The adventure continues for Rick and his sluts

If you haven’t read the previous 5 chapters perhaps you should, if only to give you the necessary background! My name is Rick, and this is story of how my hot 34 year old mom Tanya introduced me to sex. I quickly took control and introduced my sister Rebecca into our lustful games. Bec was 13 when we started and a sweet 14 year old now, as six months have passed since chapter 5 and things have certainly progressed! My two bitches have given me complete control of their bodies and sex lives, and our journey has been satisfying to say the least. However I am finding that power is a very strong aphrodisiac, and at 17 I am now ready to explore further.
This story includes most of activities from the previous chapters, but has a darker edge to it. This chapter introduces some male bi-play, humiliation, and begins to explore my recent pre-occupation with male domination. Fucking Tanya and Bec has been fantastic, but I need more, much more!
I hope you enjoy this chapter and I enjoy your comments, positive or negative, but this is my story. Many of you have suggested I head down this path, so this is for you, and it will only get hotter from here!

I was home laying naked on a sun lounge around our pool when my sister Bec arrived, and it was clear she was angry and upset.

“Hey Bec!” I greeted her. “You look steamed, what’s going on?”

She slumped into lounge beside mine. “Hey Rick, you know that prick Justin at school? We’ll he’s telling everyone that I fucked him and that I’m a complete slut! He’s dreaming if he thinks I’d do it with him, but everyone at school believes him!”

I knew Justin, as he was on my football team and was a total cock. His dad was the football coach which may have had something to do with it. He also liked to think he was the school stud so I could believe he would bonus himself up, but when my sister was involved he’d crossed the line. In the meantime I knew exactly how to calm Bec down.

I stood and took her hands, bringing her to her feet. I moved round behind her and slowly unzipped her school tunic as I lifted her cascading hair and gently kissed the back of her neck. The tunic fell to the ground, leaving her standing in a stunning aqua quarter cup bra which allowed me free access to her pert nipples, and matching g-string panties. I could see the bulge of the butt-plug that I insisted both my cunts wear every day, to keep their shit-holes loose for me. I kissed her shoulders and gripped her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, pinching them firmly until she gasped in appreciation.

“Oh yes Sir, that’s just what your little sister needs!” She hissed as she leaned back against me. “You know I am a fucking slut, but only for you! Am I a good little 14 year old whore?”

I slid one hand into the front of her panties and found her shaved slit was already moist.

“You are amazing Bec. There are women twice your age who will never fuck as well as you do!” I whispered in her ear.

I continued to massage the folds of her cunt, and her juices were flowing in encouragement. “Get down on your hands knees bitch!” I commanded.

She complied immediately, dropping her head down to give me free access to her holes. I slid the g-string to the side, exposing her glistening cunt and the butt plug which nestled tightly in her back hole. My cock was hard and drooling pre-cum, which I wiped up and down her slit.

“Open your fuck hole for me slut!” Again her compliance was immediate, as she reached back, gripped her ass cheeks, and pulled them wide apart. I lined up my cock and thrust in hard, burying my full length into her warm, wet cunt. “Do you want a cunt full of cum you little whore?” I asked.

“I just want you to use me Sir!” She groaned as I steadily fucked her slick hole. “Just use my holes like you do with mom and fuck me anyway you want!”

“Good answer, I’ll make the perfect slut out of you yet!” I replied.

“Ohhhhh, I hope so!” She gasped.

Fucking mom and Bec several times a day had given me complete control of my orgasms and I could fuck for as long as liked, so I kept up a steady rhythm as Bec’s orgasm approached. She was sweating freely in the afternoon sun and I could tell she was getting close.

“Yes Sir, fuck that cunt and fuck it hard!” She pleaded. “Fuck your little slut until she bleeds, please!”

I picked up the pace until she started shuddering and I could feel her juice pumping out of her fuck hole and running down my balls. I continued pounding her fuck-box while I eased the butt plug passed her sphincter and dropped it on the ground.

I pulled out of her cunt and buried my cock in her shit-hole in one hard thrust. “Oh yes!” She moaned. “Take my ass and fuck my shit! Pump your cum up my filthy shit-hole and make me your whore!!!”

