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Boy older woman, teen sex, first time
Hi, I'm back with another story about my experiences. You might have read my first story about my dog Rocky. This story will be a lot different and it happened about 3 years later. Remember I said I had an affair, sort of, with another woman, Lacy? I'm not quite ready to tell Lacy's story yet, but she is a minor character in this story. Maybe I'll write about Lacy some other time. In fact, maybe the readers can give me some feedback as to whether they even want to hear it.
Okay, let me set the scene. I'm out of college and living on my own in a medium sized town. I teach journalism at the local high school. That's what I said, I teach! This story will be about a young boy, Sammy, that I helped through the difficult stages of puberty. I got to know Sammy, or Sam as he preferred, because he had been my paperboy for about a year. This story starts when Sam was 11 years old.
It was a crisp Saturday morning in late September and I had just got up and was on my first cup of coffee. I heard a small rap on my front door, as I peaked through the window, I saw Sammy standing there waiting to collect the paper bill. Sammy was a shy kid, cute and I liked him. I opened the door and said you must want some money. He nodded and I motioned for him to come in. I was dressed in gym shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. I did feel Sammy was looking where maybe he shouldn't. Sit down Sammy and let me find my purse, I told him. When I returned, I ask if something was wrong. He just looked so sad. Nah, not really was his answer. Come on Sammy, we're buds, you can tell me. It's just the other kids tease me about being .... little. That's no big deal, you'll grow. Sammy looked down and said, not little like tall, just little. You know as he looked down. Ohhhhh, I said I get it. Sammy had turned a little red by this time. Look Sammy, that grows too. Just wait and you'll see. To tell the truth, I don't know who was more embarrassed, me or Sammy. I was also somewhat aroused.
I'm going to tell you a story that might make you feel better. When I was your age, kids teased me about my big boobs. Sammy cocked his head and said, you don't have big boobs. There you go, maybe size isn't as important as we think, I said to him. Sammy just kind of grinned. This made me ask, so you've been looking at my boobs? Some, he replied, but not a lot. So what do you look at? Sammy hesitated then said, your butt. I giggled when I said sooooooooo, you're an ass man. Guess Sammy uttered softly.
You want to rub my butt Sammy? His face was awestruck! Can I? Sure, just remember, there's nothing underneath. I turned and said go ahead, touch. Slowly and reluctantly, Sammy's hand reached out. He rubbed my shorts in small little circles. What's it feel like Sammy? Nice he said. Just nice? Real nice! What are you feeling? Sort of warm. What else? My peter is stiff, he said. That's a hard on, have you had one before now? Yeh, sometimes when I wake up, but it goes away when I pee. Any other time? A couple, mostly at night. What do you do? Well it feels good to rub it. Has anything happened when you rub it? I dont know what you mean,Sammy looked puzzled. Like anything come out? No, nothing like that.
Sam, can I call you Sam since youre growing up? I like it better was his answer. Sam, maybe you better stop rubbing my butt. Immediately, there was a look of disappointment. Oh, you didn't do anything wrong. Stand up and look at me.
Sam was dressed in bib overalls cut off at the knee and a white t-shirt. Can I see you Sam? You're looking at me now. No, can I see you underneath. I guess he answered slowly. I carefully pulled on strap from his shoulder, then the other. Sam was a skinny kid and the bibs fell to the floor. He wore little boxers with NFL logos all over. I smiled and said, what's your favorite team. Patriots I guess. I could tell he was still hard by the little tent. These too, I questioned. No answer, just a nod.
By this time, I was hot and there was wetness in my shorts. Since they were white, I didn't think it would show. I placed a thumb under the waistband on each side and gently slid his boxers down. Like it was on a spring, his little dick sprang free. I almost expected to hear a boing! There in front of me was this little dick about 3" long. Sam was nearly bald with a few curly pubs on each side. Can I touch it, I ask? Guess was all Sam said. I had barely reached it and his hips went back. Did I hurt you? No I couldn't help it, sorry. I reached again placing it between my thumb and forefinger. I started slowly moving my fingers back and forth. Hurt, I ask? Nope, feels kind of good. I
