Rebecca returns to work, but what does Diane have in store for her?
The next day Rebecca prepped for the day's classes in a daze. Her mind was filled with memories of the unbridled pleasure of being taken by her beautiful boss, her handsome husband, and Carter's cock. Her pussy began to drip and a small shudder wracked her body as she sank into the haze of her memories.

With a lingering shiver, she shook of her trance and finished getting dressed. Keeping to her promise, she threw on a short skirt but didn't bother with panties. A nice blouse was hastily pulled over her bare breasts before she grabbed her bag and rushed out to her morning class.

Thankfully, she only had one class on Monday mornings, because even though it was her favorite class for the semester she found it hard to concentrate. She looked down over her desk to the professor as if she was paying rapt attention to the lecture, but found her mind wandering to Diane and her amazing toy.

The seeping nectar between her lips drove her mad throughout the talk of contract law and she frequently caught herself gently humping the plastic chair beneath her in an unconscious need to take the edge off. Lost in her remembrance, the scrape of her chair against the linoleum tiles of the floor alerted her that she was getting a little too frisky.

Adrenaline surged through her bringing her back to the moment and she immediately stopped and bent over her notebook as if writing notes. Looking up through her bangs, she caught Dr. Crane looking her way. For a moment she thought she saw a flaring of heat in his eyes before he turned to walk to the other side of the room lecturing as he strode.

With a smile only for herself, Rebecca realized that with the stadium seating in that classroom Dr. Crane's eyes were level with the seat of her chair. She could feel the cool touch of plastic on her upper thighs and the tight pull of fabric across her legs. So she knew that her squirming had caused her skirt to ride up her legs. And without panties, the professor had a prime view of the dark lips of her bare pussy.

Suddenly, she had something more than the aftershocks of the prior nights' activities to occupy her time. Whenever the instructor approached her side of the classroom she moved her ass in slow circles in the chair. She bent her torso over the table carefully writing noting but scribbles as she used the shield of her hair to covertly watch the older man.

As soon as she saw the whites of his eyes she lazily spread her legs under the desk. She could feel the moist lips of her snatch pull apart. From the hitch in his voice, Rebecca knew he saw exactly what she wanted him to. His eyes were temporarily locked on the pink folds of her vaginal walls slowly parting just for him. But his professionalism won over his libido and he pulled his eyes away.

As he returned to the opposite side of the classroom, Rebecca felt a shiver over the effect she had on him no matter how temporary. And despite his obvious reluctance, he spent far more time on one side of the classroom than was typical of his pacing style. And every time he neared her, Rebecca began the game again exposing herself for his enjoyment.

His voice remained steady for the rest of the lecture, but through her subtle spying she found his eyes rarely left her desk when he was near her. When he called an end to the class, she discretely pulled her skirt back down and filed out with the rest of class.

"Rebecca could I talk to you for a second?"

The request made her heart leap into her throat. Dr. Crane was calling her back and she felt a pull low in her belly as her mind raced ahead. She imagined him roughly pushing her over his desk. She could almost hear the steel click of his zipper echoing into the empty classroom. And without further warning, he would slam his cock between her tender lips.

Instead, he gathered up his papers into a black briefcase and asked, "You remember I'll be seeing you on Friday, right?"

Rebecca's head spun. For the briefest moment her mind followed her previous thoughts and she thought he was asking her out. But she soon recalled their appointment. He was not only her professor in that class, but also her advisor in the internship course that she was taking along with the job at Diane's firm. The week before he had scheduled a site visit to meet with Diane as part of the program and the coming Friday was the scheduled site visit.

Embarrassed by her own dirty mind, she confirmed the timing for their meeting and fled the classroom. By the time she got to her car, Dr. Crane was already out of her mind and Diane was firmly implanted in his place. She headed towards her office for the afternoon's work and wondered dreamily about what was in store for her.

She didn't have long to wait before discovering changes in the office. When she set her bag down at her desk she heard a bark from Diane's office. Startled, she looked at the closed door in amazement as echoing woofs came from beyond. She heard Diane's voice give a few sharp commands and then silence. But before long, her desk phone buzzed and Diane called Rebecca into her office.

The office was the same as Rebecca always saw it. A large antique desk covered with current cases filled the far side of the office. The side walls were covered with bookshelves filled with legal texts and other records. As usual, Diane sat behind her desk looking imperious with her hands steepled before her. But unlike usual, two gorgeous German Shepherds sat off to the side near one of the bookshelves.

