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First time putting a story on here. This was wrote by my girlfriend. Let me know what you think of it.
First time putting a story on here. This was wrote by my girlfriend. Let me know what you think of it.

I'm standing at the side of a road, wearing a skimpy tight shirt, bra, jean shorts, and my converse, with a bag at my feet, watching the road and waiting for someone to come by. I'm starting to get cranky and tired because absolutely no one is coming by when I happen to see a truck making it's way down yonder. I walk closer to the edge of the road watching it approach. It slows down and pulls up nexts to me. I step forward as the window rolls down to see this very handsome man smiling at me. "Well, hello there, beautiful. Where you headed?" he asks. I look around and shrug, "Haven't quite decided yet. Any way but that way will work just fine," I say as I point in the direction he just came from. "Care to give me a lift? I promise I don't bite too awful hard." I smile and wink at him. He laughs and leans over opening the door. "Sure, just hop on in." I step back and grab my bag tossing it on the floor, I climb up on the seat and close the door.

He takes off and we sit there in silence for about a minute before he reaches over extending a hand "The name's Z," he says as he smiles so sexily at me. I grab his hand, I'm Tasha. I release his hand and start playing with my hair. "So Tasha, tell me about yourself." I sigh, "Well, ain't much to tell. I'm 20, single, sick of life and ready to start over anew.. Which is why I left. Bout it mostly. Totally exciting, huh?" I give a little laugh. "So, what about yourself? Who are you?" I ask as I resituate myself in my seat, turning so that I'm facing him. "Well, as I said the name's Z, 23, married," he glances at me, "unhappily married "Huh," I murmur, "A married man? That sucks. Marriage is so overrated anymore." He laughs "Tell me about it." I just shake my head and laugh. We continue on with our pointless talking when I happen to notice him starting to slow down.

All of a sudden, he pulls over onto a desolate road and puts the truck in park. "Umm.. what're you doing?" I ask. He smiles, "Well, I'm gonna put to use the prize I picked up on the side of the road." He reaches over grabbing my thigh, I push his hand away. "You're crazy," I say as I throw open the door, I get ready to step out when he pushes me from behind and I land facedown on the ground. "Fuck," I murmur as I start to raise myself up and get slammed back down. He plops down on top of me and pulls my hands behind my back. I hear a jingling noise and as I look back behind me, he clamps a pair of handcuffs on me. I start jerking and pulling around underneath him trying to get away. "Let me go!" I scream at him. He slides off me only to move behind me and start caressing my ass. I twist away as hard as I can and he pulls me back and placing one knee on my back, pulls off his belt and starts beating my ass. I scream and place my hands over my ass, only to get my fingers smacked. I pull my fingers back up and just take the beating he's giving me. Eventually he stops and pulls me up onto my knees.

"You gonna be a good little slut now?" he asks. I roll my eyes and glare up at him. Don't even say a word. He cracks me across the face with his hand. "I asked you a question, dammit. Answer me," he demands. I grunt. "Yeah sure." He smacks me again, "Say it a little more respecfully, you dumb fucking bitch." I slump my shoulders and let all my pride go, "Yes, I'll be your good slut." He smiles at me and slips his belt around my neck, looping it around, he pulls on it so it's a little snug against my throat as he starts undoing his pants. He lets them drop to his feet then pulls down his boxers and let's his rock hard cock pop out. I can't help myself I moan as that cock looks amazing. He raises his eyebrow at me and I just glare at him. "You want this cock, whore?" I shake my head no. And he pulls the belt a touch tighter. "Hmmm?" he asks. "Yes, I want that cock so bad." I say. He grabs his cock stroking it lightly. "Well, go on, suck it." I move my hands so the cuffs clink together. "Yeah, you know if I had the use of my hands, it'd be so much easier." He eyes me for a second and steps a little closer. "Say, please daddy." I open my mouth and start to say it and he shoves his cock in my mouth. I instantly jerk back only to be pulled back into place by him pulling on the end of the belt. "There see that works. Now start sucking." he commands.

