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I wote Chapter 1 last year intending to continue with the story much sooner but other stories came up.One doesn't need to have read the first chapter to enjoy this one. If you like go back and read how it started.
Amanda Joins The School Newspaper (Chapter 2 of Schoolgirl Amanda Learns Discipline) by rutger5

“Finally I found you Amanda. I thought we were going to meet at the end of the school day and instead you just ditch me. Do you mind telling me why” Jenny said, the hurt clearly sounding in her voice.

Amanda stopped and turned as her friend caught up to her on the street. They were a few blocks from school although not on the route they normally took home. Amanda looked at the sky but if she was hoping for divine intervention to whisk her away or at least inspire her tongue on what to say to her best friend none was forthcoming.

“So what’s going on?”

“I’m sorry Jen, I just needed to think some is all and I do that best when I’m walking or running. You should know it’s never against you and I’m sorry for just taking off without you. I left a little late but that is no excuse and I should have talked to you before leaving. Mad at me?”

“When have I ever been mad at you? Concerned is more likely especially after what you told me earlier. Are you upset because of that jerk Chad? I will so get back at him for whatever he did to you.”

Amanda smiled a wan smile as her friend went off about the situation and she realized how lucky she was to have Jenny as a friend. The two girls had been inseparable since elementary school and though at times they followed different paths as far as interests or likes went their bond remained strong. But now Amanda was in a quandary and even though she wanted nothing more than to confide in her friend about what had happened she felt that she couldn’t.

It would have been bad enough to tell her what had happened with Chad and she still would have except for the events that followed. It was humiliating that Chad had pursued her only with the intention of taking advantage of her naivety and how he had managed to convince the pretty sophomore to give him a blowjob. It was the first one she had given to anyone and when he walked away from her after leaving her face covered in his cum she had been humiliated.

Then she learned Chad had a friend secretly filming it which was bad enough and no doubt it would have made the rounds at school and possibly the internet as well. That was very unlikely to happen now but at what cost? For Coach Jacobs had discovered Chad’s accomplice in the act of filming them and had confiscated the evidence. But not for any decent reason but instead to exploit the teen girl.

First the coach had threatened to reveal the sordid episode with Chad to Amanda’s parents which would have devastated her deeply religious family but it might have physically harmed her father who had a weak heart. She pressured Amanda to sign a form authorizing stern discipline to be meted out as necessary and had brought a member of the softball team to assist her in implementing it.

Amanda had been forced to strip whereupon Coach Jacobs had used a ruler to punish the teen and things quickly escalated from there. Both the coach and Ellen, the softball player, had molested Amanda and the session had culminated in Coach Jacobs deflowering the virginal Amanda with a strap-on dildo.

There was no way she could reveal this to her friend Jenny as the humiliation was too great. There was also the fact that Coach Jacobs had warned her that today was just her first lesson in discipline and more was to follow. In fact at this moment while Jenny was railing about Chad, Amanda had on no panties as the coach had confiscated the ones she had been wearing.

“Jenny, Jenny don’t worry about it. I assure you he isn’t going to bother me again. Don’t worry about how but he’s learned his lesson. I’m just a little down is all and I have things to think about. If I want to talk you know that you’ll be the first I’d think of.”

Amanda did her best to put on a brave face and though Jenny had her doubts she allowed her friend to change the subject. The two girls talked about other subjects as they walked home and when they reached Jenny’s house she had invited Amanda in but she had declined due to the volume of homework she had.

“See you tomorrow Jen” Amanda said with a wave as she continued homeward.

As her friend turned the corner Jenny couldn’t help but having a nagging feeling that something was dreadfully wrong. Well time would tell she thought to herself and if Amanda needed help she would be there for her as the girls always were for one another.

The thoughts swirled in Amanda’s head as she continued on but she was unable to figure out a solution to her situation. When she reached home the first thing she did was go say hello to her father.

“Hi Daddy, how are you doing?” she asked with a forced smile painted to her face.

“Feeling stronger every day Angel” he told her calling Amanda by his pet name for her.