One of them had the traditional black and tan coloring, but the other was all black. They eyed her curiously and she couldn't help but stare at the beautiful canines. Diane cleared her throat demanding Rebecca's attention.

"Shut the door and come here," Diane ordered. "I have an addition to your required working wardrobe."

Rebecca made her way around the huge desk, but she kept stealing glances at the two lounging dogs.

"I needed to bring them with me today. My puppies have a check-up at the vet this afternoon. Now, I want your gift to be a surprise so turn around."

As soon as Rebecca turned her back, Diane put her hand between her shoulder blades and shoved her over on the desk. Her large breasts cushioned her fall, but she still let out a gasp of pain. The thump of her body striking the wood aroused the shepherds and they both stood up and watched the two women. Rebecca's had to turn her head to the side in order to keep her face from smushing against the hard wood.

Diane kept her hand on the young woman pinning her to the desk, but with the other she pulled up Rebecca's skirt. With her middle finger she traced Rebecca's lips toying with the flowing nectar. She applied gentle pressure parting the wet labia and sinking in up to the first knuckle. Rebecca squirmed under Diane's touch. Diane made little circles inside Rebecca's vagina as she curled against the younger woman's body.

"Are you going to be good and stay put or do I have to keep holding you down?" she whispered in Rebecca's ear.

Rebecca's body was already reacting to Diane's touch. Her snatch pulsed around the inserted finger trying to pull it in deeper. And her body shivered under Diane's hand. She managed a weak, "I'll be good," and as soon as the words crossed her lips, Diane released her hold and shoved her finger as far as she could into Rebecca's body.

The force of her assault pushed Rebecca into a few files knocking them onto the floor. The curious pups wandered forward at the noise. After sniffing the fallen papers, they lifted their muzzles to the prone teenager. With her eyes closed in bliss, she didn't notice the dogs until she felt their hot breath on her face. Stunned, she opened her eyes just in time to see two pink tongues flick out of the nearby snouts and start licking her face. Rebecca giggled at the attention.

"It looks like you've made new friends," Diane purred. "But it you need to learn how to be nicer."

Without warning, she pulled her finger out of the moist cave and thrust all four back in its place. Rebecca's breath exploded from her lungs and blew her mouth open wide. The slavering tongues wasted no time in snaking into the new opening. They dove one after the other into her mouth as if searching for food and filled her cavity with a steady stream of saliva soaked muscle.

Rebecca moaned in approval and sucked on each tongue as it penetrated her lips. She met the agile canine tongues with her own and flicked them around in her mouth. She was so focused on the cavalcade of tongues that kept slipping into her mouth that Diane extracted her hand without notice.

She opened one of her desk drawers with her unstained hand and retrieved a small pink egg. With Rebecca preoccupied, she popped the egg between her lips and rolled it around in her mouth. She knelt behind the prone teenager and pressed her lips to Rebecca's dripping twat.

Rebecca pushed her ass back against Diane's face, but that was the only indication she even noticed her boss's lips touching her crotch. Her tongue was too busy French kissing the two dogs to voice her approval. But Diane wasn't done yet. She pushed the pink egg between her own lips with her tongue and shoved it into the other woman's crevice.

The sensation of a hard toy sliding up her channel broke the spell the canines held over her. She freed her mouth from the attacking tongues and turned her gaze towards her ass. She saw Diane's face rising from behind the twin moons of her rump. Diane had a burning glint in her eyes and she used her fingers to shove the insertion beyond the reach of her tongue. Rebecca's eyes sank in pleasure as the egg slid in until it bumped her clitoris.

"There we go. You are going to need to keep that inside you at all times from now on. I'm sick of using the phone to call you into my office, so this will replace that need with this device."

She fixed Rebecca's skirt and helped her upright. Once the young woman had collected herself, Diane retrieved a small remote from the same drawer that previously held the vibrator. With a flick of her finger, she heard a muted buzzing coming from Rebecca's cunt. Rebecca felt it much more than heard it. She felt like a live wire was just shoved up her pussy. Her knees went weak and she slid against the desk as her body responded to the sudden burst of stimulation. Then, Diane abruptly shut it off allowing Rebecca to catch her breath.

