About to lose her house and her kids, a desperate housewife does the unthinkable to keep her family off the streets. Will her first walk on the wild side leave her eternally tormented, or craving more of the depravity that she finds herself in?
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Now That's Fucking Hardcore!
Hardcore Porno
By Nicola C. Matthews
© 2011 Nicola C. Matthews
All Rights Reserved

I arrived at the old plantation house shortly before 6 pm as instructed. I was really nervous about doing this, but I honestly had no choice. Our house was ten days away from foreclosure, my husband's truck had already been repossessed and both the twin girls were being forced to wear Salvation Army handouts that were nearly two sizes too small for their frail bodies. I had been called in by the girls' school nurse who was threatening to call in children's services if we did not get new clothes for the children by the end of the week. I was being forced to send them to school with sack lunches made from bread that I had scavenged out of the dumpster from behind Subway. My husband either didn't think to question where I was getting food from when we did not have a single penny left to our names or he didn't really care so long as there was actually food on the table. My husband's business had went under over a year ago, we had wiped out all of our savings, maxed out all of our credit cards, and had sold everything we could to make enough money to keep the lights and water on in the house. We were beyond desperate at this point. So here I sat, a married woman of thirty-eight years with two beautiful twin daughters...and I was about to walk onto a shoot for a porno movie.

My decision to do this had happened quite by accident. I was surfing the internet late one night, piggy-backing off the neighbor's wi-fi signal, searching for a job, any job, that might hire me so I could get to work in the next few days. I had years of experienced in doing the accounting for my husband's former business, customer service skills, computer skills, just to name a few. But all the job offers wanted people with degrees over an aging woman with fifteen years experience. They also wanted to do background checks and drug screenings and we just did not have the luxury of waiting up to two months before I saw my first paycheck, if I could even get hired. We needed money now, so I had bypassed all the fancy job titles and was looking at waitressing and cleaning jobs that paid cash daily. That's when I came across the ad for the "Pussy Willow" gentlemen's club in a nearby town.

I took a long hard look at myself in the mirror. Sure, I was thirty-eight, but over the last year my five foot six inch frame had dropped down to a lean 120 pounds. I had spent hours walking around our town applying for jobs earlier in the year, opting to walk instead of wasting money on gasoline for the beat-up old car that I had bought after selling my two-year-old minivan. My dark brown hair had only a few grey hairs that could be easily disguised with minimal lighting and some curls. I had never liked using a tanning salon so my skin only had the beginnings of the very fine lines that instantly smoothed out with moisturizer. My breasts were only a full b-cup, so there was absolutely no sag to be seen. Sure, my tummy was a bit rounder than I liked, but there was little that could be done with that aside from plastic surgery. My legs still looked fantastic in a pair of heels and my ass still filled out a bikini nicely. I decided that I would drive over to the Pussy Willow and apply for the job.

That had been three days ago. The interview had went well, and I had actually enjoyed being up on the stage when I did my interview 'dance.' After talking with the manager for a while (he was an older gentleman who reminded me so much of my late Uncle Bobby) I finally broke down and explained to him what all was going on in my life. I had finally blurted out in between racking sobs, "I don't mean to sound so desperate but I am desperate! My children are starving, we are about to become homeless and we simply don't have the luxury of time to 'wait-and-see' if I get another job. I need something now...I need money now."

That's when George had given me a hug and told me about his younger brother, Tony, who owned his own adult film company. George made no pretenses about what his brother did for a living and what I would be expected to do. Within an hour I was sitting down with Tony who explained everything, in red-face inducing detail, that went with making a porno movie. My heart was hammering away in my chest as I sat listening to all the perverted sexual acts I would be expected to participate in. It wasn't one of those 'tasteful' videos, he explained, but one for hardcore fetishes. He didn't elaborate and I didn't ask. I really didn't want to know. All I cared about was that Tony had offered me five grand up front for six hours of work and royalties off of each video sold once he recuperated his money off the venture. I didn't really want to think about the specifics in case it made me change my mind. Five thousand dollars would get our house notes caught up enough that we would be safe from foreclosure for another six months and buy some decent clothes for my girls and food that did not come out of the dumpster. If it meant that I had to screw a hundred men six times each then I would do it. Nothing else mattered right now but keeping my family from losing their home and my children from starving.

I sat in my little beat-up car for a few minutes, trying to calm my nerves. Tony had told me that he had professional make-up artists and hair stylists on staff so they could doll me up enough that I would not be that recognizable. He had talked about maybe even putting me into a wig. He had also given me three Valium, instructing me to take one about fifteen minutes before I arrived at the house. I had never taken one before and didn't feel comfortable taking it until after I had seen the house and setup for the video. I wasn't worried about being raped, since I was here to film a porno anyway. I didn't, however, like the idea of walking into this thing half-stoned before I had a chance to check everything out. Needless to say, the Valium was still sitting untouched in a napkin in small zippered compartment of my purse.