Bec’s ass was sensational, gripping my cock like a tight, slick glove despite having been stretched all day by the plug. Ass fucking was definitely one of my favorites and I picked up the pace, delighting in the sensations coming from my balls. I was fucking her so hard I was pushing her across the ground every time I thrust in deep, and all too soon I was pumping rope after rope of thick, greasy fuck-juice up her back hole. My balls were mashed tight against her juicy twat as I finished filling her, and I stayed in place as my cock slowly softened.

We had been enjoying piss games from the very beginning, but this time I wanted to try something new, so I held Bec in place with my cock deep in her shitter and focused on pissing in her back hole. At first I could only release a few spurts, but finally I overcame her pressure and started pissing freely.

“Oh my God!” She hissed. “Are you doing what I think you’re doing? Are you pissing in my ass?”

“That’s exactly what I’m doing cunt, do you like it?” I replied.

“Oh yes, yes, yes!! Oh my fucking God, I’m cumming again!” She moaned and sure enough she shuddered through a cum that was so strong my cock slipped out of her tight back hole, and she sprayed me with a shower of cum and piss.

She collapsed onto the ground, a picture of wanton degradation with her cum oozing out of her cunt, and my cum and piss dribbling out of her shit-hole.

I knelt by her head and grabbed and handful of her hair, jerking her head up with my cock in front of her face. She knew what I wanted and opened her mouth willingly, and I allowed her to take my cock in her mouth and clean me. She went to work, bathing my cock with her tongue and taking me deep in her mouth, then she licked and sucked my balls, savoring the taste of our fuck juices.

I lovingly stroked her hair and her face. “I think I may have a way we can put Justin in his place, are you interested?”

She stopped and looked up at me. “I would do anything if you could fix that fucker!” She exclaimed.

“Be careful Bec, that’s a pretty big statement.” I responded, wanting to see how serious she was.

“I mean it Sir! If you can put that prick in his place so that everyone at school knows I didn’t fuck him I’d would do anything you wanted, and I mean anything!”

“Ok slut. I’ll need to plan something but I’m sure we can fix this asshole up!” I replied as various scenarios started playing through my mind.

We went inside and showered together, and Bec lovingly cleaned my cock, balls and ass before I returned to favor soaping her breasts, cunt and ass. When we’d finished we each smeared lubricant in the other’s ass, before giving each other gentle, warm water enemas. With so much ass play going on cleanliness was a must, and we had no inhibitions about cleaning each completely.

I went and poured two glasses of wine and we returned to the bathroom where I massaged shaving cream into Bec’s cunt before shaving her smooth, finishing by cleaning her with my tongue until she enjoyed a gentle cum, and then she shaved my cock, balls and ass. When mom got home she found us in the bathroom, with Bec kneeling behind me and her tongue deep in my shitter as she gently stroked my cock.

“You kids just couldn’t wait for me could you!” She said in mock indignation.

Bec paused for a moment. “Mom, Rick pissed in my ass this afternoon, and it was sensational!”

Mom gave us both a big smile. “Well baby, Rick is the man of the house and what he wants goes.” She said as she came over and gave me a deep kiss. “But that sounds awesome honey, I hope you’ll try that on me sometime!”

“I may just have a few surprises in store for you.” I replied with a smile.

“You know I’m your cum-bucket baby and so is Bec, so we just want you to do whatever you want.”

We had a great meal and some satisfying fucking for desert, but Bec’s revenge on Justin was occupying my thoughts, and after a few days I had my plan mapped out. I had always been into electronics and photography, so I spent a day setting up the den with compact digital movie cameras that recorded onto hard drives. We had a couple of trial runs recording some steamy fuck sessions to ensure we had good lighting, and for amateurs the results were very good! Mom even commented that we could start producing our own porno movies, and that was an idea I filed away for later.

I briefed Mom and Bec on the plan and they were quite excited, so Bec went looking for Justin at school and told him that everyone at school had heard she had fucked him, so she wanted to do it for real! Typical ego-driven jerk couldn’t see he was being set up, and he was like a dog with its tongue hanging out. Bec told him to come over Friday night and she would give him “a night he would never forget.” Little did he know how true that statement was, but not in the way he was expecting!

In the meantime there was this guy at school who was a really great guy and openly bi, so I invited him over an hour after Justin was due to get there. Phil and I had some classes together but didn’t really socialize, but he agreed anyway so that part of the plan was set.

