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not a true story but based on actual events..please leave me a comment good or bad....JUST LEAVE ME A COMMENT PLZZZ
It was the first day of spring break and i had just finished doing my hair when i heard the sound of keys jingling and voices just outside. The front door opened and i heard the two voices grow louder. It was my brother Adam and his friend Antwan. I've liked Antwan for atleast four months now, but i could never have a chance with him . Number one: He already had a girlfriend. Number two: Im only fourteen and he's seventeen just about to turn eighteen in like another month. And finally number three: I dont think he's interested in white girls. Especially the bubble gum giggly kind like me. He was the only black guy that i have ever liked in my entire life, in fact thats what turned me on to him. That dark brown skin holds such mystery, those almond mohagany eyes, and his strong body . My brother and him play football so when i say he's buff i mean it. I've always been a girl attracted to muscles and Antwans got them.

I came rushing down the stairs to see my brother and Antwan in the doorway bringing in bags. Instead of showing my immaturity and running out to greet him i stayed by the staicase cutley posed waiting for him to see me. I saw him carrying a large and heavy bag but to him it looked like no problem. I noticed his large strong stallion biceps bulging with strength as he carried that bag in his muscle t shirt. I loved his thug style, like the baggy pants, du rags and throwbacks and diamond chains he often wears. My lip quivered with lust as he walked in still not noticing me as he set down the bag, he then looked up to see me by the staircase. I know i looked sexy for a fourteen year old. All my friends and old boyfriends said i looked like a baby Pam Anderson. I had on a mini jean skirt with a pink tube top letting my overdeveloped 34 c boobs look even bigger exposing my flat stomach complimented with a drangonfly belly ring. I also had my natural platinum long blonde hair in soft barrel curls. My icy blue eyes caught his and i smiled.

"Wassup Summer, haven't seen you in a while." he said in a deep sexy tenor voice.

"Hi Antwan." I accidentally said in a stupid giggly little eighth grader way.

He stepped up closer to me while licking his full and large lips. He was wearing shorts showing off his big well toned calves. Making my knees buckle

"So where did this come from?" He asked looking in the direction of my abdomen.

"Oh this, my new belly ring, you like?"

"It's cute."

my cheeks turned beet red.

He said gesturing trying absolutley hard NOT to look at my tits. I hope he didnt mean cute in an adorable way, but i dont think i'd have that problem with him. While everyone sees me as a giggly schoolgirl who licks lollipops and sleeps with teddy bears Antwan sees me as something else.
He slightly picked up a lock of my hair.

"Last time i seen you your hair wasnt this long."

"Yeah grows quickly." I finally said in a more mature voice. He dropped my hair and it fell back against my bare stomach. Thats when he took a quick glance at my large tits. He made my already confused hormones go topsy-turvy. I finally felt his eyes scanning my thin perfectly tanned legs and up my skirt as my brother walked in. Ruining the silently erotic moment.

"Hey man you still got some bags in the backseat." My dumb brother said while shoving milions of skittles down his throat. Antwan quickly walked out the door to get them.

"Get some clothes on little slut." My brother said in a harsh voice

"Shut up Adam i wear what i want!"

"I need you to be coopertave Summer, Antwans gonna be here for the whole week. I dont have time for your fucking games and shit. If you dont bother me i swear to God i wont bother you"

He walked upstairs still eyeing me like i was a criminal putting Antwans bags in the guest room. I walked into the kitchen to get a soda, just then Adam walked in stealing the soda from my hand and gulping it down.

"Adam that was mine!!"

"Key word sis... WAS."

He walked away laughing with my soda when Antwan came in, looking sexier than the last time i seen him. I looked at his perfect lips surrounded by a light and thin mustace i wanted so badly to take part in a steamy lip lock with him right here in the kitchen. Him and my brother were so big, they were nearly star football players.

"Antwan, just out of curiosity, i know you play football and all, i just wanted to know how much you weigh?"

"Hmmm about 195 to 208. i still need to pack a few more pounds."

Just then i imagined his large 208 body on my 106 pound body, and his large black dick sliding in and out my unused pussy, blushing at the thought i walked out the kitchen leaving him clueless.