When I had signed up for this thing, I had to agree to do everything that they wanted in order to get the full five grand. The only thing that I had been animate about was that nothing could be done to me that would leave visible marks on my body that would not have healed up and disappeared by Monday evening, three days away. My husband thought I had went out of town for a job interview. He hadn't asked a lot of questions and I had not provided any answers save for the questions he asked. All he cared about was that the 'company' was paying the expenses for the trip so it wouldn't cost us the last few dollars we had managed to get off the sale of the television set.

I willed my frantic heart to calm down. I didn't want to think, so rather than sit in the car wondering if I was doing the right thing, I put myself on auto-pilot and got out of my car, grabbing my small overnight bag and walking up to the house on legs that threatened to give out at any moment.

I tried not to look around. I didn't want to think about the fact that we were in an old, run-down and possibly abandoned plantation home with no neighbors for more than ten miles. I didn't want to contemplate what was going to happen to me between the hours of nine pm and three am. I didn't want to wonder if I would be able to look at myself in the mirror come tomorrow morning.

I didn't bother to knock on the door. There was a sign tacked up to the glass that read 'ALL ACTORS/ACTRESSES REPORT UPSTAIRS FOR WARDROBE AND MAKEUP.' I shuddered. How the hell did one become so nonchalant about fucking for money?

I pushed my way through the door, walking through the dusty old foyer and making my way up the stairs. I could hear the staff setting up lights and cameras and heaven only knew what else in the ballroom off to the left of the foyer. I glanced through the door and saw huge metal tripods standing all around the room, the glare from their fluorescent bulbs so bright that I had to squint to be able to see the dozen or so men walking around the room placing microphones and video cameras at strategic locations.

I kept walking up the stairs, noticing as I came to the top that there was a long hallway with doors off both sides. Each of these doors had a little star taped to it with an actor/actress' name written in glitter glue. Tony had explained that everyone who worked in the porn industry had pseudonyms to protect their identity. They all had racy names like Kandi Love and Cindi Licks. I had decided on Bella Donna.

I walked down the hallway until I found the door with my porn name written in silver glitter glue across a yellow star. I paused for a moment, wondering if I should knock. Seeing how it was my name, well, my porn star name at least, that was stenciled on the door, I decided against it and just walked right into the room.

Two women were already in the room. One was setting out make-up on a lighted vanity, the other hanging clothes on a portable clothes rack. They both smiled as I came in the door. The one fiddling with the make-up came around and held out her hand, saying, "Hey, you must be Bella. I'm Taime, formerly known as Taime Down." She looked at me expectantly, as if the name was supposed to mean something to me. When I just took her hand and returned her smile, she cleared her throat and said, "I was a big hit in the late eighties. I was the star in Behind the Back Door, Behind the Blinds, Lady Red Takes a Slave, Master X, Master X Gets Hardcore, Pussy Willows, (I later learned that George named his club after that porno flick, which was directed by Tony as well) Back to Black, Fun Time at the Zoo...."

Taime continued to rattle off more than two dozen porno movie titles, but I had never heard of any of them, or her, for that matter. When she finally paused to take a breath I quickly said, "I'm sorry, Taime, but I got married right after finishing high school. I've never really had any need to watch porn."

Okay, so that wasn't a complete lie. I really had gotten married fresh out of high school. I made the mistake of getting pregnant close to the end of my senior year. I ended up being forced to marry my high school sweetheart. His name was Brian and he had been the quarter back for Riverdale High. He also did steroids and had a really bad temper. After our son was born, he began beating me senseless every night because the steroid use had made him nearly impotent. Then one night when I was twenty five and our son was almost six years old, Brian had dragged both of us out of the bed in the middle of one of his rages, tossed us into the car and started off down the road. He was trying to beat me and drive at the same time. Our car had plummeted off the side of a ravine, Brian never even seeing the caution signs or the bad curve. I had been thrown from the vehicle, spent two months in the hospital recovering from internal injuries and a really banged up left leg. My husband and son had been killed on impact. It was something that I tried very hard not to think about. In the ten years of marriage, I had never told my husband Tommy about Brian beating me on a daily basis. He just knew that he and my son had been killed. He didn't ask a bunch of questions and I didn't offer up any additional information. It was just easier that way.

