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I warn you now, this is long and there isn't much sex. I really took time to develop the plot and characters. Hope someone enjoys it, because I loved writing it. I've already completed Ch.2 and am working on Ch.3. It takes a lot of time putting them up as I tend to write free hand then copy to the computer. Feedback is always appreciated.
[b] Hell Hath No Fury…

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, as they say. Perhaps this isn’t true for all women, but for some it proves to be all too true.

Everyone that knew Gabby Thomas would describe the 26yr old petite brunette as a quiet beauty, who’s as giving and kind as she is easy on the eyes. She was always the level headed one, never acting on impulse or making rash decisions. Being a logical creature, she thought things through precisely and had her entire life planned out since her early teens. Now in her mid-twenties her life was on the exact path she’d wanted. She had found love and married her college sweetheart. Gabby met Derrick her freshman year, he was a junior and seemed her perfect match. He’d exceled as a student and found himself a job right after graduation for a computer graphics company. She’d had her heart set on working the dental field and was currently employed at a pediatric dental office. Only one year after marriage they’d bought a home together. To Gabby their life was picture perfect. According to her they would continue on building their careers for two more years, and then at 28 she would have their first of two children. That was her plan, their plan supposedly.

It was a crisp October evening when all her well thought out plans came crashing down. Gabby sat at home completely engrossed in one of the detective novels she secretly loved. Her husband, Derrick, was out with his buddies again. It was a weekly ritual that the group meet up at a local bar, have a few drinks, play several rounds of pool, and then Derrick would sober himself up enough to drag his butt home around midnight. Gabby rubbed at her tired eyes and sat down the book. Glancing at her watch she realized it was nearly 1am. “Where the heck is he?” She pondered. For the next 10mins or so she busied herself by washing her face, throwing her long hair up in a ponytail, brushing her teeth, and just any trivial thing she’d normally do before bed. Finally at 1:15am she reached for her cellphone and called up Derrick. No answer. Worry took over. Her mind conjured up images of him clinging to life in a pile of twisted metal wrapped around a telephone pole somewhere, an image she’d witnessed before. Trying to remain calm, she waited another 15mins before grabbing her keys and heading out the door to go look for him, hoping to be wrong, hoping he was sleeping it off somewhere. As she neared the bar she was instantly relieved to see his jeep still intact in the parking lot, but then she spotted two figures bouncing around inside. Gabby immediately pulled into the 24hr gas station across the street and watched as her husband along with a stunning young blonde emerge still in the process of redressing themselves. Her eyes glued to the rearview mirror spying the two lovers as they interacted, now kissing feverishly pressed against the passenger side of the jeep. Gabby didn’t know what to think or how to react; she simply looked on as Derrick helped the young woman into the jeep and sped off into the night.

Despite her immense sense of betrayal, Gabby didn’t cry or show any emotion, she did nothing but drive back home and got in bed like nothing had happened. Deep in her head the wheels were turning though. Being the rational person she was she had to form a plan as to what to do next. Not being prepared to accept that her ultimate life goals were diminished so suddenly, she prayed what she’d witnessed was only a drunken one time fling. To find the truth she would have to return to spy on her beloved husband. Surely he wasn’t having an affair, she reasoned to herself. Gabby was still wide awake 30mins later when Derrick at last returned home. When he climbed in their bed she pretended to have been woken by him.

“Oh hey hunny. How was your night with the guys?” She asked in a fake groggy tone.

“Uh fine. Sorry I’m back late. We went over to Kevin’s after the bar closed.” He stammered lying out his ass.

“That’s nice. I’m going back to sleep, I’m exhausted.” With that she rolled over.

Derrick spooned her from behind, gave her a quick peck on the cheek, and passed right out. When he’d leaned in for the peck Gabby had caught a whiff of perfume on her man. “Ugh only a tramp wears Brittany Spears…” She thought.

Over the following week Gabby went through life normally, even having sex with her unfaithful husband, though it made her feel disgusted she still played the part of the loving wife. Come Friday night she kissed him goodbye and waved as he left for his “guys’ night”. Unbeknownst to Derrick, she’d rented a car earlier that day so not to be detected as she followed her husband around. Once his car was out of sight she walked to the rental parked down the street. She drove toward the bar, but passed it by when she didn’t see his jeep. She continued on in the direction he’d left the week prior. Soon enough she came upon a jeep she was almost certain was her husbands. Gabby tailed the jeep at a distance feeling foolish the entire time. They entered a very upscale neighborhood. The jeep parked in front of a large Victorian style home and out walked, or rather bounced, the beautiful blonde. Gabby sat in the rental car parked in a driveway a few houses down and watched as the two greeted each other like any loving couple would. The blonde leapt into Derrick’s arms showering him with kisses. The sight made Gabby queasy.