"Whenever you feel the buzz I want you to come in because I'll need something from you. If you do not see me promptly I will assume you have removed my gift and the consequences will be dire," she threatened. "Do you understand?"

Without waiting for the answer, she turned the vibe on full. Rebecca managed a weak nod as her limbs turned to jelly. She sat on the edge of the desk as her body shook in time to the vibrator. Diane slid her fingers up into the young woman's twitching pussy and felt the egg exactly where she left it.

The vibrations traveled up her arm and gave her body a little twinge. But assured she made her point, she licked her fingers clean, shut off the egg and dismissed her assistant. But not before having Rebecca clean up the files that were knocked off her desk.

Rebecca returned to her station and gave the embedded toy a test squeeze. She could feel it shift about in her juices. After only a minute of testing, she felt the now familiar buzz spread out from her nether region. She gripped her desk and let the pulsing pleasure roll over her. But as soon as it ended, she lurched unsteadily to her feet and entered Diane's office.

"You rang," she said breathlessly.

"Just making sure the new system is in place. You may leave."

Rebecca shut the door once more and sat down at her desk. She started her day's work, but soon found something wrong. It wasn't the vibrator. Even with it turned off it felt pleasant having the little bulb nestled against her cervix. But she did finally put her finger on it. In the mad rush to get ready that morning in such a sexual tizzy, she forgot her lunch at home.

The thought of calling her roommate briefly flitted across her mind, but she immediately quashed it. Diane had a very strict no visitor policy in the office, and Rebecca wanted to stay on her good side as much as possible. So it looked like she would have to suffer through until quitting time and then eat a nice big dinner.

But fortune smiled on her. Shortly after noon, Diane exited her office with the two German Shepherds on leashes.

"I'm off to their appointment at the vet," she explained. "And then I'm going to drop them off at home before returning. So I will be gone for much of the afternoon."

Without waiting for a reply, she turned on her heels and stalked out of the office. On the way out, she collided with the mail man for the building. She managed to keep a grip on the leashes, but her purse fell to the floor with a crash. He helped her retrieve it and received an earful of abuse for his trouble. Normally, Rebecca would enjoy watching the scene, but she had more pressing matters to attend to.

From the moment the purse hit the floor, a gentle pulsing started in the depths of her pussy. The pulsing slowly grew and grew in intensity until she could hear the buzzing coming from her crotch. She had to bite her lip to keep from moaning out load, but the uncontrollable flood of nectar seeped between her shaking thighs.

Her eyes glazed over as she stared at her upset boss, and just as she was reaching her peak, the vibe dropped down to the low level buzz again. She felt like a teakettle that was just about to boiling when it was switched over to a low heat. She could still feel the burning orgasm just below the surface of her nerves, but the mild setting only fanned the flames without setting her ablaze.

However, she could tell that one more burst of high dose vibration would send her over into the abyss screaming like that boiling teakettle if she didn't hold herself back. The throbbing started to escalate within her just as slowly as before. Her eyes shifted out of focus as the blurry image of her boss headed out of the office. Just as the vibrations were reaching their peak and bringing Rebecca along for the ride, Diane reached the office door.

As she guided her dogs through, the sensations cut off. The abrupt loss snapped Rebecca to attention. She could still feel the building orgasm boiling beneath the layers of her skin, but without the stimulation it was starting to fade. She desperately wanted the toy to start up again and finish her off. Her sexed up mind briefly considered finishing the job herself, but masturbating in the wide open office was not the easiest thing to do discretely.

Eventually, with the tingling fading, she resigned herself to finishing up her work. But first, her stomach was rumbling, and with Diane out of the office for a while she decided to risk it. She texted her roommate and asked her to bring her lunch real quick to the office. Within a minute or two she responded in the affirmative. Pleased with the advent of food, Rebecca got to work.

Half an hour later she was relieved to see Carla walk through the door. Her roommate was just as striking as Rebecca. Though they had the same long dark hair, Carla was as pale as a ghost. Though rather than make her look sickly, she shone with an inner vitality. And even better, she was carrying Rebecca's lunchbox.

She found Rebecca instantly and made a beeline for her friend's desk. Rebecca rose to greet her and gave her a hug before taking her food off of Carla's hands.

"It's nice to finally see the place," Carla remarked as she stole Rebecca's seat.

"Diane takes exception to non-client visitors. But thankfully she's out for the afternoon, and I'm starving so here you are."

