Justin had just left like a whipped dog with his tail between his legs, which was hardly surprising since Phil and I had blown our loads over his face and my sweet sister Bec had fucked his ass with a strap-on dildo!

Bec came up and nuzzled against me, giving me a huge hug. “You’re the best Rick, that was so fucking awesome!” She almost shouted.

I smiled broadly as my plan had been a great success. “I’d really like to show you my gratitude if that’s ok Sir?” She asked.

It was a very tempting offer, but I had told Justin to come back tomorrow and I had work to do.

I stoked her face lovingly. “Bec, I’ve got to edit our movie for Justin and his mom tomorrow so I’d better get to it.” I walked over and shook Phil by hand. “Buddy you were great. That would never have worked without you! Do you want to stay the night and enjoy my little sluts?”

“Oh man!” He replied. “Would that be ok, I mean you wouldn’t mind?”

“No problem Phil, you’ve earned it!” I smiled in reply.

With that settled he went to phone his mom while I talked to mom and Bec. “Show Phil a good time you cunts, without him we would have been nowhere!”

Mom gave me a huge smile. “Don’t worry honey, we’ll fuck him senseless!”

“Knew I could count on you!” I said as I headed off for some serious editing.

I knew putting the movie together would take some time, as I had to ensure there were no shots that showed any faces other than Justin’s, and I wanted it to look as though he had a really strong gay streak. Nevertheless it took a lot longer than I thought, and when I stopped for a break I took a look in the den and saw Phil’s cock deep in Bec’s shit-hole, while she was bent over the coffee table with her fist jammed into mom’s cunt well beyond her wrist. Just then Phil threw his head back and roared as he fired his load deep into Bec’s bowels. “Milk my dick you filthy cunt, suck it dry!” I smiled knowing she would blow his mind when she sucked his fuck-stick clean!

I finally finished at 2 in the morning, and satisfied with the result I headed for bed.

I slept in the next morning and went downstairs to the kitchen. Mom, Bec and Phil were already there eating breakfast, all stark naked, and Mom came over to give me good morning kiss.

“I looked in on you earlier and you were dead to the world, so I thought I’d let you sleep in for a while. Can I fix you some breakfast? I need to keep your strength up!”

“That’d be great thanks mom. Phil, do you need to piss?”

He gave me a surprised look, wondering where this was heading as he didn’t know about our taste for watersports. “No Rick, I’m good.”

“Ok, well come outside anyway. Come on Bec, it’s time for your morning bath.”

Phil followed us outside as Bec knelt on the pavers in front of me. I had half a piss hard-on as my bladder was so full, so I closed my eyes and aimed my cock at Bec’s face as she waited expectantly. A few drops dribbled out and then my flow started cascading all over her face and running down over her tits to her cunt. She opened her mouth and started drinking as much of my golden flow as she could until I aimed a little higher, saturating her hair until rivers of piss were covering her sweet body.

“Holy fucking shit, you guys are into some really wild stuff!” Phil breathed as he watched Bec rubbing my juice into her tits.

My flow slowed to trickle and then stopped, and I went and cupped Bec’s dripping face as I kissed her, tasting my own salty juices. “Would you like to return the favor, or have I missed out?” I asked.

She smiled in reply, laying back in a pool of piss and putting a finger in each of her piercing rings to pull her cunt lips wide open. “Another five minutes and you would have missed out, as I’ve been trying to save it just in case. I think I was almost gargling on my own piss!”

I started tonguing her cunt up and down up with long, slow strokes, tasting her sweet juices mixed with my salty overflow. She gave me a small squirt and then she let loose, showering my face with her golden nectar. In seconds my hair and face were drenched as her flow continued, and I plunged my tongue deep into her fuck-box until she was done.

Phil was standing there with his mouth open and eyes wide, so I smiled at him. “Sure you don’t need to piss buddy?”

He shook his head slowly. “After seeing that maybe I should go drink a gallon of water!”

