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Elle has an accident that leaves her with a secret...
“Come on elephant get your fat ass moving you’re holding us up!” The snide thin athletic girl yelled at Elle from the top of the hill.

Oh how she loathed that nickname, was it her fault her stupid parents named her Elle, knowing perfectly well that her family did not exactly have a history of being thin. Of course she had escaped that ridicule for most of her childhood having been home schooled, but unfortunately her new step-mom, who stuck out in the family photo like a sore thumb. Thin and athletic in a group of well, overweight individuals. Elle’s family liked to eat and combined with the ‘bad’ genes the family definitely drew attention with their size when they got together. The nice thing about being from a family like that was Elle was at least accepted by them and for most of her life despite being what some considered grossly overweight, she was happy. That was until her mom died of heart failure little over a year before. About the same time her dad had a scare too and not wanting to leave her parentless, he made a decision to try to get control of his weight. It was that decision that directly led to the mess Elle was now in.

Her dad started seeing a trainer, and he began seeing remarkable results. Of course it was only later that Elle learned that the trainer’s methods were a little more sexual than is usually used. One thing led to another and soon Elle had a new step-mom from hell, which Elle had little doubt had less to do with affection for her father and more to do with the extremely large sum of money her dad had inherited year before from a rich eccentric uncle.

The first thing that Crystal, her new step mom, did was to put Elle in public school, and insist that she too get herself in shape. She said it was for Elle’s own good, but Elle knew better, Crystal felt that feeding Elle and paying for private tutors to spare her humiliation was cutting into her profit margins, so she ‘cut the fat’ as they say. So now as a part of that Elle was on a wilderness hike with a local girl’s outdoors club, which of course had to be led by none other than Darci Malko, the cheerleading captain at Elle’s school, and a bunch of her lackeys.

Elle glared at Darci and silently wishing she would fall off the rock on which she taunt Elle from, began huffing her way up the large hill sweat soaking her shirt shorts and underwear thoroughly. By the time she made it to the top gasping for air her clothes were drenched so much so that you could see right through the white shirt.

“Uggh!” Darci shouted looking at her, “Cover those things up Ellie-phant! There is no wet t-shirt contest on this trip, as if anyone would want to see you naked you fat cow!” Elle looked down and was horrified to note that, sure enough, her front was soaked through so that even her nipples we visible for the whole group to see. She turned scarlet as the group noticed all but a few erupted in laughter. Darci gave a wicked smile as the laughing died down and said, ‘Its called a sports bra Elle-phant, and don’t say your boobs are too big, yours are not much bigger than mine, only mine are more noticeable because, unlike you I don’t have a big flabby belly under them!” and to emphasize her point Darci lifted her shirt to show her toned stomach and massive chest. “See Ellie-phant,” she taunted, “This is what a real woman looks like!”

Elle’s humiliation turned to anger and somewhere deep inside her something snapped and power surged through her. Forgetting her tiredness and her aches and pains Elle launched herself at the shocked cheerleader, but Darci was too quick and was able to step out of the way. Elle’s momentum carried her well past the group of girls and before she could stop herself she had gone over the ledge behind Darci. Elle fell only a few feet but hit the ground and rolled all the way down the grassy slope barely missing trees as she rolled out of control. When she finally came to a halt she was in a small pit that until she had crashed through had been cover by plants and part of a fallen tree. She also could swear she had broken something open when she fell in the depression as she could feel what felt like glass stabbing her back, but after her tumble she had no strength to move to investigate. She suspected that from the pain she felt a few of her bones were broken and she was bleeding from several deep gashes. She hope wondered if [i]they would find her in time. She got on look at the sizable crater like whole before she felt a sharper pain in her back and she passed out.

What happened next was vague at best she remembered flashes of what happened but nothing definite, the only thing she knew of for sure was a voice telling her over and over she was going to be okay.

“It’s a miracle that you weren’t hurt or killed Elle!’ her dad said once she had woken, concern etched on his face. “What were you thinking rushing Darci like that?”

