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My eyes opened.

Mom was standing at the dresser, pulling a pair of jeans up over her see-through thigh-highs. Her
firm and voluptuous breasts, which filled their respective 36G brassieres, were unclothed as she
zipped up her jeans. She had a nice, thick body. Not chubby, but definitely had some woman to her.
"Morning," I said, closing my eyes and rolling over to put my head on Mom's pillow. It had her
ever-so-recognizable scent engulfing it. "How'd you sleep, sweetie?" she said, riffling through her
underwear drawer, searching for a bra. "Good," I said, squinting into the bathroom at the sun shining
in. "Hook me up, please," she said. She had her bra on and was holding the straps in the back. I got
up from the bed and walked up behind her. I grabbed the straps from her fingers and latched the hooks
together. The bra latched, I adjusted the strap around her back and up to her cups, which I ran my
hands over and groped.
"Happy Mother's Day, Mom."
She smiled and ran her hands over mine, intertwining fingers over the brassiere material.
"Thanks, baby. And I just loovvee.....", she turned to face me and gave me a kiss, "....being a Mother."
She walked to the closet, picked out her favourite blouse which always revealed a little too much
cleavage and pulled it over her head.

So there she stood, my 36-26-36 Mother, in all of her loving, voluptuous beauty.
Today was her day, so I had to make sure that it was extra special.


In the simplest way of putting it, our family were swingers. Amongst ourselves.
Outside of the house, my Mom and Dad were as happy as any husband and wife of 16 years would
be. Their great chemistry, which is why they married in the first place, still held strong to this day.
We seemed like a normal family on the outside. But inside our home, everything was switched.

My Mom's name is Marissa, but I sometimes call her Missy or Marie when were fucking. It was us that
initiated this uncommon household setup. She is a sort of socialite among the other housewives here
in the city. Always on the go, taking my younger siblings to their soccer games, picking us up from
school and dining out and shopping with friends. And at 34, amazingly technology savvy as well.
If it wasn't for her, I would have never beaten the Portal 2 co-op campaign. And she never leaves the
house without her iPhone.

This whole thing got started when I had gone downstairs one night to get something to drink.
It was at least 3 A.M. when I entered the kitchen and flipped on the light. And that's when I saw her.
She was sitting on the couch, facing the television. I could only see her head from this angle, but it
looked as though she was asleep, with her head tilted off to the right. I walked around the couch and
gasped. She was wearing these unreal black thigh high socks which lead up to a pair of black,
see-through lace trimmed boyshorts. Above this was a purple tie-front crop top. The whole thing was
tied insanely low and she didn't even have a bra on. Her ravishing G cup breasts were spilling out
because of this, pushing aside and hanging over her top. And to top all of this off, her jet black
hair was braided into two pigtails, with a little pink bow at the end of each one.
I couldn't help but stare. I tried not to move for fear of waking her. "Why was she dressed like this?"
I wondered, "And at 3 A.M. in the living room?" I didn't ponder this for too long. Her figure was way
too intoxicating for me to dwell on much else. I watched her lips open as she licked them with
her tongue, leaving them agape. I watched her breasts rise and fall with her shallow breathing, beautiful
womanly mountains resting on her chest. I watched as her legs moved slightly, then parted to give
full view of her crotch. My heart skipped a beat. I quietly walked around to view her from the front.
In between the valley of her thighs, I could see the outline of her vaginal lips through her underwear.
I had never before seen my Mom as a sex symbol, but now, seeing her displayed in all of her womanly
glory, I was entranced. I inched closer to get a better look. She licked her lips again and turned her
head slightly. I decided to be brave and gave her a little kiss on the stomach.
I gave her another on her right thigh.
Still, nothing.
Then I went for it and kissed her right breast to the left of the nipple.
She sighed, but that was all.
I had one knee on the couch between her legs and both arms on the back of the couch on either side
of her head. She seemed to be sound asleep, so I went for the grand finale. My lips touched hers.