Bec’s cunt was dribbling juice, so I started rubbing up and down her slit. She was totally slick in no time so I probed her tunnel with two fingers, added a third and then a fourth. She was pumping little spurts of fuck-juice continuously, and while mom had been able to fist her fuck-box, she had never been able to stretch quite far enough for me to do the same. I motioned for Phil to stick his rod in her mouth and he caught on straight away, crouching above her and feeding his shaft down her throat. She moaned in approval as I folded my thumb and fingers together and started to apply some serious pressure. I was gradually able to go deeper until the knuckles at base my fingers were the only thing stopping me.

She was cumming in torrents, with juice running everywhere as I rotated my fist, trying to find just the right angle to allow me to penetrate her 14 year old fuck-box. Finally I found the right position, and completely overcome with lust I jammed into her. She screamed around Phil’s cock which took him over the top, pumping rope after rope of cum straight down her throat. Now that I was in there was no stopping me, and I jammed in deeper and deeper until I was up to the wrist. She was writhing and thrashing uncontrollably, so I grabbed one of nipples and tried to rip it off her tit. Phil’s cock had softened and he half-moved, half-fell off her face as I continued to impale Bec with my fist.

I had never felt this level of lust or intensity, and it was both intimidating and liberating at the same time! My relationship with Bec and mom was based on love and trust, but at this moment I didn’t care if I split my sister open, such was the level of my arousal. We were both completely overcome, and Phil seemed to get caught up as well, as suddenly his lips were wrapped around my rock-hard cock as he took me deep in his mouth. Now I had never had any form of sexual contact with another guy before, but right now I didn’t care. He was looking at me, I think expecting me to knock his head off, but I just nodded through slitted eyes and let him go for it. Through the haze of lust I realized I may seriously hurt Bec if I continued, so I eased my fist out of her gaping cunt as gently as I could. When it finally came free I swear I could shove my cock all the way in and never touch the sides, I had stretched her so far! I tore my cock out of Phil’s mouth and he looked at me with concern all over his face, but I stood and pointed the ground at my feet and he dropped to knees in front of me and opened his mouth in acceptance. I grabbed the back his head and rammed my cock straight into his throat, and to his credit he took all of me without gagging. I fucked his face brutally until I could feel my cum pumping up my shaft. I threw my head back and roared at the sky, not caring who could hear me as I pumped my seed down Phil’s throat. I have no idea how he did it, but he kept on swallowing and did not lose a single drop. When I was finally spent I slumped to the ground, Bec coming to lay across my chest and Phil cleaning my softening fuck-stick with his mouth.

It took us some time to come round, and Bec was first, lovingly kissing my lips and stroking my piss-matted hair. “I don’t know what that was, but it was the most incredible fucking you have ever given me. I simply can’t put into words how good that was!” She said breathlessly.

I smiled back at her. “I’m glad you’re ok Bec, as I kinda got carried away there and thought I might hurt you! How about you Phil, nothing broken?”

Phil was still very unsure. “No Sir, that was fantastic! Ummmm, was that ok? I didn’t do the wrong thing or anything?”

I noted the Sir again and smiled at him as well. “Relax man, it was much more than ok!”

We went inside and enjoyed a long shower together, thoroughly cleaning each other and then toweling dry. Downstairs I finally got to eat breakfast, and suggested mom and Bec clean up the den in preparation for Justin and his mom coming over. They got started while Phil and I cleaned up the kitchen, and by the time we had all finished it was nearly midday.

I knew mom and Bec were curious about why I had told Justin to come back over and bring his mom with him, but it was Phil who asked the question. “Rick you really fixed Justin up yesterday, so I’m kinda wondering what you’ve got planned for him today? Are we going to fuck him in front of his mom or have you got something different in mind?”

Now Bec, Phil and I all knew Carole Bradley, as she worked in the admin office at our school. At a guess I would say she was late 30s, reasonably tall and slim, dowdy brown hair normally in a bun, and a very prominent pair of tits. She always dressed in unflattering clothing which made her appear older and did a great job of concealing her figure, and she was a proper bitch! Carole issued the late slips, and the way this was supposed to work is that if you arrived late you went to the office and explained why. If you had a good reason she was supposed to give you a free pass, if you didn’t have a good reason you got an afternoon detention. The only problem was nobody had ever received a free pass! I think everyone at school had heard her standard line. “You are young adults and must accept responsibility for your actions.” Give me a fucking break!

