Annie's plan to make her Mommy pay
I almost ran down to Annie’s. To hear what this hot little devil had in mind for her Momma was exciting. If this girl had been fucking Daddy for 14 years, then what revenge did she have in mind for the wife of Daddy? I was still fascinated that Annie did not blame her Dad for sneaking into her room late at night, and helping himself to her nubile body. She was absolutely convinced this was her Mother’s fault.
I approached the back door, and saw Annie in the kitchen. She was wearing a short silk robe. I knocked, and she did not come to the door. She simply said “Come in Dave.” I entered, and she did not turn toward me. ‘Hi Annie, how are you doing today?” I asked. Annie turned toward me, and my jaw dropped. Her silk robe clung to every one of her ample curves. ‘All right Dave, sit down. Want a coffee or something?” “Yeah,” I quickly thought, “I want to bend you over and fuck your brains out.” Instead, I told Annie I would like a coffee. After she poured the coffee, she reached up to the cabinet for sugar, and I got a glimpse of her perfect ass cheeks. She was completely naked under her robe.
Annie brought the coffee and sugar over to the table. Her boobs bounced as she moved, and I could see her half inch nipples poking through the thin material. As she sat, she made no effort to cover her briefly exposed shaved pussy. “Put your eyes back in your head Dave, we have shit to do today.” “Sorry Annie,” I replied, “But if you didn’t want me to look, put flannel pajamas on next time.” “Well now that I have your full attention, then please listen to me. I have a deal that you can’t refuse.”
Annie could have told me to cut off my left hand at that point. She had me under her spell. “What’s up little girl?" You look way too serious this morning. What’s bugging you?” “The same thing that has bothered me for years," My Mom is a prudish bitch, and a cock tease to my Dad, so it’s time to teach her a major lesson in life.” I was getting a bit anxious, all of a sudden. The obvious hate this girl had for her Mom was pouring through. “Well, unless it’s something illegal, why don’t you tell me what you have in mind for Mommy dearest?”
Annie once again gave me her sexy, coy little smile. “I knew I could count on you Dad,” Annie said quickly. “Nothing bad. I just think that Mom needs to learn that her pussy is not sacred, and neither is the rest of her body.” My cock twitched just listening to Annie. “So, I have a plan. And if you help me with it, you get a surprise.” “I don’t think you can surprise me any more Annie, but I’m listening.” Annie shifted in her chair. “I think Mom needs a real good fucking. And I think she would look good on video. And, just like me and Dad, I think she would do whatever it took for the video not to be shown around. I don’t think her uppity friends would approve of her being fucked like the whore she is.”
Before I could say a word, Annie told me her plan. “So Dad, here is the deal. I’m going to arrange for you to pop in and me and Mom at her house this morning. We’ll be at the pool, and she’ll be ready to go.” “Wait a minute Annie; I thought you said she is a prudish bitch. What makes you think that she’ll just jump up, and fuck my brains out?” Annie smiled. She reached into her robe pocket, and pulled out two small pills. “Because a friend of mine, Cindy, gave me these a few months ago. She told me if I needed to get my motor running for Dan, I should take one of these. She said this could melt an iceberg, and that I would have the hottest sex ever. I obviously don’t need these. My pussy is just fine without them, wouldn’t you say?”
Annie was now getting excited. But drugging her Mom didn’t seem like a great idea. “I’m not sure about this. How do you know they will work? And what if your Mom is on some kind of medication, and this fucks her up?” Annie laughed. "My Mom won’t even take an aspirin. And Dad, Cindy guaranteed me they work. She told me she fucked her boyfriend for hours after she took one, and not just in her pussy, if you know what I mean?” “Okay Annie, you think that drugging your Mom to get her hot and bothered will make her want to fuck me. Then what? “Leave those details to me Dad. This will work. And after you fuck my Mom in every one of her holes, you get your surprise.” “And what would that be,” I was almost afraid to ask. Annie stood up, removed her robe, and said ‘Well, not only do you get to do whatever you want to this, but my friend Cindy said she would like to join us. “You game?”
As Annie stood there, her heaving tits staring me in the face, and her nipples harder than ever, what could I say? In review, I get to fuck her Mom, who wasn’t too hard on the eyes. I then get to fuck Annie and her friend Cindy. That’s 3 pussies. I hadn’t had any pussy for months before yesterday. “What time do you want me there?” Annie jumped up and down a second, and immediately sat into my lap. She was like a school girl. “I’m going to tell Mom that Dad asked you to stop by to check the pool filter, and the dishwasher. Dad isn’t very handy, so Mom won’t get suspicious.”
“Get this done for me today Dad, and I’ll owe you for life.” And watching my Mom getting pounded by your big cock will get me so hot, you never know what I’ll do. Leave the rest of the details to me, and I’ll see you at 10:30.” As Annie jumped off my lap, I was disappointed. ‘Hey, how about a warm up,” I said, as I reached for her hot slit. Annie grabbed my hand. ‘No Dad, I need you to be nice and hard for Mommy. Remember, every hole Dad, and I do mean every hole.” As she spoke, she turned her back to me, bent over, spread her ass cheeks, and showed me her butt hole. Without a word, she stood up, pulled her robe on, and gave me a kiss on the forehead. “See you soon!!”
