The taking of a wild young girl
So I live in this cheap apartment complex and i have lived here for several months now. There is this 14 year old, blond thin waif.
Shis is not really my type(i'm a die hard breast man)but she is up all night usually chatting with this 16 year old next door neighbor and rough housing in the parking lot. I swear sometimes they are both lesbians. Now her friend, the 16 year old, she is my type. her mother is arab, but you could never tell by looking at her. she has a plain face, not ugly, but not especially attractive either. She is bigger bodied than her younger and wilder friend. But by no means fat. She has the start of what will be a great set of breasts on her. They are probably somewhere around a B possibly C cup.I prefer D or closer to E myself.
But anyhow, I'm divorced and live by myself. I have lusted after "Mary"(name changed out of respect)ever since i first met her. "cindy" like I said is not my type really, but I have busted a few loads thinking of her as well. I should explain here that these 2 girls are real however what follows is purely fantasy.

So like I said, I been lusting after these 2 for months. I started trying to think how I could do something with these 2. I tried inviting them over to "hang out" a couple of times, but they turned me down. I'm not real assertive, I mean I can walk up to a complete stranger and start a conversation, no problem. But with women, I don't know. Well finally, one night I finally got the nerve to do something. The girls were in the complex's landry room fooling around and it was like 1 am. I wear a pair of old sweat shorts to bed, so I grab a t shirt and head over there. I walk in on em play fighting. As soon as i walk in, they greet me like always, Hi Fred! A part of me thinks I'm A pervert for even thinking about what I'm about to do.
I hope Cindy is partically hyper tonight, or I got no chance of pulling this off, I think. So I look at each of them and smirk at their antics. Then, trying to sound innocent as possible, I say to Cindy, "so you guys want to come over and chat? or something? I can't sleep and there is nothing to do." They look at each other and Mary shrugs her shoulder, as if to say, whatever. So they agree. So we go back to my place and I close the door and engage both locks like I always do.
We sit in the living room and I offer them a soda. After a few awkward minutes of silence, I suggest we play a game of "Truth or dare". I'm nervous, cause this is where they either get wierded out or go for it. Cindy says sure so we sit in a circle on the floor. We start simple, but after only a few minutes Cindy decides to get wild. Its my turn to choose, and I look at Cindy who is asking, guaging what she will have me do if I choose Dare. I choose Dare cuase I'm feeling hopeful. She does not let me down.

Cindy looks thoughful for a moment and tells me to to kiss her ass! I smile and say to her only if you bare it! She jumps to her feet, comes over to stand in front of me and bends over at the waist,with her skinny little ass positioned right in front of my face. i'm really enjoying the close up view of her tight, bald little snatch. I reach up and grab both her hips and proceeed to give her a masterful rim job sticking my tongue right between her little ass cheeks and licking slowly up the entire length of her ass crack. She tries to jerk her ass away at first, but this is why I grabbed her hips.