“Phil, I haven’t really planned this out like I did for Justin, but I’m going to show her his porno so he knows I’m fucking serious, and if that creates problems for him at home that’s simply too fucking bad! Who knows, I may be able to convince her to fuck us, but we’ll just play it loose and see where it goes.”

Phil looked at me in amazement. “Are you seriously going to try and fuck Bitch Bradley?”

I just smiled. “That’d be something wouldn’t it!” We both laughed at that idea.

Mom and Bec came in, chatting and laughing. “You guys can really cum!” Mom laughed. “The stuff was everywhere. Justin must shot a gallon of cum under the coffee table when Bec fucked him with the strap-on, it took forever to clean up!”

We all laughed at that and I looked at my watch. “Time to get dressed for our visitors.”

“How would you like your cunts dressed today Sir?” Bec asked with a smile.

Interesting question, what kind of look was I after today? “I think classy slut, maybe like high-class hookers? No underwear of course!” I suggested.

Bec giggled. “We’ve got just the outfits, come on mom!” They headed for the bedrooms and Phil and I watched a ball game on TV for a while. I was really starting to enjoy Phil’s company as last night had just been a frantic night of fucking, but he was a genuine guy with no bullshit or attitude. I was just thinking about how busy I’d been fucking my bitches for past six months and neglecting friendships when my bitches walked back in.

Bec’s taste in clothes was extremely mature for a girl her age, and she had progressively given mom’s wardrobe a freshen up which had her wearing clothes that accentuated her sexy figure and suited her far better. Both my bitches were wearing matching mini dresses that had a strap over one shoulder and the other was bare. The material was so form fitting that I could clearly see their nipples, and the outline of mom’s nipple rings. Definitely no VPL either, and a hem line that was barely able to conceal their pierced cunt lips. Mom’s dress was a bright French blue, and Bec’s was a vibrant pink, each was wearing matching shoes and white stockings. Makeup that matched their dress colors completed their ensembles, and they were simply stunning. After last night I was sure Justin would have a raging hard-on in his pants thirty seconds after he walked in, despite the fucking we’d subjected him to!

“Damn you cunts look hot!” I complimented them. “Good enough to eat Phil?” I asked.

“You got that right!” He replied enthusiastically.

Mom and Bec exchanged smiles and both lifted their dresses to show us their cunts. “Well boys, if we look good enough to eat then you’d better get to it!” Mom laughed.

Despite the time there was no way Phil and I were going to refuse an offer like that, and in seconds I was on my knees in front of Bec with Phil planted at mom’s feet, and our tongues were working over their sweet, juicy fuck holes. It wasn’t long before Bec had her hands on my head, probably to steady herself, and both my sluts were moaning and grinding their twats against our willing mouths. My face was enjoying a steady bath of tangy fuck-juice as Bec’s flow increased, and she shuddered through her first orgasm. I could hear mom coaxing Phil to stick his tongue in deeper and give her a good clean out, and had no doubt he would follow her lead. Bec’s body stretched like a guitar string and she moaned deeply. “Yes baby, yes! Tongue that fuck hole and I’ll give you a face full of juice!” Followed by a shuddering eruption of cream that I licked and swallowed like man dying of thirst.

Mom was following right behind. “Oh Phil baby, you tongue my fuck-hole so fucking well!” I knew Phil was in for a sweet facial any second!

My little fuck-sluts were satisfied, for now, but Phil and I had iron bars in our shorts with pre-cum wet patches clearly visible. Then the doorbell rang! Fuck!!!

We all gave each other “what the fuck” looks and mom went to greet our visitors. I heard her say hi to Justin and introduce herself to Carole, who clearly wasn’t impressed. “I have no idea why I’m here as I have important things to do!” She bitched.

