Wedding and aftermath ;)
Authors Note* I read a comment that gave me a good idea. But I have to say when I started this story I wanted it to be realistic. And slowly I’ve been drifting from that but it’s all good. But I’ve gotten suggestions for bestiality and pregnancy and I think someone asked for piss. Any thoughts or comments on these?


REJECTS AND SHEJECTS……I know pronounce you….

The moon glowed bright and the wind chilled my bones. It had only been a week since we all moved in. I had Max come stay with us since he needed to move out of his mom’s house anyway. I loved this night. The smell of Death and love filled the air. The cemetery was paved with leaves that crunched under my feet as I walked along the stone and gravel path. I was focused on the gravestones looking for my mother and fathers. Max was walking next to me smiling with his hand on my shoulder. “Man tonight’s the big night. Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked. “Ive never been more sure of anything in my life.” I said not staring at him. I noticed a cracked mirror hanging on one of the stone walls along the graves. I looked at myself in the dirty cracked mirror trying to perfect myself. My blue and green hair was slicked back and my face was clear. My black and blood red suit was wrinkle free and I shoved my hand in my pockets sitting on a gravestone. “Shes a really nice girl.” Max said smiling. “Ya she is. I mean she can be a bitch and angry but she’s always there for me.” I said with a grin. “But I don’t like the way she treats Lilith.” He said spitting on the gravel. “Hey I don’t really like it either but she says Lilith response to that so who am I to question it.” I said checking my watch. “I dunno man…all I know is, is next time she treats Lilith like shit im going to say something.” Max said looking agitated. “Easy there killer.” I said laughing as I got up off the grave stone and looked at my watch. “It’s time.” I told him in a serious tone as we walked back to the other side of the grave yard.

“So do you think Vampira did a good job on the wedding plans?” I asked Max. “I think she did. Eh Anyway your time to get married is now man.” Max said laughing as he pointed in front of me. In front of me was a small podium where a man in about his 20’s with white hair and grey skin stood in a priest outfit with a weird looking bible in his hand. Across from the man where Jessica, Vampira, and Sydney sitting on grave stones. And in on the left of me was Sydney’s band Wasted Youth all set up next to one of the power lines giving it power. Wasted youth was a cool band. Girl bass player and guy drummer. Max walked with me up to the aisle. “I can’t believe im the best man.” He said with a grin. “Not to burst your bubble but who else was I gunna fucking choose?” I asked laughing. I looked to the right to see Sydney and her band setting up and getting ready. Sydney grabbed the guitar and strummed a dark tune as her band chimed in.

The tune was dark. Funeral like. A deaths sweet melody as I stand up the gravel aisle. Vampira got off of the tombstone and ran back and far off to the left as the haunting tune still played on. I saw a small purple figure in the distance. The girls were wearing black funeral dress’s and the drummer and Max where wearing purple suites. The purple figure grew bigger and I saw a girl in a purple dress with a purple veil covering her face. Vampira walked with her up the aisle as Amy stood beside me. Vampira smiled at me and pulled the veil back and I saw Amy’s beautiful face. Pale with the moonlight shining off of her as the creepy grotesque tune hummed in the background. Her purple lips and purple light eye liner only complimented her pierced face. Her lips curled into a smile as she looked at me with her beautiful green eyes.

