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When i was married we had all kinds of fun swinging,threesomes,and I started setting her up for gang bangs and sharing for BBCs to fucker her.Well we ended up splitting up and one night one of her BBC Bulls came by to be serviced. Telling him that she was no longer here living with me so there was nothing I could do about it but he just smiled and said"Oh yeah you can do something about it and you will"!He pushed his way in and grabbed ahold of me over powering me,I'm 5'9" 190lbs and hes 6'4" around 270lbs and strong as hell,pinning me against the wall he grinned at me telling me I was going to be his lil bitch now to suck his dick and to fuck anytime he wanted! Then he started kissing me I tried to resist him as he slid his tongue into my mouth he stopped just to tell me that I better relax and get used to the fact that I was his now or he'd make me regret it if I didn't.I never said a word,I was shocked and scared how everything was happening like this and strangely felt myself getting turned on too! He started to kiss me again slowly and when he pushed his tongue into my mouth I excepted it willingly kissing him back. He pulled back taking off his shirt he told me to take off all my clothes,then he grabbed me again kissing me as his hands slid down to my ass! He started squeezing rubbing and slapping on my ass and I liked how it felt,then he slid a finger in between my ass cheeks over to my lil virgin hole making me moan out as I felt his finger slip in! He worked it in and out of me for a lil while,I could feel his cock pushing against my leg getting bigger and bigger!His hands moved up from my ass and onto my shoulders pushing me down"You ready to suck my dick now" looking up at him as I slid down to my knees"yes" I said as he smiled"Good bitch show me you want it"! I quickly had his pants undone slid them down and took ahold of his semi-hard huge black cock stroking it with one hand and cupping his balls with the other! Still looking up I sild my tongue up and down the length of his shaft a few times then licked some of his pre-cum off the tip of his BBC making him moan out as he watched me! The way it felt as I held in my hand and the musky smell of his balls made me so fucking nasty I opened my mouth and took his cock down my hungry mouth like I knew what I was doing! I suck on his BBC for awhile and soon felt him start to stiffen up and his BBC swell up as he yelled out"I'M GONNA CUM"thick wads of cum started shooting of out filling my mouth full! Taking as much as I could I could feel it running down my chin it kept squirting out gulpping it down I worked his BBC till it was clean! Pulling me up he said lets go to the bedroom now so he followed me to my bed and I went to grab some anal lube that was left in the night stand,he told me how he was going to fuck me till I couldn't walk! I handed the tube to him and he told me to lay down in front of him pushing my legs apart I felt the cold lube run down the crack of my ass then his fingers rubbing it around my hole! Pushing a finger in me he told me to relax while he worked it in me it felt so good before I knew it he had 2 fingers sliding in n out easy taking them deep.He climbed up behind of me pushing his hard BBC up the crack of my ass"You want this dick don't you bitch"he asked me making me feel so nasty as I said yes I wanted it! He pushed it on my hole making me gasp as it slid in stretching me apart wide the pain was so intense as his fat head popped inside of me,"Nice fucking tight ass feels so good" he said as he pushed it in deeper with a steady pressure driving it in.I was gaspping,moaning out loudly from pain that filled my body taking it almost passing out while he started working it in and out pushing it deeper n deeper till I felt his balls touching my ass! I never felt anything like the hot flash of pure pleasure making me shake uncontrollably in bliss knowing I HAD ALL OF HIM INSIDE OF ME! He laughed at me saying I was his now,I could barely answer him but I said that I was his bitch now whenever he wanted! He slowly started working it in n out of me,getting faster n harder giving me his BBC till I was saying"FUCK ME YES FUCK ME"over and over again loving every inch of him inside me! He came deep inside of me and laid on top of me till I felt his BBC slip out of me! He fucked me a few more times that night and yes he still comes by whenever he wants to now! Cause yes I'm his bitch and I love it! Its been over 2 years that he made me his slut for BBC! He started calling me telling me to meet him where he works where I started out just sucking his cock in the parking lot during his lunch break to going into his office and letting him fuck me on his desk whenever he feels like it! After about 6 months he started to bring a friend over with him to fuck me and I willingly took anyone on he brought to fuck me! He fucks me 3 times a week sometimes 5 times a day too and I have never told him no or denied him of his right to do whatever he wants with me!


2011-12-07 12:54:46
I have wet dreams about being dominated by a large powerful man! This story got me nice and hard!


2011-09-10 11:26:16
I dont normally ike the gay stuff, but I gotta admit this was kinda hot. You should write more.

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