My daughter has an unusual condition. At a young age (and not pregnant) she is lactating.
What the hell was I thinking? The feelings of euphoria that I had experienced the night I fucked my daughter in the ass had faded quickly. That night, as I lay in bed, I remembered how rough I had been, how nasty I had talked to my little girl. I had started to believe that I was a pervert and even feel like that was okay, but worse I was starting to believe that it gave me permission to do increasingly sexual things to my baby girl.

I couldn't sleep that night. I tossed and turned all night long and when my wife came to bed the next morning, I wrapped her in my arms and just lay there. She dropped off to sleep immediately, but I savored the feeling of normalcy. When I couldn't put it off any longer, I went to Emily's room to wake her for the morning milking session.

She was asleep. I sat on the side of the bed and stroked her beautiful curly hair. I thought about how I had probably fucked her up for life. Finally, she started to stir, awakening slowly.

"Baby, we need to talk."

"What'sa matter Daddy?"

I didn't even know where to start. "We need to try using the breast pump again."

"No… Daddy, it hurts."

I wondered how it could hurt more than the mauling JJ had been giving her breasts.

"Why?" She wailed.

"Baby, the stuff that I've been doing with you, letting you touch my penis, putting it inside you, that stuff is wrong. I'm your Daddy and I shouldn't be doing those things, and neither should JJ. I know he's been doing that stuff too but he's your brother and it's wrong for him as well."

Emily looked confused. "Why is it wrong? Jenny said her Momma told her that she should only do those things with someone she was sure she loved and would want to stay with forever. I love you and JJ and I want to stay with you both forever. Why is it wrong?" she repeated.

I was dangerously close to pulling out the old "because I said so" line. This was so complicated, or maybe it wasn't really.

"Emily, Daddies and brothers should not have sex with their daughters or sisters. JJ and I could both go to jail for doing what we did. Now I know that we still need to take care of your breast milk, but I would like to try using the pump. If that doesn't work, I'll go back to touching you to make it easier, but that's all we can do. I'll be home more often now so I can help you whenever you need to pump. You won't need JJ's help."

"But it hur…"

I interrupted. "I know you think it hurts, and it might. But you'll get used to it." I was going to stand firm on this. I went to the drawer and retrieved the pump. Emily lay against her pillows and lifted her nightshirt. I started to place the pump at her breast when she stopped me.

"Wait! Daddy, you have to check for infection."

Shit – I had hoped to skip that part. With the pump firmly in my left hand and ready to go, I reached out to my little girl's tiny boobs. I rubbed them softly, feeling for signs of hardness or heat. I watched her nipples harden in response to my manipulations and a tiny bead of milk appeared. I know I spent way more time than needed on this particular chore, but… baby steps. At least I wasn't fucking her ass.

I placed the pump against my daughter's breast and switched it on. She hissed and jerked reflexively but then sat back, holding her body stiffly against the pillows. My eyes were glued to her nipple inside the breast pump. It was elongated obscenely as the pump sucked at her. I wiggled it slightly, enjoying the sight of her breasts jiggling, and it seemed to do the trick. Milk started trickling into the container, slowly dripping out of several holes in her nipple. It was fascinating to watch the pump mimicking the suckling of a baby and I could feel myself getting hard at the sight of her nipple moving back and forth, huge and distended.

I finally looked away from Emily's little breast and glanced at her face to see how she was doing. She was sitting up, her eyes squeezed tightly shut with tears streaming silently down her cheeks. It took everything in me not to remove the pump and go back to sucking the milk from her breast, but I held out.

When the milk stopped flowing, I turned the pump off and moved to her other breast to repeat the action. When I was all done, I packed everything up and put it all away. Emily lay against the pillows, her nipples still obscenely huge even though they were no longer being pulled by the pump. I couldn't help myself. I gently massaged both tits, barely touching the nipples, then I leaned down and tenderly kissed the tips. I reached up for her nightshirt and covered her back up.

"I love you Baby." I whispered. "I know you're upset, but this is really for the best".

I felt proud of myself, finally. I had done some awful things, but I was making it right. Yes, I still had to go to the bathroom to relieve my hard cock after the session, but that was okay. I was human and the sight of my daughter's titties was not something easily ignored.

I let my wife know that I would be working from home now and life settled back into a semi normal routine. I was around the house when the kids came home from school so I made sure there would be no more milking sessions between Emily and her brother. JJ seemed to slowly lose interest and I was relieved when he announced he had a girl friend. Everything was going pretty well, with the exception of one thing.

