The following week passed by in a blur for Rebecca. During her Wednesday class she exposed herself again for Professor Crane. He lingered extensively on her side of the classroom, but he still failed to take the bait and shove the thick erection she saw growing in his pants into her wet snatch, much to Rebecca's disappointment. Luckily, she was spoiled for cock that week which helped absolve her frustration.

True to her thoughts, Diane brought her horny canines into work every day and Rebecca took several extended lunch breaks in order to drain their balls. She found out that dog spunk was far better than her usual dessert. She quickly picked up the proper commands to guide the dogs into doing whatever she wanted. Of course Diane took over; several times she gagged Rebecca so Diane had all the control.

But, she also had Rebecca dog-sit for her so she and Sam could have a night out. They came back to find Rebecca passed out and covered in dog semen. Sam took the opportunity to reintroduce Rebecca to his dick which quickly brought her around.

By the time Friday rolled around, Rebecca's cunt was anticipating her afternoon delight by drooling down her thighs. She put off her break for as long as she could to build the desire within her until she couldn't take it anymore. And just when she thought she'd burst, she saw Dr. Crane enter the front doors.

'Crap,' she thought to herself. She considered rushing out to the restroom real quick and burning off her excess desire with a little masturbation, but that unsatisfying conclusion was not very attractive. Still, it was probably a far sight better than sitting in a meeting with her teacher when all she wanted was to feel a thick cock plunging into her flesh.

Thinking about being filled with meat ended her internal war and she rose to greet Dr. Crane and subsequently excuse herself to the bathroom. But Diane was already out of her office. Before Rebecca could even raise her voice, Diane greeted the teacher and ushered everyone back into her office.

As soon as they entered, both shepherds zeroed in on Rebecca. Her dripping pussy was more than enough to get their attention, but they were well-behaved enough to stay in their separate corners. They weren't the only ones to take notice either. Her spreading fragrance was so aromatic that it even reached Dr. Crane's dull human senses. It brought back memories of digging his nose in his, soon to be ex, wife's cunt. It also brought a vision of the bright pink folds of Rebecca's wet snatch to his eyes.

In order to distract himself, Dr. Crane walked over to scratch the big black dog behind his ears. But the remembered vision of Rebecca's bare pussy still haunted him. Even before his wife presented him with divorce papers he was fond of the tiered seating in his class. If he was lucky some of the hot coeds wore short skirts and gave him a peak at their panties. He never would have dreamed that the gorgeous Rebecca wouldn't be wearing panties at all. And ever since those glistening lips first graced his eyes he'd spent a considerable amount of time fantasizing about them.

"Dr. Crane?"

Diane's voice shook the floating vaginal visions out of his head. "Please, call me Frasier."

He took a seat beside Rebecca across from Diane. He pulled out a pad of paper for notes, but before he could begin the interview Diane interrupted him.

"Before we begin I just want to tell you what a pleasure it has been having Rebecca work under me. Sometimes I can be a little demanding, but she has taken everything I have thrown at her and given it right back. She has been a very vigorous worker and has not been above getting messy in her daily duties. In fact, I have been so impressed with her that I had her take care of my beloved puppies on several occasions."

Diane turned to her keyboard and tapped a few keys. Soft R&B music came out of her speakers. Frasier tilted his head puzzled at the turn of events.

"I thought you might be interested in seeing Rebecca in action. So I took the liberty of downloading our home security camera footage to this computer."

She turned her monitor so the professor could see the video. He let out a gasp as it swiveled to face him. Centered on the screen was Rebecca in her typical short skirt and tight shirt. The music was obviously coming from the video because Rebecca was dancing in time to it. Frasier's pen fell out of his hand as he stared rapt at Rebecca's dancing form. She swayed with the music and brought her hands up to play with her bouncing tits.

In the video, Rebecca pulled at the stretched material of her t-shirt as she spun on her heel. The flesh and blood Rebecca was tempted to follow suit. Instead she watched her professor as his focus slowly zeroed in on her small dancing form. She knew what was coming next. Right on cue, her hands slid down her chest. They gripped the edge of her shirt and in one fluid movement pulled it up and over her head just as the song ended.

Her bare breasts bounced free. The dark nipples, pointed and hard from her rubbing, drew the man's gaze like a magnet. Rebecca watched as his jaw dropped. The notepad joined the pen on the floor. With nothing in his lap, the two women could see the growing erection pushing its way down his leg.

A new upbeat dance tune started and the Rebecca in the computer began shaking her ass. In no time at all, she unclipped her skirt and it flew from her body leaving her naked beneath. She turned her back to the camera and bent over until she was touching her toes. Her wet pussy was centered in the camera and Dr. Crane let out a quiet gasp as she slid two fingers into her spread hole.

"You know," Diane purred. "Our Rebecca is a very obedient worker."

Frasier nodded absently, but his eyes never budged from the fingers delving into Rebecca's cave.

"In fact, if I told her right now to suck you off, she would pull that thick erection out of your shorts and gobble it down."