Though she wished that was true it seemed to be just wishful thinking. In fact if anything Amanda had noticed a grayish pallor to her father’s skin that frightened her. Before going to bed that night she had prayed hard not only for guidance to her problem but for her father to regain his health. Amanda didn’t sleep well that night and awakened on more than one occasion trembling from she didn’t no what.

Except for on one occasion that was. That time Amanda wakened with a crystal clear memory of what she had been dreaming of. She was back in Coach Jacobs office and the coach had been again having her way with Amanda and just like in real life Amanda was brought to orgasm but her parents had been standing there watching with disapproving looks on their faces. When she awoke Amanda realized that her pussy was wet and her hand had been stroking it. With an anguished sob the girl had pulled her hand away and turned onto her stomach to try and fall asleep again.

The next day while on her way to English class Amanda was suddenly intercepted by Coach Jacobs in the hallway. She took Amanda by the arm and guided her to a girl’s lavatory near by. The coach first made sure it was empty before ushering the teen inside. Once the door closed Coach Jacobs reached under the plaid skirt where her thick fingers encountered the barrier of the girl’s sensible cotton panties. On discovering this an annoyed look came over the woman’s face.

“Amanda I believe I informed you in no uncertain terms yesterday that you were NOT to wear panties at school.”

“But Coach…” the girl began before being cut off.

“This is not negotiable and if I ever find that you have disobeyed me again the punishment will be swift and harsh. However this time I’ll let you off with a warning but remove them now.”

Knowing that she was beaten Amanda reached under her skirt and pulled the panties down and bent as she stepped out of them. The coach had her hand extended and the teen placed them in her hand. With a smile the coach brought them to her face and inhaled deeply the unique fragrance of Amanda before slipping them into her pocket.

“If you want that contraband returned come to my office after the end of the school day. But for now I want you to raise your skirt and hold it up for me.”

Her fingers trembling from her emotions Amanda lifted her skirt by the hem until it was above her waist and as she did the smile on Coach Jacobs face grew in size as she again gazed on the pussy she had defiled. Her powerful hand reached over and first brushed across the downy soft blond pubic hair before exploring lower. Amanda closed her eyes to prevent seeing this debasement when she felt the other hand of the coach touch her cheek.

“Open your eyes Amanda as I want you to watch. You have two choices - you can look at my face or you can watch my hand but you have to do one or the other.”

As she said this Coach Jacobs slipped a finger into the extremely tight opening of Amanda’s pussy causing the poor girl to gasp. Next the older woman’s thumb began to rub Amanda’s little pleasure button in a circular motion lightly and with some trepidation the girl turned her eyes downward to watch her own molestation. Coach Jacobs was obviously an expert in stimulating the female anatomy and in only a couple of minutes she had brought Amanda to the edge of orgasm.

Her finger was sliding in and out of her while her thumb teased her clit to such a degree that Amanda was squirming while also biting her lower lip hard. Just before Amanda could cum however Coach Jacobs pulled her hand away from the little blond. Even though she was an unwilling participant Amanda felt regret as her body was so close to climax only to have it snatched away.

“Amanda I think you’re late for class so run along now” the coach said after which she put her fingers to her lips where she licked the sticky nectar from them.

Dropping her skirt the girl fled the rest room and headed down the now empty hallway to class. Again she had to knock at the classroom door and wait for Mrs. Johnson to open it for her. The English teacher directed the teen to a desk in the front row that was by her own desk and was empty.

“Amanda I hope you being late like this isn’t becoming a habit. Please wait after class as I wish to speak with you.” the woman said.

Just more trouble the girl thought to herself. The class seemed to drag on and was very difficult especially as she was still wet and aroused but she had to make sure she kept her legs together so Mrs. Johnson wouldn’t see she had no panties on. That wasn’t easy as she so wanted to touch herself though she knew she couldn’t but every time she looked up Mrs. Johnson seemed to be looking her way. Finally the bell rang and the rest of the students filed out leaving only Amanda and the teacher in the classroom. Mrs. Johnson had remained at her desk for a moment before rising and shutting the classroom door. The tall, stout teacher approached the desk and stood next to Amanda.