The next 5 seconds were the most surprising in my life. She moved, instantly full of life. She wrapped
her arms around me, pressing her lips on mine and pulling me down on top of her as she rotated her
body to be lying on the couch. Her eyes were still closed as she shoved her tongue into my mouth
and hugged me tightly. It was at this point that I had gotten over minor shock and began to think.
"What if Mom had been waiting for Dad? He was supposed to come home late from work. Maybe
she fell asleep waiting for him and now thinks that he's back......and that I'm him...."
I decided to milk this for all I was worth. I responded just as fervently, sucking on her lips and grabbing
her thigh, running my hand down to her ass. Then she opened her eyes.
I was in total amazement as she continued what she was doing. She must have known it was me
all along.

I won't go into much more detail here. I will, however, say that I lost my virginity to my Mother that
night and she became pregnant. That was 3 years ago, when I was 13. I am now 16 and the father
of a beautiful 2 year old girl named Lexi.

This impregnation of Mother certainly caused some household crisis. It was a tough time, but came
out perfectly. We all sat down to discuss the matter in a little family meeting. Mom said that she
would like to continue sleeping with me, and I was in favor. This resulted in the only solution we could
come to that wouldn't cause domestic issues. In return for giving up Marissa for good, Dad
became romantically involved with my sister, Danielle.
Danielle was 14 at the time, 17 now. She inherited quite a few aspects from her Mother, namely the
large breasts, buxom figure and entrancing black hair. She was blessed with 34Ds back then, 34E
now. She would often parade around the house completely topless, showing off her impressive assets
which would really get Dad going. They also had a child. A 1 year old girl that they named Scarlet. I've
never slept with her though, or have seen her pussy. That's for Dad's eyes and cock only. And I was
perfectly fine with that. Mom was all the woman I would ever need, and she was always there for me
no matter what.
I also have 2 other siblings. Jake, 10. And Lindsey, 8. We have, however, set up a ground rule in the
house. No sexual relations until the said person becomes 13. And once they do, they chose a person
to become their lover and that's that. Didn't matter how old the person was, as long as the person
choosing had turned 13. Seeing how there wasn't much choice, it looked as though Jake and Lindsey
would start sleeping with each other in 3 years. I always thought that they'd make a good couple.
Never fought and always got along. However, once Jake was 13, if he ever did get angry with Lindsey,
he could take it out on her little pussy.

So this was my incest-influenced family. And let me tell you, we've never been happier. And now it was
the day were I could treat Marissa like the goddess that she was. It was Mother's Day, one of my
favorite days of the year.


Mom and I walked downstairs, holding hands. This had become a tradition as of late. We would start
every day this way. We'd go into the day together, holding hands, and end it, sexually connected.
"Morning!" Mom said to everyone. Jake and Lindsey were watching Saturday morning cartoons and
Danielle and Dad were at the kitchen table, eating breakfast. Danielle was topless again, her breasts
resting on the table. "How'd you two sleep?" Marissa asked. "Hardly at all," Danielle replied, winking
at Dad. "We need to go shopping today, Mom. Victoria's Secret has that new line out now. And I
should treat you to a Mother's Day gift anyway." "Awww, that's sweet of you, dear," Mom said, walking
through the kitchen and getting the kid's breakfast ready. "Hell, I should make some investments of
my own. My wardrobe is getting repetitious. Isn't it, babe?" She looked at me as she said this. "You
know I'll always enjoy whatever you have in store each night, Mom." She smiled, bit her lip, then
sighed. "Hey little brother," Danielle said, "Check this out." She was reading the newspaper and
pointed to an article right next to her left breast. I walked around the table to read it.
"So son," Dad said, picking up and taking his dishes to the sink, "You getting your Mother anything
for Mother's Day?" "Thinking about it," I said, eyeing Mom who was bending over to get something
out of the fridge. "I am sort of planning out an all day affair. A 24-hour honeymoon, if you will."
Danielle turned towards me and leaned in close, whispering, "Dad and I can get a hotel room and we
can take the kids to Sarah's (Mom's sister). You and Mom can have the whole place to yourself."
Dad must've overheard because he looked from Dani's breasts to me and said quietly, "We can make
that happen if you want." I looked at Mom again. She was standing at the kitchen island, her cleavage
being clearly displayed while the kids stood next to her, waiting for their food. I turned back to Dad and
Danielle. "Sounds like a plan. Can you clear out as soon as possible? I think I have today figured out."

