16 year old Amy was walking home from school and decide to take a short cut through the woods, as she was walking she had a feeling she was being followed so she started to walk faster. She then heard a growl and saw a 10ft tall man running at her in the corner of her eye.

"AWWW stay away from me!" she screamed as she started off in a run, as she was running she reached through her bag to grab her cell phone to call 911 and didn't see the rock on the ground making her trip and fall flat on her stomach, dropping her phone, and being knocked out by hitting her head on the ground. The man stopped running and just walked to her while stepping on her phone breaking it in the process.

He picked her up and carried her to his cave deeper into the woods. Hours later Amy woke up inside the cave laying on a sleeping bag, next to her she saw her book bag and looked through it again for her phone but only saw her school books "Damn must have dropped it when I fell" she said.

She got up and walked around the cave trying to find a way out, her walk was cut short when she walked into apart of the cave and saw him again " Is that Bigfoot, he kidnapped me!" she said to herself and started to cry. Bigfoot heard her crying and walked towards her to see what was wrong.

"whats wrong girl?" Bigfoot said as he ran his fingers through her long black hair, "AWW get away from me!" she screamed as she jumped back. "Why did you kidnap me?" she asked, "me take pretty girl because me felt lonely and wanted you to mate with and give birth to child" he said.

"Mate with me so I can give birth to your child, I don't want to so send me back home!" she yelled, "its not girl's choice its mine I need to rebuild my family even if I have to kidnap every pretty girl in town!" Bigfoot yelled. Bigfoot grabbed Amy and ripped all her clothes off her body and pushed her back onto the sleeping bag, looked into her scared blue eyes and said "time to mate!"

Amy saw his 16 inch long cock get hard and screamed "AWWW no you can't rape me with that its to big, I'm still a virgin!" without listening Bigfoot turned her over on her hands and knees and shoved the top part of his dick into her and making her scream in pain as he pushed more into her breaking her hymn. A few minutes past and soon he had all of his dick in her fucking her fast and hard with each thrust. " IT HURTS SO MUCH PLEASE STOP!" she yelled at the top of her lungs

Amy could feel his dick hitting her cervix with every thrust and had an orgasm building up inside her, the though of her having an orgasm while being reaped by Bigfoot made her cry even more but soon she couldn't hold it in any more and let it out with a loud moan. Soon Bigfoot shoot loads of sperm into Amy's womb and making her have another orgasm. "Please let me go" Amy cried, "No you will live here and give birth forever" he said.

Without even pulling out of Amy's swollen pussy, Bigfoot started to fuck her again after he finished shooting his sperm in her. "Stop you already raped me just let me go!" she yelled, "Must fuck again to make sure you are pregnant!" he said with a growl.

Hours passed and Bigfoot continued to rape Amy making her have orgasm after orgasm while being filled with his sperm. Bigfoot Pick Amy up with his cock still in her and went down flat on his back and turned her around so he can look at her face. She wasn't crying any more but still had a sad look on her face with her eyes closed. "Girl fell asleep, me getting sleepy too!" With his cock still in her he quickly feel asleep and let her rest on his chest.

Morning came and Amy woke up really sore, the first thing she saw was Bigfoot's face she was about to scream but then stopped herself think it would wake him up. She carefully moved his arms off of her and slowly got his dick out of her with some of his cum dripping out of her. "I still cant believe I was kidnapped and raped by Bigfoot" Amy said sadly.

Amy took small steps and followed the light outside of the big cave and ended up look at a totally different place then were she was when she first saw Bigfoot. She saw a river leading into a lake
and acres of fruit trees, and a few caves all around her, she would be completely lost if she tried to run and had thoughts about running into something worse then Bigfoot.

The pain in her stomach made her forget so Amy cleaned her self off in the river before heading back into the cave. When she got back inside she was greeted by Bigfoot "Hello girl how are you?" he asked "A little sore and my name is Amy not girl" she said, "Ani?" he replied back.

"No Amy, don't you know how to speak some English?" she asked "Me pick up words from humans evey now then" he said, "oh OK by the way what happened to your family you talked about?" she asked, "they disappeared years ago when I was little and me don't know where they went, thats why I traveled all over US and Canada until I found you and came up with new plan" Bigfoot said.

"Wow so now that you have me you won't let me go even after I give birth?" she asked, "Nope you will be with me forever" he said "How old are you?" she asked "well me is 20 years old" "I have know a faster way for you to get you family back" She said, "what is that Amy?" he asked.

"Do you know when you said you might even have to kidnap every girl in town, well how about we take some and you can impregnate them to, I cant also teach you how to read and talk better" Amy said with a smile. "I love your Idea Amy lets do it Now!" Bigfoot said jumping up on his feet.

to be continued....

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2014-04-13 23:29:14
I like it and want to read the "continued" part but make the story longer and more detail! But im sure it will be great for whatever you come up with.

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2013-08-02 06:14:02
no this is jus horrid..dont make him talk or watever..also who thr fuck! says 'AWWW please dont rape me' evryone screams 'please help me, no please stop' and the monster just grunts loudly and rapes her..this is jus stupid as fuck shit :/ pathetic!

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2013-05-08 10:08:41
Good idea, but slow the pase a lot!
Try to write slower than you jerk off!
Add lots and lots of more details about the characters!
Build up the sex scenes with more explicit decription of them. Also trying to get into both characters feelings and sensations while describing the matings!
The grammar could be a lot better, but that can always be corrected at the end of each chapter!

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2013-04-12 19:11:54
This was a good story even though it had some grammar issues. I could still read it easily so I'm disappointed that it hasn't been continued.

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2012-09-11 03:17:12
ya all need to be a little nicer, i liked the story. sure it needs a little work but its got a good start to it. keep up the work, thats my opinion.

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