Taime nodded her head in understanding. "It's okay. Tony told us you were a bit new to the scene." She turned towards the mirror and touched her fingers delicately to the lines and wrinkles that had formed around her eyes. "I haven't been in front of the camera in about eight years now. Tony keeps telling me that there's still a market for the 'mature woman' as he so kindly put it." She laughed, turning back and offering me a chair in front of the mirror. "I just don't see any reason. I'm perfectly happy being the make-up artist. And truth be told," she said as she swiveled the chair around and placed a beautician's cape around my neck, "these days my hormones are so low that it would take a gallon bucket of lube to get anyone's dick inside this old dried up pussy."

My mouth nearly fell open at her bluntness. But I had to remember that this was a porn shoot, not a family picture.

Taime continued to talk as she pulled my hair up into a small bun on top of my head and began to apply my make-up. "That's Sherri." The slightly younger woman waved at me and said a quick "hey" before she went back to hanging up clothes. "She's been our costume designer for the better part of five years now. She's also done a few solo cameo spots on some of the films." Taime gave Sherri a smile before she went back to my make-up.

It took about an hour of Taime repeatedly dipping into the little pots of make-up before she was done with me, but damn, the result was absolutely fantastic. My foundation had been airbrushed on, giving my complexion an absolutely picture-perfect finish. She's lined my eyes in black eyeliner and even put on a few fake eyelashes. My lips were a bright red and my normally light blue eyes just seemed to pop out of my face. I couldn't figure out which looked better, my bright eyes or my super pouty lips.

To finish the look off, Taime had placed a black wig with red highlights on my head, the long curly tresses making me look oddly younger than I actually was. With the help of Taime and Sherri, I slithered my way into a black pencil skirt, thigh highs, black stiletto heels and a white button down shirt. I looked exactly like I did fifteen years ago and was working in my husband's recently opened business. I didn't know whether I should happy with my appearance or scared that someone would recognize me.

A few minutes later I was teetering my way into the big ballroom downstairs that had been turned into something that resembled a medieval torture chamber. I faltered as I looked around the room, taking in the odd contraption that hung from a center support beam in the middle of the room. A variety of sex toys were scattered across a mattress that had been placed to the side of the room. There was several pieces of steel studded leather harnesses and clothes on the bed as well. And milling around all the wires, lights, microphones, and cameras were four men all wearing bath robes. I swallowed as I realized these must the actors that were doing the movie with me. They ranged in ages from barely legal to a few years my senior.

"Bella, my dear, you look absolutely fabulous!" I turned as Tony walked into the room, giving me a warm hug as if he had known me for years. He motioned for me to sit down in a little folding chair sitting off to the side and behind all the cameras and lights. Like my dressing room door, this chair had my name stenciled in silver glitter glue across a gold star that was fixed to the back. I glanced at the names on the other four seats lined up beside mine: Jack, Steel, Dan, and Mister. It made me wonder who gave them their names, Tony or themselves?

"Now, Bella," Tony was saying, bringing me out of my own thoughts and landing me straight back down into a world that now seemed like an alternate reality to me. "You have signed all the waivers, and," he handed me a large manila envelope that held fifty crisp $100 bills in it. I felt my heart begin racing again, seeing so much money. Once Tony was sure I was happy with the amount, he sealed the envelope and placed it inside a safe that was sitting in a corner of the room. He twisted a large key inside of the lock and hung the key around his neck.

"Now in a moment I will introduce you to your costars," Tony continued. "But first, I want to remind you that there is not a script for this particular video. As I explained on Tuesday, we want this video to be as natural as possible. The storyline is pretty straight forward. You are kidnapped, brought to this 'dungeon,'" he gestured towards the staged scene to the side, "and your captures, aka your costars, will take advantage of you. You can feel free to say whatever you want. Scream, fight back, beg them to stop, whatever you feel like would make the whole thing more convincing. I would just like to remind you, however, that the words "no," "stop," "don't" or anything like that will not result in anyone stopping what they are doing. If, however, you feel that a scene is not going quite right or you should become injured and need medical attention, the safe word is "banana bread." Now remember, try not to look at the cameras unless you are asked. And don't worry about sounding stupid or anything like that. We usually go back through the tape and dub over the parts that are inaudible or do not sound quite like they should."

Tony motioned for the four men to join us as he finished his spill. "Please allow me to introduce your costars. Jack DaBone, Steel Blade, Dan DaLovely, and Mister Ree." Each man took turns shaking my hand before taking their seats. Jack was the oldest, in his early forties with short blonde hair and green eyes. Steel was the youngest, just twenty years old with long black hair and big brown eyes. Dan was twenty-nine with chin-length blonde hair and blue eyes. Mister was thirty-two with curly brown hair and brown eyes. All four men were in great shape. Mister and Steel, however, looked like they were avid bodybuilders. Their robes were stretched to the limit across their chests, the muscles rippling beneath the V-shaped section of skin visible at the front of their robes.

