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Please don't read this unless you like the genres
Ever since I was five years old, I've always loved and thought of dogs as fellow friends, family, and even a person you can talk to. Growing up lonley in the lone country side of Iowa can make a you feel and think that way quite easily. Hell, I even thought dogs were better then my own species.
Growing up, my family purchased dozens of animals. My father being a farmer I guess they need to do that. We had animals like horses, pigs, cows, bulls, chickens, sheep, dogs, and even an ostrich we called Phillip.
As a young child on the farm I found all the animals amazing, and quickly grew a liking to them. You can even call it a big friendship. My parents always left for work early in the morning everyday during the summer and always left me a note on the refrigerator of what to do today. I first received these messages at eight years old and hated seeing those pieces of paper with lists of chorses scribbled on them even if it still meant I would be closer to my animalistic friends. I hated chores you see, but as I grew up more and more each summer, I came to like them.
Now as a fourteen year old teenage boy, I've come to enjoy them and actually get excited of what comes next after the one before it. Not because I enjoyed the chores but because of the animals and what they might hold for me.

My bell rang with the same ringtone and at the same time as it has been for the past six years of my life. I moaned as I rolled in my large bed, the matress creating large squeaks with every roll. Eventually my eyes slowly opened as a rusty gate does and I jumped out of bed in a single movement. I stretched quickly on my cold wooden floor and got dressed in my blue jeans and brown t-shirt with a large John Deere logo on it.
I twisted the door knob and walked out of my room and towards the kitchen so I can find out with anticipation of what my chores are today. Hopefully I get to clean the horses today, I haven't gotten to work with them for over a week now.
I jogged into the kitchen and saw the note hiding on my refrigerator. I quickly rip it off of its sticky substance and read. My eyes scaled over the note within seconds and I found out what I get to do.
Suddenly, I heard a large thud at the front door. I look away from my note and jog towards the door. I quickly opened the door and as expected my favorite dog came running into the house. It was Abraham, our large Saint Brenard. Almost twice my size.
"How ya doing big guy?" I said as I knelt down and started petting him behind his ear.
We've had Abraham ever since I was ten. My father apparently found him on the side of the road when he was a pup and decided to take him home with him. Ever since then Abraham as been apart of my family.
"Lets go. First we got to go get the horses some hay." I said as I got back to my feet and walked out the door. Abraham following suite quickly.
Abraham has always been my partner when it came to chores. He would help me out with herding the sheep, killing any rabbits or mice that give me a problem, etc., so me and Abraham are basically like best friends. Another thing why Abraham is so important to our family and even our business, is that he breeds some of our female dogs and even some of our neighbors a couple miles away. My dad then sells all the puppies within a year. So yeah, Abe is pretty damn important to us.
What I find weird, is the fact I get boners everytime I see Abe mount a bitch. I don't know why but I kinda wish I was down on all fours letting Abe mount me and breed me. Of course I've controlled those urges and try my best to ignore Abe if he's busy with a bitch. I've actually read about people having sex with animals. But like before I ignored it and controlled myself.
I've never had sex before but have had a good amount of jack-off sessions after sneaking a couple of my fathers Playboy magazine. I've never been good with girls and haven't even kissed or dated one. Mostly because of the fact I can't really practice my social skills out on a farm. But I still have my animals.
Anyways, throughout the day I did my chores one by one. First giving the horses some hay, then trimming our bushes out around the house, then cleaning out our tool shed, etc. etc.. By the end of the day I was covered in sweat and my jeans felt like they would sliding off my body. Luckily I have one more chore left to do. Clean my fathers Gran Torrino. Of course with Abe trailing behind me.
I walked into the garage and started to get the things I needed. Cloth, check. Car cleaning supplement, check. Brushes, check. I pulled out a draw and picked up the last thing, rubber cleaner. As I lifted it out of the draw my sweaty hands lost their grip and the can fell to the concrete ground and rolled under one of our work benches.
"Fucking A'" I said as I put down all my stuff and bent over to reach for the can.
My hand felt centimeters away from it when the next thing I knew I felt Abe get ontop of me. At first I thought he was playing and I laughed and kicked him away. Next time however he got ontop of me and started pulling my jeans off of my legs.
"Knock it off Abe!" I said as I got out from underneath the bench trying to kick him off, but his weight kept me firmly to the ground.
Within a couple more seconds he eventually pulled down my jeans and underwear to where my bare ass was pointing straight up at him.
"Get the fuck off me!" I shouted as I started to realize what he was attempting to do. I saw in horror as Abe's red dick grew to a giant size. Maybe ten inches long.
"Abe, stop! Abraham knock it off!" I said as I still struggled but I knew it was worthless. I'm gonna get fucked by my dog.
Abe thrusted forward and I felt his large dick slide right over my asshole. He countinued this for a couple more times before finally I felt his large dick head touch my asshole. Abe must've known this was his target and he thrusted forward, shoving inch upon inch of his large doggy cock into me. I screamed as I was pushed forward by Abe's merciless fucking. I felt as my ass clenched onto his dick, trying to push it out. Milking it in a way. Of course this most likely made Abraham even hornier then he already is and he pulled out slowly, then thrust back into me quickly until he was flat-out fucking me.
I moaned loudly as he fucked me like I was one of his bitches. My asshole feeling like its being ripped open. His fur covering my entire ass and warming it, making it sweat and therefore lubricating my asshole. Who knew Abe was a fuck-machine?
I couldn't beleive this was happening, me getting fucked by this giant Saint Brenard. I jolted back and forth with every hump. Feeling his furry balls bump up against my ass. Within a good couple minutes of fucking, I felt my dick start rising. I looked down and couldn't believe it. I had the biggest boner I've ever had.
Abe countinued his breeding of me with more power. Within ten minutes he was fucking like a pornstar. At least thats what it seemed.
"Uh....oh me Abe." I managed to moan as I couldn't hold his weight any longer and fell to the ground. Lifting my ass into the air.
Luckily the garage was closed so it wasn't possible for passing motorists to see me like this. Getting fucked hard by a dog. How embarrasing. The downside however is that with every moan I made, it echoed the garage, making me hear my own sighs of pleasure.
Feeling Abe's cock going in and out of my ass was the most interesting feeling I've ever had. Of course it hurt like hell, but the texture of his cock almost made getting fucked feel good. I turned and saw my ass skin jiggle and bounce as his balls smacked into me. Abe's face was down resting next to my head. I heard him breath in and out more and more every minute I was fucked.
Abe's legs tried wrapping around mine the more the fucking countinued. Probably trying to get me ready for his doggy cum. Oh god.
"Uhhhhhh. Ahhhhhh!" I moaned.
Abe fucked me countinously for the next forty-five minutes. My entire body was sweating and my body was so worn out I was flat down on the cold concrete. Suddenly Abe let out a whoof and then another and the next thing I knew, I felt what felt like gallons and gallons of cum shoot into my warm rectum.
"AHHHHHHHHHH!" I moaned as Abe came and came and came. No wonder people want him to breed their dogs. It's impossible not to get pregnant from this sperm machine.
I felt his large dick grow into a knot and now I knew he knotted me. Still cumming he got off me and turned around, butt to butt to me. The pain was unbearable as his ten inch, baseball thick dick stayed inside me. Finally, the next minute I felt the last drop of cum leave him and into me. He suddenly pulled out and a very noisy, squishy, POP sound echoed the garage. I screamed in pain as cum came rushing out of me like a waterfall. At the same time however, I looked below me and saw my own pool of cum.
I came when he came. I came when I got fucked by a dog. I looked over and saw Abe cleaning himself in the corner of the garage while I sat here on my stomach, worn out with doggy cum leaving my body like a hose.
I quickly got up, ignored the pain that was coming from my asshole, and wiped the cum away and got my pants on and ran out of there.
A couple hours later my parents arrived home, not suspecting a thing as they walked in and saw me watching TV calmy.
"Finish the chores today?" My father asked as he sat down at the kitchen table with his large newspaper in hand.
"Oh yeah. Don't you worry." I said. Giving off a smile.
"How about Abraham?" My mom asked. "Did he help you out with some of those chores?"
"Ohhh yeah." I said. Feeling my asshole twitch, and my dick rise.