I feel my air supply start to dwindle a little but I obey and start moving my mouth slowly up and down his cock. I pause when I reach the head and run my tongue around it, then go deep as I can and pull back up. But this time, it falls outta my mouth. He smacks me hard. "Oww, what the hell?" I yell. "You'd best get that mouth back on this damn cock. Right now. And watch how you fucking talk to me. Dammit." I barely suppress an eyeroll and mutter under my breath. I dip my head down a little catching his cock back in my mouth. I glance up at him and continue on with my sucking. He slips a finger in the belt loosening it just a touch and then tangles his hands in my hair bobbing my head a little faster, then stops me completely and tips my head up just a lil bit and starts fucking my mouth so hard and fast. I start gagging hard and twisting my body trying to pull away but he just holds my head still with my nose pressed against his stomach for a few seconds. He pulls out and I start gasping for air. He shoves his cock back in my mouth and starts moving my head slowly up and down his cock before shoving it deep again. "Stick out your tongue," he says. I look up at him with a questioning look on my face and he smacks me real hard again. "Now!" he yells. I obey and stick my tongue out while he continues fucking my mouth, giving no care nor concern to my gags.

He slowly pulls out and stands looking at me, he walks behind me and shoves me facedown on the ground. I turn my head to watch him as he kneels beside me and pulls off my shorts and thong. "Mmm, damn your tiny ass is pretty bruised and red. You like how the feels?" he asks as spanks my ass. I flinch "Oh yeah, daddy, it just feels way amazing," I smile at him. He leans down and bites my ass. I yelp but don't move an inch just lay still as I feel him nibbling his way across my ass. He spreads my ass and flicks his tongue against my asshole. "You like being fucked here," he asks as he caresses my ass and pussy with his hand. "No. I mean I don't know. I've never done that nor do I want to." I watch him slowly smile. "Well, must be my lucky day. Looks like I'ma be popping that ass cherry today." I instantly go still. "No, please don't do that. I'm begging you don't. I don't want to." He grabs the end of his belt pulling it as tight as it can go and pulls it up so my head is raised a little. "Now, you listen here, you fucking little bitch. You beg me for more, not for nothing. You got that? I wanna fuck that ass so I'm going to and you're going to enjoy it and beg for more. Understand?" he asks. As he pulls my head back a little further. I nod my head yes and he lets me go. I gasp for air as he loosens the belt once again.

He reaches under me and grabbing my hips pulls me up so I'm on my knees with my ass in the air and my chest on the ground. He slips a finger in my pussy and starts fingering me fast while rubbing my clit with his thumb til I'm just soaking wet moaning like crazy and writhering on the ground. He pulls his finger out and leans forward and rubs it against my lips. "Suck your juices off, baby," he says. I open my mouth and suck his finger in my mouth nice and tight rubbing my tongue against them. He pulls his finger away and moves back behind me. I watch him spread my pussy and lean down slipping his tongue in me. I moan softly and adjust my legs spreading them further apart for him. He pulls back and slaps my pussy, before sucking my clit into his mouth, pulling on it. He swirls his tongue around it and then dips it back in me. I moan softly "Mmm goddamn that feels so amazing. Fuck me. Fuck me so hard, Daddy. I want you in me right now. Please!" I beg. He chuckles. "Yeah, that's how I like my slut to be. Begging for this cock." I smile at him, "Will you please fuck me?" He smacks my ass, "That's the plan, my little whore."