One of my initial worries was that I had irreparably screwed up my daughter, and it appeared that I had. Emily had always been a good quiet girl and she still was, but now there was a twist. She seemed to be way more touchy feely with me than I was comfortable with. While I was working through my lustful urges in the bathroom every day, she was not taking advantage of that option and was apparently missing the stimulation of our sessions. At every opportunity, Emily would sit on my lap, brush up against me, wrap her arms around me or just touch me in some way. I noticed her nipples were often hard, and during our milking sessions, she would close her eyes in ecstasy and writhe against my leg the entire time the pump was running. She had become a tiny little sexual time bomb and it was killing me.

One particular evening, we were milking as normal. She had prolonged the inspection portion of the program by telling me she had felt something hard on one of her breasts. I spent several minutes kneading the tissue around her nipples, watching them drool their liquid. When I was satisfied that there was nothing to be found, I placed the pump against her breast and turned on the pump.

As usual, my cock was hard as a rock. I had become fascinated by the sight of Emily's nipple being suckled by the mechanical device. It would move up and down the milking tube, stretching and retracting with each pull. I had taken to supporting the unattached tit with my free hand as if it was necessary. In reality, I enjoyed the vibrations the pump caused, and watching her nipple harden and quiver on top of the little titty mound was a pleasure I just couldn't forego.

Quite by accident I noticed Emily slowing pulsing her hips. At first it was a subtle thing, just a little wriggle, a push, then nothing. But the longer the pump pulled at her breast, the more her hips hunched up, then relaxed. Soon, it looked as if Emily was fucking an invisible lover, her hips arching and pushing with each draw on her nipple, her head thrown back and little moans coming from her wide open mouth. I couldn't tear my eyes away and I could feel my cock dripping precum in the confines of my pants.

Suddenly, Emily cried out "Daddy" and her free nipple began shooting milk in the air. I looked down just in time to see my little girl's juices saturating the crotch of her panties. Emily reached down to pull them aside and I watched as she squirted girl cum all over the bed. I looked at the breast still attached to the pump and it was gushing fluids into the container at record speeds. OH. MY. GOD. Emily had come like a freight train with no other stimulation than the breast pump attached to her nipple.

I hunched my hips once, twice and blew my load inside my own underwear, unable to stop myself.

As I lay in bed that night, I thought about Emily and her predicament. Right or wrong, the liberties I had taken with my daughter had awakened her sexually and now I had cut her off cold turkey. If she was cumming from nipple stimulation alone, she must be extremely frustrated. I made up my mind that I would show her how to help herself.

The next evening, after I had attached the pump to her breast, I watched Emily carefully. As soon as I noticed her hips starting to move, I reached down and removed her panties. Emily immediately went for the hardon in my pants but I grabbed her hand and shook my head.

I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself. It had been so long since I had seen my daughter's little bare pussy. Quite frankly, I was probably as frustrated as Emily. Jessica had been too tired lately to take care of me and the milking sessions were straining my control. Yes, I was masturbating – frequently – but it wasn't the same.

I took one of Emily's tiny little hands in mine and dragged it down her stomach to her pussy. I held one finger in my hand and rubbed it against her clitty, my cock jumping at the sight of the little button poking up at the top of her slit. I moved her finger around and around and then moved it down to her little cunny hole. I dipped her finger inside and groaned silently at the sight of the moisture clinging to it as I dragged it back up to her clit again.

"Now you do it" I whispered.

She continued playing with her pussy and I moved her other hand to her free breast. She needed no prompting in this area and immediately began pinching and squeezing the nipple. As I sat back to watch and monitor the breast pump, I realized there was a flaw in this program. I was unbelievably turned on.

My cock was drooling pre cum as I watched the pump suckle my daughter's right nipple, the elongated flesh pulling up and back again and again. As if that alone wasn't enough to get me hot, my daughter was masturbating in front of me. Her fingers were continuously dipping into her pussy hole and rubbing her clit, her other hand was busy manipulating her left breast, squeezing the nipple in what looked like a painful manner. I needed relief. I took the towel I had brought to the bed and placed it over my lap. I unzipped and began masturbating in sync with my baby girl.

When I felt myself getting close to the edge, I stopped the pump and pulled it off of Emily's little tit. Without thinking, I leaned down and placed a kiss on the overlarge, swollen nipple. I immediately realized what I had done when Emily gasped and arched into my mouth. I quickly moved the pump to the other breast and turned it back on.

I leaned back to continue masturbating under the towel and to watch my baby girl do the same. I could still feel the nipple I had kissed, against my mouth. My cock was so hard I could hammer nails. Emily's movements at her cunt were starting to become frantic. I watched as she stuck two fingers in her pussy to gather up her juices yet again, but instead of heading back to her clit, she lifted her hips with a grunt and moved down to her little puckered asshole. It took everything in me not to cum as she pushed her two fingers into that tight little orifice and began pumping in and out. Her hips were pushing wildly and I longed to stick my cock in her empty juicy pussy, but I was a converted pervert. No way was I starting down that road again.

