my booby and out of the tips".

"Does it hurt?" he asked as he moved to the other tit.

"Hun uh, it feels good and it makes me warm down there" she replied, her hand moving towards her little pussy. She squeezed her fingers between their bodies and I saw JJ lift his butt so Emily could play with herself.

The next few seconds where quiet except for the sounds of JJ slurping at her nipples. I had slowed my own masturbation down to keep from being heard. JJ finally lifted his head and began repositioning his body down the bed. Braced on his elbows, he looked directly down into Emily's pussy and began playing there. He opened the cunt lips up wide and began running his hands through the soft pink flesh, pushing two fingers into her little cunt hole every other pass. He nudged her hips up with his shoulders and opened her butt cheeks in the same manner, rubbing one finger against the little crinkly butt hole. Emily gasped and arched her back.

"What does that feel like?" JJ asked, never moving his eyes from her ass.

"It feels good" Emily breathed.

JJ gathered up some juices from Emily's moist cunt and began pushing one finger into her little ass.

"Ungh… " Emily grunted.

"Does it hurt?" JJ asked again, although I noticed he didn't stop pushing.

"Hun uh, keep pushing" Emily gasped.

JJ removed his finger, this time pushing two into her little butthole. FUCK, I was hard as a rock and also jealous as hell. I was worried that JJ was going somewhere I hadn't yet been. Since the first time I had rocked my cock against that little divot, I knew I was going to fuck Emily's ass. I had just been so caught up in the charms of her pussy, I hadn't gotten there yet. I hoped my son wasn't going to beat me to the punch.

I watched as JJ left his two fingers in Emily's butt and leaned forward to lick her moist little pussy, nudging her own fingers out of the way to do it. While he ate at her cunt hole, she moved her fingers up to her clit. I gulped as I realized that JJ was fucking her ass with his fingers, her cunt with his tongue and Emily was rubbing her clit, all in synchronized motions.

JJ sat up, rubbed his fingers on Emily's bedspread and returned to her nipples. I noticed they were still slowly oozing milk, sticking up what seemed like a mile from their little tiny mounds. This time, as he lay against Emily, he allowed his cock to sandwich itself between her pussy lips. Emily hunched against him, rubbing his hardness against her clit. My cock drooled against my fingers as I watched my son and daughter humping madly against each other. I imagined the feeling of his cock rubbing though her pussy lips, bumping her clit with the tip. I remembered the need I had felt to push into that little hole and complete the act.

As if JJ heard my thoughts, he sat up on his knees and grabbed his cock, moving forward nudging her little cunt hole with the tip. To my surprise, Emily stopped him.

"No JJ, don't do that" she cried as she pushed against his chest.

"Please, Em, just a little. I won't put it all the way in, I just want to feel inside you a little".

This seemed to be an argument they'd had before. Emily shook her head. "Jenny says that's how babies are made and Daddy says I'm too young".

JJ didn't seem to question the fact that Emily and I had discussed her age in relation to having babies, he was too concerned with dipping his cock into her little pussy.

"I have to cum inside you to make a baby, and I promise I won't cum, please Em" he pleaded again, his hips hunching towards her pussy.

"What do you mean you won't come inside me? Isn't that what you want to do?"

"No, Em. I have to shoot that white stuff out of my penis inside you to make a baby. That's called cumming. I won't do that. I just want to push a little, please?"

"You mean your milk? You have to put your milk inside me down there to make a baby?"

JJ nodded and grunted as his hips pulsed spasmodically, fucking the air. Emily seemed to seriously consider what he said before nodding slightly.

"Okay, but just a little". My heart sank as I realized JJ was going to fuck my daughter. My cock on the other hand, pulsed and drooled out another glob of precum.

JJ grabbed his dick with one hand and Emily's hip with the other. He swirled the tip of his cock through her juices then approached her cunt hole and began slowly pushing. I imagined her little cunt ring gripping him and remembered the ecstasy of feeling her warm pussy around the head of my cock.

"Shhhhiiiiittt" JJ groaned. It must've felt just as good to him. He pulled back out and then pushed back in slowly, a little deeper this time.

"No JJ, that's enough. Don't go so far" Emily warned, her hands against his stomach. I watched his muscles clench as he stopped at her command.

"Rub me Em"


"Anywhere, just rub me with your hands".

She seemed puzzled but began where her little tiny hand lay, across his stomach. She began exploring the thatch of hair that was just starting to thicken around his penis. She moved up as far as she could reach, seemingly entranced with the feel of his skin against her fingers. He leaned forward slightly so she could reach his hard little boy nipples, the motion allowing him to push a little deeper into her pussy. She played with both tips before moving back down to his stomach. She grabbed his hips and pushed him back out of her slightly, but JJ seemed to know my daughter's special little kink and he was going to take advantage.