“Ready?” The priest asked in a dark voice. “Ready as they’ll ever be.” Jessica said causing the girls to laugh. “We are gathered here tonight on this of most unholy nights to gather two tortured spirits together. Now before I continue on with this service does anyone have a reason as to why these two should not be wed?” The priest asked followed by a moment of silence. “Will the ring girl present the rings.” The priest said. “I got this.” Vampira said as she walked about twenty feet back and went behind a tree. The sound of chains clanking filled the night along with the tune as Vampira walked with a chain link leash in her hands with a naked Lilith crawling on the stone gravel with a gag in her mouth and a black pillow attached to her back with the two rings on the pillow. Lilith crawled up to the podium separating Amy and John as she knelt in front of the priest. Max looked at John with an upset look as Max bent down and picked up the gold rings with a clear glass skull on them. The priest looked down at the submissive Lilith and looked at me. “…May I?” he asked. “…Sure Father whatever you want.” I said as the priest lifted up his robe exposing his hard cock. Lilith lifted her head up takes the hint as she leans forward and swallows the priests cock taking it deep into her mouth. “Good job my child.” The priest says as he moans a little before continuing. “Dude what the fuck?!” Max said into my ear. I leaned back and explained to him. “Listen…He’s doing this for free…He’s doing this without our parents’ consent so what he’s doing isn’t exactly legal. If he wants a blow job….Let the man get a blow job.” I looked forward at the priest. “Continue my father.” I said staring at Amy. “The two have written their own vows which they will say right now.” The priest said before closing his eyes and putting his hand on Lilith’s head making her go faster. “John.” Amy began before pulling out an old hemp looking piece of paper with black calligraphy on it. “Ever since you came into my life Ive been happy to have you. We’ve had up’s and down’s but I know I love you to death.” She said emphasizing the death part. “And I’ll stand by you forever. In heaven or Hell.” She said with a smile. “And if you EVER hurt me…I’ll slit your throat” Amy said looking at me with a deep pissed off look. “Sweet.” I said looking at her. “Amy…Ever since I got out of Green view Mental Health Facility. Ive been happy that your with me. Even when you were pissed off at me for the first day I was with Miss May I always had a thing for you. And that thing was full blown love. Deep Dark Depressing Fucking Bat shit Psycho crazy love. I’ll love you forever until I die and burn in hell…and I WILL drag you down with me.” I said looking at her.

The Priest opened his eyes as he started to convulse as Lilith made a moan as we all saw her throat contrast. Lilith took her mouth off of the priest deflating member as saliva and strings of cum were connected to her mouth and the priest’s dick.

The priest went into his pocket and took out a needle. “The couple will now prick there finger and will fill up the skulls with their blood which they will wear for forever and eternity. I grabbed both of the rings and opened up both of the skulls. (They where hard as hell to open.) I Amy grabbed the needle and looked at me. “Ready?” She asked. “Ya, poke me.” I said as she pressed the tip to my finger applying pressure until it went into my finger. I squeezed my finger until little droplets of blood came out and filled the little skull to the brim and closed it. I grabbed the pin and stabbed Amy’s middle finger filling my ring to the brim with her blood. I closed the ring and let the priest continue talking. “Do you Amy take this Cretin to be your lawfully wedded deadbeat husband to have and to hold in Sickness and in health for as long as you two live your wasteful lives?” The priest spat and waited for an answer. “I Do.” She said smiling looking at me. “And do you John take this Condemned harlot to be your lawfully wedded Wife. To have and to fight with in sickness and in health for as long as you two live your wasteful lives?” He asked. “I do.” I said staring into her eyes smiling. “Than by the dark power invested in me by the Hell hole of Massachusetts I now pronounce you Man and wife you may now shove your tongue down the brides throat.” The priest said closing the bible and stood back and observed the rest of the ceremony

I looked at Amy and brushed some hair away from her face pulling her in and kissing her deeply. Applause rained the graveyard as we both broke the kiss too see our friends applauding. Vampira came up and hugged us both. “Now that you two have gotten married that means two things. One...the Pending end of the world. And two we move on in this hellacious night with the second activity.” Vampira said laughing. “What’s that?” I asked confused. “….Consummating the marriage.” Vampira said pushing Amy towards me. Everyone in the graveyard started in with chants “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!” I undid my belt and looked at Amy. “You up for it?” I asked. “….What the fuck, let’s do it.” Amy said untying the dress and throwing it over her head standing in red and green plaid bra and panties. Her nipples where poking out of the soft material. “Cold out?” I asked chuckling. Amy walked up with a smile as she unclipped her bra and let it fall to the ground exposing her creamy white flesh to the world. “Shut up.” She said smiling as I pulled her in for a kiss pressing her hard nipples against me making holes in my chest. I slid my tongue in her mouth and let my hands roam down to her ass cupping it pulling her upward to me. A bunch of chants and cheers rained from our guests who I suppose turned into our audience. I hooked my thumbs into her waistband and pulled down her panties as she stepped out of them leaving her only in red heels. I broke the kiss and Amy undid my belt and dropped my pants for me exposing my hard cock to everyone. “Suck it baby.” I said smiling. Amy stroked it a few times as she dropped to her knees smiling looking at me. “Anything for my husband.” She said before kissing the head of my dick a few times before engulfing the head into her mouth.

