Part I of Derricks party for the girls
Alisia & Sabrina
(Also a continuation of the twin's story)

Chapter 12. Derrick has a girl party (Part I)

Background: Last weekend Derrick was the designated babysitter for eight year old twins Lori and Tori. He also finally had his date with mom Debbie and her thirteen year old daughter Diana. He fulfilled mom’s wish and made Diana a woman and popped her cherry. Later that night he also popped Diana’s virgin ass and she told him, “Promise not to ever tell Debbie you did my ass and I’ll let you do it again.” Derrick thinks he will make her another cum slut like little Sabrina.

I pull the tripod a little closer to the bed and double check the view finder as I zoom the lens on her pussy. The picture is just perfect and I click the remote button in my hand to shoot several shots of naked teen pussy. “Open your pussy real slow”, I tell her and she reaches down on her outer lips and pulls herself open with just one finger on each side, just as I had shown her. “Like this, Derrick?” she asks. “Yes babe.”

Kneeling next to the bed lets me study the pretty young pussy fully displayed under the strong lights. Hers is pouty and the outer lips form a ridge of soft flesh. When she stood up her slit was fully visible from the front, unlike some girls whose slit is hidden low between their legs. Some girls have darker skin around their pussy; but Diana’s skin is flawless and a shade of light pink. There are no pimples or marks anywhere on her voluptuous body. Diana smiles as she pulls herself open just a little.

Her inner lips open and pink wetness glistens between them while I shoot a few more frames. Her pussy is totally hairless and the thirteen year old has obviously shaved earlier today. I need to tell her to let her hair grow so that we can shave her pussy together next time. It’s something I really want to try.

“OK, open all the way”, I tell Diana and watch her open her cunt all the way. Her inner lips are light pink but her inside is almost red hot. Down low is her little dark hole leading inside her. On the upper edge is her clit. It is bright red and clearly visible because it just had my lips sucking on it minutes earlier. Diana’s finger goes to her clit and she stimulates it for a few moments.

When her head goes back and she inhales hard I watch her in amazement. She looks like she is about to climax again. Her third this afternoon. “Derrick, help me”, she moans and my lips go back to her clit. When I suck her clit into my mouth she shudders. I slide my tongue down into her little tunnel and lap the juices seeping out of her. I can feel the pink ridges inside her and when Diana clinches her muscles I can feel her pussy tighten around my tongue. Sliding a finger deep inside her next to my tongue gives Diana something to wrap her pussy around and she rocks forward hard.

While she has her fingers pulling her inner pussy lip wide open and I have one finger deep inside her, I move my head out of the way and snap several more close-ups. Then Diana gets more pleasure as I rock the finger into her and my free hand strokes her clit with the red vibrator she came to know earlier. Diana moans and jumps.

“My ass; do my ass Derrick”, she whines and I help her roll on her hands and knees. She drops onto her shoulders and reaches back with her hands and pulls her ass cheeks apart. Quickly I squirt a few drops of lube on her little puckered hole and run my thumb into her butt. Diana moans hard and pulls on her cheeks harder. Her little puckered hole opens a bit and I put my cockhead to her and give it a push. My cocks head pops into her and is encircled by her anal ring. It automatically pinches me.

Diana exhales hard and relaxes her butt the best she can. Her hands are grabbing the sheets hard and she spreads her legs more. My hands grab her hips and I push into her harder. Diana moans as my cock nearly bottoms into her ass. “Oh yea, oh yea, do it Derrick”, she encourages me and I fuck her in long strokes. Diana rocks with me and my balls slap against her.

Diana has forgotten all about the video camera recording it all from the other side of the room. When I finally think about it, I reach for the still camera’s remote and shoot a few more pictures. Holy smokes, I’m building a nice memory collection.

Today is Friday; one week after Diana lost her virginity in Debbie’s bed. She sent me a text early this morning and told me she has a ‘no school’ day, mom is at work and she wants me to visit. I told her to pack a bag for a day visit to my house and to let her mom know about it. I told her I was going to take her picture and she fixed her makeup and hair very pretty. A few hours later we are naked in my bed.

I really wanted to make leisurely love to her and explore her body from head to toes. Diana, however, has a week’s worth of frustration to get out her system and she was naked in minutes after seeing my bedroom. I took a few pictures of her standing up naked before she pushed me on the bed and rode my cock hard to her first climax. It calmed her down a little and let me eat her pussy and introduce her to my vibrator collection. She tried two small ones and ended up liking a bigger red one. It had her nice and worked up and she used my tongue for her second shattering climax. There is something to be said for a sexual awakening in girls with a strong sex drive.

So now she has my cock deep in her ass which may become her favorite position from what she has been saying. I want to hold off cuming inside her because she still needs to learn how to deep throat a real cock if she want to get all my Jizz. Diana is moaning louder, grabbing the sheets harder and whimpering into the pillow. “OMG, OMG Derrick, I’m close.” As she says it her climax hits again and she shutters, rocks her ass hard and falls onto the bed.