He wrapped his hands around both butt cheeks and pulled them open. I watched as he leaned forward slightly and with one hand, pushed his fingers into her little asshole.

Emily grunted and arched her hips up, pushing JJ's cock deeper. He pulled his fingers out and again, pushed them back into her ass, her hips pumping him deeper still. Now the only sound was Emily's rhythmic grunting as JJ finger fucked her ass and her pussy continued swallowing more and more of his cock.

Whatever Emily's reticence, they were full on fucking now and I was matching their rhythm with my hand on my dick. The sounds were animalistic as JJ humped my daughter wildly. As his movements became more erratic, I knew he was close to cumming. Apparently so did Emily.

She began pushing against his stomach again although her hips never stopped humping his cock or the fingers in her ass. "Don't cum inside me, don't cum inside me, don't cum inside me" she chanted, head thrown back, eyes closed.

"I won't" JJ grunted as he fucked mercilessly. "I won't, I promise I won't"

I knew something that Emily didn't. Every guy promises at some point in his life to pull out and every guy knows there is no way in hell he can do it. I watched, dreading and anticipating what I knew was going to happen.

Emily began wailing, her back arched with JJ jammed deep inside her cunt and ass. Her nipples exploded milk into the air as JJ humped faster. Suddenly, JJ pushed once, twice and then held deep inside her. I knew he was pumping his sperm into my baby girl. Emily realized it too and began writhing, pushing against him.

"You promised" she yelled.

"FUCK. SHIT. SHIT. Sorry" I watched his balls pump twice more before Emily's pressure against him seemed to work and he jerked back, his cock still spraying sperm uncontrollably in all directions. Globs of cum landing on Emily's pussy, her bed, her face and her tits; while mine landed with a splat on the wood floor in the hallway. I was hunched over, both hands around my cock, trying to keep my eyes open to see the action but unbelievably aroused by the sight on my 16 year old son's cock spraying spunk all over my little baby girl.

Emily was already rubbing the goo into her skin as usual while I was using the handkerchief in my pocket to mop my goo up off the floor. I backed quietly away from the door and headed downstairs. I limped the couple of blocks to my car and drove back home, entering noisily. I may have cum all over the hardwood, but I wasn't done and I wanted to get back inside my little girls pussy as soon as possible - to hell with the fact that my son was in the house.

The rest of the evening passed normally until after dinner when it was time for our evening milking session. We went to Emily's room as normal and I closed and locked the door behind me. As I switched on the breast pump, I hoped that it would cover the sounds of me fucking my daughter. For some reason, I was a man possessed that evening. All I could think of was my son's cock poised at the entrance to Emily's little ass pucker and then him humping furiously into her pussy. I'm not proud of the fact, but I did NOT want to be upstaged by my 16 year old son and I would be damned if he got her ass before me.

Emily's eyes widened as I began stripping.

"Can I get naked Daddy, even though JJ's in the house?"

"Yeah Baby," I told her. "We're going to have to be quiet though".

She nodded and practically threw her clothes off and bounced into bed, her little titties bouncing merrily along with her. My cock was practically vertical, it was so hard. I was already dripping precum and my mouth was watering thinking about what was ahead.

I approached Emily on my knees and immediately swiped my cock through her pussy lips. She was already moist and I wondered if it was from her arousal or left over sperm from my son. I gathered up the juices with my cock and rubbed up and down her slit, sliding my cock through the slime. I knew I should be working her tits or trying to arouse her first, but all I cared about was getting my cock in her cunt.

I pushed the head of my dick into her cunt mouth and watched it swallow me. I looked up to see Emily watching with rapt attention as my cock entered her. She reached down to touch her clit and I pushed her hand away. I don't know why, maybe I wanted to punish her for letting JJ get inside her, but I wanted this to be about me for now.

Her little pussy was so tight. It squeezed my cock like a vise. At least I knew I had JJ in the size department so he wasn't loosening my baby's cunt too much. I pushed once and heard Emily grunt, my cock moving forward an inch. I pulled back out and watched the flesh of her little hole release me only to watch it fold back in to itself when I shoved my cock back in. I looked up and saw Emily playing with her nipples, and I again batted her hands away. As I shoved forward another inch, Emily grabbed my arms as if she didn't know what to do with her hands. I pulled out and pushed in again… another inch. I continued the slow fuck until I felt my cock bump against her cervix. YES… that was what I wanted. I flexed my hips, just letting my cock move slightly back and forth, caressing the inside of Emily. Then I shoved once – HARD.