The six of us sat around talking for a few minutes, getting to know each other. I kept trying not to think about what was going to happen. I was scared and nervous but oddly enough, I was excited as well. Since our financial woes, my husband and I had not had sex in nearly six months. I couldn't stop thinking about the past due bills and my children long enough to really let my body feel anything other than anxiety and despair. Now that I did not have to worry about feeding my kids or losing our house, it was like my body was waking up. And judging by the tingling sensation in the pit of my stomach, it was happy with what was going on around it.

After a few more minutes of small talk, Tony showed me a silk blindfold that he then handed over to Jack. "In a few minutes I am going to yell 'Action!' and then your costars are going to grab you up from your chair and start the show. Remember, you do whatever feels normal. Just don't expect them to stop no matter what you say, unless it's the safe word." As Tony explained these things to me, Jack slipped the blindfold over my eyes, plunging me into near darkness. My arms were tied with the little plastic handcuffs, not so tight that they would cause bruising, but I was certainly not going to slip out of them. My legs were bound in a similar fashion, my ankles wrapped around each other and secured so that I could not stand up on my own.

One of the men patted me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear, "Just try to relax and enjoy what's happening. It's not every day you get four rock hard dicks at your disposal."

A shudder of excitement ran down my spine at his words. My heart was beating erratically again and my breathing was becoming slightly labored. The slight tingle in my stomach was slowly growing into a mild ache inside of my groin. I could feel myself getting wetter at the thought of what was about to happen. Hearing the words 'rock hard dicks' conjured up all kinds of erotic imagery in my head as I imagined the four men standing around me stroking their cocks. I groaned slightly.

Just then I heard Tony yell, "Action!" and I was jerked up from my chair and drug across the floor. I gasped at the sudden rough treatment, my heart rate going into overdrive. The men around me were laughing as they drug my body across the room, several sets of hands pinching and prodding at my braless boobs. They were making vulgar remarks about what they were going to do to me. I, however, still hadn't said a thing.

"More emotion, Bella," I heard Tony say somewhere off to the side. By now I was on my side on what I assumed was the mattress that had been set up in the room. Someone reached down and pinched my nipple, hard. I yelped in pain, beginning to squirm around on the bed as more hands began pinching and pulling at my nipples. My shirt was ripped open to lay my breasts bare to everyone in the room. My fellow actors made low whistling noises as they went back to pinching and pulling. Someone was trying to inch their hand up my skirt.

"Please," I whimpered, still squirming around, "not so hard! Please don't leave any marks! I'm married! How am I suppose to explain bruises to my husband?"

I didn't know if my words would anger Tony or not. He had said I could say anything. Right now, though, I wasn't acting. I really didn't want any bruises on my skin.

My words only seemed to fuel my costars on. By now my blouse was almost completely off my body, being held in place only by the plastic handcuffs on my wrists. My knees were pried open and two sets of hands were fondling the soft folds of my vagina. I was getting really wet by now as I had a finger inside of my vagina and one wiggling its way into my ass. Each one of my breasts were being sucked and pinched and pulled. Then someone placed something hot and hard against my lips. I gasped when I realized it was a dripping cock, one that wasted no time shoving its way into my throat.

I groaned around the piece of meat buried in my mouth. There were so many sensations going on in my body that I was shaking in pleasure. I was quickly approaching an earth-shattering orgasm the likes of which I had not felt in years. Just as I thought I would go mad with the desire to slip over the edge, someone began sucking gently on my clit, the touch sending me screaming over the edge into oblivion.

I bucked my hips up, my back arching as I rode out the orgasm, my lips working to get as much of the cock down my throat as possible. The sensations had barely passed before the cock in my throat erupted, its owner pulling out and dumping his load into my mouth and on my face. I had never really liked the taste of cum, but I drank it down like a woman starved.

The men made a few more remarks about the bitch enjoying herself as they flipped me over onto my knees. I was breathing heavily and was still basking in the afterglow of my release. I barely had time to get my breathing under control before someone was pushing his dick inside of my ass.

"No!" I screamed this time, "I've never had it in the ass before!"

My words brought forth a chorus of vulgar comments from the actors. Mister, the one who was currently filling my ass up with his cock, said, "I've always wanted a virgin ass." Before I could protest further, someone had stuffed yet another dick down my throat.