“Roll over babe”, I tell her and position her head near the edge of the bed in line with my camera. I click pictures as my hard cock goes into her teen mouth. Her hot pink lipstick forms a nice bright ‘O’ around my cock and I stroke into her mouth for a few minutes. It’s not time to ram it down her throat yet; but I push hard enough so I hit the back of her mouth and she gets the idea. She stretches her head back and I load her mouth full of Jizz.

Normally I would let my cock relax in her mouth; but I want to see her reaction. When I pull out, Diana smiles like she won the grand prize in a contest. She opens her mouth and shows me the load of cum. As I shoot more pictures; I turn her face to the camera and say, “Good girl Diana, you can swallow.” Her dark brown eyes look up and then she swallows the load of Jizz in two gulps. I give her a nice kiss to show her how much I appreciate her becoming a “good girl” who swallows. Diana grins and slides up on the bed and motions me down next to her. “Cut the lights off first”, she asks me.

We cuddle on the bed and Diana whispers to me, “OMG, I can’t believe I’ve cum three times and you did my ass again. Don’t tell Debbie; but I think you are spoiling me by fucking my ass and making me cum so hard.” I cuddle her to me and tell her, “You’re welcome babe.” Suddenly Diana jerks and her eyes are wide in front of my face, “Derrick, is it all on video?” I grin and say, “You are the star of your first ass fuck movie.” She looks shocked and tears flood her brown eyes like a river.

She moans quietly, “No, no, I can’t be on the internet. It would kill Debbie.” I hold her tight and ask, “Do you want me to delete it?” “Please, please Derrick you have to.” I say, “OK just for you; but you owe me.” I go over to the video camera, hold it up and push the ‘Delete’ button. “Video is all empty”, I tell her; but I note the signal on my computer verifies the backup copy has already been saved. Isn’t technology great? I should not lie to pretty Diana; but I’m not going to erase her first ass fuck movie; ever.

Diana cuddles into me again and grins, “But I do want to see the pictures. You can put a copy on a memory stick for me”. I shake my head ‘No” and tell her it’s not safe for the pictures to leave my house. “Matter of fact, you won’t find them on my computer; but you can watch them whenever you come over. While she was feeling good, I may as well go for broke.

“Diana, I’m throwing a little party for Sabrina and the twins. I’m sure you want to come too, right?” Diana smiles widely and shakes her head ‘Yes”. A few moments later she frowns and asks quietly, “OMG, am I going to have to share you with them?” I smile and say, “Yes, in every way.” Diana frowns again and puts her arms around me and says, “But I want you to myself!” As she rubs her big tits against me, I almost give up the fight. “Diana, what did you decide about the twins? Play with them or not?” is a question I need answered. She looks serious for a few minutes and says, “I’m not sure. They are so cute.” She thinks about it some more and answers, “Can I wait until the party and decide?”

I give her a little kiss and tell her, “Absolutely babe, there is no pressure on you to do things you don’t want to try. But we do have another question. Do you have any friends who absolutely can keep their mouths shut and may want to join in?” Diana is not shocked; but she stays quiet. “What grade can they be?” she asks me and I tell her they need to be no older than the first year of junior high school. She looks at me as if the light bulb just got turned on and says, “Annie and Anita. OMG, they are perfect and they will be in the first year this fall.” She tells me Annie is a year older than Anita but somehow Anita ended up skipping a grade so that both girls are in the same class. Diana tells me about playing with them during the summer at their neighborhood pool.

“They are real petite, does that matter?” she asks. “No babe, it may be fun” I reply and ask her if she knew if the parents checked on them if they go for a ‘sleepover”? Diana grins and says, “That’s the best part, they are living with their grandparents who really aren’t excited about raising them. Annie says they are always allowing them to go on weekend sleepovers whenever they want. My cock twitches involuntarily at the possibilities.

After I get us two colas I set my alarm to give us an hour break. Diana is already getting droopy eyed. There is nothing like great sex to knock you out even if you are a teen with lots of energy. She pulls a blanket over us and my hand is on her nice tits as we drift off. My mouth turns into a big smile.

Waking to the sound of water running in your bachelor home is discerning; it takes me a second to figure out Diana is in the shower. When I look at the clock I see two hours have passed. Crap, the alarm has been turned off. Oh, Diana let me sleep late. In the other bathroom, I freshen up a bit, brush my teeth and put on clean jockeys. When I hear the shower finally stop, I take a big beach towel and check on Diana.

What I see makes me laugh. She stayed in the shower so long her skin is pink and the limp hair gives her the ‘drowning cat’ look. “Don’t laugh”, she says quietly as she steps out and I wrap the towel around her. I rub her shoulders as I pull her to me and when my hands move down her back she sighs. I turn her around and rub my hands down her front and dry most of her. Opening the towel I cup her breasts and play with them and tweak her nipples gently. Diana pushes back into me and says, “You forgot to use the towel to dry my baby breasts.” My mouth is next to her ear and I whisper back, “Diana, you haven’t had baby breasts since you were three. You are all woman.” She giggles and wiggles her ass. I hate to break it up.

