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I shot a few hoops in the park with my friend, Marcus and Alex. Usually, I'm in the lead, but this time I'm dead last.
"Hey, is anything wrong?" Marcus asks me. "Normally you have a much better game than this."
"I know that I normally whoop your ass in Basketball, but you do seem to be off your game." Ahh, Alex obviously has some memory trouble. "Trouble at home?"
"Something like that."
"Well, if that bitch of a step-mother gives you any trouble, then tie her up and teach her a little lesson with your 'thing.'" If only Alex knew, minus the tying her up, though that's not a bad idea.
"I think she'd enjoy that." I say laughing.
"He got you there, Alex." Marcus starts laughing as well.
"How about that daughter of hers?" Alex puts and a face of a man thinking really perverted things. "I would mind having sex with that all night long."
"I think she might."
"You ain't one of my girls, so you wouldn't understand."
"You mean one of those poor girls."
They argue like this all the time and I've learned it's better to walk away before I get sucked in.
I begin thinking about this morning when Lily snuck into my room to get a taste of my cock. She's definitely sees me as her best source to be satisfied and reach an orgasm. Without me, she'll remain relatively unsatisfied. And I took her off me when she got on because I'm not going to be her little boy toy. She'll probably want to fuck me when I get home, but if I continue to say no, she should get more and more frustrated and also more and more turned on. Nothing makes someone want something more than not be able to have it. I just need to find another source for me lust and that's Lucy. And she'll be mine soon enough.
As I walk home, I see a sex shop and decide to go in. I've never been here, then again, I am under 18. I look around until I find something that catches my interest. A remote control vibrating dildo chastity belt. Try saying that five times fast. I pick up the item and head to the counter to buy.
The cashier asks my age and I respond with 20... and by 20, I mean a 20 dollar bill. He says I look young for my age. A bad attempt at humor. Then I head on home.

When I arrive home at about 5'o clock and Lily welcomed me back with open arms... and legs, too. Thought so.
"Welcome home, Lucas." She walks up to me with a big smile on her face and tries to slip her hand into my pants.
"No," I say as I grab her hand before in enters my pants.
Truth be told, I wouldn't mind fucking this bitch, but she the kind of woman that could fuck a man for a week, get tired of him, and just dump him like a bad cold. That is is not going to be me. so I adopted the philosophy of a show I used to watch this show called "The Dog Whisperer." And in the show, Caesar would do dominating things to make those bitches do what he wanted. During walks, he was in front, because the walks were for him, the bitch was lucky enough to come along. When we fuck, it's for me, she should be happy joinning in. And he did it with a calm-assertive energy. And that's what I'm doing for this bitch. When I fuck her, it's because I want to, whether she wants to or not and I'll do it with a cool calm-assertive energy.
"Huh, I don't understand." I didn't think so. She isn't used to rejection. "Don't you want to fuck me?"
"Nope," the moment I said that, her face became red with anger.
"WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN!" Hahaha, she's pissed.
"It means I don't want to fuck you, you old hag." She was actually in her early thirties, but when you call a woman over twenty "old" in any context, it's like a slap in the face.
"Well, you're the only other person in this house, so I'd say you."
"You sure sure you can handle it, you little bastard." She tries recomposing herself. "After having sex with me, sex with normal girls are hardly enough to satisfy." I would know, she was my first, but it was incredible.
"I could say the same to you. You seems unable to not to have sex with me. I wonder how long you can handle it?"
"I've conquered bigger and better men then you. You'll be my little boy toy soon enough."
"And you'll be my little bitch on your hands and knees, long be that ever happens." I then head to my room to check out the specifications for my new little toy.

After about a hour or two, I hear my father shout my name. I head down stairs to see what got his panties in a bunch. Apparently Lily told him, that I told her that I hate her. She's even has crocodile tears. Not bad, she'd be a good actor. Wife and mother not so much. He ask me if that's true and I say yes and that I hate him, too.
Was she trying to get back at me, then she doesn't know that I hate that man, too, and that I don't ever listen to him. I'm only living here for the food and shelter.