Mister eased himself in and out of me gently at first, using my own cum to lubricate my asshole enough so that by the fifth or sixth stroke he was hammering away at breakneck speed. Somewhere along the lines, someone had shoved a large dildo into my pussy. The feel of Mister's cock inside my ass and the fullness of the dildo inside of my pussy had me screaming in abandoned pleasure within minutes. Soon the cock in my mouth was shooting his load down my throat, pulling out as the last few spurts shot out and onto my tongue and lips.

"Damn, I gonna cum!" I heard Mister say as he began fucking me for all he was worth.

"Don't pull out!" I heard Tony say. "Pump her ass full of cum. I want to get a shot of your cum dripping out of her."

Mister grunted his acknowledgement, his body going rigid as he shoved himself balls deep into my ass, his cum jetting out into my bowels. The sensation of his seed filling my ass was too much and I grunted with him, my ass fucking his dick furiously as he came inside of me.

Finished, Mister eased his deflating cock from my asshole. I dropped my head to the floor, trying to keep from falling over. I could feel the warmth of the semen as it oozed its way out from within my ass. I vaguely heard the video cameras zoom in as my fellow actors held me up, my body too tired to stay upright any more.

Satisfied with the shot, I was allowed to slump over onto my side as the crew around me set up for the next shot. Someone brought me some water and I drank it down thankfully. Too soon, however, I was being dragged to my feet.

"You are a filthy little, aren't you?" one of the men asked. I shook my head. It was all for show, though. I was beginning to think that I really was a whore. I vaguely wondered what else was in store for me before the night was done.

"The little whore is all messy. We're going to have to clean you out before anyone else can have a go at it."

Someone cut the plastic handcuffs off of my arms and legs. I felt myself being lifted up into the air. Seconds later I was snapped and bound into the leather harness that had been suspended from the center beam in the middle of the room. I was in a sitting position, my hands bound above my head, my legs spread and bent at the knees.

"First, we are going to have a little fun, though."

Something close to me began emitting an mechanical hum. A second later something cold, bumpy, and vibrating was slipped into my pussy. I groaned as the vibrations were turned to max, the dildo inside of me vibrating so hard that I could feel the sensations all the way into my clit. I bucked my hips as the sensations grew rapidly through my body. Being suspended in the air, however, there was no way to get any traction. I could do nothing but sit back and take whatever pleasure those around me decided to give.

Someone strapped a tiny vibrating bullet to my clit, slowly inching the vibrations up every few minutes as I grew closer and closer to yet another climax. I was shaking so hard with the intensity of the pleasure that the harness was making small metallic tinkling sounds. I groaned, thrashed, and screamed my way through an orgasm as someone slipped the vibrating dildo in and out of my pussy. More lewd remarks by the men followed this orgasm as well.

I was getting very tired but with so many orgasms in such a short time, my body was so over stimulated that I couldn't keep from squirming in the harness. I wanted more, much more. It would seem that I would get a lot more before the night was done.

I felt someone slip two fingers into my pussy. Between my own juices and overstimulation, the fingers slipped quite easily into my body. It was followed immediately by one more finger, and then a fourth. The fingers wiggled around, being pumped in and out of my body slowly, the hand working its way around until he managed to ease his entire fist inside of my pussy.

I groaned as he worked his fist in and out of my cunt, slowly stretching the walls and using my own natural lubricant until he could move easily inside of me. Someone held my body still so that I wouldn't swing in the harness, allowing the fist inside of me to move further and further into my cunt. I was groaning in ecstasy now, the little vibrating bullet strapped to my clit still humming away. Someone else had eased my head back and was throat fucking me as the man's fist in my pussy pushed further and further into my body.

Within minutes of me getting my pussy fisted for the first time, I was screaming and groaning my way through an orgasm so strong that for the first time I squirted when I came.

"Hot damn, Tony, you found another squirter!" I heard someone say happily.

As I came down from my blissful pleasure, the cock in my mouth began pumping harder and faster, jerking out just in time to spew warm globs of sperm onto my breasts. At the same time, the fist inside of my pussy slid out, the cameras quickly zooming in to get a close-up of my now gapping cunt.

"Time to clean that pussy out!" someone said as I heard a loud "popping" sound. A few seconds later something very cold and wet was being shoved into my pussy. Someone pulled my blindfold off and raised my head up so I could see what was happening.

Dan DaLovely was between my spread knees, shoving a champagne bottle full of bubbling liquor into my cunt. It was incredibly cold and the bubbles were tickling me all the way up to my G-spot. Between the rapid in and out fucking motion of the bottle, the site of seeing a six inch round bottle being shoved into my pussy repeatedly, and the tingling of the bubbles inside my vagina and the vibrating bullet on my clit, I was once again climaxing hard. This time the men held my body still as I bucked against the bottle in my cunt, effectively helping Dan fuck me into a frenzy as I screamed my mind-numbing release.