All night Gabby followed Derrick and his mistress. They first stopped at the mall, which lasted nearly an hour. When they emerged Derrick was totting several bags from different departments, his lover was swinging a single sack labeled Victoria Secret. Gabby griped the steering wheel so tight her knuckles were chalk white. Second was dinner at a burger joint. Gabby could view them through the glass flirting and kissing. Eventually they made their way to the bar; at that point Gabby had had enough and went home. She made sure to park the rental down the street. The walk to her house was excruciating as she let the reality of it all sink in.

Gabby was devastated. Obviously her marriage was a joke and could no longer continue. The minutes ticked by while her anger built up. She had so many unanswered questions. She now knew for certain this was an ongoing affair, but for how long? Was he in love with this other woman? Who exactly was this blonde woman? Gabby needed to know more, she needed real answers, answers she was sure her cheating husband wouldn’t be so kind to reveal. Plus Gabby’s rational side screamed for proof as well. This could turn into a nasty divorce battle, the house, the cars, everything they had she wasn’t willing to let it all go. Gabby felt like one of the detectives from her favorite mystery novels, and now she had a mystery of her own to solve. Regardless of how many books she’d read though, Gabby had no clue as to where to start. “I’m going to need some professional help.” She decided quickly.

For a few days she searched the yellow pages and internet looking for a PI, but alas they were all way too expensive, there’d be no way to hide that from her husband. Gabby was almost to the point of giving up when one day at work a coworker happened to glance at her laptop open to a page searching for ‘cheap private investigators’.

“If I may ask, whatcha need a PI for?” Janie her coworker asked.

“Oh um…” Gabby was reluctant to divulge her predicament, but decided it might be helpful to open up to someone else about her situation. “My husband is cheating and I want proof among other things.” She spoke bluntly.

Janie took the info in stride. “That’s all? My brother can help ya out with that and he’s dirt cheap!”

“What’s the catch?” Gabby was skeptical.

“He’s not certified, so there’s certain things he can’t do… Well legally he shouldn’t be practicing at all, not for money anyway. But if anyone asks you can say it was a favor.” Janie explained to her.

“Has he ever done this sort of thing before?”

“Oh yea tons! Started cause he suspected his ex of slutting around…. Turns out she was! So you got something in common already!”

“Well… give him my number then. And thanks Janie, I didn’t know what I was going to do.”

“No problem girl! Cheating bastard needs to be taught a lesson!”

Gabby genuinely smiled for the first time in nearly two weeks. She’d kept this all to herself and it was good to open up about it to another person. They chatted it up the rest of the work day. Before Janie had been nothing more than a coworker, but now she was becoming a friend and that’s exactly what Gabby needed at a time like this.

She got a call later that same day, well ahead of when her husband was due home.

“Hello?” Gabby answered the unfamiliar number.

“Yes hi. My names Jacob Grayson, I’m Janie’s brother. She said you had some PI work for me…” The deep masculine voice introduced himself.

“Oh yes. Thanks for getting back to me so soon. Janie told me you work pretty cheap due to not being licensed and I don’t have a lot of cash to throw around, especially considering I don’t want to alert my husband.”

“I do indeed. I’m working on getting licensed, but yes I work under the table sometimes, mostly for friends and family. I hear you’re trying to get proof of your husband’s infidelities?”

“That and a bit more I suppose….”

“How about we meet for lunch tomorrow and you can tell me all about it? I know a great little Italian place near the dental office.”

Gabby felt a singe of uncertainty at meeting with this stranger alone, even if he is Janie’s brother. Jacob picked up on her fear right away.

“You can bring Janie along if that’d make you more comfortable.” He assured her.

“Ok then, where’s this place located?” Gabby agreed.

“Oh Janie knows it. I’ll let her know and you can ride with her.”

“Sounds great. I’ll see you then.”

Gabby hung up the phone with a sigh of relief. She had a whole new plan in works, far different from the perfectly laid plans she’d graphed out for her life, but those plans were trashed thanks to her two-timing husband.

Janie was excited the following day about the impending lunch meeting. She was practically bubbling over with joy at getting to introduce Gabby to her brother.

“He’s awesome! You two will hit it off I’m sure! That bitch of an ex was an idiot I tell you!” She was beaming all morning. It was clear to Gabby that Janie admired her brother a great deal. Although she meant well Janie carried on as though they were going for a date, not a business meeting. Gabby had to set her straight before she got carried away, and from the sound of it she was already planning the bridal shower. Janie was still babbling on as they drove to the restaurant.

