An old couple celebrating their 50 year anniversary, was eating breakfast one morning when the mans looks at his wife and says:

"I'm still as hot for you as when we first married."

The old woman smiles at him and they continue to eat, after a while the old woman looks at the old man and says

"My nipples are still as hot for you as they were when we were first married."

The old man pause looking at his wife, then replies:

"They should be ones in your oatmeal and ones in your coffe."

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2014-12-10 13:26:27
Hi hey everyone!
Jokes are supposed to be funny.RIGHT???????

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2014-02-17 22:54:50
wat the fuck type of joke was that dint get it at fuckin all※

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2013-04-14 16:26:03
i honestly dont get it.

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2012-03-18 03:53:01

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2012-02-08 09:37:12
I wish I had it edryevay!!! But, we have it two times or maybe three times a week….With the kids and our work schedule sometimes it’s hard but, you have to try and make time for intimacy with your partner…

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