Carla laughed, but she also shifted a little in Rebecca's chair. Her shorts left much of her thighs exposed and the runoff from the previous accidental vibrator action was sticking to her legs. While Rebecca was preoccupied with her food, Carla surreptitiously wiped some of the drying nectar on her finger. Ever the curious woman, she brought the substance to her lips.

The moment it touched her tongue she knew what Rebecca had been up to in that chair. With a devilish smile, she jumped up and guided Rebecca back to her seat. She leaned over her friend as if checking something on her computer, but her hand slowly slid down the arm of the computer chair to rest on Rebecca's bare thigh.

"It smells like it hasn't been all work and no play around here," she purred in Rebecca's ear. Before she could ponder Carla's statement, she felt delicate fingers spreading her still moist lips.

She tried to object, but practiced fingers spread her open and dove into the waiting crevice. The smoldering heat generated by the vibrator returned instantly and Rebecca bit into her sandwich to prevent a very audible moan from spreading through the office. Carla didn't give her another opportunity to form a coherent thought. She savaged her pussy with fingers and thumb all while somehow seeming completely respectable above the desk.

Rebecca's clit was alight with sensation as Carla rolled it between her fingers before dipping deep into the torrent of fluids pouring onto the leather chair. After years of living together, they had both learned what pushed the others' buttons and she was using that knowledge like an expert surgeon.

Rebecca could feel the denied orgasm bubbling back to the surface and aching to be released. Carla was providing no way out and was sending Rebecca up to the heights of ecstasy. And just as those amazing fingers were finishing their work, the vibrator started to buzz again.

Rebecca felt a surge of anxiety that was immediately destroyed in the ensuing orgasm. She knew that the return of the vibrations meant the return of Diane, but her fear of getting caught couldn't fight the tide of bliss electrifying her body. By the time she regained enough of a vocabulary to warn Carla to leave, Diane was half-way through the office towards Rebecca's desk. The vibrator was also well on its way to the highest setting.

She tried to motion Carla to head out, but the deep vibrations were making it hard to stay focused much less speak. And Diane was moving so fast the dogs were trailing behind her at the ends of their respective leashes. She pulled up to the two women and leaned over Rebecca's desk. For a moment, Diane's cleavage managed to distract Rebecca from the tongue-lashing to come.

"Well," she said in a low dark voice. "It looks like coming back to work with my dogs was the right decision. Otherwise I might have missed this little party. And I do love a party."

The buzzing toy was clearly audible from the short distance between the women. Without breaking stride in her admonishment, Diane reached into her purse blindly and shut down the device.

"It appears I've been a bit too lenient with you. Come to my office so I can give you a refresher course on office etiquette. And you my dear," she rounded on Carla, "Should move along now."

Carla was so shocked that she just stared dumbfounded as the two women and two canines disappeared behind the large oak doors. Once inside, Diane led Rebecca over to her desk. With no ceremony, she pulled the teenager's blouse over her head. As soon as Rebecca's breasts were free, she unfastened her skirt and let it fall to her feet. With her victim naked, she once again bent her over the hard wood of her desk.

"Now stay put," she ordered. She went digging in her drawers until she found a strap-on harness and a small dildo. "This little baby should be just the right size. Big enough to get your motor running without taking you home. It probably won't even hit the vibrator inside you, which by the way you've definitely lost privileges to for the remainder of the day. Next time you'll remember not to invite friends over the moment I'm out the door."

With Rebecca facing the doorway, Diane stripped off her own clothes and wrapped the harness around her waist. As soon as she was strapped in and ready, Diane grabbed Rebecca's legs and drove the toy between her lips. Rebecca could feel the dildo digging into her tight crevice, but as promised it didn't run deep enough to bump the buried prize within her. She could feel the warm tingles spread out from Diane's driving hips, but it remained a low level buzz. She squirmed against the desk as the blissful sensations failed to spread up her spine. All she could feel was the gentle tingles and the steady slap of Diane's hips against her ass.

Carla stood outside the office doors listening intently. After getting over the initial shock, she became curious about what the two women were doing behind closed doors. With her ear to the door, she heard the rhythmic slap of flesh against flesh. She feared that Diane was physically assaulting her friend.