“Whoa Janie, I’m dealing with a lot right now. Not to mention I’m married. Oh and I’ve never met your brother, let alone plan to jump into a relationship when mine is currently in turmoil. So please stop acting like this is some sort of date.” Gabby reasoned with her.

“Oh my god! I’m sorry! I tend to get a lil overzealous sometimes!” Janie apologized.

“I see that.” Gabby couldn’t help but laugh.

“Don’t tell my brother please! He told me to calm it with the match making crap!”


“Gosh when he told me bout the lunch date, I mean meeting, I went on and on bout how pretty and nice you are… I know it’s crazy but I just think you two would be super cute together and he’s been single since the divorce. And I know I sound completely certifiable right now!”

“Not completely. I get that you want the best for him, but a married woman in the process of certain divorce probably isn’t what he needs.”

“Ok ok I give up… for now.” Janie’s words made Gabby roll her eyes.

They pulled into a quaint little restaurant Gabby hadn’t even noticed before. She immediately liked its small welcoming stature. As they walked through the doors Janie squealed and ran to a table where a handsome dark haired man began to stand. He towered over Janie who was approximately the same height as Gabby. His eyes met hers and she felt her knees go weak staring at the brilliant hypnotizing light blue of them. His broad shoulders and overall masculine stature along with his deep tan, hinted of a man accustomed to hard labor outdoors. Gabby practically floated in a dreamlike state to stand before him.

Jacob cleared his throat. “Hi you must be Gabby. My sis here has told me so much about you. I see she wasn’t lying about your beauty.” He said still holding her gaze. He put his hand out signaling for a handshake.

Gabby was still blushing from his comment when she placed her small delicate hand in his large course one. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Jacob.” Gabby finally found her voice.

“The pleasures all mine. Shall we sit?” He pulled out a chair for her like a gentleman. As Gabby sat she looked up at Janie who was grinning from ear to ear.

Jacob moved to pull out a chair for Janie too. “Uh actually I don’t feel like Italian, I think I’ll just go get a burger. You can give Gabby a lift back when you’re done here right?” Janie sputtered then gave her brother a quick hug and was out the door before either could object.

Jacob sat across from Gabby at the small intimate table. “I’m sorry about her… she’s a bit of a hopeless romantic and she has it in her head that you and I are meant to be.”

“Believe me I know! She’s been telling me how amazingly great you are all day. She’s not very subtle.” Gabby was starting to feel more relaxed.

“Yea she’s about a subtle as a sledge hammer! She’s always been like this! Hell when we were kids she’d glue notes and pictures of her Christmas list all over the house.”

“Well did you folks get the hint?” Gabby giggled.

“Oh yea, she’s quite good at getting exactly what she wants!” Jacob’s eyes glowed with pride for his younger sibling.
The waiter came by taking their order. They talked casually about nothing much until lunch arrived.

“Ok, so back to why we’re here.” Jacob got the conversation on track.

“Yes that… Well a couple weeks ago I found my husband, Derrick, in a compromising position with another woman. I’d hoped it was a one night stand but then I followed him the next week and sure enough he went to be with the same woman. I watched them most the night. They interact like they’ve been together for some time. I want proof of the cheating and I also want to know if at all possible who she is, how long this had been happening, and any other info you are able to uncover.”

“Hmmm…. I’d say that’s doable. I can get the proof you seek easy enough. It shouldn’t be a problem identifying her. Might be a bit difficult to find any specifics on their relationship prior to this point, but I’ll do my best.” He guaranteed her.

“Now how much will this cost me?”

“All gas money I rack up during my investigation and any other expenses directly related to this case… Aside from that… A date.” He locked eyes with her letting her know he was serious.

Gabby was shocked this hunk wanted a date with her…. As payment for investigating her husband’s affair. She was flattered yet couldn’t shake the thought from her mind that she’d be no better than Derrick. She wasn’t a cheater, not even now.

“I’m sorry but I just can’t cheat. A date would be cheating to me. I won’t sink to his level. I’m very attracted to you but I can’t do that.” She silently cursed herself.

“I never said when the date would take place… I respect your integrity here. I’m actually impressed you want to remain faithful given the circumstance, that’s amazing to me. I think you are a gorgeous woman and thus far I find you charming as well. Once this is all said and done, once you are separated from the scumbag, that’s when I’d like to take you out on a proper date.” Jacob winked her way.

She felt her pulse start to race. “Oh…. In that case I accept. So how do we get started here?”