I was jolted out of my thoughts by Emily's voice "Daddy, turn off the pump – it's done!" I reached over to turn the suction off and Emily gasped one, twice her hips suspended in the air, her fingers still in her ass. I assumed that she was cumming, although she didn't squirt as she had done several times in the past. When she finally relaxed, I removed the pump from her breast and began wrapping it up. I was trying to be careful to keep my hard, naked cock under the towel, but suddenly, I felt fingers squeezing the shaft.

FUCK! That was all it took. Just feeling my baby girl's tiny hand wrapped around my cock was enough to send me shooting cum in the air.

"Damn it Emily" I cursed as my hips pumped uncontrollably. I grabbed the towel and covered myself. I jumped from the bed and as I limped towards the door still drooling cum I yelled at my daughter "I told you NO and I meant it!"

I headed to the bathroom to give myself a pump or two to finish what Emily had started. As I cleaned myself up, I realized that my reaction was probably devastating to my little girl. She just didn't seem to understand what was wrong. I had brought this on myself with my seduction of my daughter. As the guilt overcame me, I walked back to her room to apologize. I opened the door and stopped dead in my tracks. Apparently, Emily had not finished for the evening. I couldn't help but stare at my little girl who was lying flat on the bed, one hand moving back and forth between her still swollen nipples and the other pushing a brush handle in and out of her pussy. She seemed to be having problems keeping the brush in her cunt, playing with her nipples and manipulating her clit all at the same time. She groaned in frustration and I realized that I couldn't take it anymore. I had to help and damn the consequences. I had done this to her, and until she was ready for her own boyfriend, I was the only one that could fix it for her.

I went back to my bedroom and raided the bedside table. I found one of Jessica's seldom used vibrators, grabbed it and headed with purpose back to Emily's bedroom. As I approached the bed, Emily's eyes began tearing up.

"I'm sorry Daddy, I just want to feel better".

"No baby, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you. I'll help you out from now on".

I bent down and removed the brush handle from her little pussy. I switched on the vibrator and rubbed her clit gently. Emily gasped and her hips practically levitated off the bed. I ran it all around her lips, across her cunt hole and down to her asshole. Emily writhed uncontrollably when the vibrations hit the little pucker of her bottom and I was convinced she was going to leave bruises on her own tits as she squeezed them vigorously.

I reached up for one of her hands and moved it down to her clit. "Rub there, Baby" I whispered as I nudged the tip of the vibrator against her pussy lips. She mauled her little button as I begin pushing the vibrator slowly into her cunt, just once. I pulled it back out and eyed the juices all over the plastic device. Good enough… and I moved it down to her puckered little asshole and pushed it just as slowly into her bottom.

Emily screamed as the juices squirted out of her cunt. One hand was a blur against her clit, the other was pulling her nipple obscenely. I pumped the plastic cock in and out of my baby's butt as she continued cumming and didn't switch it off until her hips met the mattress again.

"Thank you Daddy" she whispered. "I feel better now". I surveyed the mess I had made, both literally and figuratively. So much for redeeming myself… my daughter was a sexually frustrated little girl because of me. I was the horny father who wanted nothing more than to pump my cock into her little pussy, then fuck her ass with abandon. It didn't matter, I was going to do whatever it took to keep my daughter from suffering. How noble of me.

The next few days were a lesson in frustration. I helped my daughter get off morning, afternoon and evening during our milking sessions. I continued to use the vibrator and would practically run from the room to masturbate into the toilet. In every session, Emily tried everything she could to involve me. She would often grab my cock through my pants, rub up against me or offer to take care of my Daddy milk. I stood strong but it was much tougher when she would try things with other people around.

Walking through the zoo, she would ask to sit on my shoulders so she could see above the crowd. God, the smell and feel of her moist pussy was beyond imagining. I had to take care of my cock in the public toilet. In the evenings she would help me prepare dinner, rubbing against me at every opportunity, placing her hand on my crotch when possible or rubbing her hard nipples against my arm. When she came home from school, she would beg to sit on my lap at the computer, often with JJ in the same room. I would have to make up reasons for not wanting to be alone with her.

It all came to a frightening head that weekend in the pool. JJ, Emily and I were horsing around while my wife lay sunbathing on a lounger. JJ decided to practice his dives, which left Emily and I alone at our end of the pool. She had wrapped herself around me and refused to be dislodged. When I suggested she practice her swimming, she tightened her legs around my waist and whined that she just wanted to rest for a few minutes. I leaned against the side of the pool and decided to wait her out. What could happen in broad daylight?