Justin arrived at 6pm right on time, and I answered the door. “Hey Justin.” I greeted him. “Bec said you were coming over and I’m heading out. She’s in the shower and said you should make yourself at home in the den and she’ll be down soon. You guys going out?”

He swallowed. “Uh, don’t think so, I think we’re just going to hang here.”

I showed him to the den. “Ok, have fun!” I said and headed out the door. I went around the corner, then jumped the neighbor’s fence and snuck in our back door. I had the monitors for the cameras set up in the back room so I could see Justin looking around before he turned on the TV and sat on the couch.

Bec came down about 10 minutes later, looking absolutely sensational. She had her hair up with bangs framing each side of her face, make up done to perfection enhanced by gold drop earrings and a chain around her neck. She was wearing a peach mini-dress with plunges front and rear that made it totally clear she wasn’t wearing a bra, and white stay-up stocking with matching heels. She was 100% hot and looked at least 17 or 18. Mom had dressed in a matching outfit so they looked like the hottest pair of twins in town, but she had slipped into the back room and was sitting beside me.

Bec walked over to Justin, put her arms around his neck and pushed up against him so that he could feel her hard nipples as she thrust her tongue into his mouth. Finally breaking her kiss, she smiled and offered him a glass of wine or a beer. The neanderthal chose a beer, no surprise there, so she opened a bottle for him and poured a white wine for herself.

I turned up the volume a little to hear him ask where mom was, and Bec replied that she was out and wouldn’t be back until later. She sat beside him on the couch and it wasn’t long before they were kissing deeply and her was fumbling inside her dress for handful of firm breast. Bec played this to perfection, sliding her hand up his leg until she was massaging his cock through his jeans. The bulge in Justin’s jeans was clearly visible on the screens, and I could see he was starting to sweat. He was pawing at Bec’s breasts now, no finesse whatsoever, and I was hoping Bec knew when to put the next step in place before she lost control and he raped her.

Right on cue she stood and took a couple of steps back. “What’s wrong?” Justin asked, thinking he may have blown his chance.

“Nothing baby.” Bec replied with a wide smile. “I just want to make our first time special!” She lifted the hem of her dress so he could almost catch a glimpse of cunt, but not quite. “You’d like some of this wouldn’t you. Some sweet, tender teenage cunt, is that my man wants?”

He groaned. “Oh, you know it baby!”

“Ok” She replied. “Why don’t you take off your pants and come sit in this chair?”

At this point I turned to mom who had been eagerly watching our scenario unfold. “Time for my porn queen to go into action.” I said.

“Oh baby.” She hissed, pausing to give me a quick kiss. “This is going to be so fucking hot!”

Justin had stripped naked in record time and was sitting in the chair Bec had directed him to, when mom walked in. His jaw almost hit the ground and he was speechless.

“Justin, I like to introduce my mom Tanya. She likes to play fuck games too, so I though a stud like you could handle the two of us?” Bec said, as she walked over to mom and kissed her deeply.

He was speechless, and just nodded dumbly as mom walked over. She rubbed her hands over his chest. “Ummm, you’re right Bec, he’s a strong young stud isn’t he!”

“I told you mom, he’s a man’s man alright!” Bec replied.

Now this was the tricky part, but mom and Bec rubbed his chest as they moved around to the back of the chair, eased his arms around, and snapped the handcuffs that were already locked onto the chair legs around his wrists.

“What the fuck!” he yelled, trying to escape from the metal cuffs. “What are you cunts doing?”

Mom stroked his face and kissed him. “Relax stud, we just like to get a little kinky sometimes and want to put on show for you before the real fun starts. That’s ok with you isn’t it baby?” She whispered.

“I don’t know about this! I’d be happier if you took these fucking things off me!” He shouted.

Bec stroked his cock, which was still hard despite his predicament. “Just relax and go with it, ok? I promise it’ll be worth it!” She whispered in his ear.

Mom and Bec didn’t wait for a response, and started sensuously massing each other’s breasts. Deep, tongue kisses followed, before their hands traveled down each other’s bodies and started caressing soft, smooth cunts.

Justin was moaning and his cock was coated in pre-cum, and I figured he must be ready to explode when I heard a knock at the door. Phil had arrived right on time. I opened the door and shook his hand. “Hiya buddy, come through but we’ve gotta keep quiet ok?”

“Sure man, what’s going on?” He replied.

“Show you in a minute, come this way.” I said.