Later on that night i was lying on the bed unable to sleep knowing the man i truly wanted to fuck was right in the next room. Turning over on my back I slid my hands up my tiny purple night gown and rubbed my pussy through my panties. I realized those were in the way when i slid them completley off onto the bed. I used my two fingers to massage my clit. Bigger and bigger it grew as i kept massaging spreading my legs wider, I longed for Antwans touch. Longed for it deep inside a place no ones ever been not even me. The thought of his big black dick pounding in and out of my pussy as i massaged my clit sent shockwaves of pleasure through my body. With the other hand i squeezed my breast and nipple while making circles around it. Moments before my climax i slightly moaned.

"Antwan i need you." I lightly moaned

turning my head from side to side i realized my climax was knocking right on its front door. Finally the door opened and a large burst of pleasure sharply shot through my tiny pussy causing it to contract in and out. Squeezing my breast till it was purple i finally let go as the feeling slightly faded, still breathing hard i reached for my panties in the bed put them on and finally fell into a deep comfortable sleep.

When i woke up it was around nine am. I knew my brother and possibly Antwan were asleep. I streched and got out of bed thinking about the powerful orgasm i had last night and the bruise on my left breast to prove it. It was like Antwan himself were there. I decided i wanted to look as sexy as i can for him so after straghtening my hair i slipped into my little hot pink bikini and headed for the backyard for a sunbath by the pool.

I seemed to be laying on that lounge chair forever when Adam and Antwan finally walked out, laying out on the lounge chair across from me i noticed Adam had a beer that he knows he would get killed for drinking. My lust took over when i gave Antwan a wanting, bedroom eyes kind of look when Adam wasn't looking. He caught my look and the body language i sent out but i kept my head turned i was too scared i'd get a disappointing look.

I got up to go back in the house, feeling a little dumb about the look i gave him. When i did i noticed Antwans cell phone was going off from the vibration it made against the table. I picked it up and looked at the screen to see it was his girlfriend calling, quickly i picked the phone then hung it up, and deleted her call from his recent call list. If anyone was gonna have Antwan it was gonna be me. Putting the phone exactly where it was i went on with my buisiness.

It was around two am and i still couldnt sleep due to the fact i was so horny. My body longed for Antwans touch, only him. I again reached down to rub my pussy when i heard a soft thud just outside my door. Hoping it'd be the man of my dreams i quickly rose to my feet staghtened out my upper thigh length thin as paper purple satin nightgown and let my long blonde hair out its ponytail as it cascaded down my back and stomach like a waterfall. I slowly opened the door as i was about to reveal a stuning revelation. I saw Antwan in the hallway picking up something, he looked at me in the doorway and then looked at what i had on. I know he saw my frozen nipples poking thru the nightgown.

"Did i wake you up?" He said in soft whisper

"Uh yeah." i lied, what was i gonna tell him i couldnt sleep cause you made me so horny.

"Sorry, i dropped this statue but nothing broke."

Without a word after that i stared in absolute joy at the fact he wore no shirt. All his muscles and all those chiseled abs were amazing. I realized he had a tattoo on his left pec i couldnt figure out what it was but it drove me crazy. The feminine liquid from my pussy started to leak as i looked at every ounce of his body. I then looked down to see he wore boxers the slit in the middle was wide open and i saw a portion of his dick, it was was huge as the rest of it bulged out his boxers. My body couldnt take the tease anymore i had to think of a slick but not too desperate way to sleep with him, i was ready to lose my virginity tonight to this large monster black cock.
He placed the statue back on the shelf and walked to his bedroom. Quickly i gently grabbed his wrist he turned around to look at me and i let my cobalt blue eyes do the talking. Without speaking he knew what i wanted and came closer.

"You dont ever have to apologize to me." I whispered reffering about the dropped statue.

"Summer your really a very pretty girl, but your not in my age range and i have a girlfriend."

He whispered in a weak voice trying so hard to resist me

"We can forget about all of this tomorrow, but tonight i just want you."