By 10 A.M., everyone was gone. The kids would stay the night at Sarah's place and Dani and Dad
would do their thing at the hotel. Marissa and I had to the whole house, the whole town and the whole
day to ourselves. I told Mom to go upstairs and get dressed. I was going to take her out to lunch. I was
also going to do several other things to her, but I won't spoil it and tell you what happened. I will tell
you though, that Mom wanted me to change her clothes. I picked out an alternate blouse, a black one,
and the matching pair of black jeans, one of my favorite pair. I also glossed over all of her high heels
settled on her pair of skateboarding shoes. "Wow," she said, eyeing herself in the mirror as I pulled
her jeans up over her thighs from behind and zipped them up, "I look 20." "I know," I replied, planting
a little kiss on her smooth shoulder, "We'll look like we're on a date." Marissa looked towards me and
I looked back. She intertwined her lips with mine for only a moment. "Which we are," I finished, "Just two
people in love. Out celebrating Mother's Day."
"Oh sweetheart," Mom said, looking at us in the mirror. Me standing behind her, left hand on her left
thigh and right hand on her right shoulder. Her hands on my left hand. "...You might have to change
me again."
"How come?"
"My panties are soaked."


"And what for the young lady?"
Mom blushed. "Ohhh....hmm. The shrimp scampi, I think. With the caesar salad."
"Excellent, we'll have it right out." The waiter walked off.
"That guy kept looking down my blouse," Mom whispered across the table.
"Yea. Maybe you should have dressed me in something more discreet."
"You kidding me? I wanted you to look plain, yet sexy. And you let me dress you up after all."
"I suppose you're right," Mom said, taking a sip of her White Russian. "So what do you think about
all of these people? Do you think that they'll suspect anything?"
"Don't be so paranoid. You look half your age. No 34 year-old mother wears jeans and tennis shoes
on Mother's Day. Look at all of the other Mothers. High heels, dresses, jewelry. All with their families."
"I know. How come I'm not wearing anything like that? I just look like I could be your girlfriend. And a
girlfriend 5 years your senior, mind you."
"Exactly. People just think that we are two young people, romantically involved. Which we most
certainly are. And they won't bat an eye when I do this..." I leaned across the table and gave Mom a
small kiss. And sure enough, no one saw it as out of the ordinary.
"Wow," Mom said, grinning and looking downwards, "You're right. This is actually kind of exciting."
"And here's your food." The waiter had returned.

After we were done eating, I insisted on taking Mom to Victoria's Secret. We shopped for a solid 45
minutes and let her pick out anything she wanted. It made me so happy to see her filled with such
joy in picking out different outfits, asking me which ones I liked.
We were on an aisle, I was flicking through the racks on the floor while she perused the shelves.
"What about this one?" she asked, holding a pair of blue panties across her fingers. I turned my head
to see. "Get them if you want them." I turned back and continued sifting through the hangers. Then I
felt something on my side. Mom had backed up a couple steps so her ass was encasing my leg.
"Baby, what kind of reply is that?" she asked, still facing the wall, "You're the one who I'm picking
these for, honey. I'm trying to find ones that you like the most. At this very moment, the pink pair with
the ruffles and black polka dots is grinding against your right thigh. Now, let me ask again. Do you
think that this little number should also join that crowd?" I looked down at Mom's ass cheeks on my
leg, then up at her face. She raised her eyebrows and moved her lips to one side. Damn, she was
way too cute. I evaluated the panties again. "They're gorgeous," I said. Mom smiled and pulled away
from my leg.

I payed for Mom's intimates in cash. I'd been saving up for this day all year.
May 13. 134 days into the year. I'd worked 94 of those days. $10/hr, 5 hours a day, 5 days a week.
Minus other expenses, I had around $4,000 to spend on my Mother today.
Lunch = $40
Bras, Panties, Erotic Lingerie = $344
$3616 left, and the day was only half over.