“SUCK IT GIRL!!!” I heard before turning my head and seeing Jessica standing there smiling. I looked to my right to see Lilith bent over a tombstone with Max’s dick going in and out of her pussy. She sounded like a ghost the way she moaned. Amy bobbed happily on my cock as little strings of saliva dripped from her mouth to her big sexy tits. Sydney walked up to me and smiled as she dropped to her knees. At first I thought I was going to get two mouths on my dick but instead Vampira stood next to me with a smile and kissed me full on the mouth swirling her tongue with mine before breaking the kiss and smiling. “Hears to the happy couple.” As she looked down. I also looked down to see Sydney gagging on a pink strap on. Everyone had ditched their clothes except for the two band members who watched jerking off and fingering themselves. I heard soft moans and looked back to see a naked Jessica bouncing on the priest cock. I don’t know what she was saying in between breaths but it sounded something like the Lord Is Good. I looked down at Amy who was gagging and making sloppy noises as my cock hit the back of her throat over and over again. I picked her up and kissed her on the mouth as our tongues danced together.

I picked Amy up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I rubbed my slick dick up and down her dripping wet slit a few times before I slipped the head of my tool into her dripping wet fuck hole causing her to bite down on my shoulder and whimper a little. I looked at Max who was giving it to Lilith hard from behind. Sydney walked up to me and started to bite and suck on my neck as Vampira ripped Amy’s head off my shoulder and shoved the pink fake penis into my wife’s mouth and just pounded her mouth like a pussy. Amy’s pussy was so tight and hot I just couldn’t keep it to myself. “Wanna go at her?” I asked Vampira as she looked up at me with a surprised look on her face. “You can fuck my sis for your wife.” Vampira said matter-of-factly. I let my dick slide out of Amy’s tight pussy and I let her down from my waist and gave her to Vampira as I ripped Sydney’s head off my neck and threw her too her knees. “Rough?....I Like that.” Sydney said before she deep throated my cock. “OHHHH FATHER!!!” I turned my head to see Jessica jumping up and down with the priest dick in her ass. Her nice big tits jumping up and down as she fucked him. I grabbed Sydney by the head and started to face fuck her as drool started to escape her lips and coat her tits nicely. Her hot mouth and slippery tongue licking the underside of my cock felt amazing. I couldn’t take it anymore. I picked her up and brushed her hair out of her face and kissed her hard as our tongues danced in each other’s mouth she put one of her legs up on a grave stone and gripped my slippery cock stroking it a few times before bringing it up to her wet pussy. I took over as I grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down the slit a few times I slowly inserted the head into her tight twat. “Mmmmhmmm” Sydney lightly moaned into my mouth as I started to pump my cock in and out of her cunt. After a few strokes our pelvises met and Sydney threw her head back and Moaned for more. “JUST LIKE THAT!” She screamed as she attached herself to my neck and started to lightly suck and bite on it. I grabbed her juicy ass and started to thrust harder and faster and was rewarded with harder bites.

I kept pumping as I picked her up and started to walk and fuck her at the same time. I laid her down on a row of thick tombstones and started to thrust harder and harder into her pussy. I looked up and got a great view of Vampira shoving that pink strap on in my Amy’s tight ass. It only got me harder. Unfortunately my view got obstructed by the priest stepping in front of my sticking his hard pulsating cock into Sydney’s hot waiting mouth. I looked behind me to see Jessica passed out leaning next to a tombstone with cum seeping out of her ass. I looked really closely at Jessica and asked. “D-did you draw a crucifix in….Cum on her forehead?” I asked. “Yes my son.” The priest said under a smirk looking at Sydney while pumping his dick into her mouth. I couldn’t take fucking Sydney anymore so I pulled out of her well fucked pussy smacking her clit first and walked away up to Max giving it to Lilith from behind in her tight pussy. She looked good. Chained from the neck with little hoops in her nipples with sweat on her forehead and her blond hair sticking to her forehead. I walked up to Lilith and cupped her face and slid my tongue in her mouth. She kissed me back passionately. My dick got rock hard as I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it on the head of my dick. She took over and slowly bobbed her head on my tool. I looked up at Max who was really giving it to Lilith grabbing her by the hips and pumping hard and fast. I let my tool fall out of her mouth and looked at Max. “Dude wanna have some fun?” I asked stroking my pierced cock keeping it rock hard with Lilith drooling on it and moaning like a true slut. “Uh Im fucking this awesome girl….what could be funner?” Max asked me out of curiosity still staring at Lilith’s small cute ass. “Simple man pick her up….wait Get your dick outta her and turn her around and let her lock her legs around your waist.” I said spitting on my cock still stroking it. I smiled as I heard moans for more behind me. I turned around to see Sydney asleep on the row of grave stones and the priest and Vampira double teaming my wife hard and fast. “HEY DON’T CUM IN HER!” I said to the father. He just waved his hand. I looked back to see Max fucking Lilith in the way I told him too. I walked up and hugged Lilith’s back and let my dick touch her asshole. “OH YES DO IT!” Lilith moaned hard. I pushed my cock into her fucked asshole and started to fuck her hard and fast. “T-This fee-ls am-amaz-amazing.” Lilith said as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back as Max and I started to double team Lilith like the tight little whore she is. “D-Dude….I don’t think I can last!” Max said as he started to shake and convulse and shoot load after load of cum into Lilith’s fucked pussy. Max stumbled back and held onto a gravestone for support. Lilith went limp into my arms and stopped moaning. I set her down as cum flowed free from her pussy.