The professor dimly nodded once more, but Diane waved to Rebecca. Without hesitation, she rose from her chair and stripped naked in a flash. The live stripping failed to pull the professor's attention from the video of her masturbating form, so Rebecca kneeled down between his legs. She undid his pants button and pulled down his zipper. She reached into his pants and grasped his snake. The only indication he noticed was a shiver running through his body. But as soon as she pulled it from its cotton coffin she bowed before him and slurped it balls deep down her throat.

Finally, his eyes separated from the screen long enough to close as Rebecca licked his rigid pole. He opened his mouth to object, but it had been so long since he had felt a woman's lips around his dick. Rebecca's bobbing head and agile tongue were quickly demolishing his reservations. He stroked the bare dark back before him as Rebecca tongued his head.

His hands searched lower and lower down her slim body. His body curled around Rebecca's head forcing it deeper into his crotch. He groaned as her tongue slid out of her tight lips to tickle his balls. Desperate for more, he grabbed her ass and pulled her cheeks apart. He was just about to slip a finger into Rebecca pulling her against him when two nude legs slid down on either side of Rebecca.

"Not yet, Frasier. I gave her an order and she doesn't get any pleasure until she swallows your cum."

He looked up to see the legs belonged to Diane, who was naked from the waist down and perched on the edge of her desk. Her wide open thighs pulled her lips apart exposing the moist folds within.

"But if you're that hungry for more you can take care of me."

He didn't need another invitation. Heedless of the woman on his cock, he grabbed Diane's thighs and thrust his tongue into her cunt. Rebecca turned her head to accommodate the professor's new position. With his torso leaning forward, she pulled his shirt out of his pants and caressed his bare back.

Frasier delved into Diane's orifice with a passion. The tongue gently swirling around his shaft threatened to distract him, but he had not enjoyed the taste of pussy on his tongue in years and it was all coming back to him in a rush. He gripped her thighs and pulled the lips in for a kiss. His fervent licks excited Diane to the point that she flopped back onto her desk.

Her hands grabbed his hair and pulled him against her flesh urging him to use lips, teeth, and tongue to pleasure her. The fresh scent of her womanhood and the taste of her drooling snatch was all the enticement he needed. He wrapped his arms around her naked legs inching her ass off the desk and into the air. Once free, he gripped her fleshy orbs and mashed his mouth against her open pussy. Diane moaned with glee and wrapped her thighs around his head. She dug her heals into his back. And with one last lick of his tongue, Dr. Crane pushed her howling into an orgasm.

Rebecca, in an effort to ease the tension in her neck, shifted her position over to the side of her teacher's chair. Her tender breasts rubbed against the fabric of his pants as she crawled away from the desk and her boss's airborne ass. None of the participants noticed the two dogs prowling around the outskirts of their tangled bodies.

Diane shivered out her orgasm, but Frasier was still at it. Her legs hung limply across his shoulders, but she could already feel the gentle tingling of another orgasm surging through her. In the past, only her husband had ever managed to get her that turned on that fast and she was aching for release once more. Her head lolled back and forth over the edge of the desk. The blood started rushing to her brain and she could feel the steady beat of her heart thrumming in her ears. It sped up in time to Frasier's licks.

As her head rolled to one side, she saw her tan puppy staring at her shaking body. With one word, she ordered him to her side and the well-trained pup clamped his muzzle over hers and slipped his tongue deep into her mouth. Frasier was startled by the random German word and subsequent cut-off of Diane's labored breathing. Without stopping his licking probe, his gaze roved upwards along Diane's body. But, his vision was interrupted by Diane's breasts. Even with her mounds still held within their bra, he could not see over their heights to Diane's head beyond.

However, he could see the computer monitor very close to his eyes. And Rebecca was no longer finger fucking herself in time to the music. She had fallen down on all fours and was wiggling her ass for the camera. Before his eyes, she turned so he could easily see the swinging melons hanging from her body like fruit begging to be plucked. They swung with every movement of her body as if God had given her perfect natural counterweights.

Over the speakers, he heard Rebecca shout out another German word as clear as a bell. Before his eyes, the black shepherd entered the camera view from the side. Without hesitation it stuck its muzzle into Rebecca's ass and started licking. He can see the thick tongue sliding between her lips exposing the tip of his tongue with every stroke. He was so startled by seeing his student eaten out by a dog that his own tongue stopped its motions. Luckily, Diane was in the throes of her second orgasm and didn't have the willpower to force him to continue.

He was so engrossed in the small figures of woman and beast that he didn't notice when Rebecca's tongue stopped swirling around his member. Or that the black dog had crept up behind her and started licking her exposed crevice. Life mimicked the video as both Rebeccas were licked silly by their pets. The only difference was the computerized moaning easily drowned out the live performance because the other Rebecca didn't have a cock in her mouth.

Frasier could also hear the wet slurp of the canine's tongue against spreading flesh. It reminded him of his neglected duties and he renewed his assault on Diane just as she was coming to her senses. The continuous sucking bore her straight into another orgasm. Her legs finally slipped free of Frasier's shoulders with her body's convulsions. He eased her shaking body back on the desk as another command flowed out from the speakers.