I led him to the back room and sat him down in front of the monitors.

“What the fuck!” He said. “That’s Justin you’ve got handcuffed there, and is that your sis and your mom?”

“It’s like this Phil.” I said looking, him in the eye. “Bec, mom and I enjoy a sex life that’s totally uninhibited. In this house I’m in charge and my sluts do whatever I say. I want your help getting even with Justin because he’s told a lot of people at school that Bec fucked him and that she’s a complete slut. I know you swing both ways and thought you might some fun with Justin, and then you can join me and the girls later if you want. If that doesn’t work for you then you can go and I’m sorry if I wasted your time.”

I could almost hear him thinking, trying to get his head around what I had just told him.

“So you’re saying I can fuck your mom and your sister if I help you put this jock back in his place?” He asked.

“Perhaps a quick demonstration would help you decide.” I said.

I knocked once on the wall sharply, which was a pre-arranged signal and Bec immediately left the den and came into the back room. “You called for me Sir?” she asked.

“Yes Bec. You know Phil from school?” I asked.

“Yes Sir.” She replied, and came over to give him a deep kiss. “Hi Phil. I hope you’ll stay and party with us later!”

“Bec, show Phil your tits.” I instructed.

She pulled the top of her dress open to proudly display her pert teenage breasts. “Why don’t you play with her nipples Phil and don’t be shy about it, she likes it rough.” I told him.

She stood there completely compliant, and he gave her nipples a gentle squeeze which saw her give him a broad smile. I was standing beside him by now and said. “No man, she likes it this way.” At this point I gripped both her nipples firmly and squeezed them hard, pulling them away from her body to distort her breasts.

She moaned and threw her head back, stretching back from my hands to increase the tension on her nipples even further.

“See what I mean?” I said to Phil and he smiled in reply. “Bec, you’d better get back to our guest, and send Tanya in now please.”

Mom came in and smiled at Phil as I introduced her. “Phil, this is Tanya. Tanya, I want you to deep-throat Phil’s cock.”

“Certainly Sir!” She responded, dropping to her knees and unsnapping Phil’s jeans. His cock sprang free as she slid his boxers down, and she gripped his shaft in both hands before opening her sweet mouth and engulfing him to the root in one fluid motion. I could see her using her mouth to work on base of his cock while the head was lodged deep in mom’s throat.

Now it was Phil’s turn to throw his head back and moan. “Oh fuck man, your mom is amazing!”

The last thing I wanted was for Phil to cum now, so I tapped mom on the shoulder. “That’s enough for now Tanya, please go back to Bec and Justin.”

She released his cock with a soft plop and looked a little disappointed as she departed.

“So buddy, are you in or out?” I asked Phil, confident he was not going to walk away now.

He gripped me on the shoulder and shook my hand. “I am in 100% Rick, and cannot thank you enough! That prick has made my life miserable calling me a fag and shit, so the chance to get square is enough. What you’re offering is the icing on the cake!”

“Ok Phil, we’re going to have a night to remember. Let’s strip off and join the girls.”

We stripped down and walked into the den, and Justin’s eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw us.

“What the fuck is going on and why is that faggot here? Keep that little cock-sucker away from me or I’ll punch the shit out of him. You guys are going to be in so much pain when I get loose!!!” He shouted, struggling in vain to escape the cuffs.

It was time to take charge, so I walked over and slapped him hard across the face twice. “Listen you dumb fuck! It’s time you learnt some manners and understand you’re in no position to be making threats.” I slapped him again twice to ensure I had his attention. “If you keep mouthing off and can’t do what you’re told I’ll get the whip out and cut you up, so shut the fuck up and do everything I tell you or this is going to go very badly for you! We’re going to make a little home porno with you as the star, and when we’re finished I’m going to tell you what to do if you don’t want me to post it on the internet, and send it to your dad and the whole fucking school.”

This got his attention, and I handed comic face masks to Bec, mom and Phil. I was sure Justin would realize this meant the only person who could be identified in our movie would be him.

Phil then walked over and asked. “What do you want me to do Sir?”

I smiled with the “Sir” part, realizing he was a quick study and really wanted to be a part of this and maybe more.