I lick my way back up her crack and swirl my tongue around her brown eye. I work my way back down and this time I make sure I come in contact with the bottom of her lips. But I don't stop there, I slide my tongue alll the way up her tasty snatch,to the little bud hiding at the top. This I gently imprison between my teeth and swirl my tongue around it a couple of times before flicking it back and forth a couple of times before releasing it. By this time her breathing has increased dramatically, and she is VERY moist and its not from my saliva either!
I release her after this, and she almost looks regretful that it is over, at least for now. Mary is looking at me very curiously the whole time I realize. Next up is Mary. She chooses truth. So I ask her if she has ever kissed a boy before or ever seen a man naked. She does not answer right away, but finally says that she never has. Next up is Cindy again. I'm eagerly waiting to see what she will choose! i don't think she was expecting her little stunt to go the way it did, I hope I have not scared her off. Turns out, I need not worry, I'm actually surprised by her boldness when she chooses dare, and mary comes up with the dare before I can speak. Mary wants to see her kiss me on the lips passionately for at least 60 seconds! I look at Mary trying to figure what she is plotting. Cindy is hesitant but gets up and straddles my lap facing me, she grabs me head with both hands and takes the plunge. It is like I stuck my finger in a light socket when our lips meet!
There is a palpable heat coming from her body as we kiss, I really start to kiss her hard and lick her lips teasingly with my tongue and proceed to worm it into her inviting mouth. As the kiss gets more serious, I can feel my cock rising, getting uncomfortably erect. and I realize I'm not the only one, as I feel a small hand close around its length through my shorts. I realize that things are about to get real interesting! it's my turn next to choose, and I have the distinct feeling that my choice is already made. I watch Cindy go back to her spot slowly, and she gives me this look that says, "you had better choose dare!"What can I say? So I choose dare, As I do I'm pretty sure I know what's coming.
Sure enough, Cindy almost in a whisper, says to me I want you to show me your cock. I want you to let both of us inspect it closely! This is what I have been hoping would happen, still, I'm nervous as I slowly stand up,and decide to make a presentation of it. In one quik fluid motion I step right up to Cindy, inches in front of her face, and step out of my shorts and as an added measure throw my shirt off as well.
As my now fully erect 7 inch cock bounces into view, practically bouncing off her face in the process, Cindy utters a sharp gasp and a slow hhhoooollllllyyyyy sssshhhhiiiitttt! I look over at Mary to see her reaction, but realize that my body is ubstructing her view. as I take 1 step back and turn ever so slightly so both girls can see, I see what almost looks like fear? on mary's face. She timidly crawls over next to cindy and just sits there staring at it in amazement. finally, as if, not to be outdone by her younger friend's boldness, she timidly reaches out a hand and as her finger makes contact my cock jerks of its own accord. She pulls her hand back as if it had just tried to bite her!
I jokingly said whoa boy easy now. I told her it's alright you can try again. I promise, it won't hurt you. she reaches out a little more confidently this time knowing what to expect.She slowly tries to wrap her hand around it, barely manageing to touch fingers cause of how thick it is. She looks excitedly at Cindy and says, it's almost hot to the touch! and it's hard and soft at the same time. cindy reaches up and feels my balls hanging under my shaft. She remarks that sex ed in school showed pictures and stuff but this is way better! I just smirk, then its my turn to gasp as mary slowly starts to stroke my length with her fingers, feeling it and learning about it. She looks up and asks if she is hurting me when I gasp. I smile and say no, it feels really good. i tell her to wrap her hand around it again and hold it tightly.
I show her how to "Pump" it up and down. she does this a few times and then Cindy, being her wild self breaks the spell by joking and saying it's Marys turn to choose!

But I have other ideas! I grab Cindy and sit down in a nearby chair and throw her down over my lap before she knows what is happening, I tell her, "young lady, you are long overdo for a good spanking! Now I will only ask this once, Either you drop your drawers or I will rip them off and you can leave here butt naked! At first she protests, and then realising that she is not going to get out of this, or maybe realising the potential, reaches under her and undoes the snap on her jeans and slides the zipper down. Before she can push them down however, I yank her jeans down and off her body! Then grab her little panties and rip them off her body effectively ruining them and makeing them useless.She is now naked from waist down and laying over my big cock. I look at mary, wink and motion her over silently. I say to cindy, who is resting in my lap waiting on the first slap, "ready for your spanking?" then without hesitation, Mary plants a real whopper of a slap on her right cheek! She leaves a bright red handprint on her cheek. Cindy cries out in pain. I tell her to be quiet! we don't want the neigbors hearing you. If you can't be quiet, I have a very good "Tool" to gag you with.