“What’s with everyone passing out?” I asked myself as I heard a group of voices scream. I turned around to see the priest cumming into Vampiras mouth and Vampira moan and scream as she started to cum. Vampira swallowed the fathers “Holey load.” As she sat on the ground looking weary. “I-I’ll be g-good Ina few.” She said before she closed her eyes. The priest tucked his dick back in his pants and walked out of the graveyard whistling. I walked up to Amy and kissed my new wife passionately and held her close. “Im so glad where married.” I said to Amy as she pecked me on the lips. “Me too…I got a surprise for you…She should be here any minute.” Amy said to me with a smile on her face. “What do you mean?” I asked her. “Just follow along….Now where is she?” Amy said looking like she was talking to herself. Not a moment after she said that a familiar high pitched voice disturbed my ears. “JJJOOOHHHNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I turned around to face the entrance of the graveyard to see Miss May walking towards me with a pissed off look on her face. “Wha-“ was all that came out of my mouth before she cocked her fist back and slammed it into my Jaw sending me onto the floor. “Are you okay sweetheart?” Miss May asked as she hugged the Naked Amy. “He forced me to marry him…..And then him and his friends tried to rape me!!!” Amy said with a sad face and a scared tone of voice as Miss May hugged her tighter. “GET UP!!!” she screamed at me grabbing me by my arm leading the both of us in to her car. Amy grabbed Vampiras bag and put something in it but I didn’t know what she put in it. We both got in the car as Miss May started it up and started driving. She was furious at me yelling at me while she was focusing on the road. “YOU ARE GOING TO ROT IN JAIL!!!!” Miss May screamed. “I CANT BELIEVE YOU!!! WANDAS SON…A…A RAPIST!!!” She screamed. I wasn’t paying attention to her I was pissed at Amy….I can’t believe she backstabbed me after all we been through. “DON’T LOOK AT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DIDN’T GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO LOOK AT HER!!!” Miss may screamed as she pulled onto her street and stopped the car in front of her house. Miss May shut off the car and got out. Amy got out of the passenger side and I got out on Amy’s side. “You fucking Bitch how dare you!!!!!” I said in a pissed off whisper. “Just follow my lead baby.” Amy said before rushing to her mom. I watched her ass jiggle and bounce as she ran into the house. “GET IN HERE!!!” Miss May yelled. I walked inside to see Amy standing at the door waiting for me. “Lock the door.” Amy said as I locked the door.

We both walked into the living room and sat down on the couch both of us sweaty and naked and a full clothed Miss May standing in front of us pissed off. I sat there looking at her and for the first time I noticed how she looked. She was in her late thirties long black hair brown eyes and tan skin. Her tits where around heavy C’s and her ass was small. Even though she was yelling at me about the cops I noticed her cleavage in her deep V black shirt and tight jean pants. Finally something snapped in my mind and I spoke to her for the first time. “Hey…How did you know we were at the graveyard?” I asked. “Not that I owe you an explanation you sick fuck but my daughter told me earlier this morning where you guys would be. Thank God I got there before the priest did. I wouldn’t have you ruining my daughter.” Miss May said as she spit on me. My blood started to boil as Miss May continued to Insult and demean me. After five minutes of her constant bitching Amy spoke up. “Mom let’s just call the cops and pretend this never happened.” Amy said as she got up to hug her mom. “God Im so glad to hear you say that.” Miss May said hugging her daughter. “Oh Mom?” Amy said breaking the hug. “What dear?” Miss May said. “FUCK YOU!” Amy yelled as she throw her fist straight into her mom’s stomach. Miss May doubled over in pain. I sat up confused as hell.