“Did you enjoy your visit?” I ask her. She hugs me hard and she whispers, “God yes, I want you to keep spoiling me.” I get the message loud and clear. Fuck my ass and don’t tell mom. My cock twitches in my jockey’s; but I need to break it up. “Baby get dressed, remember mommy wants me to make her happy, too. It’s the cost of you getting spoiled.” Diana looks at me for a minute and nods her head, “Next week, just me alone.” I slap her butt and say, “Maybe even after mommy goes to sleep tonight.” It makes her grin as I leave the bathroom.

That evening I make mommy really happy; several times. She rode me until she collapsed. At about 3 a.m. someone taps on my foot just like I did to Diana a week ago. She had set her alarm. Down in her basement bedroom, behind the locked door, Diana also was made real happy. We played in her bed and I ass fucked her harder than this afternoon and before I dumped cum deep into her ass, a rocking orgasm had her screaming into her pillow. I held us together as we curled on our side and Diana finally fell asleep whimpering.

What a day and night. The girl’s party starts later today; I think about it as daylight is only hours away. Debbie wakes me about seven in the morning and she gets a breakfast special fuck. Mom and daughter will kill me going back and forth between them if I don’t leave. I get out of there as soon as Debbie has her last orgasm.

I did get her to agree to let Diana spend Saturday night at my house.

Later that day I’m back at Debbie’s house and pick up Diana. Fortunately Debbie is not home to wrestle me into her bed; I need to save my strength. I spent most of the day cleaning my house, getting the camera and video positioned and buying food and liquor.

Annie and Anita stand in front of their house and I get my first look at the girls as we pick them up. I guess their ages based on their school grades and surprise really hits me. Diana was right when she said they are petite. They define the word petite if you know their real ages. Annie the older is about four inches taller than Anita. Other than that, it’s obvious they are ‘look alike’ sisters. Dressed alike in light pink shorts with matching t-shirts and white tennis shoes, they stand holding matching blue gym bags. When they smile at Diana I can see matching braces across their top teeth.

From what I can see the two girls may have a touch of Latino blood in them. They both have long black hair hanging down their back. It’s in a ponytail, of course, through the hole in the cap. Their eyes are dark with long lashes. Noses are petite and their mouths have wide sexy lips. A Mexican movie star comes to mind. “Yea, when you turn sixteen and have a DD rack, you’ll be her”, I think as I get out of the truck. Looking down on their slender legs I notice the glowing summer tan which probably hides their natural light cocoa skin.

After introductions, I put their bags in the truck and watch their petite buns as the climb in. Diana watches my face and grins. Caught me. At the house, Diana shows them the spare bedroom and lets them settle in. I bring colas and snacks and let Diana do the job she has to do to see if the girls will play and explain why the ‘sleep over’ is at my house.

Diana is certain the girls are willing to explore their sexual curiosity and probably have watched internet porn. My second laptop computer is in the bedroom and I have loaded several soft-core sites into the ‘Favorites’. Diana’s pictures are there too; but not the hardcore ones. We don’t want to scare the sisters. An hour later I get the first text from Diana. “Surfing porn sites. Looking at cocks and BJs.” The second text comes about twenty minutes later ‘Now’.

Knocking on the door and opening at the same time with a tray of drinks I see the picture of a guy with a nice sized cock on the screen. Annie and Anita have a hand stuck in their shorts. They whip their hands out and I play it cool. “Brought you some better drinks if you want to try them”, while handing out the margaritas. Debbie reaches for hers and the girls are embarrassed but reach for drinks also. When they sip, their eyes come up to me finally and Annie says, “Oh, that’s good.” “Great”, I answer and ask them if they are having fun.

Diana explains they don’t have a computer at home where they can do ‘Research’. The sisters giggle when she says ‘Research’ and Diana suggests it would be real nice to do ‘live research’. Two “Oh’s” come out of the sisters’ mouths as Diana pulls me over to her and drops my pants to the floor. I pull the rest of my clothes off and get on the bed. Diana tells the girls to get near and watch as she cradles my cock in her hand and pulls the skin back showing them my cock head.

Annie and Anita slide closer and I hand their drinks to them and say, “Drink up because I don’t want you to grab me with an ice cold hand.” It’s a backhanded way to get them to the next step and they down the rest of the first margarita. Of course they have seen this on the internet; but Diana plays teacher and tells them a few pointers about sucking a guy’s cock. She reminds them that 90% of the porn clips are movie magic and not reality. Then she shows them how to stimulate my cock by gently stroking and sucking. Besides being a great kisser, Diana has turned into a great cock sucker in just three days.