“First I need to know his routine…”

“He meets her on Fridays.”

“Every Friday?”

“Yep. He used to meet up with a group of guys, when that changed I don’t know. Now it’s his date night it seems.”

"Are there any other times he could meet up with this other woman?"

“The only other time he’d have would be his lunch break. I can tell you where he works.”

“Good. I will also need phone records. Can you get those?”

“I should be able to, my names on the accounts.”

“Ok. Now I’m not sure if you’ll be ok with this or not, but I’d like to set up a hidden camera in your home. Nothing too intrusive, perhaps in your living room. You never know if he brings her there or not.”

“My gosh that never occurred to me! I assumed it was a Friday night only thing.” This was a lot for Gabby to process at once.

Jacob wanted to caution her. “Many things may surface here that you weren’t aware of. I’m preparing you for that now. Trust me, I’ve been there. When I was married and I saw signs she was possibly cheating I began snooping around. I had no idea how truly bad it was. She’d screwed numerous guys, including some friends of mine, a couple coworkers, hell even a cousin…. Her cousin! But the real shocker came when I discovered she was doing the kid next door, he was only 15!! I was such a fool! I was a mess after that for a long time… But hey I found I had a knack for PI.” Jacob tried to hide the hurt he still felt. Gabby could see through his tough exterior though, she saw the pain behind those clear sky blue eyes.

“I understand now why Janie talks so highly of the bitch.” Gabby said sarcastically.

Jacob smiled at the comment. “Ah yes Janie is quite fond of my ex.” He chuckled.

“I’m ready to know the truth. The whole truth no matter how painful it may be, I have to know.” Gabby reached for his hand and squeezed. “I can handle it I promise.”

“Then we’ll start this Friday night, once he’s gone for his date.”

“Thank goodness. The sooner this is all over with the better.”

“It will still take some time, we don’t want to rush this.”

“I understand.”

“I’ll need your address. Give me a call when he’s gone and I’ll be right there. Ok?”

“Ok… One more thing….” Gabby had one last request.


“I want to be involved as much as possible. If you follow him I want to be there. I want to help out in every way.”

Jacob raised a brow. “Fine by me… Gives me a chance to get more acquainted with you before our date.” He smiled broadly.

“Ha! What a way to bond!” Already Gabby couldn’t wait to see more of him.

“Now I think it’s time I get you back to work.”

Gabby looked at her watch. “Oh my! I didn’t realize we’d been here that long!”

“Me too. I could have sat here with you all afternoon.” He flashed another grin.

“You’re too much you know that?”

“Not compared to Janie, I’m not.”

“That’s for certain!” They laughed together.

They each paid their bills then left the restaurant. She allowed him to guide her to his SUV. He placed his hand on the small of her back giving her a tingle up and down her spine. This man was having quite an effect on her. Gabby cursed herself for having such a reaction as she struggled with the seatbelt.

“Here let me help you.” Jacob said leaning in close to reach for the restraint. As he clicked it in place he glanced at her, his face mere inches from hers.

Gabby’s heart was racing. The gap between then decreased suddenly, like there was a gravitational force was pulling them closer. Their lips almost touching when Gabby’s cell beeped bringing them both to their senses. Jacob looked concerned but said nothing as he got in the driver’s seat. They were silent, neither one knowing how to react or what to say. Both resisting the impulse to ravish the other.

Jacob worried he had crossed a line, and that maybe he was unknowingly taking advantage of her vulnerable state. “Please forgive me.” He began. “I’m not usually like this. I’m never like this! The moment I laid eyes on you I’ve had this intense urge to hold you and kiss you and… Well… never mind. I’ll do better to control myself I swear.”

“Jacob it’s not just you. There was an immediate connection, we both felt it. It’s unimaginable how drawn I am to you… So, how many people has your sister worked her match-making skills on?” Gabby not able to make sense of this was intent on blaming Janie somehow.

“Five I’m aware of. They’re all happily married, sickeningly happy. At four she forced our Uncle to meet her PreK teacher… we were attending their wedding 6mths later.” He reminisced. “She came home from the first day of school going on and on telling the whole family about her ‘future aunt’. I remember thinking she was nuts!”

Gabby was truly astonished. “I was kidding! Now you’re freaking me out!”

“Don’t freak…. I view it as her having an extraordinary judge of character.” He said even though part of him could tell long ago it was more than that.

Gabby went quiet, reverting her eyes to her lap where she saw the message indicator on her phone still blinking. She’d forgotten all about its intrusive beep earlier. Looking at her cell she saw a text from Derrick informing her he’d be staying very late at work and not to wait up for him.