I didnt mean to get desperate but i was so wet i wasnt going to go to bed like that. I know most boys cant and wont resist pussy when it's thrown in their faces, especially when there's high temptation. So keeping my sexy blue eyes on him i pulled him in my room, he easily followed. I closed the door behind him happy that i was about to have him. Passionatley i kissed him. My toungue whirled around his mouth massaging his tounge while pressing my body tightly against his so he could feel my titties against his chest. My kissing got feircer as i noticed he stareted kissing me back in the same way. He wanted me and judging by the kiss, as much as i wanted him. I knew that he knew i could kiss, at girl get togethers me and my friends would often practace on eachother. His light mustache tickled my upper lip as he slid his giant hand up my thin gown and started caressing my bare ass. I threw my arms around his neck smelling his sweet cologne bodywash from the shower he took several hours ago. I literally had to be on my tip toes to meet his kisses so relaxing and falling off those toes i started kissing the lower part of his neck turning him on even more because the grip on my ass got harder. Lickingand sucking on his chocolate skin sent my body on a sexual roller coaster.

He sweetly groaned and while we were still kissing he sat down on the bed, i was still standing before him. He then asked me to take off my gown for him. I proudly did it. I would do almost anything for Antwan. Pulling my gown over my head i let it drop into a pile on the floor. Antwan studided my cute young body from head to toe. He noticed my little pussy was bare and i seen his dick grow from an erection because of it. I always shaved because about three or four moths ago i overheard him saying he liked girls with shaved pussies and how he thought too much hair was gross. i knew someday it was going to pay off. Looking at my pussy observantley he asked me if i was a virgin. I told him yes and that i wanted him to be my first. He told me to come closer and sit on his lap with my legs on each side of him and my big titties directly in his face. He tightly held my waist with his large black hands. I felt a little akward doing this. I never gone this far with a guy and a black one at that, but this was my fantasy for months and i was gonna enjoy it. Feeling his hard cock pressed against my pussy made me wetter and i started to leak on his boxers. He pulled my body in closer and cupped his mouth around my titty sending feel good waves thru my body. Harder and rougher he started to suck when i pushed his head in a little more and moaned. working his way to my nipple he started to suckle on that and slightly bite it making me soil his boxers even more. Moving to the other tittly leaving the last one hard wet and pink, he started sucking doing the same feel good trick he did with the other. I moaned but remembered to keep it quiet, because if anyone saw us like this it would be my worst nightmare. Licking and sucking on my nipple he made me move and hump up against his cloth covered dick. His hard dick tickled my clit each and everytime i moved round and round on his stiffness. Moments later with him still sucking on my titties i got a mini orgasm from the humping i was doing on his cock. Right after my little orasm like clockwork he asked me to suck his dick.

Obeidiently i dropped to my knees as he dropped his boxers. I saw his full length, words couldnt describe how big he was as it stuck straight in the air. This was atleast the fourth time i seen a dick and so far he went home with the prize. Staring at his cock in amazement he started laughing. I was unaware of the expression on my face but he wasn't. Slowly i grabbed the shaft and slowly ran it up in my mouth. I ran my tounge up and down his huge black dick and sucked on the purple head then diving my mouth back down to get the rest of his dick. I didnt hear any groaning from him so i sucked harder like it was a sucker since i had never given head in my life. Trying to please his ebony colored dick i tried to get the whole monster in my mouth but it wouldnt work. Pushing my head down he forcibly pushed his cock down in my throat.. literally choking and gagging me on his dick because it kept rubbing against my gag reflex he finally groaned. I think he liked the feeling of me gagging on his cock. unable to breathe thru my mouth because this large black dick that blocked all my passages. I anticipapted the moment he came so i can get it out my throat. I felt a tiny squirt on the back of my throat but i knew it was only pre cum. Sucking wildly on his dick for atleast ten more minutes he finally came. Rivers and rivers of cum shot down my throat causing an ocean in my mouth. I was glad to taste the bittersweet taste his seed in my mouth as i slowly let it go down my throat. I licked his dick completley clean of all his cum like a little puppy and gave it one final suck. My jaws were tired and i was ready to lose my virginity.