“If this was any student but you Amanda I would be worried what with you arriving late and being pulled from class. However you’re an exceptional student in English so I know you can do whatever it takes to succeed.”

When she said this Mrs. Johnson had laid a heavy hand on the teen’s shoulder before removing it.

“Thanks for the faith you have in me Mrs. Johnson, I appreciate it.”

“Not at all. Now Amanda I know you wish to become a writer and I have some news that I think you will like. As you may be aware I’m the teacher in charge of the school student newspaper and we have a couple of openings. Even though you are only a sophomore I think you can handle the responsibility. What do you say?”

“You mean putting me on the staff Mrs. Johnson. Oh my gosh that would be so great” Amanda said barely able to control the sudden giddiness she felt.

Mrs. Johnson went to her desk and brought a sheet of paper over and placed it before Amanda to fill out.

“Now you understand you will be starting at the bottom and that the student editor is actually in charge of whatever assignments you’ll receive” she told Amanda.

“Of course Mrs. Johnson I understand” Amanda replied as she began filling out the form.

Mrs. Johnson leaned over and observed Amanda filling out the form and as she did her hand again rested on the sophomore’s shoulder. While she continued writing Amanda noticed that Mrs. Johnson’s hand had slipped off her shoulder and was just above her right breast. Just then the teacher’s other hand pointed at an answer Amanda hadn’t answered and as she leaned a little lower her hand actually moved on top of Amanda’s breast.

“M-m-mrs. Johnson” the girl began.

“Yes Amanda.”

“Umm your hand seems to be touching my breast.”

“Yes it is” the teacher answered at which point her pudgy fingers squeezed the flesh hard through the clothing “and may I say it feels very nice indeed.”

Amanda was stunned speechless but when Mrs. Johnson placed her other hand on the teen’s knee and her fingers began to caress the silky soft skin as they crept upward Amanda forced her legs together halting their further advance.

“Amanda I believe that Coach Jacobs informed you that yesterday was just your first lesson and you had more to come. Well this is one of them and I advise you to open your thighs of your own accord or you will be punished appropriately.”

After that revelation Amanda was too shocked to resist further and her whole body went limp. That allowed Mrs. Johnson to continue her finger march to Amanda’s treasure which she soon reached. When the older woman’s hand first touched the girl’s pussy they both moaned- Amanda with pleasure and her teacher from unrequited desire.

“Oh your pussy feels so soft and wet my dear. I can’t wait to taste it as I’m sure it’s yummy.”

Mrs. Johnson leaned in and her lips found Amanda’s as she kissed the teen. It started slow and soft but became harder and more frenzied as it went on. Amanda had closed her blue eyes and just judging it by her senses it felt wonderful. Mrs. Johnson’s tongue had slipped between her parted lips and hungrily explored her wet mouth. Meanwhile the hand had continued to stroke her soft pussy lips bringing her to a higher state of arousal. Mrs. Johnson now started to unbutton Amanda’s blouse and once she finished her hand explored the girl’s smooth skin as she traced a pattern from just above her waist up to her bra covered breasts and then on to her collarbone.

“Amanda stand up and remove your blouse and bra” the English teacher said in her harsh voice as she reluctantly broke their kiss as well as removing her hand from between Amanda’s white thighs.

The sophomore opened her eyes as she slipped her white blouse off her shoulders before unclasping and removing her brassiere as well and revealing her small, firm bosom. Mrs. Johnson eyed the girl’s chest closely, appreciating the contrast between her fair white flesh and the pink hue of the areolas and nipples. The teacher patted the desk with her hand.

“Why don’t you scoot your cute little ass up here so you will be easier to reach my dear” she said.

Feeling shy about her semi-nude condition Amanda cast her eyes down as she slipped from the seat and assumed a perch on the desk. Mrs. Johnson cupped the girl’s chin and raised her face as she studied Amanda.

“I assure you my dear that you are breathtaking in your beauty. You should be proud of your gift just not in a conceited fashion.”