“Let me show you into the den.” Mom replied. “I know Rick wants to speak with you and I’m sure he can clear things up.”

Justin and his mom walked in, and he was sweating like a pig. He had no idea what was going down, but was smart enough to know it wasn’t going to be good for him!

Carole was clearly not impressed by the way mom and Bec were dressed, but turned to me. “So Rick, perhaps you can explain why I am here?”

“Sit down please Carole.” I said. “So Justin clearly hasn’t told you about his happy time with us yesterday?” Justin looked as though he’d just shit himself but said nothing.

She looked at her son and bristled. “Rick, we may not be at school but I’m not happy about you calling me by my christian name. Unless you want me to leave now please address me as Mrs Bradley!”

I was about to respond to this when mom stood, took a couple of quick steps and slapped Carole across the face, hard! “Now listen you bitch!” She said with a venom in her voice that I had never heard before. “Rick is the man of the house here and you WILL treat him with respect. Now I would suggest you sit there and shut up until he has told you why you are here.”

Carole was stunned, and sat there rubbing her cheek. Justin had no idea what to do, as he obviously wasn’t happy seeing his mom being slapped, but knew we had our home movie. I decided to resolve the issue by pressing play on the digital recorder and Justin was on display, his cock deep in Phil’s throat, in fabulous high-definition, wide screen color.

Carole went white as she witnessed her son having his cock sucked by another man, and Justin was squirming around looking for a rock to crawl under. If I say so myself the editing job had turned out pretty well, and it moved seamlessly to the scene where Bec was fucking him with the strap-on, until he roared encouragement at her and pumped his cum all over the floor.

She gave Justin a very angry glare, and looked at me. “I guess this some sort of blackmail deal then, what is it you want you fucking little shit, money?”

Mom looked as though she was going to slap Carole again but I motioned for her stay put. “Justin, why don’t you tell Carole what started this?”

Carole snapped around and gave her son another withering glare. “Do you have something to tell me Justin? What did you have to do with this that I haven’t already seen?”

He squirmed as though he had a red-hot poker up his ass. “Well, I kinda told some of the kids at school that I’d had sex with Rick’s sister.”

“Is that true Justin?” She snapped. “Have you had intercourse with Rebecca?”

“Ummm, not exactly mom.”

“It’s either yes or no Justin, which is it!” She fired back.

“Ummm, it’s no mom.” He stammered.

I joined in. “Carole, Phil here is bi-sexual and to his credit is quite open about it. Justin, why don’t you tell your mom about how you and your buddies have been treating him?”

Carole looked at Justin again, probably wondering how much more dirt was going to get dragged out.

“Well mom, me and some of the guys have been calling him a filthy fag and shit like that.”

“Sweet Jesus.” Carole groaned. “I thought I’d raised you better than this!!!”

I continued. “There is also the matter of you telling half the school that Bec is a total slut.”

Carole groaned again, and Justin decided to try and save himself. “I thought we had a deal Rick?” He whined. “You told me if I put things right at school and told everyone I didn’t have sex with your sister and laid off Phil you wouldn’t release the movie!”

Carole looked at me, sensing an escape opportunity.

“Justin it’s a pity you don’t listen.” I replied. “What I gave you last night were the basic conditions. I did say I would let you know if there was anything else, which is why you are here now. Bec, would you go and get my laptop and fire it up please?”

“Yes Sir!” She responded and left the room.

I had to hand it to Carole, she certainly had courage as she spoke to me with a sneer in her voice. “So you’re nothing more than a dirty little blackmailer! Exactly what is it that you think you can extort from us?”

“I’m not after money Carole.” I responded, and she relaxed to a small extent as Bec came back with my computer ready for login. “But as you tell us at every opportunity, adults have to be responsible for their actions. Justin is your son, it is your responsibility to raise him as a decent person, and you have clearly failed.” I paused as I logged on, noting she was still quiet. “Therefore you have a price to pay, so you will either agree to fuck Phil and I right here, right now, or I’m going to release the movie you’ve just seen on the internet.”