Several minutes later he laid me on my bed and slowly got on top of me. I spreaded my legs as far as they could go as i grew nervous knowing my virginity was about to be gone and once he popped my cherry there was no gettiing it back. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he had his elbows propped on the bed and both his hands not on me but next to me. With his eyes on me and mine on him he never looked so beautiful and trusting in my life, i knew the whole school wasn't goingo to find out about this next week. i softly kissed his lips and looked out the window to veiw the beautiful moon on my last night of innocence. Slowly he guided his hard ebony dick into my wet and warm shaved ivory pussy. Slowly he went inside me, the pain causing me to shudder and let out tiny squeals. He streched every wall of my little virgin pussy with his extremely large love muscle. There was only about two inches of him in me and it already hurt. I knew losing my virginity was going to hurt but definitley not this much. I mean he was so big and my pussy was so little it was trying its best to let him in, it just wasn't going to fit. A little harder he jammed himself up my tiny hole causing another shock of pain to go through my whole body, not just my pussy. I knew he was having difficulty getting it in he wasnt looking at me anyore he was looking from to the side i saw the difficulty on his face, i knew he just wanted to ram himself in me but he didn't want to hurt me so he went slow. He pushed his monster a little more up me causing me to let out a shriek of sheer pain, this did NOT feel good at all. His cock was finally face to face with my hymen. He tried moving up slowly but it wouldnt work it was like my pussy was trying to keep him out. He knew and i knew the only way to break my hymen was to push it up there quick, hard and fast. He looked down at me as i massaged his gun like bicep, and told me he was sorry with his eyes without even speaking i knew what he meant. I prepared myself for the biggest pain of all i grabbed the back of his neck releasing all my muscles as i realized half my pussy was streched and hurt. Forcibly he jammed his cock up my pussy ripping and breaking my poor hymen, while tremors of pain shot thru my body causing me to lose my breath. I squealed in pain as i realized tears were steaming down my face. i felt warm liquid in my pussy and knew it was blood. My virginity was gone.. I lightly cried but wiped away my tears as i heard my conscience tell me that i've been wanting for this for months now. Taking his meaty black cock like a pro now he finally got all the way in, pulled out and did it again, again and again each time he did it faster. It still hurt like hell but i moaned anyway so he wouldnt think he was hurting me. I moved my hips up and down as his dick went in and out fillining me to complete compacity exploring my innocence and the pussy thats never been explored by any man. I felt his hot breath and groans on the crook of my neck as he enjoyed every minute of my pussy. My body moved to the rythms of his cock, while feeling his platinum icy chain press against my chest.. and my walls
contracting around him.. feeling a little better i called his name a couple times softly moaned and lightly scratched his back. I knew he was about to cum because of the rough way he treated my pussy. He groaned one final time as loads and streams of cum shot up my pussy causing me to convulse beneath him. It felt so warm and sticky inside me, feeling him grow softer he pulled himself out leaving me with a cum filled and bloody cunt. Laying beside me he was still breathing hard.

"Damn Summer you got a tight pussy, i gotta fuck white girls more often."

i smiled at him unable to say a word. My jaws still felt like they were going to fall off. Without a word he picked up his boxers, put them on and left the room . I wanted so badly for him to hold me and caress me but he just non chalantly gave me some stupid line and walked out right after i gave him something i can never get back. I grew a little angry , i was still wet, sore throbbing and leaking his cum. I slid over to the dry side of the bed and fell asleep.

The following morning i woke up extra early to take a shower ridding my deverginized pussy of the sperm from last night.. Threw my blood soiled white sheets away and got dressed. It was a little difficult to walk I still felt pain everytime i walked or sat down and Antwan was the first to notice. He grabed by ass while i was walking thru the hallway.

" looking at you i can tell I beat that shit right last night ." Antwan said in a low voice.

"Dont joke, i thought you looked at this as romantic as i did."

"haa haw" he laughed his way down the stairs as i started to cry...I was used...But i did tell him we could forget about this tomorrow but that was the horniness talking. Running bowleggedly to my room i locked myself in and cried.

The next week after Antwan had left i was home alone when i heard a knocking and incessant doorbell ringing. I ran downstairs opening the door when i saw a pretty older black girl atleast sixteen or seventeen, with long straightened black hair and hazel brown eyes. She looked me up and down and checked behind me to see if anyone was here, she realized i was alone when she impolitley asked;

"Are you the little white bitch who fucked my boyfriend!?!"

Fear struck me and drained all the blood from my face making me go white. I knew i couldnt lie so sincerley and apologetically i shook my head yes in shame. Preparing her to throw a punch at me i took a deep breath I knew he had a girlfriend and i had no reguard for her feelings. When he fucked me.. i even deleted her call.

"Well do you fuck black girls too?" She asked in a light smile

Out of nowhere Antwan steps out again i nod my head yes. I never fucked a girl. The two stepped inside my dark house.. and me unaware of the trouble i was gonna get myself into....


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