Not only was it my goal to spend thousands of dollars on Mom, but I also wanted to give her as many
orgasms as I possibly could. The first 2 took place in the Victoria's Secret fitting room. It wasn't really
a special occasion, so I won't go into a whole lot of detail. It was a pretty sensual situation though.
Mom had gone in first and gave me the signal when it was all clear. I hurried into the stall and we
started in. Then the store got busy. People started to filter into the changing rooms while we were
undressing each other. On either side of us, girls in their teens and twenties were stripping off their
clothing and trying on all sorts of lingerie and other romantic attire. And meanwhile, while all of these
women were seeing if a certain negligee or babydoll fit properly and made their boobs look good, I was
in the next stall, balls deep in my Mother. I was holding her up against the stall wall, thrusting up and
into her pussy. She was whispering my ear. I couldn't make out much of what she was saying. She
was just lost in the moment. I was able to hold out through both of her orgasms. This is something I
had been training for months, actually. Not cumming and losing my sex drive throughout the day.
Every time we fucked that day, I wanted to make sure my cock was even more hard than the last time.
It was her day, and I wanted to give her what no other woman often gets. A man who never cums, a
man who is hard all day, for her and only her, and can last through even the most ensnaring
sensations. This was all part of how the day would close. One of two big surprises for Mom. And since
it's a surprise, I'll make you wait until the end to discover what it is. Just like Mom.

We waited until we were sure the fitting room was empty and then left the store. I fingered her in the
car and made her cum again before we left. "Take a picture," she said, panting and brushing her hair
behind her ear. She was in the back seat, her jeans and shoes off. Panties, socks and top still on.
"I might want to remember this later." She also changed into her new blue panties, because her
pink ones had also gotten soaked.

Next stop, the movies. There was a new romantic-comedy Mom wanted to see. We held hands during
the entire movie. Then I made out with her pussy lips in the Women's bathroom afterwards. Made her
cum once again.

Then Macy's. I gave Mom a shopping cart and let her go to town. I did this because I actually had a
purchase or two that I had to make myself without her around. I did so, hid them in the car, and got
back in time for Mom to check out. She had gotten a couple household things. Dishes and the like.
But mostly a lot of clothes.

We were almost finished with our day out. Last, and most key to my plan, was the 3 hour massage
and spa. I dropped Mom off and got her set up. I told her that I had a couple things to do and would be
back before she was finished. Once she got started, I got in the car and raced home. Along the way,
I stopped at a grocery store and party favor place. Once home, I unloaded the car and brought it all
inside. I had bought ingredients for her favorite entree, Penne with Spinach, Oyster, Asparagus, Feta
and Olives. Not exactly my favorite, per say, but it was her all-time favorite and was absolutely full of
libido-boosting ingredients. To go along with this was Strawberries dipped in Dark Chocolate and Red
Wine. All sex-drive increasing foods, as well as Mom's favorites. A win win situation.
I had bought flowers the day before. 12 blood red roses. Symbols of love and passion, both of which
I had immeasurable amounts for Mom. I put them in a vase and placed them in the center of the dining
table. I dimmed the lights and lit candles next to the roses. I put out dishes while the food was
cooking and then rushed upstairs. I grabbed a pair of her panties and began to set up her seating
arrangment. I took 2 orchids (symbols of perfection) and placed them over her plate in the shape of an
X. I then draped her panties over the middle were the flowers crossed. Then I placed her Mother's Day
card on top the panties. I ran into the kitchen and got the food ready to be served. Then I put in a mix
of Debussy preludes (her favorite) on the CD player and surveyed the scene. Everything was set.


I picked Mom up from her massage and drove her home. I gave her a sheer black dress and fishnet
stockings to change into on the way home. Almost crashed when she slid the stockings up her
thighs. For the rest of the drive, Mom had her hands down my pants, holding my cock in her soft
hands. It was subtle, but something about having your own Mother reaching down into your clothes
to fondle you for her own enjoyment was an incredible turn on. It was her day, and yet all she wanted
to do was hold me in her hands. A true Motherly characteristic in its purest form.