Jessica was laying right by the side where I stood propped, so while Emily laid her head on my shoulder, or lay back, ducking her head in the water with her legs around my waist, my wife and I began a discussion about what was happening at her work. I studiously tried to ignore Emily's antics in the water until I felt a cool sensation around my waist and cock. I looked down thru the wavy sunlit water to see Emily pulling my trunks away from my erection and slipping her hand down to cup my balls. I surreptitiously tried to remove Emily's hands from the danger zone, but it was impossible without drawing my wife's attention. Emily pumped my cock several times, brushing her fingers across the tip and then rubbing the spot just under the head. I had no idea what to do to stop it and it felt so damn good.

While Jessica chattered on about one of the other nurses at the hospital, I watched as Emily moved aside her swimsuit crotch and slowly, slowly impaled herself on my erection. I frantically looked to see where JJ was but he was engrossed in his dive technique on the other side of the pool. My eyes swung back to Jessica as she asked me impatiently if I was listening.

"Sorry," I croaked hoarsely as Emily began quietly pulsing against me. "I was watching JJ's dive" I lied.

Oh my God it felt so good to be back inside my daughter's pussy. I couldn't believe I had held out this long. I couldn't believe my cock was tucked inside my little girl's cunt while my wife lay just a few feet away. Emily lay back in the water again, grinding my cock even deeper into her crevice while she floated her body sensuously. She began rubbing her hard little nipples and biting her lip as she tightened her thigh muscles around my waist. I pulled her back up and hissed as quietly as possible for her to stop, but we both know I didn't mean it. My only concern at the moment was not getting caught.

Jessica asked me another question which I answered vaguely with an "uh huh" sound. I looked over to make sure she was still sunbathing with her eyes closed and then I checked on JJ one last time. With the coast seemingly clear, I clasped my daughter's buttocks and ground her pelvis against me as hard as I could. I humped my hips through the water into her tight little pussy, scraped her little titties against my chest once before pulling her upper body away from me by her wet hair and then I shot the biggest load of semen I had seen in weeks right into my daughter's cunt.

Emily gasped loudly and I could feel her cunt muscles milking my cock as she came. Jessica looked over at her with concern and asked if she was okay.

Emily, still in the throes of her orgasm just bit her lip and nodded. I thanked God that we were below Jessica's eye level and she couldn't see what was going on. Trying to cover for Emily, I muttered something about her having a cramp.

"Well for God's sake get her out of the pool before she drowns" my wife huffed as she lay back down on the chaise.

I quickly removed Emily from my cock, adjusted our bottoms and carried her out of the pool. I told Jessica I was taking her upstairs to dry off and I walked as quickly as possible into the house. As I passed through the laundry room, I stumbled against the table we used to fold the clothes, slamming Emily onto the top of it. I realized that it was at the perfect height and I yanked her swimsuit top down and drew her cold hard little nipple into my mouth.

While I was sucking on her titties, my hands were fighting hers down below. We couldn't get our swimsuits out of the way fast enough. I may have just cum, but after weeks of abstinence, I was hard as a rock. I slammed my cock into Emily's pussy as I switched to her other nipple. She was leaning back, her arms braced on the table trying to support herself as I fucked inside her. I grabbed her legs and moved them higher around my waist, pushed her back against the surface and begin pumping her so hard the table slammed against the wall.

"Hurry baby, cum for Daddy" I groaned. I was terrified that someone would walk in at any moment, not so much worried about being caught, but being caught before we orgasmed.

"Come on baby, you feel so good. Cum for me, sweetie" I coaxed. "Let me feel you baby".

I reached out for both titties and squeezed them roughly. I tweaked a nipple and continued to push in and out of her rhythmically. I realized I was too close and I needed to push her over the edge quickly. There was one sure fire way to do it. I lay down on top of Emily, her hard nipples digging into my chest. I raised her legs even higher, spit on my fingers and shoved two of them inside Emily's asshole.

I felt Emily squirt her orgasm around my bursting cock just seconds before I heard it hit the tile floor. Apparently her cunt wasn't deep enough for both of our juices. I continued to pump helplessly into her pussy as she moaned through every pulse. When we had both calmed, I lowered her legs, picked up a beach towel and wiped the floor. We righted our suits and slowly limped up the stairs to her bedroom.

At her door, I turned her to face me. "Emily, what we did was still wrong." I started.

"I don't care" she said defiantly. "I liked it and I feel better". After having her say, she stomped inside her room and slammed her door in my face. I had a feeling this would not be the end of the risky sex if I didn't give in to her demands. I wasn't sure whether to feel ecstatic or concerned.

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