Fearing for Rebecca, she stormed into the office. Before the door closed behind her she stopped short and spun around. She was expecting to see her roommate and occasional lover being slapped around the spacious office space. Instead she saw the domineering boss slamming into her from behind. Embarrassed, she reached for the doorknob eager to flee.

"Don't you dare leave now," came the voice from behind her. "Come here."

Even while she walked up to the pair, Diane kept pumping into the prone woman. Rebecca's eyes were screwed shut trying to wriggle deeper into each thrust.

"Since you are so eager to intrude on us, than you can take your friend's place. Unless you want to get her fired for your complete breach of professional etiquette."

Carla's face was a mask of terror, until she looked down. Rebecca locked eyes with her petrified roommate and gave her a smile and subtle nod. Carla knew better than to argue and nodded meekly to Diane.

"Good girl. Now strip down while I finish here."

She pulled her toy out of Rebecca and tapped her on the shoulder.

"All right, you can go sit in the corner while I mete out your punishment on little . . . who are you again?"

"Carla," the naked beauty whispered as the two girls passed around the edge of the desk. She moved over the desk in the same spot Rebecca vacated.

"Oh no, my dear. I've already had the pleasure of seeing Rebecca's face while I filled her body. You on the other hand are a new animal. Turn over."

Carla rolled over on the desk and was greeted with the small dildo now released from its harness being slipped between her lips. The taste of Rebecca's pussy filled her mouth. It was made all the sweeter by the knowledge that most of it was her creation from earlier.

The dildo easily slipped in over her tongue until the base kissed her lips. The familiar scent and taste of Rebecca made Carla's pussy drool with happiness. Diane reached into her seemingly bottomless drawer of goodies and brought out a real monster. It was not quite as large as the one Rebecca got to know the night before, but with a full foot of plastic and an inch of girth, it makes for a fun afternoon.

With the deft hands of experience, Diane locks it into place and slides the head against Carla's opening. With a few more movements, she globs out a generous amount of lubricant onto the toy and works it over the length with her hands. The motions press the bulging tip against Carla's slit. The young woman moaned around the dildo in her mouth, but before she could even take a breath, Diane grabbed her hips with her slick hands and shoved her toy six inches into Carla's snatch.

Even with the potent combo of manufactured and biological lubricants, Carla's box fights the intrusion for every inch. Carla can feel every movement of the toy as it spreads her vaginal walls like a woodpecker digging into a tree.

While the two women were getting better acquainted, Rebecca was busy fingering her cunt. Once released from Diane's care she sat down in the corner and slipped her fingers into her wet crevice. The burning ache left by Diane's teasing needed to be sated. She leaned against a bookshelf and played with herself as the warmth spread through her.

And as she looked out into the room through half lidded eyes she saw that the two dogs were also getting in on the action. The two pups had found the piles of clothing left behind by the two nubile women. And the scent of their fluids drew them like bees to nectar. They each choose a forgotten pile of clothes and were busily sniffing and licking the cast-offs.

Before her eyes, twin rockets were growing out of the canines' sheaths as their nostrils filled with the scent of women in heat. The bright animal cocks brought back a shiver of remembrance for the night before. The thought of Carter's brutal pounding filled her mind. And now that Diane had opened Rebecca up to the world of animal lovers she was already hungry for more.

She looked over at the desk in time to see Diane lean over the shaking Carla and take her nipple into her mouth. Diane suckled the younger women and rocked back and forth. The large dildo slid with her gyrations wriggling slowly deeper into Carla and making her breath shake. She grabbed Diane's head and held her to her breast as her nipple was bitten and sucked.

Once she had Carla all worked up she broke free of the teenagers grasp. And with another firm grip on her thighs drove the dildo further into Carla's pussy. The tip speared through her flesh until it rammed into Carla's cervix. Diane waited for the resistant walls to accommodate the deeper intrusion, but Carla was impatient. She wrapped her bare legs around Diane's waist and with strength born of pure need pulled Diane into her. The thick rod breached her womb and sank in to the hilt.

Carla gurgled with delight as her legs held the older woman against her crotch. Diane humped into Carla until the legs loosened enough for solid thrusts. She plowed into the young woman as her legs pulled Diane in harder and deeper. She pulled the wet dildo out of her mouth and flung it over her head. Even with the growing ecstasy, Carla managed to raise herself up with her legs locked behind Diane.