We were finally home. Mom gave my cock one final squeeze before taking her hand out and opening
her door. I also got out and we entered the house. "Oh my...Is it...?" Mom said, walking through the
front door. She walked through the living room and into the kitchen. "Oh my god! It is! You knew how
to make it?" "Google can be a powerful ally when it comes to cooking," I replied. "Oh sweetheart!"
she said, turning from the scene I had set up earlier to me, "It's beautiful. Your Dad never cooked me
anything before. Or set up anything like this for me at all! It's amazing! Thank you so much sweetie!"
She kissed me but then took her lips off of mine and placed her index finger my mouth. "But honey.."
"What, Mom?" "Since I'm a Mother, may I ask you a question?" "Of course." "I would like to serve
dinner. Now don't get all defensive. I'm the Mother of this household. It's my natural place. I want to
be the one in charge of dinner. It's what I want. And also..." she said, placing one hand on my arm
and the other on the back of my head, "I would like to change into a different outfit. I have something
in mind. Is that alright?" "Of course," I said, placing my hands on her hips, "You're the Mother."
She smiled and ran upstairs. I went into the kitchen and turned on the music. I brought the wine to the
table and began to pour two glasses. It was when I was finished pouring Marissa's glass that she
came back down the stairs. I couldn't believe my eyes.

She was wearing a cheerleader outfit. Too genuine to be fake. Pom poms and all.
".....damn, Mom.....You're gorgeous...." I worded slowly. "You're too sweet," she said, walking into
the kitchen. "This is the real deal. I was a cheerleader for my highschool football team. It was 1993
and I was 16 years old. Still fits perfectly. I felt that it would make the evening much more....well....
intimate. Not many Mother's dig out their old cheerleading outfit to put on just for their sons."
"And yet you do," I said. "That's because I love you, from the bottom of my heart, so much." She
walked over to me and kissed me on the forehead. "As both a Mother and a woman. I'll always be here
for you, sweetheart." She grasped a breast with one hand and plunged the other into her skirt.
"These....will always be here for you."
She took her hands out and walked into the kitchen. For the next 5 minutes, I watched my Mother
prepare dinner in her highschool cheerleading outfit. And by the timeeverything was ready and on
the table, it sure as hell wasn't the food that had given me a hard on. "Well," I said, lifting my wine
glass up, "I wanted you to feel pampered, and you wanted to feel like a 16 year old Mother. So here's
to you, my love. I hope, only if this is what you hope also, that you feel like the Mom that you truly
are. A Mother who watches over her children, keeps her house clean, is a great cook and....if i do say
so myself.....a wild tigress in bed. Happy Mother's Day, Mom." We clinked glasses, took a sip, and
then started eating. Mom really liked the flowers, panties and Mother's Day card arrangement.
"This is so delicious," she said, already half we through her plate. "Good," I replied, staring at her
cleavage being displayed quite nicely by her cheerleading outfit. Debussy's Arabesque #1 started
playing when Mom began to speak. "So, what's the plan for tonight?" "Well," I replied, finishing off my
wine glass, "I had a movie in mind and then a little surprise." "Oh?" she said, adjusting her bra and
top to show even more of her breasts, "What movie?" "Your favorite." She smiled.

Once dinner was done, we went into the living room and started the movie.
Throughout the whole thing, I had my hand down Mom's skirt, playing with her pussy, and she had her's
down my pants, rubbing my cock. Must've been the longest tease either of us had experienced. Once the
movie was over, Mom had had her pussy rubbed for an hour and a half. And on top of this, the effects of
the food had begun to set in. Needless to say, she was ready for some action. "Now," Mom said, pulling
off her top to reveal her bra, "What's your surprise?"
"A 1-hour cunnilingus session. I'm going to eat you out for an hour."
She whimpered. "Re....really?"
"Yes, really. Follow me."
I stood up form the dinner table and walked over to Mom, holding out my hand.
She grasped it and stood up. I lead her up the stairs and to the entrance of our room.

Ever since our family's relationship change-up, our rooms got a switch up as well.
It used to be: Mom and Dad's Room, My Room, Dani's Room, Jake's Room and Lindsey's Room.
5 bedrooms. But once everything changed, Dad moved into Dani's Room and I moved into Mom's Room.
This left a spare bedroom where we now keep our infants/toddlers.