“Why don’t you suck his cock, but whatever you do don’t let him cum!” I responded and he nodded, kneeling in front of Justin and grasping his cock. Phil stroked and stretched Justin’s cock, which hardened quickly despite his feelings about “fags”. I walked behind Justin and started tweaking his nipples hard, and again his body betrayed him as he moaned from the sensations coursing through his body. Phil lowered his head and took the tip of Justin’s cock in his mouth, gradually taking more and more of his thick shaft. In the meantime my sluts had taken a seat on the couch and were watching intently, slowly stroking each other’s glistening cunts.

Phil was really getting into it, taking Justin’s cock deep in his throat and then pulling back until he only had the head between his lips. Justin was moaning and trying the thrust his rod deeper into Phil’s mouth, but the cuffs were holding him back. I was starting to worry that Phil was not going to stop in time when he whipped his mouth off Justin’s cock and squeezed the base of his rod hard!

Justin’s face was an expression of pain and he cried out. “No! No! You can’t leave me like this, finish me please, I wanna cum!!!”

I ignored his plea, clicking my fingers and motioning for my sluts to come over and kneel in front of us. They hurried into position and I tapped Phil on the shoulder and whispered. “We’re going to fuck these cunts’ faces, pull out at the last minute and pump our cum on Justin’s face. Have you got a good load?”

He smiled in reply. “You know it Sir!”

I slid my rod into mom’s hot mouth as Phil did the same with Bec, and soon we had a steady rhythm going. We were both pretty hot and soon Phil was looking at me to let me know he was getting close, as Iwas. I tapped him on the shoulder and we both pulled out, furiously pumping our fuck-sticks, until we both starting blasting cum all over Justin’s pained face. There was nothing he could do as rope after rope of thick fuck juice spattered over him, quickly covering his face in a dripping mess. Bec and mom were smiling broadly at the jock with cum dripping down over his eyes and his mouth.

It was time for a break, so we took off our masks and I motioned for mom to come into the kitchen with me. We grabbed a bottle of wine and some glasses, and I told mom the next part of my plan. Then we went back into the den to relax for a while.

Justin was clearly still in pain and started complaining again. “Come on guys, please! My nuts feel like they’re gonna burst. Please let me cum, please!!!”

“Shut up and listen you stupid fuck!” I replied. “I want you to think about what’s going to happen when I post our movie on the net. How are you going to look then, what’s your dad going to say when everyone sees his jock son having his cock sucked by a guy and his face covered in cum? You starting to get the picture buddy?”

I could see he was starting to appreciate the gravity of his situation as he went whiter than the cum spattered on his face. “Man, please, you wouldn’t do that would you? I’d be absolutely fucked! My dad would probably kill me!” He begged.

I thought he was going to cry, but that was hardly my problem. “This is how it’s going to go Justin. You are going to do exactly what I say without any argument and we’ll talk later about me not releasing my movie. If you’re a good boy I might even let you cum before I kick you out. The first thing you’re going to do is tell everyone at school that you never fucked Bec, and you were just being a cock and talking yourself up. The next thing you and your jock buddies are going to do is leave Phil alone and start treating him with respect. If you don’t tick both these boxes by mid next week then guess what, you’re going to be a porn star!”

“Ok man, ok, I’ll do it. Bec, Phil, I’m really sorry guys honest. Things will be different from now on!”

Now we were getting somewhere, but I still wasn’t sure how he’d react when we undid the cuffs so I motioned for mom to come over. She grabbed his balls and gave them a serious squeeze, which got Justin’s attention!

“I’m going to take the cuffs off you now so we can move you. If you make one move I don’t like Tanya is going to tear your nuts off, understand?”

Mom gave him another squeeze at this point, and he squealed in pain and nodded. I undid the cuffs freeing his arms.

“Leave the cum on your face and kneel in front of the coffee table.” He moved as quickly as mom’s grip would allow. “Lean forward and drape yourself over the table.” Again he was quickly in position, and I strapped his wrists and arms to the table with clear strapping tape, so for the cameras it would appear that Justin had unrestricted movement and was in this position voluntarily. When he was secured I signaled to mom that she could release her hold, at which point Justin gave a large sigh of relief.

I motioned for Bec to come with me into the back room, where I produced a large, black strap-on cock I had bought from the local adult store yesterday. Her eyes widened as I helped her adjust the straps so the cock was nestling against her slick cunt.

I smiled at her. “This little prick has tried to fuck with you but he picked the wrong girl, so now you get to fuck him instead. I want you to put your mask back on and shove the strap-on down his throat, and then rip his shit-hole open with it!”