One girl is on either side of me and they are hesitant to grab my cock until Diana says, “I bet Anita can do it better than you.” Annie gets a pissed look on her face and says, “No she can’t” as she wraps her little hand around my cock. When she squeezes a bit my head expands a little from the pressure. Annie giggles and slowly runs her hand down my cock and back up. Diana had known exactly where Annie’s hot button is. Since Anita skipped a grade, I’m sure she has heard plenty about it.

Diana takes a small bottle of lube from the night stand and puts a few drops on Annie’s hand. It makes it feel better as I watch her stroke me from cockhead down to the root. Diana tells her to stop at the root and hold me up. “Anita, lick his sensitive spot here”, she says while pointing to the underside. Anita hesitates for a second, but the challenge was still hanging in the air. She bends her head to my cock and her black hair falls across my legs giving me a tickling sensation. It makes me smile.

Anita’s tongue comes out a bit and she touches my cock tentatively. The strawberry taste surprises her; it’s from the lube. “Strawberry?” she asks surprised and I hold up the lube bottle. “Makes it more fun”, I tell her. Anita licks down to her sister’s hand and back up about three times. I add, “When you take me into your mouth just go slow and watch your teeth. It can hurt my sensitive spot.”

“Ok Derrick, I know about braces”, she smiles and opens her mouth wide and pulls my cockhead into it. She stops there and holds me. Her tongue touches my cock and about half a minute later it explores my cockhead. Anita runs her tongue all around it before she pops me back out. “That’s real nice Anita; you are doing it so good. Remember to breathe through your nose”, I praise her. Anita smiles at the praise and sticks my cock back into her mouth. I can tell the sisters are starved for affection and praise. I will use it to the fullest.

She slowly moves her head down on my cock and I worry she may gag. “Not too deep Anita. Stop and use your tongue”, I teach her. She is used to following directions and does what I say. Her tongue moves around inside her mouth and she slides it over the bottom of my cock. I could stay like this all day, enjoying her little mouth and big lips on my cock. I’m only half hard and Anita seems to be having lots of fun with her first cock. A couple of ‘Mmms” escape her lips as she moves up and down slowly. I let her suck me for about five minutes and then force her to take a break.

“Anita baby, you have to share now”, I tell her and give her chin a little tap. She moves her mouth back up to my cockhead and gives me a hard suck. It makes my cock twitch hard and Annie loses grip. Diana giggles and says, “Whoa girls, don’t let him get away.” It makes both girls laugh and Anita leans back and let’s Annie have her turn.

Annie has watched Anita closely and she tries to improve on her sister’s method. She licks the bottom of my cock from the tip down to the root and back up several times. Then she holds me near the tip and runs her tongue all over my head. When I twitch she looks right into my eyes, like a porn actress; opens wide and swallows me nearly to the root. Annie seems to have a bit of an aggressive streak. When she sucks hard it makes me groan and my hand goes onto the back of her head and into her long hair.

She likes my reaction and moves her head up and down while keeping suction on my cock. I hear her breathing through her nose hard and when I look at Diana her mouth is hanging open. As I get hard in Annie’s mouth it’s time for equal praise. “Oh Annie you are doing it great also. I like your technique, baby.” She doesn’t stop but I can see a grin in her face. Anita is next to me watching intently.

Good grief, I haven’t even kissed the sisters and they already have my cock deep into their mouths. That was quick. “Anita baby, get undressed and come back up here with me”, I tell her. Anita hops off the bed and she is naked in a minute. I open my arms and she falls into me for her first kiss. I’m gentle and let her set the pace a bit. After I open her mouth with my tongue she gets the hint and lets my tongue explore her mouth.

Anita does it to me also for a few minutes while Annie is still working on my hard cock. I pull Anita away from me to get a better look at her body. She is slender without boobs. Her tan lines show she had worn a full bathing suit and her natural color is the light cocoa which I expected. I can see a few black hairs above her slit. Ah, very pretty. I put two drops of lube on her little nipples and kiss them. Running my tongue over them makes Anita giggle and shimmy. I pull her back to me and say quietly, “Time to switch with Annie.”

Diana has been watching quietly and she pulls Annie off the bed. “You have to get your clothes off too, Annie”, she says sort of loud, “You don’t want to get cum all over you shirt.” Annie’s eyes get wide when it hits her that ‘Research’ with real cocks produces real cum shooting to the ceiling. Meanwhile, when Anita hears it she re-doubles her effort and one of her hands reaches for my balls and massages them. Diana and I know I will blast soon. Into their mouths or not? Diana resolves the issue and asks, “Are you ready to swallow your first load?” I put my bet on Anita; but Annie surprises me when she says, “I’ll do it, Derrick.” Anita stops for a second and says, “Me too, Derrick.”

Oh, exactly what I was hoping for. The sisterly competition is great and I hope it lasts all night. “Ok girls, we are going to share. And we will share the best we can all night long, OK?” I say and look at them. Annie nods her head and Anita does too without losing my cock from her mouth.

