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this is a true story and nowere close to the end hope you enjoy!
before I get started I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm 5' 10", brown curly hair, hazel eyes, but they stay either blue or green with brown and yellow outlines. After a seperation from a 10 year marrage I started working out on my spare time due to depresion and self confidence issues from being slightly overweight. So after about 4 years of working out and yeah I was really underconfident so it took awhile to get my mind back involved with women in general, well that and I've always been shy toward them anyways. At this particular time I had lost my older brother in wich he was involved in a head on colision on our way home from work one evening. needless to say I lived with him and had worked for him. My ex had taken both of the cars after we split so I had bought one of my brothers work trucks from him. after a few weeks of morning and being out of work I descided to ask my old boss for my job back at a resturaunt I'd worked at before. Well I had no problem gettin the job back, and most of the employees were exited to see me again and the waitresses all complemented me on how good I looked scince they last saw me. I sat on the bar side and descided to order a drink before I left. thats when an unfamiliar waitress sat down beside me and introduced herself as jenifer. She looked pretty stressed out so I asked jokingly that bad huh. She replied by blowin her hair back with a release of breath, followed by if you only knew. She wasnt hesitent to vent to me and felt quite comfortable talking to me about a drug problem she was tryin to kick. she said she had been clean for two months but her girlfriend didn't believe her because one of her old dealers called and asked for her the night before resulting in a fight between them the night before. We finished our conversation and she finished her drink and said it was nice to meet me with a smile. The owner or new boss was sort of an older man with a mind set of old fashion so to speak. he come up to me after she left and asked sarcasticly. So how the hell did ya get the most quiet dyke in the world to open up to you like that I think thats the most shes talked to anyone scince I hired the carpet muncher I just laughed and shrugged my shoulders. He told me I could start tomorow at 5pm and told the bartender my drink was on the house so I headed home. The next day I showed up an hour early so I could grab a bite to eat before my shift started. I sat down at the bar and ordered and noticed jenifer sittin on the other side reading what looked to be a romance novel. It didn't take long for her to notice me and she closed her book, grabbed her stuff and practically ran over to sit by me. She looked totally different without her waitress atire on, and to my suprise she didnt dress anything like the average lesbian infact everything she had on defined her sexy body in every way. She had on a tight black tank top and a pair of low waist jeans that revealed her lacy pink thongs when she bent over to sit her stuff down. she said in an exited tone so how are you today. I stalled for a second speachless shook it of and with a stammered voice I said oh im good and she smiled. She thanked me for bein such a good listener the day before and explained that for some reason she felt comfortable talkin to me wich was strange because she has an extreme antisocial personality. I just chuckled and said your welcome and complimented her outfit. She blushed a little and about that time we both jumped as a plate slammed in front of us by a lady that seemed to be slightly upset. the lady stormed off to the other side of the bar and she whispered thats my girlfriend. I said I take it you guys are still fighting, she looked down and said yeah she still thinks I'm slippin. I scarfed down my food and got up to clock in when her girlfriend caught me in the kitchen and appologised while introducing herself to me as karen. She whiped a few tears from her eyes and I said its cool I understand lady shit happens. I was suprised as she smiled and we both went back to work. We were kinda slow till around 8 that night and everyone was quite suprised out how fast and all the complements they got on the food. Karen came in the kitchen after the rush was over smiling from ear to ear counting her tips. She walked up to me hugged me sayin she made more money that night than she had all the whole week before and asked what I was doin after work. I told her I didn't have any plans so she replied with good and told me that they were all taking me out after work one of the other waitresses winked at me and said I'll get you on a few drinks as well and introduced herself as reese. I cleaned up the kitchen and helped the dishwasher out thinkin it was the least I could do scince he had helped me cook through the rush. After we both clocked out we sat at the bar and karen handed us both a beer and thanked us again. the bar stayed open an hour after we closed the kitchen. jenifer walked in and karen motioned her to the back. A few minutes after jenifer returned and sat next to me. She said karen appologised and told her she invited me out with them. We all helped karen clean up after she called last call and all loaded up in karens car. it didn't take long to get were we were goin but the whole time I couldnt keep my eyes off reese she had changed clothes before we left and I had noticed how hot she really was. She was wearin a cut off shirt