As I walked back home, it was now confirmed. As I have said, this girl was nuts. Not only is she okay with her Dad fucking her since she was 11, she was okay fucking her Father-In-Law like a wild animal. She was now hoping that her Mom would get fucked by me in every way possible. Although this was going very fast, my thought quickly turned to her Mom, Mary. It’s not like she was asking me to fuck a 60 year old fat lady. She was asking me to fuck a 52 year old hottie. Annie was hotter, but she obviously got her beauty from Mary. Who was I to argue? I’d at least show up, and see what happens.

Annie and her Mom were sitting by the pool, enjoying some Mother/Daughter quiet time. Stan, Annie’s Dad, had taken the boys fishing for the day. He was out with them on his boat, and would be gone for hours. He never invited Dave, stating that he wanted “Quality time” with the boys. “Hey Mom, what do you say we pour ourselves a little wine, and enjoy this beautiful day?” “It’s a little early, isn’t it?” Mary replied. “Well, it’s not like we get this time alone very often. Let’s just relax, and enjoy each other’s company,” Annie responded. “Okay honey, just a little though, it’s still early.” As Annie got up to get the wine, her Mom stopped her. “Don’t you think that bathing suit is a bit too revealing?” Annie had put on a tiny string bikini, which showed her tits and ass almost entirely. “Mom, are you checking me out?” Annie giggled. “No, but it is pretty revealing. I can’t believe you have two boys.” “Well thank you Mom, I just don’t want to dress like an old lady yet. Besides, I’ve worn this around Dad, and you never said anything.” “Well, that’s because he’s your Dad. It’s not like he would be checking you out.” Annie walked into the house for the wine, and laughed at her Mom’s comment. “No Mom, he probably wouldn’t,” Annie thought, “Only because he’s seen me totally naked hundreds of times.”
Annie poured the wine into two glasses, and quickly slipped her small pill into her Mom’s glass. She grabbed a fork, and stirred the wine. To her relief, and happiness, the pill quickly dissolved. Annie felt a tingle between her thighs. “This ought to loosen this cold bitch up,” she giggled. Annie went back to the pool, and handed her Mom the wine. “Thank you honey, I need to relax a little.” As Annie watched her Mom sip her drink, she couldn’t wait to see how she responded.
Several minutes, and sips later, Annie asked her Mom an honest question. ‘Mom, why do you always dress like an old lady?” What do you mean sweetie, I dress just fine. Just because I don’t walk around with my body hanging all out, doesn’t mean I’m an old lady.” “Come on Mom, are you kidding? Look at your bathing suit. How old are you, 70?” Mary looked down at her suit. Her boobs were completely tucked inside the top, and her skirt bottom was covering her bathing suit crotch. “Besides, I don’t want your father to get any ideas. He would get the wrong signal if I had less on.” “So, what is wrong with that Mom? “He is your husband, and you’re not that old yet. So what if he gets a little turned on?” “You don’t understand honey, you will when you and Dan are married longer.”
“Come on Mom,” Annie quickly replied, “Look at you. You are a beautiful woman, and you never strut your stuff. Your suit covers every nook and cranny. Why don’t you let loose now and then? Dad is a handsome guy, give him some loving.” “You just worry about your own husband Annie, I’ll worry about mine. Besides, I’m sure Dan and you are doing just fine in the bedroom. He’s a good looking man.” “I get my share of action Mom, but when was the last time, you know…” “Me and your Dad made love? Is that what you wanted to know Annie?” “Yeah Mom, you know, you’re not dead yet.”
Mary was starting to feel a little funny. She normally didn’t talk to her daughter about sex. But the wine was already working, and it didn’t bother her. As a matter of fact, as she looked at Annie, she began looking at her body. Annie was beautiful. Mary had forgotten how pretty, and sexy her daughter was. And all this talk about sex was stirring a rare nice feeling between Mary’s legs. “Well, not that it’s any of your business, but me and your Dad haven’t had sex in a long while.”
Annie watched her Mom as she spoke. They never talked about sex, and she thought she caught her Mom actually checking her out. The pill was working. Annie turned to her Mom, sat up on the side of her lawn chair, and slightly spread her legs. ‘If she wants a peek, why not?” Annie chuckled. “How long is a long time Mom?” Annie asked. Mary looked at Annie, and quickly glanced between her daughter’s thighs. She was a hot little number. “I don’t know Annie, like two years or so.” Two years? You haven’t fucked Dad in two years? Geez Mom.” “Watch your language little girl,” Mary said quietly, “It’s not f…ing with your Dad. It’s more like 2 seconds of pure pleasure. He hasn’t gotten me off in years.” “Gotten her off?” Annie was now on a roll. “Then how do you…you know.. find any sexual relief?” Annie asked. As Mary answered, she rose from her lawn chair. “I have lots of toys, how else? Want some more wine?” Annie looked at her Mom. Even through her stuffy bathing suit top, she could see her Moms nipples poking through the material. ”Holy shit,” Annie thought, I’m turning my fucking bitch mother on. Nice! This is going to be fun.”
