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The continuing story of of the perils of teaching in a boys school
From part one, Julie has has a tough day and is now over the pommel horse and ready to be fucked by Coach Wilson

Yet he returned to task and slid his dick into her cunt. Julie is at this point so exhuausted and spent she can barely acknowledge. But smile she does. This what she has been waiting for.

Part Two

Julie's ass was on fire and she was exhausted but her pussy is dripping with come and needs to be fucked. Coach Wilson returns to task and slides his big dick into her pussy. She feels full for the first time since college. DeWayne had a huge dick and this is the closest she has come since. Joe's big dick slides in slow and fills her to the brim. Nice and slow all the way to his balls and when his balls slap her clit she feels a spark and the juices start to flow again. In and out he pumps and every time his balls slap up against that eraser sized clit sending shocks throughout her body.

"Damn, girl, that's some juicy cunt you got. Ain't nothin but sweet love sauce in there" this was the finest pussy he'd ever had. And this was a wild girl. Every time his balls slapped she jerked. She was coming constantly.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her head up to see the look on her face and she was gone, completely lost in the experience, her body racked with constant orgasms. He pumped her over and over and finally pulled out to shoot his wad on her ass. Goddam that was hot.

"Okay, baby, hang tight I'll get a robe and we'll get you to the nurse."

He went into the locker room and got a wet towel and a robe. They walked slowly up to the nurse's office. He led her into the office and sat her down in one of the little chairs and slid out the door.

Nurse Finch came back into the office to find Julie seated in the waiting area.

"My darling, what has happened to you. What have you been up to?"

Julie was speechless as she was led into the examination room. The nurse led her to a table and asked her to lie down. Julie immediately rolled over onto her stomach. The nurse gently lifted the robe and instantly recognized the inflamed area around her asshole.

"My godness, dear, what have they done to you?" she ran her hand softly across Julie's ass cheeks. Yes, they were very soft, indeed. She spread the cheeks gently and touched her fingertip to the button of her asshole. Then touched her finger tip to her tongue. Yes. She bent over slowly and touched the tip of her tongue to Julie's asshole. Julie's eyes popped open.

"My dear, we'll get you feeling better very quickly."

The nurse got a small ice cube and ran it softly around Julie's ass. Julie was starting to feel better. The burn was starting to diminish. The nurse rested the ice in her crack so a soft trickle ran across her hole. Oh, that feels good.

Nurse Finch grabbed a tube of soothing aloe and a butt plug. Yes, she thought, we'll need to get down into the cavity. She put some of the aloe on the plug and some on her thumb. Then she started rubbing her thumb around Julie's hole. Julie started to raise her ass to meet the soft pressure and the soothing gel. That felt so good.

The nurse slid her thumb slowly into Julie's hole and Julie raised her ass even more to greet the friendly intruder. Oh, yessss, that feels good. She felt no more burning. Then the nurse bent over and inserted her tongue in the hole. Julie closed her eyes and smiled. So nice. Then the nurse removed her tongue, stood up and slowly circled the plug covered with aloe around the tender bud. Slowly circling, with slightly more pressure, slowly gaining entrance. Slowly, softly deeper into her ass. And Julie loving every minute of it.

Once the plug was completely inserted the nurse turned her attention to Julie's cunt. It looked a little raw. She ran her finger softly through the parted lips and then to her tongue. Coach Wilson. He should be ashamed and we will deal with him later. The nurse got an exam light and shined it on her cunt. Indeed! She bent over for a close look at the largest clitoris she had ever seen. Yes, quite a work, indeed. She touched it very gently and Julie's ass twitched. It seems to be in constant state of erection. She grabbed a piece of ice and touched it softly to the clit. Julie cooed. Yes, we must treat this very delicately. The ice seemed to make the bud grow slightly more. Very impressive. She tried some of the aloe around the clit, softly, sensuously. Julie moaned softly with pleasure. She then grabbed a candle and slowly inserted into Julie's cunt. The cunt seemed to suck the candle in. The nurse walked around to Julie face to see her reaction. Her face was angelic. The nurse ran her thumb softly across Julie's lips. Julie opened her lips to take the thumb. The nurse obliged by sliding it in just a tad. Julies tongue reached out to meet it and started softly sucking.

This was a sight to any casual observer. Nearly six feet of gorgeous womanhood stretched out on an exam table with a plug up her ass and a candle in her cunt and a nurses thumb in her mouth, sucking softly on it like it was her mothers nipple. Amazing.

The nurse reached under her uniform and slid her hand into her panties. She was starting to get wet. She slipped her fingers into her pussy and wet her two fingers. Then she replaced the thumb in Julies mouth with the two fingers. Julie sucked even harder her tongue circling the fingers to get all of the juices.