Diane kept rhythmically pounding Carla, but the limber woman locked her lips to Diane's and slid her tongue into Diane's mouth. She only managed a brief tour before her orgasm broke over her. She flopped back onto the desk and squirted all over Diane's chest as the older woman dutifully slammed the phallus home.

Rebecca watched as the familiar sight of Carla's ejaculate rained over Diane's body. For a brief second she thought about going to the two and licking Diane clean, but she had new things to taste. She crawled over to the tan shepherd. He had stopped busily licking Carla's discarded wet panties after the discarded dildo landed near him. He was giving the new object of fascination a few tentative licks when Rebecca gave him something else to think about.

She dipped her head beneath his body and sucked the extended cock over her tongue. The pointed dick slid into her maw like they were made for each other. The heady musk of animal crotch intoxicated Rebecca and she tongued it rapidly. Her attentions distracted the horny pup away from the dildo.

Rebecca was instantly enamored. She bobbed her head back and forth. She held her lips tight to his flesh as it slipped between her lips. And she could feel it growing and pushing her open more and more as she pushed her lips down to kiss his sheath. She pulled herself back so she could lick at the drops of precum oozing from the tip of his pole before impaling herself once more.

Diane was watching over the twitching body of Carla and barked out a single word in German. At her command, the well trained dog turned to face Rebecca's body and hopped so his forelegs landed on her back. Before his weight even settled on her shoulder blades he began humping her face.

Rebecca was initially startled by the furious attack. But she soon relaxed and let the strong canine slip in and out of her mouth like a jackhammer. She tilted her head to allow full access to her mouth as the beveled tip smacked her uvula like a punching bag. It was a good thing she shifted because his paws slipped off of her shoulder blades and hooked around her armpits. With the augmented grip his pace intensified as he both humped forward on his hind legs and pulled her bodily into him with his fore paws. The frantic fucking created a fresh trickle of vaginal fluid to pour down her leg.

The other shepherd left her discarded skirt in search of the fresh burst of scent. He quickly found the source of the aroma. Just as he started sniffing the crack before him Diane called out another command. He instantly stuck his tongue up her ass.

The rough tongue brought a shiver up Rebecca's spine. In no time at all the massive animal had her ass and thighs licked clean of all her excess fluid. And with his treat exhausted he aimed for the source. His tongue slithered into the open pussy slurping up the fresh rivulets of lubricant.

The questing tongue brought moans out from deep in Rebecca's throat. The thick and still growing cock muffled them, but they still managed to escape. Carla, now that she was coming down from her high, was intrigued by the familiar sound of Rebecca moaning around an obstruction.

She languidly tilted her head back to see the source of her friend's pleasure. She had no idea she would see Rebecca trapped between two horny dogs, one buried up to the balls in her mouth and the other digging his tongue so far up her cunt it looked as if he was trying to lick his friend's dick from the other end. The first moment of shock washed over her, but it was pushed aside with help from the dildo sliding into her body.

Rebecca had no problems at all with the tongue rapidly plunging into her crevice. The only other tongue to reach so deeply into her was Carter's the night before. But where the horse's tongue felt like a thick slimy eel pushing her walls open with brute force, the canine's tongue twisted and turned filling up every fissure with his rough licking. She pushed her ass into his muzzle urging him deeper as the tongue rubbed against her clit before delving back inside.

In some small part in the back of her mind Carla thought she should be disgusted. But contrary to how that part of her thought she should feel, the sight produced unparalleled lust and a small twinge of jealousy. It had been a while since two men had fought to get her off and she missed it. She could feel the aching need bubbling up inside her.

Diane opened her mouth to give her black demon another command when Carla hit her. She rose up off the desk like the goddess Aphrodite. Her black hair flew behind her with the speed of her ascension. And before Diane could utter her words, Carla had her tongue down her throat.

Carla growled with ferocity as she melded her body to the older woman. She tangled her fingers in the woman's blonde hair holding her in place. With a quick glance behind Diane she saw a cushy chair. She unlocked her legs from behind Diane's back. With their height differences, Carla was held aloft momentarily by Diane's strength and the pole buried in her cunt. The fullness of all that plastic holding her upright like a puppet temporarily distracted her, but she was a woman on a mission. She swung one leg back and pushed off the desk.