Having finished her appraisal of Amanda, Mrs. Johnson grasped the girl’s dirty blonde hair by the ponytail it was in and tilted her head back further where the teacher’s lips again tasted Amanda’s. Her fat fingers found the girl’s tender nipple and twisted it though not too roughly sending a signal straight between the girl’s legs. When Mrs. Johnson’s mouth brushed against her student’s throat Amanda began to tremble and she had to put her hand over her mouth to stifle her moan when Mrs. Johnson reached her sensitive breast.

“Ahh, gather ye rosebuds while ye may” the woman whispered as her mouth glided on the young flesh and she released the ponytail and reached around the small ribcage to manipulate Amanda’s other nipple.

Amanda threw her head back in response to her heightened arousal and she almost bit her hand when the teacher’s hand again busied itself between her young thighs. This time Mrs. Johnson actually worked two fingers in the girl and when a knuckle brushed Amanda’s clit it sent the girl over the edge and soaring to the skies.

Mrs. Johnson continued to feast on her pink and white treats, suckling on each breast and nipple in turn until Amanda felt she couldn’t take much more without going mad. But just then the English teacher pulled her mouth away abruptly although her fingers continued to slide her fat digits in and out of Amanda’s pinkness.

“You are such a naughty little minx, cumming from my hand like that. I have half a mind to put you over my knee and spank you but unfortunately our time is very limited now. But before I let you leave I have to taste that sweet treat of yours Amanda.”

Saying that Mrs. Johnson bent her large body at the waist and brought her garishly made up face close to Amanda’s kitty. The woman breathed in the delicate bouquet that was the essence of fresh teen pussy and sighed. The woman reluctantly removed her fingers which caused Amanda some consternation but Mrs. Johnson salved that over by extending her tongue and tracing the teen’s wet lips from bottom to top.

She then used her fingers to spread the lips wide so her tongue could burrow deep into her sweet pink core. Amanda gasped and she was soon writhing on the desk from the tongue lashing that Mrs. Johnson was delivering to her. The woman’s tongue was surprisingly agile and flexible and managed to lick every nook and crevice in the sweet tunnel it was exploring.

As soon as Mrs. Johnson’s fingertip gently began circling Amanda’s clitoris the teen again gained a taste of paradise. When her juices flowed the teacher eagerly drank them down as if she was a woman who had been stranded in the desert.

When the girl’s trembling had subsided Mrs. Johnson straightened her portly body and walked to her own desk where she opened a drawer and removed her bag from it. She opened it and rummaged around finally producing a slim, pink vibrator which she held up triumphantly. Returning to Amanda the teacher briefly sucked on it before sliding in the wet entrance of the sophomore’s kitty and turning it on.

Amanda had never felt such sensations as the buzzing plastic phallus delivered as it hummed away in her most personal space and as soon as Mrs. Johnson built a rhythm of slowly moving it in and out she leaned forward. Her lips sucked in Amanda’s clit as her tongue flicked away at it simultaneously driving the teen beyond any pleasure she could have imagined.

Her body was rocked by one orgasm after another, each one greater than the last until they culminated in a massive multiple orgasm that left the girl as drained and satiated as one could possibly be. In the throes of passion Amanda had even pulled on Mrs. Johnson’s grayish-brown hair. Though that did annoy the teacher she knew she had no one but herself to blame for leaving the student unfettered. She would certainly rectify that the next time. Mrs. Johnson plastered a smile on her face though, as she pulled the vibrator from Amanda and switched it off before kissing the girl. Amanda realized that it was her juices which covered Mrs. Johnson’s face which she smelled and tasted and it was nice.

“Now young lady how did you like that?” she asked the teen.

“Oh Mrs. Johnson I never imagined that anything could be so…” Amanda’s voice trailed off as she couldn’t find the words to do justice to what she had experienced.

Mrs. Johnson continued smiling though if Amanda studied her eyes she might have noticed that they remained cold and calculating but the girl was too overcome by her post orgasmic bliss to realize.

“You know Amanda since this school year started I felt that you were the prettiest young lady in any of my classes. Now to other matters, once every two weeks the staff of the newspaper meets at Pizza-a-go-go a few blocks from the school to go over things in a congenial atmosphere and today is that meeting. Why don’t you come by around three thirty to meet the gang. Now run along as I need to prepare for my next class.”

