My disgusting experience with Daddy: Part 10

[Note: This is a violent and graphic tale of abuse, rape, and incest. If you do not like this kind of thing, please don’t read. This is not about lovey-dovey incest. If you do like this kind of fantasy (yes, fantasy) please enjoy!]

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Part 10:

Jakey walked into the room and we all froze. I was still tied up and laid back in the recliner chair with my legs spread, my oldest brother Kevin’s semen still leaking out of my cunt (in spite of the licking I’d just received from Corky, our dog) along with my own juices, my tits out in full view, nipples completely erect. I was sore and exhausted, and still recovering from my own orgasm, thanks to Kevin.

“Whoa… you’re all up alread…” Jakey started to say, but stopped when his brain started to comprehend what he was seeing. He stopped in his tracks.

“WHAT…THE…FUCK?!!!!!????” he practically shouted, completely astounded. His eyes flashed to Kevin and Daddy, who were completely naked and had hard-ons, and then to me… seeing my spread and hairy teenage cunt wide open and my heavy, round tits hanging down from my chest.

Kevin said, under his breath, “SHIT!!”

Daddy said loudly, in his drunken voice “Oh, for fuck’s sake…”

Apparently Daddy and Kevin had been doing sexual things to various women, and Jakey had not been a part of it. At least that was my theory. Jakey seemed genuinely shocked, which only added to my humiliation.

Let me tell you a little about my brothers. Kevin, the oldest, was the thinker. He had deep thoughts, logical thoughts, and was very smart and sensitive. Not a muscle man, but still had enough of a build that made him popular! Jakey was the jock. Good in sports, kind of ditzy, but very loyal, stocky and muscular. Jakey was definitely hot, with rock hard biceps, a nice tan, and a six-pack.

If anyone had ever told me that one of my brothers would fuck me and one would be shocked, I would have had it completely reversed!

Seeing Jakey look at me, Daddy, and Kevin, made me extremely tense, at first. Then, feeling the ache in my shoulders and the need to go to the bathroom, I relaxed, thinking “Whatever. I don’t care anymore.” I think at that point I had partially given up. I say partially, because part of me, a LOT of me, still really cared, it was just that at that moment I had lost my “fight”. I really just wanted to get out of those restraints, rub my aching muscles and joints, and go pee.

“What the fuck!?!!” Jakey said again, dropping his duffel bag on the floor. That was the first normal reaction I’d seen from anyone, since this whole nightmare had started.

Daddy let go of his hard-on and plopped down onto the couch, taking another swig out of the vodka bottle. Kevin also let go of his hard-on, and quickly started to try to calm/explain things to Jakey.

“Ok, Dude, calm down… “ Kevin started.

Before he went any further, I found my voice.

“Oh hello, Jakey!” I said, my tone loaded with angry sarcasm. “Welcome to Kevin’s birthday party! Do you think you could get me out of this chair so I could use the bathroom?”

“Ok, ok, ok…” Kevin said quickly. “Dad, where’s the key?”

Daddy nonchalantly gestured towards a jar full of change on the end table next to the couch and grunted. They were both still naked, but their penises were now flaccid and dangling between their legs.

Kevin quickly dug out the key and came to me, putting the recliner back in upright position. As he did so, another dose of cum came gurgling out of my pussy, and trickled out over the already soaked spot on the chair between my thighs. I winced at the sound my pussy made, embarrassed, but getting a little used to it.

Jakey just stared with his mouth open, taking it all in. Once I was upright again, Kevin leaned me forward, making my breasts hang down and sway, fiddled with the handcuffs, and then I finally felt relief in my shoulders, which were aching more than my abused pussy. Pulling my arms back in front of me, I rubbed my shoulders and wrists as Kevin also freed me from the duct tape on my legs.

It was completely silent, and all eyes were on me as I started to get up off the chair. It wasn’t that easy, and my first attempt on my shaky legs failed, and I fell back into the chair, making it rock and squeak as my ass cheeks slipped over the huge wet spot. But I tried again, and this time made it to my feet. I stood up, and took a tentative step, not completely sure I would be able to make it. But then I took another step, then another, and my strength came back to me. I knew there was an awful mess between my legs and could feel it squish as my thighs rubbed together… the same with my pussy lips. With every step I took I could feel myself slipping and sliding. Keeping my head down and leaving Daddy and Kevin to deal with Jakey, I shuffled, naked, out of the room, through the laundry room and to the bathroom.

I truly had to pee, badly, and barely made it to the toilet. My pee started to rush out of me before my ass even hit the seat, making a little mess on the floor. And while I was relieving the pressure from my bladder I also felt the last few drops of Kevin’s semen drop out of me.