Diane's balance, which was already precarious with Carla's shifting weight, buckled and she fell backward into the chair. Carla rode her down landing with her knees on each side of Diane's hips. She took a moment to catch her breath after the tumble. The shifting dildo had wriggled back and forth in her womb during the office gymnastics and it took her a second to catch her breath.

Diane recovered first and managed to call out another word in German before Carla reclaimed her mouth with another passionate kiss. At her command, the black dog stopped licking. With one jump, he grabbed Rebecca's ass between his legs. And with a few dancing steps he speared her with his rigid cock.

With his first thrust he bumped his tip against the vibrator still buried in Rebecca's pussy. The unusual obstruction didn't even give him pause. As soon as her warm folds engulfed his prick he began humping in earnest. He yipped at the small pain the hard toy caused his battering ram of a dick as it violated Rebecca's pussy, but the wet embrace of her body was more than enough incentive to keep him pounding away.

Eventually his persistence paid off. The repeated impacts forced the egg through her cervix. The lightning fast strokes pushed his member in right after it until his thick red cock was fully inserted in her womb.

Rebecca's moans of pleasure spread around the other dog's cock, and she could feel it grow on her tongue. A bulge was forming just behind her teeth as he kept pumping his cock down her esophagus. The knot rapidly grew to the size of a small apple trapping him within Rebecca's teeth. As soon as his member lodged in place he doubled his pace. The strokes of his cock pulled at her teeth, but the discomfort washed away with the two cocks buffeting her along towards another orgasm.

As the orgasm ripped through her body, the first few spurts of precum dripped down her throat. The tan and black dog hopped off of Rebecca's head and turned around. With his body in the proper position, his balls emptied out their load. The sperm spewed out of his pole like a fire hose. The first few jets were easily gobbled up by Rebecca's throat. But the torrent of bubbling cum started to outpace her swallows. She could feel the viscous jizz filling up her mouth and coating the inserted length of meat.

But then, the other dogs knot started growing as well. The pressure building in Rebecca's pussy made her audibly gulp and large globs of hot dog cream slid down into her stomach. She opened her jaw wide, and with a few parting shots into her still full mouth the pole slid out between her lips.

Rebecca hastily swallowed the remaining treat and worked her sore jaw as the knot pushing in and out of her ravaged slit elicited cries of delight. The bulbous intrusion pressed against her clitoris with every stroke driving her wild. Not wanting to alert the whole office with her cries, she hastily grabbed the nearby dildo and slid it into her mouth. The black shepherd, a very well trained pup, continuously buried his bone in Rebecca and waited for her to squeeze him dry.

Carla could barely hear Rebecca's moans over the pounding in her ears. As soon as she had recovered from tackling Diane she began to work her body up and down on the vertical cock. Diane's hands grabbed her ass and helped lift her higher and higher with every bounce. Carla was fervently kissing every inch of bare skin she could reach.

The chair shook as Carla ground her body against Diane. Her tongue darted between the older woman's lips as she rebounded for a new insertion. But before she could land, Diane shoved herself upright driving the strap-on up into Carla. She automatically wrapped her arms and legs around Diane. Now upright, she carried the impaled princess around her desk to where Rebecca was screaming out another orgasm around the dildo in her mouth.

Diane carefully kneeled down next to her rutting animal and his playmate. She laid Carla onto the floor and took the lead once more in pounding the phallus into Carla's twitching body. She slowly uncurled from Diane's body as the driving cock sent surges of electric sensations arcing through her.

But even with the burgeoning orgasm, the sight of Rebecca shaking with lust as the thick cock stirred up her fluids. She reached out to pet the humping shepherd. The change in her body position altered where the dildo hit in her womb bringing a fresh burst of electricity. After adjusting to the modified intrusion, she stroked the beast's fur. She could feel the strong muscles working hard to drive his meat into Rebecca.

She felt a twinge of desire for the raw strength of the pounding Rebecca was receiving. But Diane distracted her by grabbing her ankles. She lifted the teenager's legs up and over her head pulling them together. Her closed legs made her soaked cunt even tighter. Diane braced against her legs and rolled her hips driving the piston into Carla.

Carla's moans matched Rebecca's as they both worked their way up to a mutual orgasm. Rebecca's caressing pussy was finally too much for her animal lover. With one last body shaking thrust he drove his member in until his balls slapped her clit. Just like his brethren he released blast after blast of hot cum into her womb. The trapped vibrator bathed in the goo as it slowly filled her body.