I make a motion to Diana, clicking my fingers like taking a picture. She runs for my camera and when she comes back I tell the girls. “You need to kneel down and open your mouth. When I shoot don’t spit or swallow. Hold my cum in your mouth. Can you do that?” They both nod and get into position over my cock with their mouth open. Their dark eyes are on my cock and I reach over and move their long hair out of the way. Diana is beside me and shoots pictures.

Jerking my cock I do my best to hit their tongues and by the third stroke a hard rope of Jizz hits Annie’s mouth. The second shot goes directly between Anita’s lips. The third shot goes wild and hits Annie’s naked flat chest. The girls’ eyes are like saucers and it makes me grin even in the pain of cuming. Diana is shooting frame after frame showing Jizz on their tongues. I recover in a minute while the girls are still on their knees waiting for instructions. “Girls you can swallow now and Diana will clean you up”, I tell them.

They look at each other and Anita beats Annie by a second swallowing her first load of Jizz in her young life. Well, they are broken in and I’m sure they will both lose their virginity in the next hour. As we watch for a reaction, Anita’s face goes into a frown for a second; but she sees Annie’s grin and forces a grin on her face also. Annie says, “OMG Derrick it’s tastes Ok. I was scared about it being jucky.” Anita shakes her head ‘Yes’, but I’m not sure she agrees all the way. I smile at Annie and say, “Thanks baby, there is lots more for you later. Now let Diana clean you up.”

I tell Anita to come lay beside me and I curl her into me. Her curvy buns are against my crotch and it feels good. My hand pulls her to me and drapes across her chest. I let my fingers wander over her nipples and I note they stand up hard about a half inch. Ah, seems the sex play is working on Anita. I reach up and pull the scusi from her hair and let her black hair flow free. I whisper into her ear, “Let’s watch Diana.”

Diana leans forward and interlocks her fingers with Annie’s. Annie stretches out next to us and Diana leans over above her belly. Diana’s tongue comes out and touches Annie’s belly near her belly button and it makes her giggle. She watches as the tongue moves to her belly button and plays with it. The tongue slowly glides north first to the left nipple and then the right. I can see Annie’s finger tighten on Diana’s hand as Diana licks the twin dark hard nipples. They seem to grow in front of us to about the same half inch length. Annie is quietly moaning “Mmm” as the tongue flicks her hardening nipples.

Anita squirms in my arms and I can feel her ass moving against me. I think I can even smell pussy in the air as we watch Diana clean up Annie. Diana moves to the center of Annie’s chest and licks up the rope of Jizz. Her head moves above Annie’s, whose eyes get big as she realizes what is about to happen. She says “Oohh” and her round mouth makes a perfect target. Diana sticks her tongue out and into Annie’s ‘O’. Cum slides down her tongue into Annie before she locks lips. Her hands turn loose of Annie’s and both girls hands go into each other’s hair in a head embrace.

Holy shit, it’s sexy. Anita breathes deeply watching her sister swapping cum with Diana. Diana finally releases Annie and stands up with a big grin. She asks me, “Was it a good show, Derrick?” I laugh and say, “Best ever girls. We all need fresh drinks.” I tell Diana to take the girls to the master bedroom while I get a pitcher of margaritas. The pitcher is double strength.

In the master bedroom, Diana tells the girls to sit on the bed while she takes her clothes off. So far, Annie at least has not minded some girl-girl play. It makes me wonder if the two sisters have played together. When they sip the stronger margaritas their eyes light up. While they sip, I make sure the video recorder is taping the scene on the bed. “Are you having fun so far?” I ask. Both girls grin and shake their heads. I tell them if anything bothers them to speak up and we can stop. Heads nod again.

When I join them on the bed, Anita reaches for my cock. With her warm hand I notice. So I lean back and watch. She plays with my cock a bit, now more familiar, and pulls the skin down and takes me into her mouth. Her tongue runs down the underside several times before she bobs me deeper into her mouth. After a few nice up and down stokes it becomes interesting.

When I hit the back of her mouth she stops for a second or two and then makes up her mind. She stretches her neck out and pushes herself down another inch. I can feel my cockhead hitting her throat. Her gag reflex kicks in and she comes up sputtering. She crawls up on me; her eyes wet, and says, “It sure looks easy on the internet.” I hug her to me and kiss her tears away. “Don’t worry baby. There is lots of other stuff we can do. You don’t need to deep throat me right now.” She looks a bit serious and asks, “Are you going to fuck me with that big cock?” When I smile and nod she says, “It’s too big, Derrick.”

“Why don’t we find out, baby.”

I push little Anita onto her back and fan her hair out over the pillow. I notice a tiny ear stud in her lobe and kiss her ears. From there my mouth is back on hers and we let our tongues play for two minutes. Moving down, I put her elongated dark nipples between my lips and suck gently. Anita’s hands come around my head and she holds me to her and moans deeply.