As I sat there I heard voices coming from the family room. It sounded like arguing, and I could tell Jakey was upset! “Finally!!” I thought. “Someone has some sense!”

My pee finally ran out and I looked at the washcloth hanging on the towel bar and planned to get myself cleaned up. But I didn’t have the energy right then. I just sat there, catching my breath, and didn’t really want to leave. I just wanted to stay there and never leave the bathroom again. I took a deep breath and sighed.

Suddenly, I was jolted upright by the sound of Daddy’s voice, booming in the family room. It was his “angry voice”. The one that told us he meant business! The one that said he’d had enough and made us all quiver with fear. Daddy was scary when he was mad.

I was once again very alert when the bathroom door flew open, nearly hitting me in the head, since it was such a small bathroom. (Actually, there was no bathtub, just a toilet and a sink). My eyes shot upwards in complete surprise, vaguely wishing I had thought to lock the door.

Daddy was there, still naked with his dick dangling, holding a surprised and shocked Jakey by the scruff of his neck.

Daddy held Jakey out in front of him. “Unzip your pants, Jacob!!” Daddy commanded with the authority of a drill sergeant. I could see Kevin behind him, looking like he was very surprised and wasn’t sure what to do.

Jakey stammered, “uh.. uhh… what… wait… uh… shit… no, dad…”

Jakey didn’t move, so Daddy reached down and unzipped Jakey’s pants. Now I was also shocked!! He reached into Jakey’s pants and pushed down his boxer shorts, grabbed his dick and pulled it out.

“Oh My GODDDDD!!” I thought!! Daddy was holding Jakey’s cock and pointing it at me, as I sat there on the toilet!!!!

Jakey struggled a little bit. Just slightly. I knew he could kick Daddy’s ass if he wanted to, but I also knew that Daddy had always had a lot of control over us, due to his temper which none of us was brave enough to stand up against.

Jakey’s cock, which I’d never seen before, was shorter that Kevin’s, but very thick and meaty.

Daddy put one hand on the back of my neck, and told me to “Open up and suck your brother off!”

My mouth was already open, from shock, although I didn’t even realize it.

Daddy took Jakey’s cock and pushed it into my mouth!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! I’d never done such a thing!! I’d never had a cock in my mouth!! “My God!!” I thought. “He pees out of that thing and now it’s in my mouth!!” I was so naïve, I didn’t even know about fellatio.

Daddy had one hand behind my neck and another on Jakey’s lower back, and he pushed the two of us together, forcing Jakey’s penis into my mouth.

“No… Fuck!!!!” I heard Jakey shout, and felt the head of his cock slip between my lips and over my tongue. I couldn’t help but feel and taste every little bit of his tool in my mouth, and I could tell it wasn’t completely soft. My nose touched his pubic hair.

Daddy held his grip on Jakey and told growled “Fuck her mouth, Jacob!!”

Wow, Daddy was super drunk!!

Jakey resisted for a moment, but I felt his cock get harder and harder as Daddy pushed his hips forward and back again into my face. I could feel every ridge of him on my tongue and my lips, every vein…

Over and over his penis slammed into my mouth… my face. I smelled him, as well.

I dared to glance upwards and saw Jakey with his head slightly back and his eyes closed. He was now completely hard, and starting to move his hips toward me and back again on his own.

“See, that’s how you handle this, son!” Daddy said, I think directing that at Kevin, who was still behind him watching.

Soon, Daddy’s grip on my neck released, and I felt a new hand on the back of my head. It was quick, a dozen or so pumps down my throat and Jakey was cumming in my mouth!! Both his hands grasped my head and pulled me to him, as close as he could get me, gagging me with his hard cock!

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” Jakey groaned/shouted and I felt his dick pumping thick syrupy globs of cum in my mouth, on my tongue, and down my throat while I sat there on the toilet. I’d never tasted cum before… it was hot and soooo thick, and coated my mouth and throat. His penis jumped around in my mouth, much like Kevin’s had in my pussy.

It throbbed and throbbed, and I think he held me there with my mouth on him for about a minute as he was cumming down my throat.

Finally, his grip relaxed and I was able to swallow and breathe. I gagged at the taste and the feel. The feel of it was what really what disgusted me. It was almost oily, like no matter how much of it I swallowed, it still left a coating.

Jakey finally pulled out of my mouth and my lips went back together again.

Still sitting naked on the toilet, I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, trying to wipe away the drops of cum from my lips.

Jakey was gasping for breath, and so was I. I looked up and saw Daddy and Kevin with hard-ons again, both of them pumping themselves and looking at me.

(to be continued…)

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