Diane moved close to Carla and whispered in her ear, "You want a closer look don't you?"

Without waiting on an answer, she performed a complicated tumbling turn to flip Carla on top with her face inches from the still cumming dog.

"Go ahead," she urged. "You know you want to."

Carla shivered, but she couldn't deny it. She reached out and held the hanging balls. They still shook as they emptied their gift into Rebecca. Her fingers traveled up to Rebecca's lips flicking her clitoris. The new sensations awoke the beauty from her daze. Nearby motion caught her eye and she turned to see the large dildo pushing in and out of Carla's twat.

Carla felt along her friend's lips that were visibly straining around the thick knot. She was then distracted by a hardness stretching her anus. With her girlfriend's ass so close, Rebecca had pulled the dildo out of her mouth. It was covered with both of their saliva and remnants of Rebecca's juices, so it easily parted Carla's sphincter and buried itself inside until it was flush with her cheeks.

Carla yelped and collapsed onto Diane burbling happily. The black dog finished his deposit and popped free of Rebecca's grasping lips. He joined his fellow dog off to the side of the office and they both licked themselves clean. Rebecca scooped out doggie cum from her dripping pussy and brought it to her lips. It tasted just as amazing as the first load that passed her lips. But she decided to share. The next glob she retrieved was carefully placed on her finger and slipped between Carla's lips.

The thrice penetrated Carla sucked the finger clean licking off every trace of cum. And this gave Rebecca an even better idea. First she pulled the dildo free to make sure Carla wasn't too distracted. Without a better place to put it, she pulled at Diane's harness and shoved the faux dick into the revealed pussy.

With that done, she lifted Carla's head and gave her a kiss. With her friend raised up enough, she shakily flung her leg over Diane. Exhausted, she fell back and pulled Carla's head between her open legs. The pale goddess immediately snaked her tongue into the offered hole seeking out the dribbling dog cum.

Diane, at the bottom of the heap, kept pumping into Carla pushing her face harder against Rebecca's clit. But further ideas were also bubbling in her mind. She grabbed Carla's ass cheeks pulling them apart and called out a new command. The tan and black German shepherd freshly cleaned bounded up to the presented ass and began licking it eagerly.

Carla shivered into Rebecca's snatch but never stopped licking her own treat. The rough tongue tickled her bunghole as it ran over the length of her crack. At another word from Diane, he stopped his licking and jumped onto Carla. His cock still glistening with his saliva bobbed towards her hole. With one hard stroke he plunged into her ready anus.

Rebecca could feel a rising orgasm itching to break free. But, the pounding cock driving into her ass distracted Carla from her tongue-work. Rebecca reminded her by grabbing her head and pulling her roughly against her oozing pussy. With only a few more steady licks, Rebecca shot off like a rocket. She collapsed backwards releasing Carla as she came. Her uncontrollable shudders sprinkled her juices along Diane's chest

Carla pushed back against the two insertions. Sparks burst out behind her eyes as the animal hit her like a raging bull. As that thought flit across her mind she wondered what being taken by a full grown bull might feel like. But the swelling orgasm swamped her mind. The dogs knot swelled up within her and the sudden pain brought her back to reality. Between one breath and the next the pain became pleasure and her rapture returned.

In just a few deep thrusts, the shepherd unloaded hot streams of cum into her bowels triggering her own orgasm. For the second time that afternoon, her exploding fluids spread out over Diane's belly. She shuddered out her bliss as her ass slowly filled with canine seed. The dog finished and turned around but couldn't get free of her tight asshole. As she came down, she slipped happily into unconsciousness.

Diane could barely shift under the pile of bodies. She was also the only one still conscious. With nothing else to do, she called her black shepherd over to her. At a word, he lay down next to her and she easily pulled his erect cock into her mouth. She sucked him in until his balls tickled her nose, and contemplated what was next. At the very least, she was going to make sure to bring her puppies around more often. And maybe sometime soon, Rebecca will have to housesit for her.

With that happy thought she swallowed the fresh cum from her puppy and settled in under the warm flesh of two sexy teenagers. Once her dog finished unloading in her mouth, he stuck his muzzle between the tangle of bodies and lapped up the spilled fluids running across Diane's flesh. She giggled as the pebbly tongue dipped into her belly button. With a final scratch of the ears and a good boy, she let herself drift off to join the two others in dreamland.
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