Elle wanted to answer but she knew it would do little good, her dad was a sweet man, but Crystal had him completely pussy-whipped by now. Elle knew complaining to him would get her nowhere if anything it would make things worse. Elle gave no answer and her dad just shook his head and kissed her forehead before saying, “Okay, if you don’t want to tell me fine, just promise daddy you’ll never scare me like that again, I already lost your mom, I can’t lose you too.” Elle nodded and felt shame for what her momentary loss of control had nearly done.

“Sorry, daddy, I won’t do it again I promise.” She said remorsefully.

“Its okay, no harm done, well I’ll let you get some sleep, goodnight pumpkin.” He said and left.

Elle watched him go before reflecting on her lack of injury it seemed incredible, that given how crappy she had felt that she now not only felt okay, she felt stronger somehow. What’s more she had been pounding double helpings of food at every meal with little effect, in fact the doctor said she had lost ten pounds in the few days she had been here. This was only precautionary as the doctor wanted to be sure that there were no internal injuries that and Elle had been running some kind of fever.

In fact the only thing she was still suffering from was a nasty stomach ache, but that was hardly to be unexpected given how she was eating, though oddly enough though it seemed to hurt worse when Crystal or one of the attractive nurses came by.

Despite this curious issue Elle was released after a week in the hospital since it was a Friday, she was glad of this as it saved her enduring Darci’s taunts. However, she still had Crystal to deal with Who would not be happy Elle had managed to get off the trip. Sure enough on Saturday Crystal cornered her step daughter as Elle sat watching TV and shoveling down snacks.

“So you lazy piece of shit, you managed to get out of losing some weight again, and here you are back again eating crap on the sofa. Pathetic!” Elle did her best to ignore her step-mom, but when Crystal said, “Look at me when I’m speaking to you, you fat cunt!”

Elle glared at her step-mom and that when she felt it sharp stab in her abdomen and a wave of pain washed over her. then another and another. Somehow Elle maintain eye contact throughout Crystal’s tirade of which Elle heard none as another sharp pain hit her but this time it was not her stomach, it was from her vagina. She then felt a rush of fluid in her pussy and moments later the front of her pants began to show a growing blood stain. As she was sure she felt something pushing further down her vagina finally stopping just short of her pussy.

Crystal spotted the stain and said, “Jesus Christ, didn’t that cow of a mother teach you anything, go get a tampon or something you useless cow!”

Elle did not need telling twice. She rushed from the room and the minute she reached the bathroom she pulled down her sweats and panties and without hesitation plunged her fingers into her pussy she could feel the full sensation retreating as she did, but not before her fingers met what was unmistakably a hard object in her vagina canal and unless she was mistaken it had but deflowered her from the inside!

Elle was scared, but she also felt another sensation, horniness and pleasure. Her fingers still buried in her pussy her body reacted to the absence of the hard object with a desire to be filled. Elle grabbed one of Crystal’s hairbrushes that was nearby and buried it as deep as it would go in her now wet pussy. At the same time her thumb worked her clit and while her other had reached for her nipples to find that they were rock hard. For the next few minutes Elle played with herself thrusting the brush handle in faster and faster, until she could stand it no longer and came hard nearly collapsing to the floor from the effort.

For the rest of the weekend Elle avoided contact with Crystal at all costs, not wishing to have that hard thing emerge again. Elle did notice that her cramps continued to get worse though, and what’s more despite not slowing her appetite at all, Elle was still losing a remarkable amount of weight for such a short time. She her jeans wouldn’t fit her anymore if this kept up. Elle knew something was definitely wrong but she couldn’t argue with the results. For the first time in her three years three Elle actually got some compliments that Monday, apparently her weight loss had not gone unnoticed.

However, it did not prevent Darci from taking her shot at Elle the first chance they were alone. Elle was in the locker room taking a shower on mandate from her PE teacher when mid way through her scrubbing she heard it.

“Well, well it is true even the elephant gets bath once in a while. She turned to see Darci standing naked behind her and as she inadvertently checked out her attractive classmate Elle felt that stab of pain and throb she had felt when she had looked Crystal he other day. Elle tried to get the cheerleaders perfect form out of her mind but for some reason it wouldn’t budge and suddenly the pain became worse the throbbing increased the thing was pushing down her vagina again this time with far more urgency, what’s more Elle knew it was bigger and thicker this time.