Finished, Dan DaLovely pulled the champagne bottle from inside my body, the amber tinted liquor frothing out of my pussy like a bubbling waterfall and splashing onto the floor. I vaguely heard Tony giving the guys instructions. I was unharnessed and put back onto the floor on my hands and knees. Someone leaned down and whispered, "Did you give yourself the enema like Tony ordered?"

I was so worn out that I only nodded, not really understanding why they wanted to know that at this particular point in time. I had already had a dick up my ass. Worrying about enemas and clean bowels seemed a bit pointless right now.

Someone turned the speed up a notch on the vibrating bullet that was still strapped to my clit. I groaned, my hips undulating slightly. I didn't understand why I was still so damn horny after coming so many times that I had lost count.

"Here, bitch," Steel said, helping me kneel down on the balls of my feet. He placed the champagne bottle below me and said, "I want you to ride this bottle like it was your long lost lover. Fuck it good and I'll give you a reward."

I looked down at the bottle and for some reason the image of myself slipping it into my tight pussy had me aching with need so bad that I lowered myself onto the neck of the bottle, watching with lust-filled eyes as it disappeared inside of my body. I lowered myself to my knees as I slipped the bottle in and out of my cunt repeatedly, allowing the sensations to build up until I was shaking so badly that I couldn't continue to fuck myself with the bottle.

Steel took the bottle from me and continued to work it in and out of my cunt, my juices dripping down the sides of the glass. I was back on my hands and knees now as Steel worked the bottle up into my pussy far enough that my pelvic bones held it in place. In the meantime, Jack was working his fingers into my ass, the digits slipping in and out and wiggling around, working the sphincter loose enough that he could fit two, then three fingers inside of the tiny opening.

The bullet on my clit was inched up another notch and this time Dan DaLovely slipped his seven inches of hard cock into my throat as Steel and Jack worked their fingers inside of my ass. My pussy was stuffed full of champagne bottle, my throat full of dick, and I was groaning in ecstasy, silently begging the two men at my rear to stuff my ass full. I was moving my hips back and forth as they played at my opening, each backward thrust causing more and more of their fingers to enter into my backdoor. I licked and sucked on Dan's cock with gusto, feeling Jack and Steel's fingers stretching me out. Soon Jack had four fingers stuffed in my ass as Steel went back to fucking my aching pussy with the bottle. I groaned and squealed, wiggling my ass around and helping them fuck me silly. Finally, getting fed up with being teased, I ripped my mouth from Dan's cock long enough to scream, "Damn it, Jack, fill my ass up with something or move aside and let someone else play for a while!"

My comments had all the men groaning right along with me. Taking me up on my offer, Jack slipped his entire hand inside my ass, effectively fisting my asshole just as my pussy had been done earlier. Having all my holes stuffed to such levels sent me screaming and bucking into another orgasm, my cum squirting out of me just as Steel removed the bottle from my pussy. My juices sprayed onto the floor beneath me as the cameras moved in for a close up.

Steel did not give me any time to recuperate before he was shoving his fist inside of my pussy. Now I had him fisting my pussy, Jack fisting my ass, and Dan DaLovely's massive piece of meat shoved down my throat. Within seconds I was rocking back on the fists that skewered my body, fucking myself on their fists faster and faster until I was standing at the edge of another huge climax.

It was then that the video crew began chanting, "Two fists! Two fists!"

Too far gone to care what the hell they were all talking about, I didn't realize at first that Steel was working his other hand inside of my pussy, trying to fit both of his fists inside of the tight space. I groaned, thinking that there was no way this was going to feel good. Much to my surprise, however, the added pressure of his other hand working itself into my cunt had me so wet that the juices were dripping down the insides of my thighs.

I was careful to be still while Steel worked his hand inside of me, just enjoying the feelings of being so full. But once he got both fists inside of my body and working their way in and out, the crew kept chanting, "Two fists! Two fists!" Then I felt Jack's other hand poking around the stretched opening of my asshole, trying to inch its way in. My small body just would not allow him to get more than four fingers inside of my ass no matter how hard he tried, but the image of have two fists fucking my pussy at the same time while two fists fucked my ass almost sent me into another orgasm.

I groaned around Dan's cock, bobbing my head on it faster and faster, shoving it as far down my throat as I could get it. He was grunting, I was groaning and jiggling my hips around in wild abandon. I released Dan's throbbing member long enough to say, "Shove it in, Jack! Fill my ass up and fuck me good!"