The nurse then slowly pulled off her panties and swung one leg up on the table to give Julie the scent. Julie eased toward the scent and began to lick the nurse's pussy.

"Yes, my darling, everything is going to be fine."

Julie began to eat her more earnestly. Her long tongue reached out and lapped at the juice in her cunt.

"Yes, darling, very nice. "

She pulled her leg back and rolled Julie over onto her back and climbed onto the table. Straddling her face, she lowered her cunt onto Julie's mouth and bent over to remove the candle.

She softly licked Julie's cunt, tasting the juices from the days events, stimulated by the boys, the ants and the coach. What a delicious soup. She lapped as if she hadn't dined in some time enjoying the delicious flavor and soft textures and the folds of her wonderfully soft pussy. At the same time, Julie was licking gently at the nurses pussy as if in a gentle dream.

The nurse decide to kick it up a notch and gently swiped Julie's clit. Julie lurched slightly and dug her tongue deeper into the nurse's cunt.

"Oh, yes!"

The nurse twirled the button again. Julie vigorously dug into the moistening cunt. Nurse Finch flicked the clit with her tongue and Julie reached up and grabbed the nurse's ass to get deeper into the cunt. At this point, the nurse leaned down and grabbed the clit softly with her teeth and flicked her tongue back and forth across the clit. Julie went wild, her nose buried in the cunt, Julie reached into the nurse's ass and plunged her finger deep into the asshole. Nurse Finch yelled with joy and screwed her hips down onto the gobbling mouth and onto the impaling finger. And then she came violently into Julie's mouth. And then both passed out between the other's knees. A pretty picture indeed.

Meanwhile, Buddie's visit with the dean was not going very well either. Ms Bain was very familiar with young Mr Baker. He had made many stops to see the dean and she was getting a little tired of seeing him.
"Charles, what are we going to do with you? You are to be admired for your creative thinking, but the way you demonstrate your intelligence is completely unacceptable. Do you realize that this offense is something that could send you to jail? Now I'd like to see if we could salvage your young life, but I think you should be made aware of the pain and embarrassment that you've caused Ms Grey." she stood by her desk. "come over here."

Buddy walked over to her. His head came to about her chin, just above her very large breasts. In spite of the trouble he was in and the pain he knew he was about to feel, he looked down at her breasts, hidden beneath the black scoop neck dress , but showing just a hint of cleavage and thought - I'd really like to get a look at those puppies, they're huge. But this was not going in that direction.

"Drop your pants and your shorts."

" now hold on, Dean, you can't...."

"You should have made sure that was true before you raped Ms Grey."

"Now, drop them"

He hesitated, but complied.

"Now lean over the desk." she then lubed up a butt lug with some IcyHot before speeding his cheeks and inserting it into his ass. He immediately began to feel the effects.

"Jesus, that burns."

"I'm sure it does, young man. But that is only the beginning. Now bend over my knee." She bent him over her knees so that his ass stuck up between her knees and she began to pound on his ass.

"Holy shit, that hurts."

After about a dozen smacks, she paused to gather her breath and he turned his head and smiled. Insolent little prick. And she began to paddle him again. When she stopped and let him stand she saw tears running down his face but looked down and saw his little hard on. The little son of a bitch was turned on by this. He then reached out and squeezed her heaving breast.

"I'll be going now" he said as he turned. But he didnt move fast enough and she grabbed his collar and yanked him back another round of paddles. This time he came on her leg. When she had worn herself out, she pushed him onto the floor and told him, "Get out of here you little bastard and don't let me see you in here again."

Back in the nurse's office, Julie awoke and found herself alone. She wrapped the robe around her tightly and returned to the coaches office to get dressed.

What a day.


The next few days were very calm considering the way her job had started. She got into a little groove and even started flirting with Dan, who was responding in spite of his shyness. The Dean hovered around her classroom, presumably to ensure Julie's safety.

And the boys behaved. Or, at least they appeared to. But then one day in science class, Buddy poked Eric and said, "Come here, numb nuts, I got something to show you."

"Yeah, what?"

"Check this out" and he slides a metal wire that looks like a paper clip into a dissected frog. "Now watch. " then he turns a knob on a small box one large turn. The apparently dead frog appears to spasm.

"Ok, Dr Frankenstein," says Eric. "Is it now alive? It sure don't look like it."

"No, idiot. It isn't alive. But I created a rather large electrical stimulus with just this little wire and a box."

"I'm still not getting it."

Buddy pulled out the wire and handed it to Eric. "Hold it...gently" and Buddy cranked the knob again.

Eric nodded, "Yeah, nice little buzz, but it's not going to hurt anybody."

"Exactly, and thats the point. We're not trying to hurt anyone, just tickle them a little. Imagine if this little jewel were positioned against the very sensitive clit of some hot teacher."