I allow Mary to plant a few more resounding blows on her rump before I take over. She is enjoying this alot! I rub her cheek almost lovingly then, WHAP! for a few moments, I rain blows down on her rump rapidly until her whole behind is red and hot to the touch. To her credit she only cries out a couple of times and as I start massaging her cheeks, I let my fingers carress her silken folds and soon she stops crying and then starts to moan. Her pussy is getting really wet now. as I continue to rub up and down the whole length of her sex. I slip a finger into her love channel and am amazed at how tight she is! My finger barely fits. I continue working it in and out and she continues to "lubricate" copiously. Soon I can fit 1 finger all the wat to her hymen. I back out as I want to save that for something much larger to break.

shift her body instead so that she is almost doing a headstand with her ass facing me and plant my mouth over her sex and pick up where I left off earlier. As I lick her there with my tongue, she is really starting to juice up big time and moaning constantly.I pull her up and turn her over and throw her legs over my shoulders so that she is ass down and her head is near the floor. I look up over her pussy and Mary is very close watching what I am doing intently. I also notice that she is naked. And rubbing herself furiously while watching . It isn't long before I feel Cindy's first major orgasm approaching. I suck at her sweet pussy like a desert refugee dying of thirst!As she starts to come, I motion for mary to cover her mouth so she don't start screaming. Good thing too! I can still hear her muffled cries of ecstacy as she experiences her first orgasm. I finally lift my mouth from her sex, plastered with her juices and am surprised to see Mary sitting closely to us facing me. I look down with amazement as I see what mary chose to "muffle" her cries of passion with. She is sitting on her face and has her eyes tightly shut. I watch as she approaches her orgasm as well. Just as it begins, she reaches for me and locks her mouth to mine as she muffles her own cries of passion in my throat.
I ease Cindy to the floor as she recovers, and looking at mary, I say,"my turn". I then gently pull her to me and lean back in my chair. Her gaze slowly drops down to my big, Fully erect cock, and whispers,"what do i do?"I gently push her head towards my waiting cock and as she realizes what I intends, tries to halt. She says its way too big! I can't possibly fit that in my mouth! I reasure her that it is not as big as it seems. I tell her to start slowly by licking just the tip. She tentaviley sticks out the tip of her tongue and tastes the precum that is there. She moans and says that tastes good. she starts to lick the head with her tongue and slides her tongue down the length and before i know it she is wrapping her hot mouth over the tip and sucking it like a lollypop.
Wow, I think to myself this girl is a natural born cock sucker! I'm surprised all of a sudden when she starts to gag on my cock as she goes all the way to the hilt on it. I look up and see Cindy has recovered from her orgasm and is getting even for the "MUFF diving" she endured by forcing Mary to deepthroat my cock! I'm afraid she is going to choke and pass out, but mary adjusts and relaxs her throat and swallows convulsively on my cock. the feeling is amazing as her throat muscles try to pull my cock down her throat! I won't last long at this rate! Cindy decides she wants a turn and lets mary back off. As Cindy takes her place, she tries to deepthroat it straight off, Its not long before I'm blasting her tonsils with cum as she pulls off and mary quickly stuffs my cock in her mouth to hugrily gobble up my cum.