that showed her sexy mid section and a short skirt exposing her smooth long legs. To my suprise she noticed me lookin and smiled raising the skirt to expose the lacy white thongs between her legs. I was so aroused by the time we got there there was no hiding the huge tp walkin in. Reese looked down and smiled, looked back up at me and said she'd take that as a complement. I don't think I'd ever in my life had that much attention from women that gorgious wow I thought to myself. After awhile of gettin to know them and small talk reese asked me to dance, earlier gettin to know them all she had asked me about the chains I wore. I had always liked chains I just though they were cool but I told her flirtatiosly with a wicked eye maybe one day I'll show you and winked. So as we were dancing to the beat and she was grinding her perfect ass against my once again huge bulge in my pants I took the chains off my belt loops and wrapped them around both her wrist clamping the belt clamps to each other and pulled her arms behind my kneck I her body fell perfectly into place. My bulge went under her skirt and perfectly across her crotch and her kneck at my mouth never missing a move to the beat I ran my fingers across her smooth belly from the center to her hips while breathing softley on her kneck she let out a moan and grinded into me slowly to the beat. I started to feel dampness on my cock through my pants and she started to tremble it was awsome. It embarrassed her though and she practically threw me in the booth were we were sittin she collected her composure and wouldnt even look at me anymore. karen broke the silence asking her to walk with her to get drinks. As they walked away jenifer moved from across the booth and sat beside me with glossy eyes and her exact words were if she wasnt here id so fuck you right now. Those words coming from her lips hit me like a ton of bricks I was totally shocked. She turned to make sure the other two were still out of sight keeping her head turned she started fumbling my pants till she found my zipper and pulled my cock out and started strokin it slowly up and down after all the exitement already taken place it only took seconds for her to make me explode all under the table she sqeezed as she stroked a few more times then rubbed her fingers across the head smearing the last of my cum around then put my cock away and rubbed her fingers across her lips licking around them just in time to greet karen back to the table with a kiss. that aroused me all over again. reese handed me a beer still without lookin at me sat down beside me and grabbed my hand puttin it on her thigh I ran my fingers slowly back and forth teasing a little then under her skirt I teased rubbing the still wet thongs till I couldnt resist any longer I had to touch the real thing. I lifted the side of the thing with my index finger allowing my fingers to slip in she eventually helped me out by pulling them to the side. her pussy had nice plump lips and she was tight even as wet as she was. I could barelly fit two fingers inside her. I pulled them out and ran my fingers across her clit. She bit her lip and moaned softly then pushed my hand away. she finally turned to look at me and I ran my tounge across my fingers. She bit her lip again and let out a soft mmmmh. It wasn't long before we left reese asked to stop at the store. I went in to get a drink and some smokes. and when I came back out reese was already in the car. karen and jenifer droped us off back at the resturaunt. As they pulled away reese grabbed me by the hand pullin me to her suv she opened the back door and climed in pulling her thongs off I climed in after her like a madman and somehow the door closed on its own behind us. I grabbed her ankles pushing her legs to her chest I teased her slowly runnin my tounge up and down her thighs closer and closer to her now drooling wet pussy till she bucked up into my face moaning please under her breath I pushed her back down by her ankles and ran my tounge across her lips till I felt her clit pokin out to meet the tip of my tounge I flicked across it a few times then sucked it into my mouth twirling my tounge around it. She grabbed my head with both hands and began to pant and moan till she threw her head back against the door and my face was completely covered with her cum. her whole body still trembling she pulled me by my chin lifting me up to her face and with the other hand she unfascined my pants and managed to push them down I teased her with the head at her entrance with my hands still holding her ankles pushing to make sure she couldnt just buck into me and asked her how bad she wanted it. she responded pushing her lips to meat mine I let up on her ankle to let her push into me slowly until her tight hole was completely full of my cock she moaned in relief. I started slow and picked up till I reached a steady pace as she kept rythem bucking to meat me I was on edge and exploded into her. I felt her tight little pussy spasm grasping my cock like a sucktion cup sqeezing every last drop of my manhood out. It was exilerating yet my sibcontious mind was on jenifer still

to be continued

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2011-11-09 11:56:20
I love the story! Nice! I hope you continue...

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2011-09-18 16:25:45
Break up the text in to smaller paragraphs.

Helps to read!

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Can't read Giant paragraph

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