“What the fuck?” I said in surprised. Amy walked up and smiled kissing me on the cheek. “Baby…This was your surprise. Miss May. I mean she wants to disown me?...Fine. Now let’s have some fun.” Amy said as she walked over and kicked Miss May in the stomach. “FUCK YOU!!! YOUR NOT MY MOM!!! TONIGHT YOUR GUNNA BE OUR FUCK TOY!!!” Amy said to Miss May as I walked over to the computer in the living room and went on YouTube and typed in the first loud song I thought of. I put the song on and skipped to the chorus. “I FELT THE HATE RISE UP IN ME, KNEEL DOWN AND CLEAR THE STONE OF LEAVES, I WONDER OUT WHERE YOU CANT SEE, INSIDE MY SHELL I WAIT AND BLEED!!!!” I turned around to see Amy ripping off Miss May’s t-shirt. That slut didn’t even wear a bra. Her big round tan tits jiggled as the material was ripped from her flesh. My dick got hard in moments. Since I hadn’t cum at all yet tonight my balls where hurting to get some release. I stood next to Amy not sure what to do. “Why?” Miss May said as tears started to stream down her face. “BECAUSE I KNOW WHO LOVES ME AND WHO DOESN’T!!! NOW PUT THAT WHORE MOUTH TO USE!!!” Amy said as she slapped Miss May in the face and pushed her face to my cock. “SUCK IT!!!” Amy yelled over the repeating song. Miss May kept her mouth closed. Amy laughed as she pinched her ex mom’s nose. It was only a matter of seconds until Miss May opened her mouth to breath. I took my shot and shoved my hard cock in her mature mouth. It felt like pure heaven. Amy grabbed the back of Miss May’s head and started to shove it back and forth on my hard cock. “SUCK IT SLUT!!!” Amy screamed. Miss may started to gag as spit fell from her mouth to the floor below us. I reached down and cupped one of her big tan tits and pinched the nipple. I thrusted forward and shoved all my meat into her miserable mouth. “Like that baby?” Amy asked me as she leaned in and kissed me passionately. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouth as I finally realized I love this girl more than anything in the world. Amy broke the kiss and looked down. “SLUT ITS TIME FOR A PROPER FUCKING!!!” Amy said as she threw her mom off my rod and unbuttoned her pants. Miss May tried to struggle but it was all in vain as Amy got the pants off Miss May and slapped her mom. “Go for it baby.” She said as I knelt between her mom’s legs and rubbed the head of my dick up and down her pussy. “YOU TWO WILL BURN IN HELL!!!” Miss May yelled. “We’ll be laughing on the way down.” I replied as I roughly shoved all my cock into her dry pussy. “AAAAAGGGGHHHHH---“ Miss May’s scream was cut off by Amy sitting on her face. “EAT ME BITCH!!!! EAT YOUR DAUGHTERS CUNT!!!” Amy screamed as she grinded her tight twat up and down her ex moms face. I kept pumping my cock in and out of her pussy as she started to get wetter and wetter. “She likes it.” I said smiling looking down at Miss May’s pussy. “LIKE MY HUSBANDS COCK WHORE!!!!” Amy yelled and moaned. I guess Miss May had given up and started to eat her out like the good whore she was. “How is she?” Amy asked me. “Not tight in the least.” I said laughing. “That right? Fuckin slut probably fucks every guy in town.” Amy said as she got off of Miss May and walked over to Vampiras purse and pulled out the pink strap on. “Let’s have some real fun with this whore.” Amy said laughing as she fastened it on herself and walked up to her mom and shoved the pink fake cock into Miss Mays mouth. Miss May started to choke immediately. Amy started to thrust her hips all I saw was her nice juicy ass jiggle with each thrust.