She keeps sucking my pole after I finally stop blasting my load so I stay hard. I lay Cindy on the floor face down, legs together, I know she is really not going to like what I'm about to do. I begin by rubbing my cock against her pussy soaking it in her juices. she thinks I'm going to pop her cherry and humps her ass at me invitingly. After my cock is sufficiently lubricated, I spread her cheeks and before she has a chance to realize what I'm up to I position the head of my cock at her tight ass ring and in 1 fluid motion shove it all the way in to the hilt. Mary has seen what was coming and sat herself at Cindys head and crammed her mouth down o her soaked pussy to muffle any screams from her. I gently pat Cindys rump and lean down to whisper to her, this is to prepare you for losing your virginity. If you can get through this pain, you will harly notice your hymen bursting.
I hold myself tighly buried to the hilt in her ass until she adjusts to its intrusion. I slowly pull it almost all the way out then slowly back in. I keep this up for a while until I feel her start to push her ass back at me.Before long, I'm fucking her ass at a fast pace! I know I won't last long at this rate the sensations are incredible!
i can hear her rising toward another mind blowing orgasm. I pull out of her ass and flip her over and sparead her legs like lightning as I pause only long enough to line up with her spasming pussy. I take her virginity in 1 fast shove of my cock all the way to the hilt in her amazingly tight pussy! I catch her mid orgasm and so she does not even feel her hymen's passing. With no pretense, I start ramming my cock into her pussy I'm going to cum any minute, I can feel it! Mary sees this and what she does floors me! She hops onto Cindy's stomach and lays down with her ass up in the air. With out skipping a beat I pull out of one amazingly tight pussy and plunge balls deep into an even tighter Ass!
I start ramming my cock into Mary's ass like a madman! I ram my cock up her ass so hard one last time she almost flys off cindy! as I hold my cock deep in her ass I feel my cock flooding her bowels like a firemans hose! it seems like my orgasm lasts forever. I finally slowly pull it out with an audible pop. Unbelievably, Cindy grabs hold of my cock and sucks it back to life as she says to me,"time for you to pop another cherry!" With that she turns Mary over but I have a better Idea. I lay down on my back and with cindy's help I position Mary on top of me in riding position. Mary recovers at this point, and grabs my cock and promtly stuffs it into her hungrily waiting pussy.
She starts off slow and picks up pace gradually. Then Cindy straddles my chest and plants her sopping pussy over my mouth.
Now I have 2 encredible pussys riding me at the same time! I can finally die a happy man! I think to myself. It's a long time before all 3 of us reach our last mind blowing orgasms together. As we all bask in the afterglow together, Cindy resting her head on the left side of my chest listening to my thudding heartbeat and Mary under my right arm her head resting on my right side, we drift off to sleep. My last thought is,"why did I wait so long to do this?"

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I'm Danny age 12. My neighbor, Crystal, has 5 little girls Kelly 7, Candy 6, Sally 4 and Amy, Cindy 3. I babysit the little angels while Crystal is working. I have a feeling she'd like to have sex with them. I always make a video of them playing in the backyard in case something bad happens. Then I can prove it wasn't my fault. Yesterday the older girls were ignoring Cindy. She went to the corner of the yard to play with their female Cocker Spaniel. A few minutes later she pulled down her diaper to pee in the grass. The dog slipped up behind her and licked her butt hole. She had 4 really hard orgasms. The others heard. They ran over and dropped their panties to get licked too. I never saw happier kids or dog ever. I got so horny my dick was throbbing. Then Crystal got home. She saw it and decided to get licked too. After a few minutes, they all started girl sexing in the grass. Crystal yelled at me through the kitchen window. If you want to get paid, get out here and fuck us now!

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I'm Rick age 25. I have 4 daughters Kelly 7, Candy 6, and Amy and Cindy 4. I thought I had the best girls in the world. But yesterday they were naked and on their knees next to my bed when I woke up. Kelly said we've been bad, daddy. You should spank us really hard. I asked what she was talking about. She showed me a sex video of a father spanking, fucking, and pissing his daughters. She said Missy, her friend, sent it to her. Kelly said we want to be your whores. We want to sleep in your bed. Cindy said pee on me, daddy. I refused. I went to get some coffee. When I turned around they were lying on their backs, knees high, and spread apart. They had their pussies spread open with their fingers. Candy said please fuck our baby pussies, daddy. I can't punish them for it. That's what they want. I can't keep ignoring them. So I said if you want to be whores so be it. I showed then lots of sex videos. I said pick what you want. They said all of them. I said girls this going to hurt a lot :)

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My wife just gave me a great tip. She said I would have much more time to the beat the shit out of her and fuck our toddler's assholes if I use Chrome's Speakit extension or Imtranslator extension with text-to-speech to read sex stories to me.

Also, the Grammarly extension is handy for writing kiddie porn fantasy stories. This way the listener can concentrate on fucking a toddler's asshole instead of trying to figure out what the author was trying to say.

S.3 Google Translator add-on for Firefox also has text-to-speech. But it's very lame compared to the others.

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