Later that night, I start wonder about how I can get Lucy? I don't want to go in and say get on your back so I can fuck you. I want to do it less like a sexually abusive brute and more savvy. She's not her mother. I don't want her calling the cops or anything. You know what, we've never really talked to each other. All I really know about her is that she's very meek and shy. Well, no time like the present. I'll head to her room and if she's awake, I'll talk and get to know her, if not, I'll search for her diary or something.
I walk across the hall and peek inside to see if she's asleep. I what I see gets me quite the hard-on. She's on her bed with only a pair of panties around her ankle and rubbing her clit. She's letting off soft moans as she pleasures herself. But the most shocking, well not that shocking considering who's daughter she is, is that she's also talking about me.
"Lucas, I'm so sorry for everything." What's she apologizing to me for. "I'm so about what my mother did to you. So please don't hate me. I'll be you worthless little bitch."
That explains a lot, I guess. Either way, it makes my job a lot easier. So I decide on just walking on in.
The moment I walk in and shut the door behind me, she sees me and true white. She tries cover herself with her hands and then with her blanket. "Wh-What can I do for you?"
"I think you know what you can do for me." I say with a big grin on my face as I approach her bed. "Now, show me those titties."
With her head drooped in shame, she releases the covers. As the covers fall, her tits become exposed. They're quite impressive, considering her age being 14.
I put my hand to her chin and lift she face so that we can make I contact. "If you want me to forgive you, then you know what must be done." After I utter those word, I place my hand on her tit and start squeeze. She lets out a soft moan and begins to loosen up.
I remove the covers and get on top of her. Releasing my cock, I begin to tease the rims of her wet cunt with the tip of my cock.
"Tell me what you want." I whisper in her ear.
"F-For you to have sex with me." She's so nervous, she begins to cover her face with her hands, but I grab them and pin them down as I penetrate her juicy cunt. She let's out a giant moan the moment I pierce her. "Oh, God!"
My thrust start out slow, but they gradually pick up pace as she just takes it.
I see tears fall down her face and ask, "Am I too much for you?"
"No, but you are the biggest and most powerful man, I've fucked." So she's not a virgin.
"Then why are you crying."
"Because I'm so happy you don't hate me." She definitely has self-esteem issues.
"Don't worry, just be my bitch and do as I say, and I'll always love you." I really don't know what I was worried about. She's so easy. Just like her mother.
She moans and pants out loud without care as she wraps her legs around me. My dad and the bitch are heavy sleepers. I just continue to fuck her like a wild animal as I begin to nibble on her neck. I can feel her pussy orgasm.
"You just came, you dirty girl."
"That was my first orgasm."
"Tell me, who's bitch are you?" Like I need to ask.
"I'm yours."
"I can't here you."
"I'M YOUR BITCH, LUCAS!" Music to my ears.
I feel myself about to cum, I lasted longer than yesterday, so I take my cock out of her cunt and put it in front of her face. Release my load onto her face. It's quite the sight. A woman's face covered in your cum.
I wipe some of my cum of her face and then feed it to her. She was reluctant, but she soon tastes it and seems to enjoy it and begins to feast on the rest.
"Tomorrow afternoon, we're going to do this again, got it." She nods yes and starts to fall sleep. I leave her room for mine and lock the door. I don't want you-know-who getting satisfied by my dick. And go to bed.

The next morning, I wake up to the bitch sucking my dick again.
She taking my dick out of her more, starts stroking it, and says, "Blow Job." Deja vu.
"I mean why... and how did you get in her. I locked the door."
"I'm horny and I picked the lock." She then gets backs to sucking me off again.
I slap her in the face, I must admit the vibration of slapping her face with my cock in it feels good, and kick her off.
"A horny bitch that can't take no for an answer."
I get dressed, right in front of her and go out to hang with my friends.

I get back home after playing with my friends, I her sounds coming from the bitch's room. Nothing out of the ordinary there, except she's shouting, like she doesn't care who hears, about her current partners impotence. And she sounds pissed.
"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU QUICKSHOT, PENCIL DICK!?" She sounds pissed, but I can't help but smiling.
"I-I'm sorry, but you're, um, so much me aggressive today." I believe that's Johnny Ryder I hear? It's hard to recognize his voice without his cocky attitude. "I-I'll keep trying."
"WHY!? YOU SURE AS HELL CAN'T SATISFY ME! OR ANY WOMEN FOR THAT MATTER!" That must have hurt Johnny's pride. And then I heard Johnny crying in pain. She must have hurt something else. "GET OUT!!"
The door open and I see Johnny wobble out holding his balls with one hand and his clothes with the other hand as I'm leaning against the wall with a wide grin on my face.
"U-U-Uh, Lucas you might be wonder why I'm walking out of parent's room like this."
"Not really. You're just a quickshot with a pencil dick how can't satisfy that slut so she kicked you in the balls and kicked you out." After I utter those words, he hurry's downstairs as he puts on his clothes. Pathetic.
The whore pops out of the room as naked as the morning is bright. Her hair was all of the place and she was emitting an aura of anger and frustration as she looked at me with eyes like she wanted to chop off my dick.
"What the fuck do you want, mama's boy?"
"I thought you could be satisfied without me?"
"I could, but Johnny has a 1 inch penis."
"'Could' meaning you can no longer?" I so enjoy pissing her off. "And if I remember correctly, didn't you say he Johnny had a big fat cock?"
"You memory is as fucked up as you, you little brat." She's almost at some kinda breaking point. I can feel it. "And now's not the time to try me, got it. Now unless you want to get into this room and take that micro dicks place, get the fuck out of my face."
She then slams the door and I head to my room. I need to plan to prepare for Lucy. She's basically mine already, but still, I am a horny teenage boy. And tomorrow, Lily will be mine as well.


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Not what I was expecting

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Hmm slapping, that's not girldom, dickhead, it's nasty little boy.

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I don't get what people are saying this is a great follow up I can't really find that many errors and they definitely don't interfere that much with the story I saw that you haven't updated this story it's good real good hope to see an update good. Chow b001 out.

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not bad but a little confusing-DaAntiChrist

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This is a VERY confusing
piece to try and read, it's difficulty is the need to try and work out who's who.

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