“Darci…” Elle cried not looking at the girl, knowing if Darci didn’t clear out soon there would be trouble.

“But not for you Elle,” a familiar voice seemed to say in her head. Elle knew it from somewhere she couldn’t place it.

“…get out now!!” Elle shouted as a warning, she did not know what the voice was but she did not like it. Darci only laughed.

“Why? Does the ugly elephant want privacy? Only people get privacy Ellie-phant! Now finish your bath so I can…”

That was all Elle remembered her saying, rage overwhelmed her and again she rushed the cheerleader, this time Darci could not get out of the way. Elle grabbed her and tackled her to the shower floor. Darci landed face up on the ground and was clearly dazed, Elle right on top of her. As Elle got another glimpse of the body there was another surge of pain, ecstasy, and what Elle swore was lust. Then to her horror and surprise Elle fell her pussy lips spread and looked down to watch what could only be a penis emerge from her. It kept emerging inch by inch until a cock of over ten inches stuck proudly out of her stretched pussy.

Elle examined the odd thing for a second taking in its bright blue color and that unlike a man’s cock, or least pictures she had seen of one, it was ribbed. Tentatively she reached down and grabbed the blue rod and was surprised to feel a wave of pleasure wash over her as she did. Elle stroked it a few times then moaned with pleasure.

“God now I know why boys do this so much!” Elle thought.

‘Yes,” said the strange voice in her head agin it chuckled then added, “it is quite fun but so is sex, put it in Dacri, and find out.”

Elle knew he voice now it was the one that had reassured her after her fall.

“What are you?” she thought,

“A friend you released me the other day and I’m going to help you as a result, but I do have a few conditions one of which is what you are currently experiencing my dear Elle. I will explain later, but first fuck Darci for me.” Then after pause the voice said, “You know you want to.”

“That’s rape!” Elle thought.

“She deserves it Elle, she’s made yours and countless other girls lives living hell while here, and don’t deny it Elle, I’ve scanned you memories. Think of it this way she’s spent three years making virtually every girl in this place her bitch, isn’t it time someone took her down a peg and made her their bitch? Why not you Elle? All you have to do is shove that blue cock of yours into her and fuck her brains out, do that and she’s yours!”

Lust and greed fought shame and pity, but ultimately anger won out. With a wicked smile Elle said to the still dazed Darci.

“Get ready for some Ellie-phant cock bitch!” She then buried her new shaft so deep she felt Darci’s pussy lips touch her own.

Darci tried to scream but Elle silenced her

“No, no not today you spoiled cunt! Today you’re going to be nice and quiet. Speaking of cunts though I must say very tight Darci, I guess Steve really is small.” Steve was the quarterback and the guy everyone knew was fucking Darci. “I guess after me poor Steve won’t do anything for you. He just doesn’t measure up does he?” Elle said with vindictive pleasure.

For a while Darci resisted pleasure, but ultimately it was too much and she had a huge orgasm. At this Elle pulled out and roughly shoving the blue rod down he throat pumped quite a bit of what Elle assumed was cum down the cheerleaders throat.

Then she stood up and leering over the ravaged cheerleader Elle said, “Okay bitch here what’s going to happen I let you off easy this time, but next time I’m not going to be so lenient. From now on your nice to me and the other girls here. If I heard you terrorized any girl at this school I’ll be back and next time it won’t be your throat I’m flooding if you catch my drift. The same goes for if you say anything about what just happened got it?” Darci nodded and Elle said, ‘Good now get out of my shower bitch I need to finish!” Dacri quickly left the showers and Elle marveled at what she had just done.

“See Elle, what did I tell you docile as a pussy cat now.” Elle heard the voice say as she felt the penis retract. Elle smiled as she finished washing thinking of others she’d love to use this on, her new mommy dearest for one.

(More? y/n)

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I'm in agreement that the story be continued. Please, PLEASE, pay attention to proper editing for spelling, sentencing, and that each sentence makes sense!! Have someone knowledgeable read and proof before submitting.

If Elle's new cock shoots something "like cum" then she should be able to impregnate Darci (her cheerleading friend) and Crystal (her new stepmother). And with the new power spurt of her new cock Elle should cause each pregnancy to be with at least twins or triplets!! What a revelation!!

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