He arose from Diane's crotch with her fluids dripping down his chin. With his new perspective, he finally saw what cut off Diane's earlier moans. Her pet was still stuffing its tongue into her mouth. But, the screen diverted his attention. The on-screen canine leapt onto Rebecca and slowly danced forward on his hind legs. The dog's long red cock was slapping against Rebecca's ass. And before Frasier's eyes, it sank out of sight inside her.

He couldn't believe his eyes. His balls grew tight against Rebecca's cheek as the video of the dog began humping furiously. Shocked and aroused, he turned away only to stare into the eyes of the black shepherd. After hearing the commands over the computer, he had mounted Rebecca and filled her with his meat. Seeing a large dog brutally pounding the young girl in person triggered fantasies deep in the professor's psyche. With one last grunt, he unleashed his load into her mouth.

Rebecca happily drank her teacher's seed as her pussy was filled. She easily swallowed spurt after spurt until the good doctor collapsed back into the chair. Her work done, Rebecca drove her ass into her furry attacker. She could feel the thick rod plunging harder with each stroke, driving into her uterus. That was a pleasant side effect, but it wasn't her goal.

She slowly drove her lover backwards across the floor. He hopped a half-step at a time while maintain his rapid fire thrusts. With a lazy smile, she turned their bodies so Dr. Crane's flopping head could see their mating from his chair. Even in his post-coital stupor, his mind registered the canine slamming his growing cock into the nubile teenager.

As the knot grew at the base of the doggy boner, Frasier's cock grew along with it. He watched the knot plunge into Rebecca's snatch. Every time the bulb sank into her flesh it emerged larger and pulled at her vaginal lips. By the time it grew to its full size and lodged inside Rebecca's braced walls, Frasier's member was again rock hard and standing at attention.

Rebecca called out another command and the other dog quickly ran up to her face and mounted it. The additional cock disappeared into her mouth and she gurgled with glee. But Diane was left without his tongue in her mouth and she immediately felt the loss. She followed her pet's movement to her assistant eventually rising up off the desk to keep him in her sights.

Once she saw his dick impale Rebecca's lips she knew why he had run off in such a hurry. But she also saw Frasier's throbbing member saluting her from his crotch. She slipped off the desk and with one jump neatly impaled herself on the up-thrust cock. She wriggled her ass against his still covered thighs and let his head rub against her cervix.

Frasier couldn't help but feel the moist folds of her vagina clamp down on his prick like a vice, but he still kept one eye on the trio of rutting animals even as his head turned. Diane would not split the attention of any man even if she herself was sorely tempted to watch the display as she rode him. She placed her hands on each side of his head and turned him until their eyes locked.

For a few moments she simply stared into his eyes and ground her clit against his belt buckle. Her nipples hardened inside her satin bra with every motion against his chest. She used her knees to push herself off of his pole without losing their contact. But as she let her body plummet onto his thick tool, she brought his face to hers and stuck her tongue down his throat.

Their tongues danced and fenced between their teeth as she rode his body like a dime-store pony. It wasn't long before he got into the act. He humped up into her body as it came crashing down. He grabbed her hips to both lift her up higher and pull her down onto his piston.

Their amorous antics became so animated that the couple fell off the chair and down to the floor. Frasier watched with fascination as the black dog pulled on his knotted cock and schlorpped free of his human mate. A river of cum oozed out of her gash and started to pool on the floor. Something about seeing the dribbling semen set Frasier off. Lilith never allowed him to take her from behind since she saw it as animalistic perversion. And with the bestial fire burning in his eyes, maybe she was right. But there was no turning back now. He flipped Diane onto her hands and knees and before she could even settle her body he roughly seized her hips and slammed his cock home.

The force drove her face first into Rebecca's still drooling cunt and she eagerly lapped up the canine spunk. Frasier pounded her ass repeatedly almost matching her canine companions for shear brute force. He couldn't remember the last time it felt so good to have a warm pussy clamped around his cock and he was going to milk the opportunity until neither of them could walk for a week.

Rebecca was buffeted between the woman and her pet. She always felt lingering bursts of desire whenever a lover exited her passage and welcomed the driving tongue so soon after the loss of an engorged dick. Diane's tongue, while not as big or thick as the dog, was far more agile and the electric sensations of being licked clean were always a rush.

At his furious pace, Frasier could not last long. After just a few minutes he could feel his balls tighten with every thrust. A shiver ran down his cock as it speared into Diane's writhing body. With one last thrust and a triumphant cry he unleashed his seed into Diane's belly. His cry was joined by a howl as the dog also emptied his balls into Rebecca's throat.

The two males shuddered and filled their mates with spurting cum. Once spent, the Frasier collapsed onto the floor dragging Diane with him. Diane pulled Rebecca down to join them forcing her to release the dog's pole with a pop. Once they were all on the floor, she continued to gently lick her assistant's pussy. Between licks she turned to Frasier and asked, "Does our little Rebecca pass inspection?"

Dr. Crane laughed and replied, "I'm not sure. In fact I think her case will require special attention and another personal visit."

Diane just smiled and snaked her tongue out to Rebecca's pussy once more.

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