Little Annie lies down next to us and watches for a few minutes before turning to Diana and raising her hands in invitation. As Diana leans over Annie her big tits sway in front of Annie’s mouth and she grabs a nipple between her lips. Diana gets a jolt and holds still so Annie can suck on her nipple. Both girls seem comfortable with a bit of lesbian play. Works for me. I’ll get Anita worked up and then Diana and I can switch girls.

I let my lips slide down to Anita’s belly button after kissing and rubbing her baby nipples. I have to remind myself that her IQ is probably higher than mine and she knows exactly what we are doing and where it’s headed. I play with her belly button and flat stomach for a few minutes and ask her to roll over.

Her curvy buns are to die for. They stand of shapely and high in the Latin fashion. The two sisters have extra nice butts even on their petite frames. Using the lube, I drip a few drops on her back and one on each on her cheeks. Gently massaging the lube into her shoulders and back makes Anita groan in pleasure. I have not yet touched her butt. When I do she raises it high against my hands. It opens her cheeks a bit and as I massage each cheek and let my fingers get nearer and nearer to her pussy.

I can see that sexual tension is building up because Anita humps her ass up harder and harder when my fingers get near her pussy. When she finally moans “Please, do it”; my fingers glide over her pussy and Anita exhales in relief. I get behind her and spread her legs apart wide and pull her ass up high. My fingers play with her pussy lips and one finger goes into her after several minutes. She pulls her knees under her and rocks back in rhythm with my finger gently penetrating her. She seems real dry so a few drops of lube help me penetrate her tight little pussy.

The effect is immediate; Anita turns her head and smiles as I let my fingers stroke up and down her pussy lips and into her for about an inch. Next to us Annie and Diana are still tongue wrestling and tit sucking. Annie must love Diana’s big 36CCs because her hands mold them, squeeze them and just love them more than any girl I’ve ever seen. Is she totally bi?

“Anita baby, let me use my tongue”, I tell her and help her roll over. Anita grins and spreads her legs with her knees cocked just like she was in a porn video. She doesn’t know that right now she is the star in her ‘cherry popping’ movie. I step back for a half minute and focus the regular camera on her and shoot a few frames. Anita takes the interruption is stride and smiles for the camera.

I move between her legs and let my tongue dance over her body for several minutes before touching her pussy with my tongue. “Spread your lips for me” I tell her and pull her hands to her pussy and show her what I want. I want her to be a partner in deflowering her. A film of wetness covers her pink inner folds and as she pulls herself apart I search for her clit. It’s hiding no more; her clit has moved out from its sheath and awaits my fingers and tongue.

The tongue will reach it first. I tongue into the middle of her pussy and Anita’s hands turn loose of her folds and attack my hair. She squeals and shudders as I lick upward to her clit and just gently rub it. I want to make it last; but Anita suddenly has a mind of her own. She pulls on my hair hard and drives my tongue into her clit. Her ass starts rocking hard and she lets my tongue fuck her clit. She lasts about four minutes until she squeals even louder and a good climax ripples over her hard. My face is buried in her pussy and I may as well relax before I suffocate. Fortunately she relaxes and her legs fall open and save me from dying between two pre-teen legs. As I inhale hard, I have a big grin on my wet face.

“OMG Derrick, I’ve never felt one like that” she cries as she tries to pull me up next to her and cuddle into me. Diana and Annie grin at us. Diana slaps my ass and says, “Bad boy, made her cum hard.” I call for another round of drinks. When Annie slurs a word or two, I know they have reached their limit and are feeling mellow.

When I ask Annie if she wants to switch she shakes her head ‘No”; grins and says, “I like Diana”. While she says it her hand is rubbing Diana’s tits. I may as well be bold and get her going in the right direction. “Annie if you like her tits, let her kiss your pussy and just wait.” Annie looks at Diana, who nods her head, and she lays back and spreads her legs like Anita had for me a few minutes earlier. Diana moves down to Annie and her head disappears between her legs. I want to watch her eat pussy; but Anita is pulling on me to get back up on the bed.

She cuddles into me and I ask her, “Was it good, baby?” She is serious and says, “Thanks Derrick that was real nice. I was really afraid you were going to be real rough. I hear the older boys in school talking about forcing their cocks down our throat or up our ass.” I can see a tear on her eyes and it makes me glad that I took it easy on her. A few kisses put a smile back on Anita’s face.

“Anita do you want to rest or play a little more”, I ask because my hard cock will need relief soon before it bursts. Anita curls up on top of me and her hands go around my head. Her lips are next to my ear and I already know a ‘secret’ request will be next. “Derrick, grandma tells me not to use bad language; but I want you to fuck me and break my cherry.” Yes, that’s what I was hoping for. Diana deserves a diamond for finding these two sexually frustrated hotties.

With all the whispering, the master bedroom is quiet and I can hear Diana slurping on Annie’s pussy. I hope her climax will mirror Anita’s and satisfy her.