“That bastard.” She mumbled under her breath.

“What?” Jacob heard her mumbling but hadn’t made out the words

“My husband…. He thinks I’m so dense! It’s one thing to lie, but to do so in a way that insults my intelligence…. Ugh!”

“What’d he say?”

“Um he’s evidently ‘working late’ if you catch my drift.”

“Then we’ll take the opportunity to begin tonight. I’ll be over after work. Send me the address when you get a chance.” Jacob told her as he pulled up to the dental office.

“Ok will do.” With that Gabby got out and headed inside. Jacob watched her round rear saunter away. He didn’t think it normal for a woman to look so damn tantalizing in a pair of scrubs. He had to shake the image of her exquisite golden brown eyes from his head in order to concentrate on driving. “You’re almost 30 man, get a grip!” He scolded himself.

The rest of the day Janie bombarded Gabby with questions. She kept prying really wanting to hear what Gabby thought of her brother, but Gabby played it off only speaking of the business aspects of the meeting not daring to divulge the near kiss or the emotions created. It was easier to deny these things to herself if she kept it under wraps. Admitting her feeling out loud would cause them to become real and she wasn’t ready for that.

Janie was no fool. “You’re falling for him aren’t you!”

“No I’m not.” Gabby insisted. “I confess I find him rather attractive and charismatic, but I’m a married woman.”

“You wait and see… When all this blows over and you’re rid of dumb-butt, then you’ll discover what true love is.”

“Janie my friend, you’ve read too many fairy tales.”

“So I’ve been told.”

Later that afternoon Gabby couldn’t pretend not to be nervous with anticipation at knowing Jacob was coming. The numerous outfit changes spoke volumes. Forcing herself to keep her appearance simple, she wore boot-cut Levis and a v-neck graphic tee. This outfit did nothing to hide her appeal though. The moment Jacob caught sight of her his eyes were glued to every curve. Even her luminous brown hair hanging loose down her back was enchanting. He wanted so badly to run his fingers through that hair, hell he ached for that and more.

“Don’t just stand there, come on in.” Gabby’s words snapped him out of his daze.

“So…. Um... uh...” Jacob was having trouble finding his words. “Oh uh how long do we have before he gets home?”

“Hours. I’m not to wait up!” Gabby was still irritated by the nonchalant text. Talking about it only brought a reminder of what her jerk of a husband was most likely doing, and who he was doing.

“Let’s see….” Jacob surveyed the room. “This should be the best spot to put the hidden camera.” He pointed at the large built in bookshelf.

“You sure he won’t notice it?”

“Wait till you see…” Jacob sat a black duffle bag down on the large coffee table. Out of the bag he retrieved a box. He opened the box to reveal what appeared to be a good sized Webster’s Dictionary. Lifting it from the box he showed it to her. “See here on side there’s the camera. We’ll put it on the self with the other books. It’s motioned censored so it won’t run all day. I’ll show you how to activate it in the mornings before you leave for work. And you can deactivate it when you get home.”

“That’s genius!”

“Yea cost an arm and a leg, but it’s been a great tool.”

“Let’s get it set up then!” Gabby was pumped. She watched him work then he taught her the process to turn it off and on, having her practice a few times. “What’s next?” She asked when they were through.

“Do you have a home computer?”

“I have my laptop here, but his is always with him.”

“Know any of his passwords, for his email account or such?”

“I have no clue. We’re pretty respectful of privacy… or at least we were…. I think I’ve crossed that boundary.” Gabby looked sullen.

“No don’t beat yourself up, his actions caused this. You can’t start feeling guilty, because I can guarantee he’s not otherwise he wouldn’t be doing this.”

“You’re right, but…”

“But nothing! He’s a creep and you deserve better!” Jacob didn’t mean to raise his voice. His outburst frightened Gabby a bit. She went silent. He dropped the subject. “Don’t worry, I can hack into his account if I have to.”

“Oh…ok…” Gabby nodded.

“Take me to his work.”

They set off in Jacob’s SUV in the direction Gabby instructed. Derrick’s jeep was nowhere in sight when they arrived at their destination. “He’s not here.” Gabby informed him.

“No surprise there. Now I know where he works. What’s he drive?”

“A red jeep.”

“Where’s the mistress live? You did tell me you know that right?”

“Yea…. Go toward the Grand Estates.”

Jacob again followed her instructions and soon they entered the lavish neighborhood, Gabby directed him to the large Victorian. Parked out front was Derrick’s red jeep. “Is that….” Jacob asked cautiously.