He moves up on his knees and slips the head of his cock inside my pussy barely moving back in forth inside me. I moan and try to press myself backwards further on his cock but he stops me with his hands and pulls his cock out. He smacks my pussy again and again til it's so swollen and puffy. Then slams his cock in me pounding me fast and hard. Making me scream each time he slams deep inside me. He slows down and reaches for the end of the belt. He holds onto it as he starts pounding me again. As he speeds up, he pulls it tighter and tighter, until I cannot breathe at all. I gasp for air as tears and mascara streams down my face. He fucks me as hard as possible as I jerk and pull with all my might trying my damnedest to get away. He wraps the end of the belt around his hand as he reaches forward and grabs my arms pulling me up a lil bit and moving my body up and down on his cock super fast. He moans and moves me slower and slower til I'm barely moving at all. He moves me to the side a lil and looks at my face. "Oh, your face is awful blue, lil slut. Would you like daddy to let you breathe?" I nod my head yes really fast. He slaps me shoves me back down on the ground and loosens the belt again.
I start gasping and drawing big breaths of air into me. "Fucking hell," I cry out. He just laughs and spreads my ass cheeks apart and dips his tongue in and outta my ass a couple times while spanking me. He raises up and lines the head of his cock up with my ass pressing it in just a lil and leans forward whispers in my ear "Relax, slut." I nod and will myself to relax as soon as I do, he shoves his cock completely in my ass and grabs ahold of my hips holding me in place. I scream as loud as I possibly can and try to pull away from him. "You fucking asshole! Ugh! Goddamn that fucking hurts!! Sick bastard!!" I struggle harder, trying to get my arms free. "Fuck!" I soon realize I'm completely fucked so I give up and just lay there panting. He smacks my ass. "You done fighting, slut?" I pull my arms up a lil off my back flipping him off. "Fuck you." He smiles big "Good," he exclaims, "because you are gonna be one sorry little cunt for fighting me." He pulls out and spits in my ass then slams his cock back in me. He starts mercilessly pounding the hell outta my tight lil ass while I lay there screaming and crying. "Oh shit, please stop. You're hurting me so bad. I'll do whatever you want if you just stop." He slows down and slowly fucks me. "Hmm, fucking right you will, bitch."

Reaching forward he undoes one of the cuffs. "Rub your pussy. Finger it. Do whatever you gotta do to get off but you better cum for me." "Okay," I mumble. He keeps ahold of one of my arms and resumes fucking my ass as hard as he can slamming his cock in me. I scream some more and he whacks me upside the head. "Shut the fuck up and work that pussy." I clamp my mouth shut silencing my screams as I reach down under me and start rubbing my pussy. I rub my clit in fast lil circles and start moving my hips a lil. "Thatta girl. Just like that, baby." He moans as he slows down and gently fucks my ass. I slip a finger in me fingering myself fast and hard, concentrating totally on orgasming for him. I moan and breathe a lil harder. "Mmm, that feeling good?" he asks. I nod my head and continue working my clit hard. I smack my pussy and rub it as fast as I can. I move my hips harder against my hand as I cry out, "Oh fuck, fuck me hard and fast right now, daddy. I'm gonna cum." I rock my hips slamming myself back into him as he slams himself forward balls deep in me moving as fast as we can together. I scream, "DADDY, oh my fucking god. Oh god. Mmm." "That's it, baby. Cum for daddy." He gasps and starts fucking me harder digging his fingers in me as my orgasm sets his off. He slams in me one last time and sits there for a minute.

"Holy fuck, that was amazing, you lil whore. I knew you'd like me fucking your tight little ass." I just sigh, "Yeah, you should be my ass right now. It fucking hurts." He laughs as I smile back at him and smacks me lightly on the ass as he pulls outta me. He undoes my other hand and stands up. "Alright, suck my cock clean." I raise myself up on my knees and look up to see if he's being serious. He glares at me and raises the back of his hand. "Okay okay, I'll do it." I grab his cock in my hand and run my tongue from the base to the tip. Running my tongue in a tight lil circle around the head I slip it slowly in my mouth and go all the way down gagging on his cock. I pull off and lick back down and randomly run my tongue all over his cock til I reach the head. I suck him back in my mouth and start bobbing my head fast sucking nice and tight on the head before going deep one last time. I pull off and look expectantly up at him. He grabs his cock checking it out a lil. "Mmm, that's daddy's good lil girl. Now get up and grab your clothes. Let's hit the road." I pick up my clothes and he grabs my hand walking me back to the truck. He opens my door, lifts me up sets me inside, then goes around to his side and climbs in. And off we go.

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