"Take your panties off and go lie down," I said quietly in her ear. She didn't need to be told twice. She
reached underneath her skirt and pulled down what a saw to be a red thong. Taking it off her legs, she
handed them to me and walked over to the bed. I wrapped the panties into a makeshift wristband around
my wrist while Mom reclined on the bed and got relaxed. "You ready, Missy?" I asked. "May I indulge my
taste buds on your succulent womanly flower? May I explore the Motherly landscapes between your legs
for the next sixty minutes?"
"I'd be honored to receive such a gift, sweetheart," she said, spreading her legs, "My womanhood is yours
to consume. Bon appetit!"

I crawled onto the bed, got comfortable, and laid in. Time vanished as I sucked, kissed and licked my
Mother's eager pussy. She came twice before I checked the time, 14 minutes in. "Damn, Mom," I thought.
I had never seen her this wet before. Her pussy was just a fountain of juices. There was a fun fact about
that hour that I would never come to discover, and that was that by the time I finished eating out Marissa,
I had actually drank 12 oz. of her juices. Delicious.
And before I knew it, time was up. I had counted 9 orgasms. Totalling 13 for the whole day. And I most
certainly wasn't finished with her yet....

"Mom...." I said, standing in front of the bed, cock facing her as she recovered from her 13th orgasm.
"What is.....what is it, sweetie?" she asked between breaths. "I'm going to fuck you now. I'm going to fuck
you for as long as I possibly can. Tell me what positions and styles you want to do and we'll do them.
And then, when I can't hold out any longer, I'm going to cum in you. I'm going to fill your vaginal canals with
all of the cum I can......and see if I can't make you a Mother again."
"Oh.....oh....oh my god......" she said, sitting up and placing her hand to her gaping mouth.

Through research and reconisciennce, I was able to establish that this is what Mom wanted more than
anything. Another child from her son. I had Dad and Dani eavesdrop and give me tips and clues about
anything that Mom wanted that I could give her. I also had kept a close eye on Mom's blog, "Living the
Life: A Mother and a Wife", where she posted regularly about life as the incestuous queen of a household.
Marissa is not aware that I'm aware of the existence of her blog. One of her more recent posts reads as

"Another busy day! Shopping with Dani then picked up the two youngins from soccer. I have to admit, I love
shopping with my daughter. She seems to adore the advice I give her on outfits, seeing as how I know how
to get her Dad going. We are so close in sizes, that we can just buy one thing and both wear it. I have my
own prince charming to please as well, after all.
We passed the maternity section and I got pangs of nostalgia. I miss my maternity lingerie and the all of
the amazing hormones that came with that ever expanding belly. The sex was indescribable, guys.
Having my son do me doggy style with my 9-month belly almost grazing the floor. A feeling that can't be
replicated. I'm getting excited just thinking about it now. It was such a fun time. Not only for us but for the
whole family. Things really changed after that.
But anyway, my stud is waiting in the bedroom. I promised him anal tonight. So spoiled.
I'll post tomorrow guys! Love you all!
<3 Missy"

This was more than enough to know that Mom want the seed to be sown yet again. I had a feeling that she
was just aprehensive to ask me to be a father of 2 children. But I didn't mind. And I certainly wouldn't turn
away another 10 months of unparelled pregnant sex.

"Are you....are you sure?" she asked, lying back, causing her breasts to flatten and expand on her chest,
"I mean, I've been on the pill forever. I thought that you didn't want another child."
"Of course not," I said, "I guess we just assumed that you'd go on birth control. But to hell with that. I want
to cum in you, Missy. I want to cum in you and not have it come out until it's ready to be Lexi's sibling."
"....fuck...." Mom said, spreading her legs, "To hell with it. Do it. Do it now. You've made me cum so much
today. Now it's your turn. You've held out for so long....just release into me now, baby."