“Yea that’s Derrick’s… my husbands. He’s probably inside screwing her brains out!” Gabby suppressed the tears welling up.

Jacob couldn’t stand to see her hurting. He wrapped his large muscular arms around her to provide comfort. Gabby could no longer hold back the emotions she’d been burying since she’d first seen Derrick with his lover. “I don’t understand any of this!” She sobbed.

“Hey there…. Someday this will all just be a bad memory nothing more, I promise everything you are going through right now will pass and so will the pain. It will take time, but for now I’m here.”

“Thank you Jacob. That means a lot.”

“We can leave if you want.”

“No… not yet.”

They waited there parked close by for almost an hour. Eventually the adulterous pair emerged hand in hand alongside an older couple. The young blonde held tight to Derrick as they chatted with the older couple. Derrick and the grey haired man shook hands. The blonde jumped for joy hugging the older pair. Derrick put his arm around his date’s shoulders and escorted her to his jeep. Before getting in the young woman raised her left hand high admiring the large rock resting on her ring finger then gave Derrick a big kiss. Gabby and Jacob watched on as the two drove away.

“You want me to follow them?” Jacob asked. Gabby shook her head unable to speak.

The older couple had walked back inside shutting the door behind them.

“What the hell just happened? Are those her parents?” Gabby burst with anger.

“I can’t answer that… But I will find out.” Jacob vowed.

“Did… did you see… the ring… she was wearing an engagement ring!” Gabby was in shock.

“Yes I caught that. He can’t very well marry her… he’s married to you!” Jacob’s blood boiling. “What kind of sick game is this Derrick playing?” He wondered out loud. He felt outraged for this woman he’d come to care for in such a short span of time.

“Take me home please.” Gabby was heartbroken. It was like she was married to a complete stranger.

Once at the house Jacob followed her inside. Gabby didn’t even notice him there. She was numb. Like a robot she walked to her room stripped down to her panties and got in bed. Jacob called out receiving no response in return. He was worried about her like he’d never worried about anyone. Making his way through the house he found himself at the doorway to her room. She was curled up in a ball under a thin sheet. A lump formed in his throat. Moonlight cascaded into the room highlighting her delicate curves. He sat on the edge of the bed beside her and began stroking her silky brown hair. She remained motionless. Intent on soothing this wounded angel he gathered her limp body in his massive arms and cradled her on his lap like a child. Gabby started balling her eyes out.

“Shhh… It’s all gonna be alright.” Jacob whispered softly. “We’ll put that SOB in his place I swear to that. Hell if I had the chance I’d beat him to a pulp with my bare hands!”

“I don’t want to discuss him anymore tonight. Just hold me.” Gabby pleaded.

Jacob did so gladly. He pressed her near naked body to his chest and his lips to her forehead. The sensation of her breasts covered only by the sheet against him was too much for Jacob. He tried to be strong and fought the urge to caress her beautiful body. A bulge grew in his pants becoming more evident by the second. Gabby looked up at him with watery eyes, the moonlight causing the golden flakes in them to shine brighter. He couldn’t help himself. Jacob leaned down igniting a passionate kiss. Their lips and tongues dance together. It was cut short by the sound of Gabby’s cell phone going off. Jacob gently placed her back on the bed to retrieve the phone and handed it to Gabby.

“It’s your husband.” Jacob uttered through gritted teeth.

“Uh hello?” Gabby answered.

“Hey Gab. Looks like I’ll be pulling an all-nighter. There’s a ton still to get done. Don’t worry I have a change of clothes. See you tomorrow after work. Love you. Bye.” Derrick hung up without bothering to listen for a reply. Gabby stared at the phone in disbelief. Suddenly she flung the phone across the room; it hit the wall shattering into pieces.

“Gabby what happened? What did he say?” Jacob asked with sincere concern.

“The asshole isn’t even going to bother coming home to his wife! Too busy with the fiancé!” Gabby was furious. “You know before I just wanted proof for when I divorce his sorry ass, but now I want to ruin him! How dare he propose to her before he so much as separates from me! If he thinks he can treat women this way he’s got another thing coming!”

“We can make that happen… but first…” Jacob kicked off his shoes at the same time he lifted his shirt over his head. Next his pants hit the floor. He was on her in a flash. The thin sheet and their undies was all that separated their naked skin.

“Jacob what are you… We can’t.” Gabby was taken off guard by his abruptness.

“Hush my sweet.” He spoke seductively. “You can’t deny we need this, you need this. I know it’s wrong, but damnit I don’t care. This is but the first of many times we will be making love. I love you Gabby… I didn’t think such a thing as ‘love at first sight’ really existed, but then you came along. And once we’re done dealing with him I want you as my wife. So as far as I’m concerned this isn’t cheating… This was meant to be.”