Amanda slid off the desk and put on her bra and blouse before gathering together her books and with a sweet good bye left the classroom. Even though Mrs. Johnson had compelled her into sex she had mixed emotions about things. Unlike Coach Jacobs who had been rough and forceful in deflowering her, Mrs. Jacobs had been a much kinder lover. Amanda even could overlook the woman’s overall unattractiveness and obesity.

Later that day in the faculty lounge Mrs. Johnson and Coach Jacobs discussed their “star pupil” and how her body responded to the different styles they had employed on her.

“I’ve always said that your methods were too soft” Coach Jacobs said “although you do garner results.”

The big woman chortled to her colleague’s assessment and when she did all her chins jiggled from the vibrations from her jaw.

“Now you know that I can be as harsh as necessary but I see no harm in letting the recruit enjoy a little tenderness as well. I feel they are more satisfied that way with their lot in life. I enjoy when they beg to be debauched instead of just submitting to it because they have no choice in the matter.”

“Well it’s just a means to an end either way with the result being the same after all. A new tender recruit to serve the sisterhood with all her body and she does have a sweet one, does she not?”

“Quite. As a matter of fact I plan on sampling it some more as I only had a small taste earlier. She’ll be so grateful that what will follow will be child’s play I think.”

“Hmm, really. Tell me more” Coach Jacobs said with a glint of lust in her eyes.

At the end of the school day Amanda met her friend by her locker. Jenny noticed that her friend seemed to be in a much better mood then she’d been in lately and soon found out why.

“Jen you’ll never believe it but Mrs. Johnson has managed to get me onto the student newspaper and I’m going to meet the rest of the staff now. I’m so excited I could scream.”

Jenny knew her friend always enjoyed writing and wanted to be a writer so she was happy for her at this latest development.

“Good for you Amanda. Before long you’ll be the star reporter getting to the bottom of what exactly is in the mystery meat they serve at school lunch.”

“I doubt I’ll be allowed to do stuff like that but just to get my name on the paper is cool. And with two more years here I should be able to work my way up, maybe be editor my senior year even. I’ll call or text you later Jen.”

Closing her locker the young blonde hurried off to her first staff meeting at the nearby pizzeria. When she entered Amanda saw Mrs. Johnson holding court at a large booth with four students. After seeing Amanda the teacher stood and beckoned her over. After Amanda sat down Mrs. Johnson wedged her bulk next to her on the seat.

“Okay everybody this is Amanda who I’ve been telling you about. Amanda this is Abigail the editor as well as Paul, Karen and Dexter who are three of the writers. There are a couple more that couldn’t make it today due to other commitments. I’ve taken the liberty of bringing a couple of your writing assignments to the meeting so that they can see your work and realize what talent you have. While they look it over have a slice of pizza Amanda.”

“Thanks Mrs. Johnson and hi to everybody. I just want you to know how excited I am about this opportunity and I know that I start at the bottom.”

“You certainly will Amanda” the editor Abigail stated “as the rest of us didn’t get a chance until we were at least juniors. However I shall read your writing because if Mrs. Johnson says you have talent then I have no doubt you do.”

The other students gave Amanda a friendlier greeting but none contradicted Abigail. She seemed to be a humorless individual with a permanent pinched expression and thick steel framed eyeglasses. Though a teenager her hair was actually pulled into a tight bun making her look much older than her years and while not fat she was certainly not thin. The best way one could describe her body was boxy and bulky with a thick waist would be more accurate.

She peered down her glasses as she began to read Amanda’s writing in front of her. Partially to take her mind off the fact that the newspaper staff was reading her work that she never expected to be seen by others Amanda grabbed a slice of pizza and daintily took a bite. It was good and she found herself eagerly taking more when she unexpectedly felt a fat hand rubbing her leg under the table. An alarmed look came over her face momentarily before she did her best to assume a neutral expression.

It was obviously Mrs. Johnson feeling her up and in fact the teacher’s fat fingers had now reached their goal of stroking the girl’s pussy. While she did this she was doing everything but looking at or paying attention to Amanda. Her fingers however were again exploring the sweet lips and tunnel and in fact she managed to work one inside in spite of the table being full of students.