"No way," I said, standing in front of the bed, Mom splayed in front of me, ever so vulnerable, "I want to
make you cum at least 2 more times. A nice round 15."
"Oh fine," she said, blushing at the thought of someone wanting to give her so much pleasure, "But on my
15th, we cum together. Deal?"
"Deal," I said, crawling up the bed, "What do you want me to do?"
"Just missionary first," she said as I leaned in and entered her, "I'm at your will. Make me cum again,
sweetheart. I know you have it in you, my love." She wrapped her legs around me as I settled into a steady
rythym on top of her, her hips moving in sync with me.
"Damn, Mom, " I said, feeling her hands on my arms as I watched her breasts roll up and down her chest,
"I can never get over this. Consensual sex with my own Mother. You're letting me see you're
letting me enter you. And you're enjoying it. Blows my mind, even to this day."
"Well, I figure that if a son wants to lie down with his Mother, it should be her Motherly duty to acquiesce to
that offer. And if the Mom has a sexy body, it would be downright wrong for her son not to take part in her
womanhood. And every Mother I know thinks of their son in a sexual way at one point or another. They are
just too afraid to start anything. But damn, if it's consensual...." I felt her pussy squeeze on my cock, "It's
some fucking amazing sex. And if this is what you want, you can have it. I'm yours."
I leaned down and sucked on Mom's nipples. "I like the way you think, Mom," I said between kisses on her
breasts. "Now let me know when you're ready to cum again. I want to fuck you through the whole thing."
"Sure thing, sweetheart," she said, wrapping her arms around me.
We fucked for at least another 3 minutes before Mom began to climax for the 14th time.
"Oh GOD! Here it comes again! FUCK!" She let go of me and laid back on the bed completely, moaning,
yelling and writhing in ecstasy. And all the while, I never pulled out. She was smiling, laughing and
twitching, her pussy getting extraordinarily damp. "Holy shit, babe," she said, "My pussy is so fucking
weak. I can only take one more. This is it. And now, I'm going to be on top."

She sat up quickly and I promptly laid down where she was. Without missing a beat, she positioned
herself on top of me, grabbing and aiming my cock towards her pussy, and sat down. Entering my Mother's
pussy was a sensation I could never get used to. Not only warm and tight, but inviting and comforting.
Then Mom rode me like crazy. Bucking her hips forward and backward, grinding her crotch against mine
and testing my ability to hold off like never before. I reached up and grabbed her breasts, caressing them
and running my fingers over her soft nipples. I then let go of them, letting them bounce freely of their own
accord as I placed my hands on Mom's thighs. She was sighing and whimpering now as well as moaning.
She was close.

"Darling," she said between gasps of passion, "This is it. I'm ready whenever you are. I'm ready for another
child. If you're willing to to fertilize me........I'm ready."
"Of course, Missy," I said, placing my hands on her hips, above her ass, "On 3, alright?"
"Yes," she said.
"1......2.......OH GOD!" Missy interrupted my countdown with a cry. She had already started. Her 15th had
kicked in. Time for me to drop my defences and let loose. The tension in my cock evaporated as I broke
my concentration. The effect was intstant. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. I could
fell Mom's pussy contract as I shot thick streams of cum up into her vaginal canal. It seemed to last forever.
10 seconds later, I was still erupting inside Mom, and her onto me. I could feel her female orgasm liquids
drench my dick which continued to release the build-up that had been accumalating inside me all day.
The bliss did last for a while, but ended all too soon. I could feel my streams subside as well as Mom's
spasms. She slipped off me and fell to my left side, still remaining close with her leg draped over mine
and her breasts resting on my arm. We lay there for at least a minute, catching our breath after the climax
of my most elaborate Mother's Day yet.