Emily grunted again and her hands began flailing around my body, finally landing on my stomach just above where our bodies met. I pulled out slightly and shoved again, feeling my balls bounce on her ass. I ran my hands up the side of her body and approached her breasts. Her nipples looked 2 inches long, hard and red as hell, but I didn't touch them. I just left my hands on her sternum, just below her little titties. With her firm little girl boobs pointing straight up, they barely touched my cupped hands as I shoved again and watched them jiggle.

I could feel my cock pulsing precum directly against my little baby's cervix. I imagined my son's sperm swimming around with mine and got impossibly harder. I finally began pumping my daughter's cunt in earnest and I knew I was going to cum. This first time I wanted to time just right. As I felt my balls tighten, I willed the cum from my cock as it spurted once, twice inside Emily's pussy. After the second pulse, I yanked my cock from its snug little embrace and squirted the rest of my juice on the outside of her pussy.

Emily's hips were hunching helplessly up at me. I know she hadn't cum and that's exactly what I wanted. I was saving her for later. I left my sperm globbed on her cunt and moved around her until my semi hard dick was by her face. I took it in my hand and began rubbing it all over, brushing the tip across her lips, tweaking her nose, fucking her cheek. She looked at me as if she didn't know what to do so when I had enough of her face, I finally spoke.

"Suck my dick Emily".

It was the first time I had spoken so frankly to her. I guess watching her fuck her brother had opened the floodgates. She took me into her mouth and immediately began sucking me, her tongue rubbing in all the right places. I felt her teeth scrape gently and I hissed, but kept fucking her mouth. That's okay – maybe she was getting a little revenge of her own.

Once I was hard enough, I moved back down to her pussy. I looked at that little red opening, with the big slimy glob of my cum all over it and immediately began shaking. I grabbed both legs and pushed them back towards her chest and as I knelt there at her exposed cunt, I swiped my dick through my own slimy cum and moved it down to her asshole. I rubbed all around the little crinkly orifice and watched Emily begin to move with me. Who would've thought that my little girl would be such an ass slut? I leaned forward, pushing her legs with my chest and ran my fingers through her cunt, my cock still poised at her asshole. I rubbed her clit and slit gently, pulsing my hips against her bum and then slowly, slowly begin pushing my cock into her ass while I shoved two fingers into her cunt.

Emily went wild. My cock was breaching her ass and for the first time, I kept pushing. She was humping like crazy, her hand slammed against her clit and her fingers joined mine in her pussy. She was arching and moaning and grunting and tears were leaking down the side of her face.

"Want me to stop Em?" I gasped, knowing there was no way in hell I was going to.

"Push Daddy, push" she groaned.

I complied.

"Yeah Baby, does that feel good. Do you like Daddy's cock in your ass. Do you want me to fuck you Baby, want me to fuck you hard? I was losing my mind. I couldn't believe I was talking like this to my daughter.

"Daddy, my boobies" Emily whined. I looked up to see them spurting milk in pulses and arcs, but neither of us had a free hand to do anything about it. Both of Emily's were busy, one on her clit, one jammed next to mine in her cunt. My free hand was braced against the bed.

I immediately shifted lifting Emily fully into my lap as I sat back on my heels. Her legs fell down to the side and wrapped around me like clinging vines. My cock shoved even deeper in her butt as I leaned forward to suck a squirting nipple into my mouth. I removed my hand from her cunt, leaving her fingers there to finish herself off and gripped her ass in both hands.

"That's right Baby, bounce on Daddy. Ride me Baby. God you're making me so hard. I'm gonna cum in your ass Baby. I'm going to squirt my Daddy milk up your butt. Do you want to feel it Baby?"

Emily grunted in time to our bouncing impalements. I could feel myself getting ready to cum. Emily's nipples were still squirting all over the place and my cock was getting ready to mirror that action. As it got closer, I clutched Emily to me, her boobs rubbing against my chest, her hand still moving between our bodies. I bounced her once, twice and then my cock exploded into her ass.

"Ahhhh, God. I'm cumming Baby" I groaned. I felt my sperm shoot out the tip and with her little hole so tight, burble out of her ass as I kept cumming. Emily started a low whining that increased in pitch until I shushed her. I pulled away from her body slightly to suck a nipple into her mouth and was surprised by a splash of moisture in my face. I opened my eyes to see her cunt squirting girl juice between her hands, our bodies and up into my face. I watched as two more jets of her own orgasm spurted between us.

My hips were still spasming gently against her ass and I could feel my dick softening. I pushed Emily back down to the bed and lay with my full weight on her as I felt my dick leave the tight hole with a pop. I looked around. The bed was a mess. There was sperm, tit milk and girl cum all over the place. Both Emily and I were breathing like marathon runners, barely able to move. As I lay there thinking about what had just happened, I realized… I couldn't be happier than I was in this moment.

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