With one hand I started to flick and pinch Miss Mays clit with the other I grabbed my wife’s juicy ass and jiggled it some more. I felt that tingling in my balls and I knew I wouldn’t last long. “I-Im Gunna cum soon.” I said between deep breaths. “Blast her.” Amy said as she got off her mom and I knelt between her and slid my cock in her tits. I started to pump and thrust between Miss May’s cleavage with her panting and crying. “Ahhh….Ahhh…AHHHHHHHHHHHH” I grunted as wave after wave of pent up cum stored in my balls flew out of my dick. I watched as stream after stream of cum landed on Miss May’s face and hair. After I was done cumming Miss May’s face looked like it took a facial from Peter North or O.G Mud bone. I fell back and laughed as my dick deflated. Amy walked up to Miss May and spit on her. “My turn.” Amy said laughing as she forcefully turned Miss May around and spit down her crack. Amy positioned the fake dick to her mom’s tight asshole and rammed it up her ass. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Miss May screamed. “Take it slut!!!” Amy chanted. I sat back on the couch and stroked my cock back to full hardness. Miss May found the strength to get on all fours and pant and cry as cum fell off her chin to the floor. My dick was now fully hard. “Suck it baby.” I said as I walked up to Amy. “Anything for you.” Amy said as she leant forward and swallowed the head of my dick sucking it gently. Amy started sucking with her eyes closed taking my rod deeper and deeper in her mouth while she was Jack hammering and smacking her mom’s tanned ass. “Ah AHHHH” We both opened our eyes to see Miss May convulsing and twitching. “The Slut came.” Amy said laughing. “Nasty little whore.” I said taking pity on Miss May. Amy kept hammering into Her Moms ass and sucking my cock. After a while Amy started moaning louder and louder sending vibrations into my cock which was pure pleasure to me. Amy took her mouth off my cock and screamed as she stopped slapping the sluts ass and just stood there shaking as a clear stream dripped down her leg. My girl came, and came hard. After that she slid the pink strap on out of her ex mom’s ass. It was gaping wide. Miss May collapsed on the ground too tired to move.

Amy took off the strap on and looked at me. “Fuck me now.” I said as I sat on the couch. “Yes baby.” Amy said as she got on top of me and slowly sank her tight pussy down on my cock. “Ahhhhhhhhh” I sighed in relieve. Out of all the pussy I fucked tonight I was always happy to be in her nice tight twat. I grabbed her by her hips and bent forward taking a nipple in my mouth and started to let Amy bounce her nice thick juicy ass on my cock. I bit down on her nipple which made Amy scream in pleasure. I kept pumping and hammering into Amy’s tight pussy. I picked up Amy and bent her over the arm rest and started to just slam into her pussy. Her moans and cries of pleasure filled my ears and made me harder. I looked down and watched her ass jiggle and move every time I drilled into her. Amy stood up and pulled my head next too hers and whispered “Im not on the pill…” She said as she kissed my cheek. The thought of her unprotected and the risk we were taking where too much to bare as I screamed and came in her fertile womb over and over again. I kissed her hard and passionately and pulled out as a little bit of my cum seeped out and fell to the floor. We were both happy but the happiness was short lived.

“IM CALLING THE COPS!!!” Miss May said as she crawled to the phone. “Call em.” I said to her. Amy and Miss May both looked at me confused. “Call em.” I repeated. “I wanna tell them how you raped your own daughter you sick twisted bitch!” I said in disgust. “Bu-But…” Miss May started until Amy chimed in. “Ya I mean I tell you we get married and you just go insane…and…and…” Amy buried her head in my neck and fake cried. “We will leave you alone…just don’t call the cops and pretend we never existed…deal.” I said looking at Miss May. Miss May looked at me for a second and hung her head in defeat. “Just…Just get out.” She said. Amy ran upstairs to her old room and threw on an old pair of clothes she had. She could only find the pair of shorts I swam in her pool with the first day I was here. I threw them on and we walked out of the house hand in hand. We didn’t speak at all the whole trip home. We walked in the front door of the house to see Vampira passed out on the couch and Jessica passed out on the Recliner. We walked up the stairs hand in hand still and saw Max’s door open with him and Lilith passed out on the bed holding each other. We walked in our room with the cold AC blasting. Amy shed off her clothes and slid into bed smiling. I took off my shorts and slid in next to her. Amy rested her head on my chest slowly drifting in and out of sleep. “Baby I love you.” I said looking up at the ceiling. “I love you more. Don’t ever forget that.” Amy said before closing her eyes and passing out. “I won’t.” I said passing out holding her.

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