Everyone in the room gasped, but I was determined to keep going.

“If you agree and Justin keeps his word by fixing things at school this will be the end of it and I will delete every single copy. I give you my word I will not make any further demands on either of you ever again, and you should remember if Justin hadn’t started this we wouldn’t be sitting here now. I’m going to give you ten minutes to make up your mind before I click the send button, I suggest you go outside and discuss it and let me know what you decide.”

Without saying another word they stood and walked outside, but as soon as Carole had closed the door I could hear her screaming at Justin. She was seriously pissed, and I guess she had good reason!

“Mom, can you get me drink please? I think I could you use a strong one!” I asked.

“Of course baby, any other takers?” She asked, receiving nods all round as she headed for the kitchen. She came back with a tray containing six strong Bourbon and Cokes. I raised an eyebrow and she smiled. “If Carole agrees I suspect she and Justin will want one as well!”

Her decision didn’t take as long as I thought and my time frame may have been a factor, as I’m dead sure they wouldn’t want to go over!

Carole came in first with Justin tagging along. She saw the drinks on the table. “Are these alcoholic?” She asked, and we said yes she picked up one and skulled it, and then took a big gulp out of the last remaining glass. “I really don’t have a choice, as my family will be ruined if you release that movie. But I want to say that I think you behavior is disgusting and that you’re the filthiest pervert I’ve ever met! I’ll keep my end of the bargain, and I really hope I can trust you to keep yours you sick little fuck!”

I smiled in reply. “I’ll keep my word cunt, now strip!”

She was not prepared for that! “What!” She stammered. “I can’t possibly do that here in front of everyone! I thought we’d go to a bedroom or something!”

“Bec, get Phil ready please, he’s up first.” I told my sister.

“Yes Sir!” She replied, and slid Phil’s shorts down to expose his half-hard shaft to Carole’s horrified gaze. She took him deep in her soft, teen mouth and started lubricating him for what was to come.

I turned back to Carole. “I don’t care what you thought. We’re going to fuck you right here, now strip!”

Defeated and shaken by what she was witnessing, she began unbuttoning her blouse, followed by her skirt and finally her bra and panties, until she was standing naked before us. Now mom had an impressive pair of tits, but Carole’s were huge! They must have been DD at least, and for her age only had a small amount of sag. Her twat was extremely hairy which wasn’t a turn-on for me, and for a moment I thought about shaving her first, but decided I’d probably pushed my luck far enough.

I stood beside her and told her to lie on the floor, and finally I had a degree of compliance. I could see Bec nearly had Phil ready, so I started to stroke Carole’s cunt. She was completely dry which I guess was understandable, so I sucked my fingers and kept working away. I knew she was fighting me mentally, doing her best not get aroused, so I applied more saliva and started working one finger into her gash. Despite her best efforts her body betrayed her, and I could just feel the first traces of her pre-fuck lubricant starting to ooze. I suspect she had showered before coming over as her cunt had a sweet perfumed smell, so I starting kissing and licking her hairy gash. Using all the cunt-sucking tricks I’d learnt from mom and Bec I really went to town, receiving an increasing flow of nectar as my reward. I felt her moving a little, and thought for a second she was going to touch my head, until she stopped herself. She was starting to breathe deeply and was thoroughly wet, so I turned and winked to Phil.

I moved aside and he took my place, lining up his cock-head before sliding about halfway in. I could see Carole biting her lip, and wondered how often she received a serious fucking from Coach Bradley. I was starting to think it didn’t happen often! Phil was thrusting slowly, going a little deeper each time and I moved up beside her. “Carole.” I whispered in her ear. “I’m going to feed you my cock, and if I feel the slightest contact from your teeth I’ll take your fucking head off, understand?”

She moaned and nodded weakly, so I nudged her lips with her shaft until she grudgingly opened to accept me. Phil was working up to a solid fucking pace, and she gave the head of my cock a few tentative swipes with her tongue as if she were testing my taste. I fed her more of my cock and was delighted to feel more enthusiastic tongue action, and some mouth suction as well. She was starting to moan around my shaft and suck harder, and I was sure she was losing the battle and giving herself over the sensations coursing through her body.