Gabby wasn’t sure she’d heard correctly. “Did he just tell me he loves me?” She kept thinking. In an instant all logic and reason flew out the window. She did want this, she wanted this man. As crazy as it seemed she’d fallen for him even though they’d only met earlier that day. “Oh Jacob I love you! I tried convincing myself otherwise but I do. I am yours… now and always.” Gabby beamed happier then she’d ever been.

“Now my sweet… one thing… you can’t allow that worthless piece of shit to have what is mine ever again. Ok?”

“Of course not my love.”

Jacob wasted no more time claiming what was his in his mind. He sat up slowly pulling the sheet away from the gorgeous woman, his woman. He marveled at her flawless skin, full perky breasts, flat tummy, and slender legs. He’d never seen such beauty. She was perfect. His fingers traveled up her thighs and under her pretty little pink panties, then slipping them down her legs tossing them aside. Gabby’s shaved pussy glistened from the moisture already created by his presence. Jacob stood discarding his boxers. “Did I spy a guest bed earlier?” He questioned.

“Yes just down the hall…” Gabby didn’t finish her sentence before he’d lifted her up and began carrying her out the room.

“I refuse to make love to my future wife in a bed she shared with another man.” He made his way down the hall. He placed her in the middle of the queen sized bed then got in beside her. Starting at the neckline and working his way down he began caressing her velvety soft skin. Gabby audibly gasped when his fingers grazed her sensitive nipples. His lips found hers and tongues soon resumed the dance they’d shared moments before. Her skin tingled all over anticipating where he’d touch next. The world drifted away as they got lost in their embrace. She ran her fingers through his dark brown/black hair while his continued their expedition over every inch of her. Reluctantly he ended the kiss sitting up to get better access to her entirety. He kneeled between her legs letting his ridged shaft rest on her mound as his hands worked in parallel enticing her whole being. Beginning with her hands, leading up to her shoulders, tracing his fingers down her collarbone, descending toward her perky tits, leaving a trail of goose bumps. Gabby was moaning softly savoring the feel of her new lovers touch. Her vaginal walls were pulsating with lust. Jacob circled both her breasts in unison gradually working his way to the center. As his fingers neared her taunt nipples she was moaning loudly and slightly bucking her hips begging to be penetrated. Finally his fingertips reached the sensitive nubs and began rolling them gently between his thumb and index finger.

“Oh yes!” Gabby cried out as a wave of pleasure crashed upon her. He hadn’t even gotten inside her and yet he made her climax.

“My sweet did you just…” Jacob asked while toying with her tits.

“Yes yes… My gosh… Don’t stop… It feels sooooooo gooooood!” She was still riding the wave of her mini orgasm.

When she calmed, he released her nipples and continued his trail down her body. It wasn’t long before he neared her pelvic bone. Gabby held her breath in anticipation of the jolt that was sure to come. To her dismay he reversed his course till he reached her hip and slid his palms down her lovely legs. He paused at her feet for a brief massage then proceeded to snake his way back up till he touched her inner thighs. Using his hands he spread her legs wide then bent over to lightly lick at her pussy lips. The feminine secretion from her cumming tasted sweet. He lapped it all up. Gabby was panting and moaning heavily. Her hands clutched the bedspread beneath her. Her hips moved involuntarily pressing her sweet pussy more firmly to his face. Capturing her clit in his teeth carefully, he then flicked it with his tongue.

“Oh oh… I’m… I’m gonna cum again! Oh yes Jacob make me cum!” Gabby was withering in ecstasy. Juices flowed freely from her tunnel. Jacob happily slurped up the potent nectar.

When her second orgasm subsided Jacob made his way up her body leaving wet kisses the whole way. They smiled lovingly at one another; his body pressed the length of hers. Mouths met for a sloppy yet passion filled kiss. Gabby broke the kiss staring him in the eyes with a look of mischief on her face.

“My turn!” She exclaimed rolling them until she was then on top. Sensually she crawled her way down between his legs. Taking a hold of his stiff tool she teasingly licked just the tip. As she softly flicked his cock her hand started pumping up and down his long man meat. Her tongue circled the base of the head while her hand stroked faster. Jacob let out a burly groan as her mouth enveloped the head of his penis and sucked it in.

“Fuck yes! Ah Gabby your mouth feels amazing!” Jacob screamed.