I turned over and faced Mom, placing my hand on her stomach. "We did it again," I said, looking from her
soft belly to her face. She said nothing, just leaned in and embraced me, softly kissing me.
"Oh!" I said, leaning away from Mom and getting off of the bed, "I almost forgot." I walked over to the
dresser and grabbed the box I had left earlier in the day when I had come home to prepare the house.
I walked back over to Mom and laid down again, placing the box behind me and out of her sight. "Give me
your hand," I said. Mom gave me her right hand. I placed my fingers over hers, touching her wedding
ring. "Is this the ring Dad bought you?" I asked. "Yes," she said, running her own fingers over it, "I had
forgotten all about it until now. Looks beautiful, but I suppose that it has lost some of its meaning." She
looked a little solemn. "Mom," I said, grabbing the ring and pulling it off her finger, "I have something for
you." She looked a little taken aback by having her wedding ring pulled off without her permission, but
seemed to not be against it entirely. I reached behind me and grabbed the box. Mom instantly recognized
it, as anyone would, as a ring box from a jewelry store. She looked curious and entranced. I opened it
in front of her. Inside was a $3,000 diamond ring. Mom gasped. "Take it," I said. She grabbed the ring and
took it out, gazing at it in awe. "$3,000?". I nodded. "Don't ask how," I said, "I just want
you to have it. And this..." I held up her old wedding ring. "....can go to Danielle. Dad chose it as his gift of
love to his woman. Only fitting that she should have it now, right?" Mom gazed at my ring and her old one.
Then she slowly brought it to her ring finger, staring at it all the while. She slipped it on gracefully.
"....Wow...." she said, staring at her hand with a sparkling diamond twinkling back at her. "I don't know what
to say, sweetheart." "I just wanted you to have a band that would make you think of us when you saw it." I
said, "While simultaneously spoiling you with the most expensive gift I could afford."
"Oh, darling," Mom said, sitting cross-legged on the bed and touching her ring, "You've done so much for
me today. A fun day on the town, 15 orgasms, a 2nd child and a new diamond ring."
"And you deserve them all. You've been such a wonderful Mother and, more or less, wife to me. This
doesn't even begin to show my gratitude for what you have done for not only me, but this whole family."
"Wow. I don't know what to say. How can I ever repay you for this?"
"By continuing to be the most kind...." I leaned forward. "....the most loving..." I started crwaling towards her.
"...and the most sexy Mother a son could ask for." I hugged her to me and rolled her onto the bed. Nothing
more was said. We just lay bed, kissing and cuddling until sleep overtook us.


The next morning, Mom announced the news to the whole family. "Way to go, bro," said Dani, removing her
top and heading for the stairs, "Knocked Mom up again. Well done. Can't wait to meet my new sibling." She
smiled and went upstairs. "Congratulations Son," Dad said, shaking my hand, "I'm proud of you. You're
catching up to me. Soon you'll have more kids than I do." "Thanks, Dad," I said. He went upstairs after Dani.

Sure enough, Mom was pregnant. The test we got confirmed it as well as the doctor visits. Mom was going
to have her 6th child, 2nd by me.
A few months later, we got an ultrasound to see what gender the baby would be.
"Hmm, looks like Lexi is going to have a soulmate," whispered Mom while the doctor was in the other
corner of the room. I kissed her right there in the office.


~~Well, here it is, guys. My Mother's Day story. Let me know if you want a continuation. Like during Missy's
pregnancy or something like that. Any feedback would be great! Happy fapping.~~

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2016-10-03 19:33:19
Old Dad fucked his Sons Young Italian wife


2016-09-26 05:54:18
"Mother's Day" - Thirty-two Year Old Married Mother (Of Five), Marissa (aka Missy) And Thirteen Year Old Teen Son, Unnamed (aka Babe, Sweetie, Darling, etc); Thirty-eight Year Old Married Father (Of Five), Dan And Fourteen Year Old Daughter, Danielle (Dani) And Eight Year Old Jake and Six Year Old Lindsey.

Swapping, fully exchanging partners is taken to new heights in this story. Wife Marissa and her husband Dan have four children, Unnamed 13 year old son, fourteen year old daughter Danielle, eight year old Jake and six year old Lindsey. At the time of the above ages, unnamed thirteen year old son and 32 year old mother Marissa have a daughter Lexi (fifth for Missy and first for unnamed son). Now, two years later, sexual partners are mother Missy and unnamed son (as wife and husband), father Dan and fourteen Dani (as husband and wife), accordingly sharing sex, beds and having children together.

This writer has garnered a very unique family lifestyle--and I fucking love it!!

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I felt like I was reading a police report. .... or a deposition. .... fucking bored me to death!!

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Details? I love stories that explain how things came to be, but "DAMN"! You're details where so long and boring I almost stopped reading .Also you said that no one in this fictional story had sex before age****teen but in that same breath you are ready to throw young Lindsay in much earlier.proof read please.Otherwise good story.

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Waste story.shameless

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