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finally a threesome with the girls
When we arrived home, we were all a little hesitant to begin, but Julie was hot to trot and the girls went to sit on the couch. I put a tape in the VCR that would get their attention. I proceeded to the kitchen to make us a drink. I could hear the VCR running and it was a MFF video that Sherry was familiar with. The male star was black and well hung and a great cummer that produced a lot of sperm, but he was also a stayer and kept fucking after he got off the first load.

When I got back to the living room, the girls were idly rubbing each others thighs and Julie was wide eyed watching that large cock in and out of the pussy as was the other girl in the tape. I sat the drinks on the coffee table and sat in my chair as I watched the tape and the two ladies on the couch. Since Sherry had seen the tape before she focused most of her attention on Julie and got her hands under Julies dress to her panties. Julie seemed transfixed as she watched that woman being fucked hard by the large black cock in her friend.

Soon there was cum evident as they fucked and the black cock was bathed in cum as it ran out of the pussy being fucked. The other woman slid down and started licking the cum off his cock as it ran out of the womans cunt. His cock slipped out and the woman immediately took it in her mouth and sucked it clean, then she started licking the cunt that was right in front of her and was cleaning it and sucking the cum out of it.

By now Sherry had tugged Julies panties down past her knees to her ankle and was quickly burring her face in Julies pussy. I couldn’t see her pussy but it was ok because Sherry was quietly humming and licking for all she was worth. Julie got one foot out of her panties by now and had her legs as far spread as she could. In no time she was thrashing and mewling and having her first orgasm.

Sherry turned to me and her face was covered in woman cum and she looked like a glazed donut. She said I think you should take over here as she is ready to get your cock in her. I dropped my pants and shorts and moved over to the ladies and feasted my eyes on Julies cunt for the first time. Although my wife had described her clit, I was shocked at the size of it. It was more a mini cock than a clit and it was at least 1.5 inches long and protruding like a cock. I got on my knees and sucked the clit in like a cock and Julie was soon squirming like a worm that had just been stepped on. The more I sucked on that clit the worse she got and I could hardly keep up with her and keep it in my mouth.

Sherry meanwhile had gotten on her back beneath me and took my cock in her mouth and was deep throating me while I sucked on the clit. By now I had created enough vacuum that her clit must have been over 2 inches long and her cunt was leaking cum in a steady stream. She finally begged me to stop and put my cock in her. She wanted fucked and fucked hard. Who was I to argue.

My wife let me go with her mouth took my cock in her hand and guided it into Julies waiting cunt. Julie was screaming as my cock went in until my balls were resting on her ass. Hot and tight is the best deion I could come up with and it seemed to milk me as I pushed as deep as I could. All of my cock was buried in her and I could feel her cervix pushing against the head. Her pussy was in a spasm and milking my cock and I felt the warmth, no heat, of her female juices running out and down my cock. Sherry was on her back enjoying the view and was licking the base of my cock and balls as it ran out. I must admit I couldn’t take anymore and unloaded deep in her cunt. My wife was frantic by now and gently pushed me back so she could get to her pussy and drink all the nectar as it was coming out.

In a couple of short days my once conservative wife had turned into an accomplished pussy eater and was loving every second of sucking the juices that presented from Julies cunt. Finally, Julie could take no more oral attention and pushed her away. Since Sherry was already on her back, Julie dropped down between her legs and started licking and sucking her cunt. Sherry was spread eagle on the floor and loving the tongue in her cunt. She sucked and lapped until Sherry told me to please fuck her as she need my cock in her so bad. Julie took hold of my cock and guided it in. She was wide eyed as my cock slid home and her eyes were widely open and watching someone else get fucked for the first time not in a movie. I lasted longer because I had already cum once and I fucked my wife as hard and as deep as my 6 would allow. However, now I felt like my cock was bigger and I fucked her hard. I had 6 inches but was fucking her like I had 8. After about 5 minutes I unloaded again and held it as deep as I could while my cum just kept shooting deep in her cunt. I waited until it was completely soft and just fell out on its own.

Julie moved me aside and dove between Sherrys legs to suck the cum out of her. She didn’t seem satisfied so she moved her onto her knees and got on her back under Sherrys cunt until she could let gravity do its work and was soon sucking my cum out of her cunt and swallowing as fast as she could so as not to waste any. When they were both sated, we weakly made our way to our king size bed and fell into blissful oblivion. Not waking until 6 am the next morning, I woke to an empty bed and heard the girls in the kitchen making breakfast. When I staggered into the kitchen I found them with aprons on and nothing else. This could be some breakfast…

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What the fuck? Niggers! Fucking monkey sex. Why wasn't bestiality listed as a theme?

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