With those encouraging words Gabby plunged down on his cock till it hit the back of her throat causing her to gag. She lifted up till only the head remained, taking a moment to show attention to the special section near the tip, and then descended on the shaft once again. She repeated this process over and over till she felt his tool twitch. That along with his deep moaning signaled to her he was close. She used her hand to pump the shaft while sucking feverishly on the head.

“God yes! You’re gonna make me cum!” He sputtered a split second before she felt the first blast shoot down her throat. She kept sucking until she was positive she’d drained him dry. Gabby slithered up his torso to straddle him at the waist. Jacob propped himself up taking one pert nipple in his mouth and sucking lightly. After a while he moved to the other nipple giving it the same attention. He then collapsed back on the bed taking Gabby with him. Her head rested on his chest while he petted her silky locks.

“You are beyond my wildest dreams my dear sweet Gabby.” Jacob’s words touched her heart.

“I thought I understood and had love in my life, but it took heartache to find true love. Thank you for that. I suppose I should thank Derrick someday too…or not.”

“Janie’s earned the biggest thanks here.” Jacob chuckled.

“Yes I owe her a big future-sister-in-law hug!”

“She’ll never let us forget she set this up, you know that right?”

“Eh I’m ok with that…”

“Enough talk… I can’t wait any longer to be inside you.” Jacob rolled them over pressing her back against the bed.

Gabby was surprised to notice his still very erect penis pointing at her as he got in position. He cupped her face in his strong manly hands and put his lips to hers for a soft intimate kiss. Gabby clung to his back bringing him closer. She loved the feel of tough skin against her soft delicate body. Intertwining her legs around his thighs she urged him on. The tip of his penis barely started to penetrate her. Jacob wanted to take it slow, to savor every sensation every groove of his loves most secret crevice. The thick cock head was meeting resistance from her extremely tight hole. If he didn’t know better he’d think she was a virgin. For a woman of 26 she had a pussy more like that of a 16yr old. Gradually inch by inch he entered her depths. Gabby was in heaven. Her new lover’s dick was the largest by far she’d ever had, although she hadn't had many. He was so massive there was a bit of pain mixed in the immense pleasure she was receiving. Finally he bottomed out brushing lightly on some unforeseen barrier. Their lips never parted while he filled her pretty pussy to the max. Now that he’d gotten fully inside it was time to do the rhythmic joining of souls that was making love. Jacob pulled back as slowly as he’d entered, then slid his shaft at the way in. Gabby threw her head back letting out an animalistic grunt. Jacob watched her face change to that of a woman in the throes of passion. Her pelvis matched him thrust for thrust, increasing in pace over time. The walls of her love hole squeezed tighter, if that possible, to his thick hard rod. Jacob felt his balls tighten, but tried desperately to hold back. She dug her nails into his back as her climax hit, soaring her to new heights of cosmic proportion.

“Jacob! Oh yes Jacob! Yes! Yes! YESSSSS!” Her explosion set off his own.

“Uh uh FUCK YEA!” His seeds burst out coating her insides. Jacob sawed in and out till the last drop was deposited.

The two were spent. They held each other close, catching their breaths. His cock remained buried in her till he eventually rolled off placing his arm around her midsection pulling her close to him. She turned to face him and they laid there locking eyes.

“That was…” Gabby began.

“Spectacular!” Jacob finished. “You are spectacular.” He said brushing the hair from her face.

“Stay with me tonight.”

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world.” They fell into a deep peaceful sleep, their bodies molded together.

An alarm went off in the other room waking the two lovers from their slumber.

“Morning my sweet beauty.” Jacob grinned widely.

“Morning love. I have to get ready for work, oh how I’d rather lay here with you all day.” Gabby forced herself out of bed.

“I’m gonna have a difficult time leaving you here with your hus… HIM… I warn you now.” Jacob couldn’t stomach the idea of her having to pretend with Derrick for one minute, let alone day, Lord help him if this dragged on for weeks!

“It’ll be just as hard for me to see you go…” Gabby had to choke back the tears.

Jacob wanted to whisk her away right then and escape this reality, but they had to see this through. Instead he went to stand by her side, rubbing her back in an attempt to soothe her. “I’ll be here when you need me my sweet. We’ll do this together. And when it’s all said and done we’ll have the rest of our lives as man and wife.”

“Then let’s nail the bastard quickly, because when it comes to you I’m finding I’m not a very patient woman.”


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And starts ripping off his clothes. I'm sorry but you had a good story line going then threw it away for a few paragraphs of silly lust. You would have been better off if you had had the sex performed by the husband and his lover allowing the wife to maintain her moral superiority. As far as I am concerned there should be no chapter 2 or 3 as there is no point as ther are now guilty of the same offense.

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