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Three in trouble
The Farm
© This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people and places is coincidental.
Molly watched with horrid fascination as the big dog attempted to rape her older sister June. June sobbed in terror as she wiggled her ass trying to avoid the in evadable.

Both of the girls and their mother were locked in a fenced grassy compound with three large dogs.
Molly, June and their mother Beth had been captured early that morning by five men. The first thing the men had done was force the three of them to strip to their skin.

Beth and the girls expected to be raped then. However, to their surprise, they were blindfolded and put in a large van. The van took them to what seemed to be a farm in the hills. There the mother and daughters were pushed into the compound. Then the gate was closed tight behind them. Several of the posts holding the fence up had small video cameras on them. The cameras covered the compound with double overlap so none of the action was missed.

They were given food and water and allowed time to relieve themselves in a toilet in a corner of the compound.

Their captors watched with silent interest as they used the open air toilet. Then three large friendly dogs were let in the fenced area with them.
The dogs proved to be very friendly indeed. They immediately began sniffing and licking Berth’s and the girl’s pussies. The shocking horror of dog’s intent was obvious. June was fifteen with long raven hair like her mother. Her breasts were developing into nice firm conical B cups, also like her mother. Molly was thirteen with nice ‘A’ cup tits and was developing into an auburn haired beauty. Their mother Beth was thirty six years old stunning young matron. The object of many a teenage boys fantasies Beth was the tallest of the three, standing a full five foot six.

“Don’t fight them ladies.” One of the men shouted. “If you deny them too long things will get nasty.” He laughed. “All of you ladies will be dog britches before the day is over.”

It didn’t take long for the dogs to each choose a bitch and separate her from her others.
June was backed in to a corner of the compound. Her assailant was a large young tan Mastiff. He nosed her hands apart and attacked her young cunt with gusto.

Each time June tried to turn away he growled.

Gripping the wire of the fence the frightened girl whimpered and pressed herself as deep in the corner of the fence as she could. She gasped each time his hot wet tongue found its mark.

“Nice doggie.” she said, with a shaky voice. “Please stop that!” His tail never stopped wagging as he continued his assault on the bitch. Deep in his primal mind, he knew the bitch would soon be his.
”Oh, stop that!” June commanded.

Surprisingly he stopped and backed off a pace or two. Then he sat down. His tongue hung out as he grinned at her looking into her blue eyes with his brown ones. His message was plane. “You’re my bitch.”
June misunderstood. She dashed around him and ran for the gate.

She got no more than ten feet before he knocked her down. Before the terrorized girl could get to her feet, he mounted her wrapping his powerful forelegs around her small waist.

June screamed and struggled for a few seconds until he snarled menacingly. At that sound June froze.
With his bitch in position, the Mastiff started humping her, his probing cock searching for the entrance to her cunt.

“No! Please no!” She uselessly begged the dog. Of course, he didn’t understand at all. Even if he had, nothing short of death was going stop him from taking this bitch. He was young but well trained.

“Oh, God no!” June screeched as she felt the oozing pointed tip sliding through her dark pubic hair. She wiggled her ass franticly trying to avoid her fate.

Frustrated, the dog barked, and then growled. June froze. The trembling girl whimpered, her mind dulled with shock and the portent of what was about to happen to her.

/then the dog backed off her. He walked around her sniffing her and gave her doggie kisses on her tits and face. Then he mounted her again wrapping his forelegs around her waist tighter this time. His thrusts still clumsily missed this time too. Then his pointed red cock found its mark slipping past the lips of her pussy an inch or so.

June groaned in despair. “Mother, Mother! Help me!” June sobbed.

The next instant June screeched in pain when he slammed his long thick dog cock in her tender tight young cunt. June wasn’t a virgin any more. Not caring a bit how his bitch felt, the Tan fucked her hard and fast in true doggie fashion. Each hard thrust penetrating deeper than the last. “Somebody help!” June sobbed. “He’s fucking meee!” She shrieked.

The Mastiff’s thick cock reached her cervix in a few seconds. Then his knot began a relentless push to slip into the girl’s cunt. June didn’t know what the big thing battering and stretching her pussy open was; she just knew it hurt even more than the cock.

“Oh, God! Oh God! Mother!” Her desperate voice became a high-pitched scream. “He’s killing meeeeeee!”
At that point, the knot slipped past her labium sealing his cum in his bitch’s pussy.