"Cool, but how you going to get it there?"

"That is the question, but first let's make sure it works. Meet me at my house after school."
At Buddies house the boys discussed the next steps.

"My slut sister is the perfect candidate for our little experiment since we can get access to her panties which will put this little monster into play."

Buddie's sister Marcia was 14 and very cute. A budding golf star, she dressed very hotly, with short skirts and tight low cut tops. She was, indeed, a tease. She really enjoyed going tomthe club after school to practice on the range, driving the old men crazy. She would bend over to tee a ball up without bending her knees, her ass stuck high in the air and the older guys would groan in appreciation. Or when she would practice putting she would bend over a putt and then sneak a peak, catching the guys stealing a glance down her top. She loved to drive them wild.

When she got home from practice she was sweating and wanted to clean up. As she entered the house, she saw the boys huddled around something in the den.

"Hey dipshit. Oh hi, Eric" ven though Eric was a year younger she thought he was cute and he always acted intereted in her. It WAS another opportunity to tease.

"Hey, slut," shouted Buddy.

"Hi, Marcia, nice skirt. Love those legs." said Eric.

"Why thank you, Eric. Nice of you to notice." and she scampered upstairs for a shower.

While she was in the shower Buddy went to her room and got a pair od panties out of her drawer, made a slight incision in the waste band and inserted the wire, sliding it down to where it would have prime contact. " now let's see if this is going to work."

When Marcia returned downstairs she was wearing a tee shirt that came down to just above her knees. Eric thought she wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts were not big but they made a nice tent in the shirt.

"Hey, we're going to watch a movie, do you wanna?" Eric asked.

"Sure, how bout I pop some popcorn. So watcha watching?"


"Cool, vampires are sexy."

Buddy way fro a good opportunity to see if the device would work. Watching Marcia as she went to pour Coke in her glass, he gave the knob a twirl and Marcia jumped, causing her to missnthe glass just slightly. He turned it down to a much lower level. This should give her a buzz without causing her to be aware. Marcia was normally pretty sedate in the evenings but tonight she seemed unusually animated. She couldn't seem to find a comfortable spot. She went from the couch to the floor, sitting to lying, cross legged to sitting on her knees. She was very jumpy. She finally settled on lying on the floor with a pillow under her crotch. Buddy turned the level up a bit.

Eric watched. In glee as she ground her crotch into the pillow, moved her knees apart, back together, swung her feet back and forth. And as she moved around the tee shirt kept creeping up, providing a glimpse of her cotton panties. Eric thought he could see a wet spot on those panties and it made him smile. He poked Buddy, who turned the level up a little higher.

A little perspiration was starting to appear on the back of Marcia's tee shirt. She continued to wiggle around.

"Damn, it's hot in here. Please pause the movie, I'll be right back."

When she returned, she was wearing a little baby doll nighty. She plopped down on the couch next to Eric.

"Can I have some of your popcorn." and as she reached, Buddy gave the knob another twirl. She missed the bowl and put her hand on Eric's crotch. Her head bobbed a little as the vibration in her pussy subsided and then realized where her hand was and pulled it back, swatting Eric in the chest. "hey, perv, watch it." she smiled and winked. Then she grabbed the bowl and put it between her crossed legs. Her breathing was getting more rapid.

"You want some of mine," she kidded, elbowing him in the ribs. He reached into the bowl and pushed it down on her pussy. When he tried to remove his hand and snatched his arm and said, "more!" but it sounded more like a command than a question. Watching her, he pushed down on the bowl and she closed her eyes. Eric turned out the light. Buddy continued to watch his little experiment with keen interest.

Eric removed his hand from the bowl and slipped it down to her panties. She started and grabbed his arm, then gently held on as he started to rub her cunt. She was gone, hung in some euphoric state. As he rubbed she pushed her crotch forward to increase the pressure. Eric reached over and pulled out on the strap of her nighty, gazing at her swollen nipples. She had the most wonderfully puffy nipples. They looked like they were absolutely swollen with passion. He reached under the strap and put his fingers on the swollen, deliciously puffy nipple and she leaned her head over and rested it on his shoulder. He pulled his hand out of her pussy and gently pulled her head down onto his lap and then returned his hand to her aching cunt.
He alternated between playing with her pussy and squeezing her tits, thinking this was the best day of his life. Then she reached up and slipped her hand up the leg of his shorts. Now HIS eyes popped wide.

She found his dick and began working it up and down. Eric spread his legs wider. She was jerking him off and he wasn't going to last long. He increased his rubbing on her clit and she, in turn, started jerking him faster. They came at almost the same time, both their bodies convulsing in time. Buddy turned off the amp. Marcia started sucking her thumb and Eric passed out in his wet shorts. All were smiling.


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