She gave me huge smile, a deep tongue kiss, and took my face in her hands. “You are the best Rick, and I meant what I said. After this I’ll be the best fuck-slut ever! Anything you want, anything at all, just name it!”

I slapped her lightly on the ass and we went back into the den, where I told mom and Phil to put their masks back on. Bec moved around in front of Justin and he groaned when he saw her strap-on cock, knowing what was coming.

She gently stroked his face and said. “Too bad stud. You thought you were going to fuck me tonight, but it’s the other way round! Now be a good little boy and open wide for me, and I suggest you get my cock nice and wet because it’s going up your shithole in a minute!”

He opened his mouth and accepted Bec’s cock and soon she had a steady beat going as she pumped her toy shaft in Justin’s mouth. When it was glistening with his spit she moved behind him, lining up the cock-head with his tight sphincter. Bec was surprisingly gentle as she eased the head into his hole, giving him a little time to accommodate its size. As she had Justin under control it was time to take care of my other guest, so I went over to where Phil and mom sitting on the couch.

“Ok cunt.” I said to mom. “Get Phil’s cock hard and wet, and then drop your twat on my cock. Phil, have you ever fucked a woman in the ass?” Mom bent over and took his shaft in her mouth as he replied.

“No sir! But I’d love to try!!”

I lay on the floor as mom finished lubing Phil’s fuck-stick. Mom straddled me, lined her fuck-hole up with my cock-head, and impaled herself with a long, satisfied sigh. Phil seemed a little unsure so I told him what to do.

“Line your cock-head up with her shitter and rub it around a little to give her some lube, then push in firmly until the head slides inside.” He did this and I felt the increase in pressure against my cock as his cock-head slipped past her sphincter.

“Ohhhh fuck!” Mom moaned. “Oh my God I feel so fucking full!”

Phil had thought that maybe he should stop so I set him straight. “Ram it home Phil. She can take it so give it to the cunt!”

Lust was getting the better of Phil, as I felt his shaft punch deep into mom’s shitter, and heard her moan again.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! You are tearing my holes apart, I’ve never been this stuffed! Rape my slut cunt and filthy shit-hole you fuckers. Fuck my holes and pump me full of your fuck-juice!!!”

Phil and I took a few moments to establish a rhythm, but soon we had it going and one of us would pull back as the other thrust deep inside. Mom was writhing between us muttering a constant torrent of encouraging obscenities. I looked over and Bec had a glazed look in her eyes as she pounded her strap-on into Justin’s shit-hole. Surprisingly he looked as though he was enjoying himself as well, as he was thrusting back to meet her as far his bonds would allow, and moaning from deep within his throat. So the jock enjoyed getting butt-fucked, interesting!

Mom’s cunt was gushing rivers of cum and I was saturated from the waist down. “My holes are on fire and I can’t take much more!” She cried out. “Please! Please, give me your cum!”

That tipped Phil over the edge, and I felt spasms ripple through his cock as he started dumping his load into mom’s ass. That in turn sent me over the edge, and I pumped several massive ropes of cum deep into mom’s sweet cunt. She responded by drenching me again, and we gradually slipped free as our cocks softened.

We were all spent and just lay there, covered in sweat and fuck-juice, when we heard Justin yelling. “That’s it baby, that’s it! Fuck my shitter with your big dick!” That certainly got our attention, and then we saw his cock pumping huge spurts of cum onto the floor under the coffee table!

We all took our masks off and I walked over the where Justin was still securely trussed to the coffee table. “So stud.” I said as I started cutting the tape away to free him. “You really get off on a good ass fucking don’t you? That’s going to make a great porno!”

He looked up at me with dried, crusty cum still all over his face. “Please Rick. I’m going to do what you said. Please don’t release the movie! I realize I’ve been a prick but I promise that’s gonna change.”

I smiled back at him as I threw his clothes at him. “You know Justin, that may not be enough so I’m going to sleep on it. Now take your shit and get the fuck out of my house!”

He gathered his things and sheepishly moved toward the door when I stopped him. “Just one other thing Justin. Come back tomorrow around 2,…….. and bring your mother with you.”

His jaw dropped and I thought he was going to give me some static, but his head dropped and he nodded in agreement as he headed out the door.


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