A few minutes later Phil was moaning as well. “I’m gonna blow! This bitch had better be ready for a load!” He yelled.

As soon as I saw his body spasm I whipped my cock out of her mouth. “Oh my God, Oh my God!” She shouted. “Oh ffffuuuuuucccccckkkkkk!” Her body went rigid as she came, and I watched Phil closely. When he stopped pumping into her slick twat I moved behind him, gripped his shoulders, and made it clear I wanted him out of the way. He moved away and I slid straight into her sloppy fuck box with one deep stroke. “I hate you, you fucking bastard!” She groaned, so I leant forward until my lips were beside her ear.

“I’m sure you do. But the way your fuck hole is squeezing me cock tells me you’re enjoying yourself so you can cut the crap!”

I jammed in so hard my nuts were wedged against her hairy cunt-lips and received a grunt in reply, so I started to pick up the pace. I looked over and saw Justin sitting there with a circus tent in the front his shorts and large wet patch. It may have been his mom he was watching, but he was into it just the same! I was going to suggest Phil feed his sloppy cock to Carole, before I saw that mom was already taking care of him, so much for that idea! Bec was laying back on lounge with at least three fingers deep in her gash, so at least she wasn’t feeling totally left out.

Carole spasmed and started writhing from side to side, pumping her cum past my fuck-stick and down my nuts. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck me please!”

“You want me to fuck you bitch or should I stop now?” I teased, stopping mid stroke for a second.

“No!!!” She wailed, trying to reach me and pull me back inside. “Please don’t stop now. Fuck me please, I need to cum!!!”

She had lost her internal battle, so I resumed pounding her twat and adding my pre-cum to the sloppy cocktail that Phil had left for me. Her huge tits were shaking all over the place every time I ploughed in, and at the last minute I mashed them together, slid out of her cunt and starting thrusting between them. Her eyes widened in amazement and she shook her head and looked up at me. “No, no, no!” She implored. “Please put it back, put it back in my …….. pussy please! I’m begging you!”

I honestly would have thought about it but it was simply too late, and my first burst of cum shot out of my piss slit and spattered on her chin. Several more ropes followed as I kept pumping, and she was wearing the prefect pearl necklace when I was done.

I felt a little sorry for her as she clearly wanted more, and was now rubbing her clit furiously trying to get off again. But then an idea hit me.

“So you want more cock do you?” She nodded in reply. “Are you sure? Your cunt looks sloppy and raw!” She nodded again, harder this time. “Ok, get on your hands and knees and I’ll feed you more cock.” She rolled over and gave me a pleading look, which I ignored as I opened a drawer on the bureau and fumbled around in the “toy box” for a blindfold. When I found it I placed it over her head so I was sure she was blind, and went over to Justin.

“Get over there and give your mom a good fucking!” I told him.

“Man, that’s my mom! I just can’t fuck my mom!” He whined.

“Listen you stupid piece of shit! You’re dribbling all over your shorts and your cock’s pretending to be a tent pole so don’t tell me you’re not turned on! Get over there and feed her some meat!”

He knew I was right, so he eased his shorts down and gave his tool some air. He moved in behind his mom and slowly slid his fuck stick into her greasy hole. I felt a warm sensation on my cock and saw my sweet sister gently swallow my slick pole.

Carole was moaning again. “Oh yes, thank you Rick, thank you! That feels so good!”

I moved over beside her slowly taking Bec with me, as the last thing I wanted to do was break her lip-lock on cock. “Is that what you want bitch? More hard cock in your cunt?” Again she didn’t reply but nodded in agreement. “I’m going to stop and send you home unless you beg me to keep fucking you.”

“No, no!! Please don’t stop, please fuck me more. I need to cum!” She wailed.

“Where do you want me to fuck you bitch?” I asked.

“Where you’re fucking me now. In my… pussy!” She moaned in reply.