Tears streamed down June‘s flushed sweat covered face. “It’s hot!” The hapless girl whimpered. “Oh, god, it’s so hot!”

June’s thirty six year old mother was in no position to help. She was on her hands and knees in the grass with a dog cock slamming deep in her cunt. Sweat dripped from the jutting nipples tipping her lush conical breasts. Her face and flawless skin carried deep red splotches of unwanted sexual heat.

Her face flushed deeper yet with shame hearing the men cheered her canine rapist on. Shame because she realized she was beginning to thrust back to take more of the doggy cock.

“Oh, God! Not that!” Beth moaned, thinking about the cameras.

Then she felt ultimate humiliation as she pushed back to take the knot and the rest of the dog dick deep in apparent willingness.

“Would you look at that?” One of the men gasped. “We’ve got a live one this time boys! I think the bitch likes it!”

“Oh, shit!” Beth sobbed feeling the knot lock in her pussy. Whimpering she dropped her head to her crossed arms in the grass in shame.

For the moment, Molly was still intact. She was hiding as well as she could behind the toilet stool. The thirteen year old girl was dealing with a friendly eager dog and new sensations. She giggled when he licked her face and now hard nipples on her small perky tits.

Then he found her partly exposed virgin pussy and the bright red fuzz around it. Even as molly squirmed to get away the dog’s hot wet tongue found it mark more times than not. Each time he gave her pussy a doggy kiss, new but not unpleasant sensations rippled through her now twitching young body.

The frightened and confused girl had an unobstructed view of her mother and older sister’s distress. They were both getting soundly fucked. She had never heard of such a thing. Curiosity was part of the horrid fascination as she watched them getting raped.

Molly knew that this was her fate, and chances were there was little she could do to avoid it.

Then she got what she thought was a lucky brake. The dog stopped licking her pussy, sat down and gave her a friendly bark. She scooted past the toilet bowl and tried to escape. Molly got no more that two steps away before the dog caught her in a split second and knocked her flat.

When Molly tried to get up, she made the mistake of pausing on her hands and knees a second or two before she stood.

The dog mounted her before she could stand. His forelegs tightly griped her waist. Molly looked back between her legs and saw, to her horror, that the long dripping red cock was ready.

“No, please no!” She sobbed, struggling in the dog’s grip. “Help me! Somebody help me!”

The dog thrust at her pussy but the angle was a bit off. Molly watched it slide through her slightly parted labium and glide along her clit, leaving a trail of slime that oozed from the tip. The terrified girl breathed a sigh of relief then. The respite was short lived as she wiggled her ass in a desperate attempt to avoid the tip dripping cock.

His next thrust was fast and true. “Eeeeee! “ Molly shrieked in aguish as a good third of the cock tore through her hymen. In moments, the large Dane was hammering his cock deeper and deeper in her tight, no longer virgin pussy.

“Stop, stop, stop!” When she felt the knot press against her labium she screamed again. “Eeeeee!” Molly shrieked. guessing that the dog was going to push that round thing in her body too. With a lunge or two he planted his knot pausing to let it swell to full size. She shrieked in pain again as the swelling knot painfully filled her pussy.

The thick dog cock began filling her forever stretched teen pussy with his hot dog cum. “ M-mommy help meee!” Molly sobbed brokenly as she felt the hot fluid fill her tight young pussy. “Oh god!” she wailed. I don’t want to have puppies!”

One of the men smiled at that. He could us that myth against Molly.

All three of them were dog sluts now. There were lots of videos and still pictures to prove it. When the ladies were all free from their doggie partners the dogs were removed from the pen.

Beth, June and Molly huddled together in the center of the compound. The girls whimpered while Beth stared daggers at the men. “What are you fucking bastards going to do to us now!” She hissed.

“You all get brand new collars and each of gets your own private kennel to sleep in bitch.” the Boss sneered. “After you and the young bitches are rested and cleaned up I’m sure we can find more fun things for you to do.”

roxan brownReport

2018-02-09 17:26:29
I was 11 when I had my first K9 lover molly would have had a great time, under different circumstances my first lead very quickly to my second.


2017-10-21 18:27:30
Molly must be very tight.1

Anonymous readerReport

2014-08-10 07:17:54
molly is a little young don't you think?

anonymous readerReport

2012-10-20 18:57:12
God i would have loved to be one of them................

anonymous readerReport

2012-02-22 23:02:43
Yeah I agree with the other guy, you should have used unavoidable or inevitable instead "in evadable" cuz it sounds funny...

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