This is a story I wrote about meeting my current's not the best it could be, so I appreciated constructive criticism!
He was younger than me, but that didn’t matter. What mattered were the things he would do to me, over the computer, or in person. He had this way of pushing my buttons, knowing exactly how to make me submit. Now, I loved how my Master was with me, he was so kind, but sometimes I’d get on his bad side. See, I was a little feisty and tended to fight and argue even though I knew it would do me no good. On the outside, I’d yell no and pout over punishment… Yet on the inside I was doing it on purpose, hoping he’d punish me more.

I met my Master online, which isn’t something I’d normally do. I was against dating sites, and people using social networks to get a piece of ass. We started talking, and things went from there. It certainly wasn’t planned at all, but in the end it benefited both of us. We agree that He was to be my Master, and I was so excited to finally have a real Master, not just in my fantasies.

We started with role-playing online, and posted our story for people to see, but changed our names using people we knew. All He had to say to me was “I command you to” or “I demand” and I’d be turned on. I loved it when He took my will away when telling me to do things, even if I fought. He’d say things to me like “I’m going to tie you up in the shower” and “don’t tell me what to do slave” and I’d want Him even more. There was no denying how much I wanted Him to fuck and abuse me with all He had.

He lived in a different city than me, but it worked out because I had family living in the same city. We planned for me to go to His house while I was visiting family, and I couldn’t wait. I was just waiting, trying to be as patient as I could, to feel His big 8 and a half inch cock deep in me. I wore a skirt, one of the few I owned, long unfortunately, with no panties underneath. These were His orders, so I listened even if I didn’t want to. By the time I got to His house, I was literally dripping wet. I hoped there would be no wet spots on the car seats.

I got out of the car and rang the doorbell. Once He answered, I told me family I’d see them tomorrow and waved as they drove away. I was so nervous as I stepped past the threshold and He closed the door behind me. “Where’s your family? They okay with me being here?” I said with a shaky voice. He looked down at me and narrowed His eyes. “You are not to speak unless spoken to, got it?” I bowed my head and nodded. My eyes widened and I tensed as He grabbed my arms and told me to look at Him. I was scared, but so turned on. I wanted this man so badly, I’d have done anything at that point to get him.

His lips crashed down on mine with a hunger I’d never felt before in someone. His tongue slid along my lower lip asking, no demanding, for entrance. Kissing was my weakness, and all the tenseness left my body as I kissed back. It had been months I’d been wanting Him, and I wasn’t going to turn back now. I could hardly breathe anymore as I slid my hands along His chest, wanting to feel Him. I whined slightly as He pulled away and let go of me. “Twice now, you did something you shouldn’t have done without permission. First, you spoke out of place. Second, you touched Me without my permission.” His voice was hard as he spoke.

My hands dropped to my side and I let my head hang again and pouted. I gasped as He grabbed my hair and began walking towards a door. I had no choice but to follow with His hands tangled in my hair. He pulled me down the stairs to a dark room, with a small light in the corner on a desk. His hands left my hair only to push my onto what felt like a bed. The little light was only a nightlight, and at the opposite end of the room, so I felt like I was blind.

He moved away from me and I started to sit up. As soon as the bed creaked beneath my arms, He pushed me back down hard on the bed. His hands trailed down to my ass as they left my body and I groaned out loud. I wanted to feel him so bad, wanted him to touch me like no one ever had. I heard some rustling from somewhere in the room and I tried, and failed, to look around to see where He was. I felt His presence behind me and tried to look back, only to have Him push my head into the mattress.

“Never look at me without permission!” He said loudly with a smack to my ass. I yelped as I jumped in surprise. His hands grabbed and slapped at my ass and I could hardly stop myself from squirming. I felt His hands leave my ass, and then felt them again at my ankles. There was something cold and metal wrapped around my ankles, then a click as he shut the handcuffs. There were two more clicks as he attached chains to them that were tied to the floor. I was definitely not going anywhere.

I heard more than saw Him move to the other side of the bed. He grabbed my hands, pulled them together, and tied a rope around them. I leaned farther across the bed as He pulled the rope and tied it to one of the bed posts. He leaned over and I felt His breath along my neck. I shivered as goose bumps started to rise on my skin. “Heh, you’re not going anywhere anytime soon if I have a say about it.” He spoke very lowly and so close to my ear.

He left me again, except this time I could move less than before. I heard rustling in the corner again, and didn’t try to look around this time. He lifted my skirt above my waist, trailed his hands on my ass, down my thighs, then I heard a loud crack before I felt the sting in my ass. “OW! What the fuck?!” I screamed out. Another loud crack and a stinging feeling in my ass. “That was for the two rules you broke earlier. Now you get extra because you yelled out, didn’t call Me Master, and swore inappropriately. I can administer whatever punishment I feel necessary, and I feel you need a good whipping to get my point across. Do NOT disobey me again, that is, unless you wish to be whipped harder next time.” I cringed as he spoke so harshly to me, yet got even more wet.