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2017-02-07 08:30:22
every single female ages 12 to 70 in andaround shafter 9 out of every tengirls has had sex with a pet dog most do oral thats why there called shafter bitches refuring to there dog fuckers more and more married women are becoming dog fuckers thats life in kern county


2013-08-24 12:04:13
I would love that to happen to me!!

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-25 21:32:37
You should do some research on dog-fucking as you have obviously only read about it. A dog is not going to fuck continuously for 45 minutes. He will fuck for a very few minutes and then knot with you and remain pretty still until he steps over you and then will remain ass-to-ass until he is finished cumming. Then he will start dragging you around the room backwards until his knot finally shrinks enough for him to pull it out of you ass. And, if he is a Saint Bernard (not Saint Brenard as you erroneously spelled it)) he is going to do a lot of damage to your rectum with his huge dick. You should at least WATCH dogs fuck before you try to write about something that you know nothing about.

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2012-02-07 07:12:22
my buddy had me on my knees sucking him,we were both naked,his dog started fucking my ass,knotted me. than fill my ass up with his cum. his brother walk in seeing me stuck to the dog. so i end sucking him dry also.

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2011-09-12 20:15:50
a simular thing happened to me when i was fifteen, i just got out of the shower and was wet and naked, i went to my room and i dropped sommething under my bed, when i bent down to retreive it i was up under the bed with my ass sticking in the air, my dog, jeremy got on top of my back and began thrusting at my ass, he succeeded in getting his eight inch cock jammed up in my tight asshole, then he began fucking me real quick forcing my shoulders under the bedframe, i couldn't move, he fucked me frantically until his knot got wedged up my ass, then he stopped and i felt him pumping loads of hot cum inside my butt, my own dick had gotten hard and i had cum when he did, i was shocked and surprised, i found thast i liked it, from then on i often let jeremy fuck me late at night when my mom was sleeping, she almost caught me one time, right after jeremy got off me, i quickly pulled up my jeans and turned my back from her, my jeans were soaked with dog cum in the seat.

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