“Anita baby, I’m going to let you ride me so you can control how deep you take me”, I tell her and boost her up on my cock. I hold her waist and admire her whole body before letting her hips hide my cock inside her pussy. Her black hair fans out over her back and her juicy lips look a bit worn from the heavy kissing. Anita’s black eyes shine in excitement as she knows she will be a woman in minutes.

As I let her slide down my cock head opens her pussy lips. I penetrate an inch and she gasps again. I hold her there and let her feel her new intruder who is also her lover. My cock twitches several times and Anita giggles. Lifting her and dropping her back down the same inch gives her a mini-fuck. “How is it; does it hurt?” I ask as we slowly move up and down. Her pussy lips are tight around my cock and Anita nods her head. “OMG, it’s good, Derrick.” Annie watches and smiles at me. I think, “You’ll be next.”

When I let Anita slide down a second inch she gasps again. She holds still for a moment but then lifts herself up and comes back down. We keep going in our slow mini-fuck. Her pussy clamps me tight but seems to be expanding with each stroke. Anita tries for another inch when we hit her obstruction. Her eyes get big because she knows what comes next. She has to pop her cherry. Her lips make an ‘O’ and I tell her quietly, “Do it quick, not slow.” She nods her head and goes for it.

Raising up and dropping down sharply, I pull her hips down hard and help her. When my cock punches through her hymen she gives a yelp and drops down on my chest. I let her rest with my cock deep inside her. Diana and Annie look at us with a question on their faces. Anita holds still for a half minute and then kisses me hard. As she sits up my cock drives deep into her and she gasps hard again. She looks at Annie and smiles, “I did it. I have been fucked.” Annie smiles back; but I think her competitiveness makes her wonder if she is Number Two again. Of course Anita has not been fucked yet, she is about to experience her full fuck in a minute. Anita asks for a sip of margarita and Diana hands her a glass.

Anita sips her drink and grins. She is totally happy sitting on me with my cock deep in her. She moves her legs forward and stretches them up toward my head. It makes my last inches slide into her and I feel my cock punching through another barrier. It feels like I’m going into her belly. Anita gasps again and says, “Oops, I can’t do that.” She lifts up a bit and then falls back down. “Oh God Derrick, it feels like you are up in my belly.” She grins as she says it and moves up and down again. Several times. It’s pinching my cock hard and there is a bit of pain. Who cares about pain if your girl is having great fun.

Anita moves back forward and rocks her ass up and down. We fuck slowly for several minutes and I can feel her second orgasm building. It’s almost anti-climatic when she yelps as her climax ripples over her. She falls back onto my chest and shudders all over. I roll the new woman to my side and let her rest.

Annie gives me a shock when she says, “Derrick, I’m ready to get fucked.” Good grief, a few hours ago she was a shy tween and now she acts like a grown up bitch. “In a second, baby”, I tell her because I need a break too.

As I take a break I notice the time and think about Ted bringing the twins and Sabrina to my house in about two hours. Plenty of time to pop Annie, however, I wonder what Ted will think about the two sisters. It makes me grin. Annie may give him a run for his money, as they say. He may also get to fuck my Sabrina who seems ready to spread her horizons. And lastly, the twins said they have cut off Ted and they are totally mine. It’s going to be a long night.

When I walk back into the bedroom I get a big surprise. Anita seems asleep with a sheet over her; but Annie has her legs spread wide open. Her fingers hold her pussy wide open and Diana has a big grin on her face. “How is this Derrick?” she asks. “Oh Annie, you are so pretty. Let me shoot a couple of pics”, I tell her and make sure the camera is zoomed on her. We shoot a few frames and I tell Diana, “Nice posing, babe.” She gives me a hug and rubs her naked tits against me. Her mouth is near my ear and she whispers, “Save your cum for my ass.” I nod with a grin.

Getting down next to Annie I get a good look at her youthful pussy. Like her sister she looks pink and tight. Annie pulls on her small clit and makes it stand up. Diana has been working on it and it seems ready for more fun. I drip some lube on my fingers before touching her clit. When I do, Annie inhales hard and says, “Oh yes.” Oh yes indeed, Annie is about to get a memorable fuck. I rub my fingers into her pussy and spread her open. As Annie moans I can tell her pussy is more flexible and ready. She is ready to become a woman also.

I pull her to the edge of the bed and line up with her pussy. Diana climbs up on the bed and lets Annie’s head rest on her big tits. This way Annie can watch my cock sliding into her pussy. Annie grabs Diana’s hand and holds it tight. When I slide my first inch into her she gasps, “Wow”. I hold still for a minute and let her get used to my cock. When she nods her head, I pull back and stab into her another inch. Fucking her slowly I keep it to the two inch limit. Her pussy is tight on my cock but seems to loosen slightly as we move against each other. Annie rocks her ass a bit more and we get a small rhythm going.