I grabbed Dan's cock and crammed it back down my throat, tilting my head back enough so that it slid easily in and out, my nose going all the way down to his pubic hair with no problem. Dan grabbed the back of my head and fucked my throat good as Steel fucked my pussy with both fists stuffed as far into my pussy as they would go.

Jack finally managed to get his four fingers buried inside of my ass up to the knuckles, and between him and Steel, they worked up an alternating rhythm that had Steel shoving his fists inside of my cunt while Jack pulled his fingers out of my ass. When Steel pulled his fists out Jack would shove his hand up my ass. And so they alternated, back and forth, faster and faster.

I could feel the orgasm approaching. My entire body was tensing up. The sensations started at the soles of my feet and rushed up my legs, finally exploding inside of my ass and pussy. I could feel the muscles pulsing inside of my body, clenching and unclenching so hard and fast that Steel and Jack were forced to stop fisting me.

I screamed as the climax hit, forcing Dan DaLovely's cock all the way down my throat and holding it there. The muscle spasms of my throat had Dan shoving his cock so far down my throat that I could not breath for a moment. He held my head there as I groaned through my orgasm, my throat milking his cock until he finally came, spewing his load straight into my stomach.

The cameras came in for an extreme close up of Steel's fists being shoved in my pussy while Jack's hand was shoved as far into my ass as he could get it. Steel removed first one fist and then the other, both coming out with a slight 'popping' sound. Jack removed his hand next, being careful when he pulled out so as not to rip the sphincter. The cameras moved in even closer, being sure to get a good shot of my gaping ass and pussy stuck up on the air, my own cum running down the insides of my legs and making a small puddle on the floor beneath me. Gods above, I had been fucked absolutely senseless yet I had visions dancing around in my head of grabbing the champagne bottle and fucking myself all over again.

Satisfied with the shot, Tony called for a quick break. Water was brought to all of us, and I drank mine down just as I had before. Sherri, the young wardrobe designer, came over to me with a tube of cream. She moved between my legs and spread them open, squirting out a large amount of cream onto her fingers and hand. She explained that the cream was special ordered from China and contained alum powder that would cause the muscles of my vagina to contract and shrink up, making me tight again so I continue on with the video shoot. With that, she slipped her cream coated hand inside of my pussy, working it all around, making sure she coated all of the inside of my cunt with the cream.

She pulled her hand out and reapplied more cream, pressing her hand back inside of me. I could already tell that my muscles were tightening back up since she had a harder time getting her hand back inside. She moved her fingers in and around, rubbing against my G-spot delicately.

Still incredibly horny, I groaned, leaning back on my elbows and watching the woman's tiny hand going in and out of my pussy. Whoever had the remote to the vibrating bullet on my clit turned it on again, sending a jolt sensations zinging through my groin. It didn't take more than a few seconds of this before I moving my hips in time with Sherri's hand. The men had come back to the scene, each one stroking their growing cocks with their hands. The image I had at the beginning of all of this with all of them standing around stroking themselves came flashing back into my mind. I moaned, the sight of Sherri bending over me with her little ass stuck up in the air causing my juices to flow like a stream.

Steel came up behind Sherri, moving her short skirt up and baring her panty-less ass to the cameras that had started filming again. Soon Steel was buried up to his balls in Sherri's pussy, her hand having been replaced with her tongue flicking around my clit. The three of us was moaning in pleasure, but after having my ass and pussy stuffed full, her tiny tongue just wasn't doing it for me.

Seeming to read my mind, Jack and Mister joined me on the mattress, Jack laying down so that I could ride his cock. Mister stuck his finger in my ass, moving it in and out as I bounced on Jack's massive organ. I was fucking myself into a nice orgasm when Mister bent me over a bit, sinking his own seven inches into my ass and DPing me for the cameras. They alternated their rhythm much as Steel and Jack had done earlier with their fists, one moving in while the other moved out. I only half-noticed that Dan and Steel were DPing Sherri as well.

I felt another mind-blowing orgasm crashing down on me. Like before, the sensations started at the soles of my feet and ran its way up my legs, tensing up the muscles of my cunt as I impaled myself harder and faster on Jack's dick until the climax exploded, sending my juices squirting out onto Jack's lower abdomen. Both men grunted and increased their tempo, trying to time their orgasms.