Mary grabbed the two empty glasses, and walked toward the house. “I’ll be right back honey. By the way, does this suit make my ass look fat?” “I’m not sure Mom, I can’t see it.” Mary quickly lifted the skirt covering her ass. She wiggled her ass to her daughter. ‘How about now? Does it look fat? Annie couldn’t believe her prudish Mom had just wiggled her ass at her. And a pretty nice as it was. No wrinkles, tight round ass, with two nice long legs attached. Her Mom was pretty hot. “No Mom, your ass is fine,” Annie yelled, “What else do you hide under that old lady suit?” Mary chuckled, and entered the house. “Annie herself was getting a little horny. She had never spoken to her Mom like this, and it was turning her on. “Well, if she wants to flirt, let’s flirt,” Annie thought, as she lay back in her lounge chair. She quickly pulled her bottoms up a little tighter, pretty much exposing the lips of her pussy. She also slid the shoulder straps down, letting her round full tits see more daylight.
Mary was inside for a while. Annie was beginning to worry. “What the hell, did she pass out already?” Just as she thought about checking on her Mary came back out. Annie’s jaw dropped. Her Mom had changed suits, and was now wearing a very tight bikini. She marveled at her Mom’s tight body. Her boobs were bigger than Annie’s and her thighs barely touched at her crotch. She watched her Mom bounce toward her, and was speechless. “What do you think honey?” Mary asked, “Is this better? “I’m not an old lady yet!” As Mary set the glasses of wine down on the table, she bent over, with her massive jugs almost falling out of her top. “Holy shit Mom, you are fucking hot!” Annie said excitedly. “Language dear, language,” Mary replied, but thank you. I haven’t been called hot in a long time. Now let’s drink some wine, and relax. I’m having fun, are you?” Annie’s mind was reeling. “Fuck, maybe I don’t need Dave. I might just do this bitch myself,” she thought. As Mary settled down into her chair, she felt heavenly. Her body was tingling, and her pussy was staring to get a little moist.
Annie and Mary sat quietly for a few minutes. They kept glancing at each other.” I see you are working on those tan lines Annie,” Mary said, breaking the momentary silence. “You do have a very nice body honey. There’s nobody around, we aren’t hurting anything. Do you mind if I get a little more sun?” “Go for it Mom, it’s nice to see you having fun. Get as much sun as you want.” With that, Mary shocked the shit out of her daughter. She reached up, and pulled her top off, revealing her huge twin peaks to Annie. Her nipples were almost an inch long, standing straight up. “Wow Mom, nice tits! Where have you been hiding those beauties,” Annie giggled. “Oh, they are okay. Thanks for the compliment. They are not as nice as yours though.” Annie needed no more encouragement. She quickly took her top off. Both ladies now were checking the other’s tits out. “Nice honey. Dan is a lucky guy.”
Annie’s cunt was now soaking wet. Her Mom was completely turning her on. And judging from Mary’s nipples, the feeling was mutual. Annie took a long sip of wine, contemplating her next move. She didn’t want to go too far, but at the same time, she wanted to see some more. ““Hey Mom, can I ask you a personal question?” “Sure honey, wants on your mind?” Mary asked. “Do you…you know, shave down there?” “You mean do I shave my privates?” No honey, but I do keep it nice and trimmed. I hate pubis sticking out of my panties.” Did her Mom just say pubis? ” Why honey, do you?” Mary actually wanted to know what her daughter did to keep her cunt attractive to her husband. “Well, actually Mom, I shave it clean,” Annie answered. “I like the way it feels, and so does Dan.” “Really, you actually shave it clean?” Mary asked excitedly. That’s different. Can I see?” “What the hell?” Annie thought. “Did my stuck up bitch of a Mom just ask me to see my cunt?” Why not. “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours,” Annie replied. “We sound like a couple of school girls Annie,” her Mom laughed. As she was talking, she stripped her bottoms off, and stood up, displaying her neatly shave pussy to her daughter. It was so closely trimmed, that Annie could clearly see her pussy lips. “Nice Mom,” Annie said, as she too removed her bottom, and stood up, exposing her naked cunt to her eagerly awaiting Mom. Mary stared at her daughter’s naked slit, and marveled at the smoothness. “That is beautiful honey, it’s so innocent looking,” Mary laughed. “Oh, it’s not innocent Mom, I can assure you. This little thing gets plenty of attention.” “I don’t blame him honey” Mary replied," More wine?” “You bet Mom, this is fun!” Annie watched her Mom bend over to get the wine glasses, and felt the instinct to grab her huge tits. She didn’t, but she enjoyed the view. She watched her Mom wiggle her full ass to the house, and had a thought. “Fuck Dave, I’m going to call him, and do this bitch myself. Her hands shook as she pushed the button on her cell phone. “Please answer Dave, please answer.” Dave did not. “Fuck it, if we aren’t out back when he gets here, he’ll just leave. I’ll break this bitch myself.
As Mary put her cell down, Mary reappeared. Annie was almost in a trance as her Mom strode toward her. “She is one hot bitch,” Annie thought, “It’s time to make my move.”

To be continued…

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