The unexpected sequel
This is the sequel to one of my other stories, "My Cousin Lisa". This happened a few weeks ago and was completely out of the blue.....

I recently attended the wake of a cousin on mine. In attendance was my cousin Lisa. Now, I've seen Lisa at many family functions since our night together years ago and I still get a boner just seeing her. She still looks good, even after two kids, especially since her 30th birthday, when she got breast implants. She's now a 38D, btw. She was wearing a tight black skirt that ended at her knees, and a black sweater that hugged those big tits. We hugged and gave each other a quick peck on the cheek and I felt my cock spring to attention.....something about her smell hit me hard. I know she felt it too.

She was there solo, leaving her husband to watch the kids. They lived over an hour away from the funeral home, and the boys had colds. She was kind of cold when she talked about Jim, her husband. Her normally beautiful eyes would cloud over when someone mentioned his name or asked where he was.

As some of us were leaving, a bunch of us decided to stop and get a drink together. We headed to a local bar and got a couple of tables and ordered. We told stories about our late cousin and had some laughs. As the party broke up, there were 4 of us left...Lisa, me and my cousin Al and his wife. We all walked out to our cars together and said goodbye. Al and Ginny drove off, leaving Lisa and I at her car.

"Well, good night, Lisa. It was nice seeing you again. Say hi to your brother for me." I said as I gave her a hug. She responded by holding me tight and kissed me softly on the lips. There were tears in her eyes. She confessed that she and Jim were having some problems, especially after the last baby.

"I need some attention from a man. He hasn't touched me in ages and I still have feelings for you." She was openly sobbing by now and continued, "Please have sex with me tonight?" and grabbed at my fully-erect cock. I grabbed the door handle and opened the door, pulling her inside her minivan. We shut the door and went into the rear, where we folded the back seat down into a bed. We kissed each other with fury and passion, Lisa making little gasps of pleasure as I rubbed her pussy thru her panties. I could smell her pussy start to moisten and feel how hot she was.

She pushed me onto my back and quickly undid my pants. My cock sprang out when she ripped them down and she attacked me with her mouth. Her mouth was so hot and wet and hungry for cock that I couldn't help but grab her head and start to ram into her, wanting as much of her as I could get. As she greedily sucked my cock, I managed to open the front of her sweater and fondle her new tits. She undid the clasp between the cups and her tits spilled free into my hand. Pinching her nipple hard, she began to whimper in pain and pleasure. Finally, she pulled her mouth off my cock...

"I want to fuck you." she commanded. She pulled her soaked panties off and straddled me. I pointed my stiff cock at her sopping pussy and watched her lower her cunt onto me. It was just as hot and tight as I recalled, even after two kids. As she rode me hard, her tits bounced in my face, where I gave them plenty of attention with my mouth and hands. Lisa ground her cunt against me and got a nice rhythm going, rubbing her clit on the base of my cock. She rode me as I thrust up inside her with each stroke. Grabbing her hips, I bounced her up and down even harder....I can imagine what her van looked like from the outside....and watched her face contort with an onrushing orgasm.

As her pussy started to spasm, her eyes rolled back in her head, her hips shook like crazy and she had what she later told me was the most intense orgasm she had ever had. Screaming and bouncing on me, every wave of orgasm made her pussy feel like an electric shock was racing thru it. She buried her face into my chest and let out a cry of release that was more animal than human. A normal orgasm would have finished by now, but this one kept going. Her cunt began to spasm again and she started grunting in unison with the spasms. We locked eyes and she was in total ecstasy, completely free of her problems.

Finally, she began to go limp on top of me. Breathing hard, she was able to say, "Get on top of me. Fuck me more."

I rolled her off me and turned her onto her back. I pulled her sweater and bra off and pushed her skirt up around her stomach, pushed her legs apart and slid back into Lisa's tight cunt. She pulled her legs apart and I went balls-deep. We kissed softly as I fucked her just as softly. Her pussy was super-sensitive and I knew she needed to take a break from the pounding. As I made love to my "cousin", tears started to fall from her eyes again as emotion got the better of her. I picked up the pace a bit and she responded by squeezing her cunt muscles hard with each stroke.

"It feels so good to have a man fuck me so good and take care of my needs. God, I needed this release." she said as we fucked in her family car. Her tears dried up as her 2nd orgasm began to take shape. I felt my balls slapping against her tight asshole and buried my face between her tits. I wanted every inch of her to be satisfied. Every stroke into her made her grunt in pleasure and get closer to coming again.

Inevitably, her cunt began quaking and spasming as her orgasm exploded from her. Wrapping her legs around me tightly, she bucked and writhed and grabbed as she came hard. I was able to hold off as she came but I knew I was less than 30 seconds away.

"I don't want to get pregnant, so don't come inside me. I want to swallow your cum and taste you."

She didn't know I had had a vasectomy years before, but I wasn't going to tell her that. I pulled out and rolled onto my back, letting her roll on top of me. She inhaled my cock and began to suck just the head HARD while she jerked the shaft furiously. This proved too much and I began to come almost immediately. Thick, gooey, hot ropes of cum spurted into Lisa's wanting mouth. As she milked my cock, bolt after bolt erupted from me, filling her mouth with my seed. She gulped and gulped away, managing to swallow every drop I could manage.

When she was sure I was dry, she collapsed on top of me, both of us exhausted. We lay there in our own sweat and fuckstink and lightly touched each other's nakedness.

"We should do this again." I told her.

"For sure. But next time, we're getting another motel room. And you're fucking my asshole, too."

We have plans to meet in September sometime. I'll write about it if it happens....

To be continued....
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