“Oohh”, Annie groans as she rocks with me. Her body spasms as if electric shocks runs up her spine. It makes me grin. Annie’s legs come around me and her heels dig into my sides. She gives a little kick and urges me deeper into her pussy. She shudders more and a climax seems to be near. Actually I like fucking Annie like this but a few minutes later I tell her, “Get ready baby.” Before she reacts, I push into her hard and pop her virgin cherry. A small scream comes out of Annie and it wakes Anita. As I hold my cock deep in her, Annie reaches up and pulls me down to her and holds on tight. Her lips seek mine and her tongue is in my mouth hard.

Annie says quietly, “OMG, Derrick fuck me.” She rocks her ass under me and I stroke into her deeply. We move against each other harder and her heels kick into my sides. Annie’s dark eyes look up at me and her black hair fans out over Diana’s boobs. Her flat chest heaves as we fuck faster and harder. No matter what Diana wants, I think Annie is going to get her first load of Jizz deep into her pussy.

We last about five more minutes and Annie starts shaking again, even harder. Her orgasm hits her hard and she shudders. Diana grins and says, “Good girl, Annie.” She leans over and kisses Annie’s lips. I can’t hold back. As I hold Annie against me hard, ropes of Jizz shoot deep into her fresh fucked pussy. Annie’s eyes go wide, “OMG Derrick it’s hot.” Anita and Diana look at us and Anita asks, “Did you cum in her?” When I nod, she gets next to Annie and says, “I guess you are a mommy, now.”

Diana and I chuckle and look at Annie’s stunned face. It takes her a half minute to get the joke and Anita says, “Just kidding.” When I pull my cock out of Annie; sister Anita leans over and pulls me into her mouth and cleans me. Her tongue is gentle on my cock and after licking me clean she pushes me deeper into her mouth. She moves up and down gently as she works on reviving my limp cock. It feels great but I need to stop and rest. I touch her jaw and pull her off. “Thanks Anita, but I have to rest. You girls take a break.”

Anita and Annie lay back and Diana covers them with a sheet. As I turn the lights off, Annie says, “Thank you Diana. I want to do it again later.” Diana grins; runs back to the bed and gives her another kiss. When we get to the extra bedroom Diana says, “I should have sucked you cum out of her pussy.” It makes my cock twitch; but I say, “Let’s not overdo it the first time. We have all night and tomorrow.”

I pour Diana a drink and when we clink glasses I ask her if she remembers Ted from Sabrina’s party. “He is bringing the twins and Sabrina in a few minutes. You need to fix your makeup and put your clothes on. The hot white shorts if you packed them.” Diana nods her head with a smile; but a second later asks, “Do I have to fuck him?” “Only if you want to, Diana”, I say. She seems to think about it and I challenge her, “Sabrina will probably deep throat him till he is done for the night. Annie and Anita will finish whatever life he has left in him.” She squirms a bit and her hand rubs her pussy and she hugs me. I know just how to get her to agree to anything. “If you fuck him, I can fuck your ass at the same time. Think about two big cocks in you together.”

Diana shakes hard against me as an orgasm ripples through her just thinking of having two cocks fill her with double loads of Jizz. She hangs on to me tight and says, “You promise?” I nod and kiss her hard. I had not even had the idea in my head a second before; but it’s a great plan. Maybe some of the other girls are up to getting DP’d before they have to go home.

I bet the twins and Sabrina are ready to step it up some. Annie and Anita are probably too small.

It’s going to be a long weekend; I hope.

(Who needs to get DP'd; readers may advise)

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2012-04-06 06:37:38
to late for comments, I know, but only 1 man at a time please. How about giving all these girls to tom {strawberry's tom} and then have that bus hit tom. I want ALL that pussy for myself. Twins are not the ones I was thinking of, but still so very hot. Me and my girls love these stories. Got to go read chap. 9. Start a story with one 1 one man and start adding girls and moms untill you have a small city. Ages 5 to 15. But don't fuck 1 untill she is 8 or 9. Jimboy

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You should dp Sabrina, and see if the other ones want to try it. Spend more time teaching Annie & Anita on how to keep every one happy. In the future maybe Annie & Anita can bring some of their little friends into the mix. You write a great story. Likeemyoung!!!


2011-09-16 14:08:28
You should dp Sabrina, and see if the other ones want to try it. Spend more time teaching Annie & Anita on how to keep every one happy. In the future maybe Annie & Anita can bring some of their little friends into the mix. You write a great story. Likeemyoung!!!

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2011-09-15 22:56:35
this is the same anon that from below, we need another chapter!!!! dp or tp the twins and the two sisters, which by the way give them an age (6 or 7yrs preferably) describe the girls more in detail, how do their little slits look and put them in sm care bear panties that are too small so they hv a camel toe & then dnt take them off just pull them to the side!!!

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u should triple penetrate the twins and still hv another cock in each hand too. i know it is impossible but dbl vag or dbl anal wd be nice for the twins also, or maybe just try putting two cocks i their mouths. also i wd love a story abt a sleepover with only one guy and abt 10-12 girls the twins age. oh and exactly how old are these two new girls??

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