Crack, rub, crack, rub, crack, rub. I cried in pain as he whipped me once for each thing He felt I needed to be “punished” for. The pain was so intense and I could feel my skin burning, but I didn’t say another word. I gasped and moaned when He stuck two fingers into my pussy. I wanted His cock, but at this point, this was better than anything. He went in and out slowly, making sure to rub my G-Spot well, then sped up, then slowed down again. I could feel my orgasm building up and I couldn’t hold back my moans anymore. I was about to cum when He suddenly stopped what he was doing, not moving His fingers anymore.
I whimpered and shook from being denied my orgasm. “Not yet pet, I’m not done with you, there’s lots more to come.” God just His voice got me all worked up. I heard a zipper, then His pants falling. He came around to the other side of the bed and got on his knees in front of my face. “Suck it slave. Take it like a good dick loving slut.” I didn’t need to be told twice as I took his head into my mouth. I went down as much as my throat would let me, then came back up for air as I licked up and down the sides. When I went down again, He put his hands on my head and pushed farther into my throat.

I gagged and choked and tried to pull back; He just kept his hands on my head, keeping me there gasping for air. My throat hurt from the intrusion, but there was no way to get air. Finally, after what seemed like forever, He pulled out so I could get a breath in, just to slam His hard cock right back into my throat. I gagged and coughed more as He continued to fuck my face. After about 5 minutes of fucking my face, He pulled out and got off the bed.

I was so turned on, I wanted him to fuck me so bad, but He sure was taking his time getting there. “M-Master? Can you please fuck me? I want you so bad” I said in a small voice. I heard Him chuckle from somewhere behind me and once again felt His hands on my ass. This time, I winced at the pain from the whip marks when He rubbed His hands over them. “Oh slave…you’re so impatient. You’ll get what you want eventually.” He said as He continued to rub my ass, thighs, and over my pussy lips.

I groaned as His fingers brushed my protruding clit, pushing back against His hand trying to get Him to finger me. When I did so, He pulled His hand away. I didn’t say a word, in case I got more punishment. I heard Him turn something on, which I assumed was a vibrator. I was soaking wet and ready for it. I screamed a bit as He pushed it all the way in me in one shot. I was not used to that yet. He turned the vibrator up more, on full now, sending shivers through my entire body.

I moaned and called out as he continued to fuck me with this foreign object. I pushed back as He fucked me harder and harder with the vibrator. I could feel the pressure building up again as my moans got louder and my words less coherent. “Ask permission if you wish to cum slut. You don’t get the privilege if you don’t ask.” He said in my ear. “Master! Master… May I cum? Please may I cum? I’m so close I can’t hold back!” I mumbled and moaned with difficulty.

“Oh I don’t know. I don’t see a reason to let you cum tonight, since you HAVE been pretty bad. Does a bad slut like you deserve to cum? Hmm?” He was playing with me and it drove me nuts. I just wanted to cum, NOW. “PLEASE! Please Master. Oh fuck….please please oh god Master may I cum? I’ll be better next time I promise please!” I begged and squirmed and moaned. “Mmm…yes. I’m feeling nice tonight. You may cum.” With that I came the hardest I had ever cum before. I screamed and called out His name as my body shook violently.

As my body began to settle down and aftershocks hit me, He slid the toy out of me and into my ass. I was not expecting that and it surprised me. He wiggled it around in me a few times before leaving it there. I felt Him erection slide along my slit and I groaned once again, still wanting more of Him. I tried to push back as He pushed in. God, He was so big! The more He pushed in the more I felt like He was stretching me open. I winced in pain, but the amount I had cum helped.

It took awhile to get used to his size, but I loved the pleasure-pain that came with it. He filled me like no one ever had, and it felt incredible. He fucked me slowly then fucked me fast. He alternated between short and long strokes, fast and slow. Not a minute later I was screaming and cumming with the intense pleasure. I didn’t even feel Him spank my ass hard because of the pleasure coursing through my body, it just increased my orgasm.

When my orgasm subsided, my body shook violently with aftershocks. I collapsed back on the bed then was immediately yanked back up by the hair. “Don’t you ever dare cum without my permission again, got it slave?” I heard Him growl in my ear. “Y-yes Master, sorry Master. I couldn’t hold back…” I replied out of breath. He slapped my face and ass, and nibbled along my neck and back. I shivered as the pressure began to build again.

“Master, may I cum again?!” I pleaded quickly. “No…wait a few more seconds.” He grunted. He fucked me faster and faster and yelled out now at some point, both of us cumming together. We shook and screamed and moaned. After what seemed like the longest orgasm in history, He collapsed onto my back. We lay there just breathing, letting our bodies calm down a bit. Sometime soon after, He got up and slipped out of me. I whimpered wanting him to stay there longer.

He moved around me, and began untying my wrists and ankles. Once released, I just slid to the ground in exhaustion. He stood over me, His hands on His hips, and looked down at me. “Suck me clean slave.” Was all He needed to say, and I started cleaning Him instantly. Once I had sucked him clean and almost had Him hard again, He pulled me up by my shoulders. We got in bed, and I passed out in a few seconds. Sometime during the night, I felt Him shift and wrap his arms around me. I smiled to myself in my sleep dreaming about tomorrow’ abuse.

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I wish I had a loving master. :( my last master was so mean and hurt me a lot & he was scary sometimes.
I love your stories! Your master seems like a great master. ^_^ your very lucky.
If there's any loving masters looking for a pet u can send me a PM here and I'll give u my email. :)


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oh god that was hot may be the best master slave story i've read so far and as for all tehse other comments about chicks wanting slaves names rob i'm 16 5'9 150 pounds average build with short brown hair and blue green eyes if any of you wanna be my pet email me just sayin ;) btw frenchi your master is a seriosuly lucky guy having a gamer slave girl

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