“That’s the wrong answer, and if you get it wrong again I’m going to stop and you’re out of here! I have two lovely women here that will take care of me, so only one of us is going to be horny tonight.”

She hesitated for a moment and I was about to get Justin to stop when she whispered. “In my ………..cunt. I want you to fuck my cunt until I cum!”

“I can’t hear you, what did you say?”

“You fucking bastard. I want you to fuck my cunt!!!” She shouted.

I patted her shoulder. “That wasn’t that hard was it? Ok Justin, fuck her hard and give her your load!”

“J….J….Justin? Oh God son, are you fucking me?” Carole cried in realization.

He didn’t answer as he was close to blowing, slamming hard and deep into his mom’s steaming gash.

“Oh mom……I’m cumming!!!!!!” He moaned.

“So am I!” She shrieked as she shuddered through, dumping a bucket of cum over his balls and down her thighs to the floor.

I eased Bec off my tool and saw that mom and Phil were slumped on the lounge. I took Bec’s hand and we went into the kitchen and made a fresh round of drinks, coming back as Justin eased out of Carole and released a gush of thick, sloppy fuck juices. I took the blindfold off Carole who seemed to be unable to make eye contact with any of us as she struggled to reconcile her feelings. I knew she had thoroughly enjoyed herself despite trying hard not to, which was understandable as I had blackmailed her into fucking two teenage boys, and her son as well!

I took a sip from my drink. “Well, I hope you two are not going to tell me you didn’t enjoy yourselves.” Mom, Bec and Phil smiled at my comment, but all we got from Carole and Justin were red faces and embarrassed glances. I tried to ease their discomfort. “Would you like a drink?”

Carole was on her feet and trying to ignore the fluids oozing out of her freshly fucked cunt and running down the inside of her legs. “Uhmmmm….no, but thank you anyway. Come on Justin, I think we should be going.”

They hurriedly got dressed and I walked them to the door. “I meant what I said before.” I reassured them both. “Provided Justin keeps his word at school next week I’ll delete the movie and that will be the end of it as far as I’m concerned, but do not ever cross me again!”

“I won’t man, that’s a promise.” He replied, and they hurried to their car.

Sure enough he was good to his word, and a few days later Bec delightedly told us the talk around school was that he had confessed that he and Bec had never been together, and it was all teenage boy crap. Phil caught up with me at school the next day and told me with a huge smile that one of Justin’s jock buddies had pushed him around and called him a fag, and Justin had threatened to knock the guy’s head off his shoulders! He gave me a playful punch in the shoulder and asked me to call him if we wanted to party with him again. I assured him it would happen, and sooner rather than later. Around Thursday I realized Carole Bradley hadn’t been at school all week, but when I asked her relief just said she needed short notice leave and was taking the week off.

I deleted the movie footage with some reluctance, as some of it was pretty good! But a promise is a promise and I rang Justin and told him he could breathe easy. He thanked me and assured me we wouldn’t have any further problems with him.

I went back to enjoying my sweet little cum-buckets at every opportunity, until Friday night rolled around again and I was wondering what kind of deviate sex games we could explore over the weekend, and whether I should invite Phil over again. The doorbell rang and Bec said she’d get it, which was just as well as she was the only one wearing anything. I reached for my cell to give Phil a call when Bec came back in, her mouth wide open. “You’re not going to believe this, but Carole Bradley’s at the door. At least I think it’s her, because she looks smoking hot! She says she wants to talk to you.”

My first thought was she probably wanted to check my computer and make sure I had deleted Justin’s porno, but then I realized she was smart enough to know I could have saved it on another machine or a portable hard drive, so I had no fucking idea! I went and opened the door and Bec wasn’t kidding, she looked hot! She had been to the hairdressers and her new cut framed her face with blonde streaks breaking up the dowdy brown color, and she had spent some time in the sun or a solarium as her skin had a healthy golden glow. She was wearing red spike heels, a matching leather mini skirt and a see through white lace top that left absolutely nothing to the imagination with her prominent nipples on clear display. “Why are you here Carole?” I asked.


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