lowered Sam on to the couch and slid down in front of him. I gently placed his little dick in my mouth. I heard him gasp. By now my pussy is soaked and I am raging hot. I slid my lips up and down his penis until I had this gigantic orgasm. I know I must have scared the shit out of Sam! Once I had cum, I released sam's dick from my mouth. I knew he was too young to ejaculate. I raised up and gave him a peck on the cheek and said, Sam you just wait, someday a lot of girls will want your peter. Remember this is our secret, ok? Ok, I won't tell and thanks for everything.
Sam spent a lot of time at my place after that. We fooled around some, but not a lot. Sam was about to turn 13 when I noticed a lowering of his voice. We were sitting on the couch watching tv one evening when I ask him if everything was all right. Sure, he answered as looked at me as if wondering the purpose of my question. Look Sam, we're buds and share everything. I know your body is changing. Just want to know if everything is ok.
After a period of silence Sam ask, do you remember the first time when I was 11? Like it was yesterday was my answer. Can we do that again sometime? Now, I ask? Sure was sam's eager answer. Sam had on sweat pants and I reached over to find he was already hard. Bigger than before I whispered. Yea, a little. I think a lot! I slipped my hand in his loose pants and grasp his dick. It was longer and a lot thicker.
Angie, that's me, can I tell you something? Sure, like I have always said, we're buds. I can cum now and I know what you were trying to find out before. No surprise, you're a man now.
I slid onto my knees in front of Sam and worked his pants all the way off. His now very hairy dick waved in the air. I bent down and kissed the tip to hear him moan. Then I worked his hard dick all the way to the back of my throat . Sam was rything with each stroke. Oh god, oh god I heard him say. Angie,I'm goin ... Angie, I'm going, then my mouth was flooded with his cum. It tasted good, damned good!
The great thing about youth is recovery. Within 5 minutes sam's dick was rock hard again. By now I'm so fucking hot I can't stand it. Take me Sam, take me and fuck me hard I gasp. Sam pushed me to the floor and burried his head in my wet pussy. Wet with my cum and his. His tongue flicked my clit until I thought I could stand no more. Breathlessly I said Sam you got to fuck me now before it's too late. Fuck me Sam I almost screamed. I felt the tip of his dick touch my cunt lips, then I felt him grind his hips on mine. His dick wasn't the biggest I had ever had, but he knew how to use it. Sam thrust and thrust until I screamed like a banchi. I cum almost as hard as I had done years before with Rocky. Then I felt Sam fill me. It seemed like a hot flood in my vagina!
After we disembraced, I suggested a hot shower. It felt so good and I noticed Sam starting to get hard again. Sam, I can't do it again. Please don't be disappointed. Sam held me and kissed my lips. When we parted he said Angie, I will never be disappointed in you.
As time went by, I saw Sam less. It seemed like no time that he had graduated high school and gone off to college. The paper route Sam once had was taken over by a 10 year old black girl who happened to be my neighbor. I had suspected that she was a precocious puberty girl which is really common among African American girls. Even though she was only 10, her tits looked as big as mine!
I did see Sam one more time. He was home from college. He didn't know about Lacy until he walked in on us making out on the couch. At first he was embarrassed, but

I can't go on, this seems like another great story! Give me your feedback. Tell me if you liked this story and if you want to know more about Lacy or Serena (the little black girl). Thanks for reading and for all feedback!
By the way, Bruno is full grown and lives with me, Rocky still lives with my parents.

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2014-12-28 18:40:40
I think I liked this story better than Rocky even though I prefer dogs more than men. I kinda got wet thinking about a hot young boy. I work at the "Y" and see lots of boys and girls at the indoor pool all ear round. Trust me I've been looking at both.


2013-09-10 12:08:13
Very good. Thanks for sharing.


2011-11-05 07:12:40
Great stories. Keep writing them for us.

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2011-09-16 11:47:27
i want a boyfriend for real..... bambie

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2011-09-15 18:14:46
Suzieq: You are a real good writer keep it up. The emotion comes living what you write about.

I live in Hawaii where we often do not see color or race. We see it but it registeres so low it does not matter. Yes we call each other Race Names sometimes but its very different. That shit that happpened in the South and to a lesser extent in the North, would not have happened here, because we would Not have put up with it.

We are the center of the Wok and the Wok is very very hot.

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