"Now!" Mister yelled, and he and Jack jerked their cocks out of my body, leaving me kneeling on the mattress. Both men stood in front of me, jacking their dicks. I alternated between sucking on one cockhead and then the other, my hands fondling their balls. Both men groaned and shot their loads on my face and tits at the same time, me holding my mouth open and tongue out to catch some of the sperm. The cameras moved in close to get a good shot of the pearly white semen sitting on my tongue. I then made a show of swallowing the droplets, dipping my fingers into the leftovers on my chest and sticking my fingers in my mouth.

Less than a foot away, Sherri was experiencing her own release. Seconds later Steel and Dan jerked out of her and stood up, dumping their loads onto her face and breasts. She followed my lead, making a show for the camera of her swallowing the pearly beads of cum. As an ending to the entire film, Tony took some shots of us all together, me and Sherri licking the cum off each other and all of us sharing in the sticky goodness with kisses and tongue. It was a great ending to a really hardcore porn video.

It was almost six am when I finally collapsed into my hotel bed. I had gotten cleaned up at the shoot, but there was no hot water so I had to make do with just wiping the congealed cum off of my face and chest. Once I got back to my room, I took a quick shower and then crawled between the rough, generic sheets, visions of rock hard dicks and the five grand dancing through my head.

I slept for nearly sixteen hours straight, waking up around 9:30 Saturday night. I treated myself to a small pizza before going back to my hotel room and sleeping until around eight am Sunday morning. Tony had told me after the video shoot that my first bottle of water (as well as all the other actors and actresses) had been laced with some sort of chemical stimulant that worked a lot like Viagra. It explained why I kept wanting to fuck everyone and everything that I came across. The last bottle of water had contained something that counteracted the illegal stimulant. Between the specially 'imported' tonic, the subsequent downers, and all the sexual activity, it was no wonder I slept for more than a solid day.

The next morning I tried hard not to think about what I had done. I had the full five grand plus another grand for hotel and traveling expenses. Come tomorrow morning, I would get the house payments caught up and my girls and I could go shopping for some clothes that actually fit them. After that, we would go grocery shopping for some fresh fruit, veggies, and real meat instead of that canned processed junk that you could buy for next to nothing.

As I washed my face and brushed my teeth, I kept going over what all I was going to buy for my family. I stopped and just stared at myself in the mirror, searching my face and my eyes for any sign of what had transpired less than two days prior. What stared back at me were light blue eyes that, for once, didn't look haunted by the worries of a mom who was terrified that she could not provide for her children. I had been scared that I would not be able to look myself in the mirror after what I had done. Worse, I just knew that anyone would be able to take one look into my eyes and know exactly what perverted actions I had taken part in this weekend. Turns out that a mom who does not have to worry about her family getting thrown out into the streets or her children starving could live with just about anything.

I arrived home late in the afternoon. My husband, as usual, had few questions about what had gone on with the 'job interview.' I just told him that I had taken on a few freelance jobs for the company, and that I would be working from home. I also told him that the company would be direct depositing my paychecks into a checking account that I would have to set up in the morning. I explained that I did not want them having access to our old account, even though there was less than $100 in it. He didn't seem to care one way or the other, so long as I was going to get a paycheck in the next few days.

In truth, I had set up my own checking account right after my husband's business started going under. I had managed to weasel away a good portion of our money to keep him from dipping into our personal finances in an effort to save his business. Had I not done that, we would have been homeless a year ago. Of course, now there was no money in it either, so I had given Tony the information so that he could direct deposit the royalties from the sales of the video I had helped to make. My husband would think that the checks were coming from my freelance work and our bills would get paid. As for as I was concerned, it was a win-win situation.

The next day I kept the girls out of school so we could run errands. I did everything that I had planned on doing with the money. I not only got the house payments caught up, but I managed to get the loan refinanced with lower payments. Now we were actually ahead on the payments by two months. The girls got new clothes and shoes, and our pantry was full of fresh food. Three months later I started getting royalty checks off the release of the video. Knowing that my family was not going to bed hungry or worrying if the heat would be on in the morning had me sleeping like a baby. Things were looking up, even if I had starred in a porno.

A few weeks later I was sitting on the couch sipping on a glass of hot tea. The girls were in their beds fast asleep. I was just enjoying a little 'me' time when my husband came rushing into the room. He had been out having a drink with some of his old colleagues, and, judging by the excited look on his face, I just knew that he had managed to get a lead on a possible job.

"Honey, you are not going to believe this!" He pulled a small DVD case out of his jacket pocket. "My buddy, Dan, was telling me about this video he just bought. He said there was woman on here that could be your twin!" He eagerly held up the case for me.

Fucking Hardcore!
Bella Donna
Dan DaLovely
Steel Blade
Mister Ree
& Jack Dabone

He had a huge grin on his face as he asked, "You wanna watch it with me?"

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