Amanda prayed that none of them would look under the table for any reason where they would easily see her with no panties on being penetrated digitally by Mrs. Johnson. In fact it was her hope that no one in the pizzeria could tell what was happening under their noses. In spite of her misgivings Amanda was soon so aroused from the stimulation that she had to fight to keep from squirming or some other action that would reveal what was going on.

Suddenly Amanda realized that everybody, including Mrs. Johnson, was staring at her expectantly about something although it didn’t stop the teacher from continuing her manual manipulation. Abigail had an even more sour expression on than normal as she seemed to be wanting an answer to something.

“I’m sorry but I didn’t hear the question” Amanda managed to say even as she was being brought to the edge of cumming by Mrs. Johnson.

“Well never mind” sniffed Abigail “if you weren’t bothering listening then I guess it wasn’t important enough to trouble you with.”

“Sorry” Amanda mumbled as she desperately tried to prevent what was happening to her but it was too late. A second fat finger had wiggled inside her and it drove her to orgasm. She could feel her face becoming flushed as her body trembled from release.

“Oh dear, are you alright Amanda? You seem to be out of sorts” Mrs. Johnson asked solicitously of the girl as she withdrew her now wet fingers. “Perhaps we should end the meeting now as Amanda doesn’t appear well.”

While Amanda recovered the other students as well as Mrs. Johnson got up and said there goodbyes to one another. Abigail was the last to leave and she turned a jaundiced eye to Amanda before departing. Mrs. Johnson again sat next to the young woman and patted her arm.

“Well my dear you seem quite recovered from your “attack” now but it couldn’t be helped. Until I get my fill of your delectable body I’m afraid that it’s hard to control myself around you. I’m afraid I’ve always preferred those who are sweet sixteen to any other age. It’s when you are old enough for such things and I feel the full bloom is on your rose right now. Do me a favor my dear, when you leave here turn down Oak Street and take that route and in a few blocks I’ll pick you up. I don’t want any of the staff to see us together as I’m sure you understand.”

Amanda left and walked on legs still trembling slightly from her recent climax. She observed yellowed leaves in the gutter as she crossed Oak Street and headed down it. There was a light drizzle and a hint of chill in the air as she traveled and she was relieved when Mrs. Johnson’s late model Toyota pulled to the curb beside her. As soon as she hopped in Mrs. Johnson pulled away and resumed driving.

“Amanda have you informed your family that you will be late today?” Mrs. Johnson asked as her hand again rested on the sixteen year olds bare white thigh.

“N-n-no Mrs. Johnson, not yet. I can text them. What time should I say I’ll be home?”

“Within two hours certainly” the teacher replied as her fingers moved as fast as any texter could do but it was a living thing she was handling.

In a few minutes the car turned into a driveway and Mrs. Johnson reluctantly removed her hand so that she could trigger the garage door to open. Once it opened the little car pulled inside and the door closed behind them. The garage was connected to the house by a breezeway which they crossed before the teacher unlocked the door and ushered Amanda inside. The house smelled a little musty to Amanda as she was led to the living room. All the walls were covered with bookcases which were filled to capacity with volumes of all sizes. There was a shabby looking couch and matching chairs that looked older than the girl and a coffee table which was strewn with books, mail and papers. Mrs. Johnson sat in one of the chairs and looked up at her student.

“Amanda I want you to remove every stitch of clothing including your socks” she demanded in her harsh voice.

“Yes Mrs. Johnson” the girl softly replied, her musical voice in stark contrast to the older woman’s.

Before Amanda could finish the sound of the electric door chime sounded in the house at which Mrs. Johnson rose to her feet.

“Finish what you are doing while I see to that. When you’re finished I want you to stand there with your back to the door and wait for me. Understand Amanda?”

“Yes Mrs. Johnson” she replied.

Amanda continued and soon was standing there nude. It was a bit chilly in the house and her nipples hardened from the cool air which caressed them and she felt goose bumps rise on her body when she heard the door open again.

“Ahh, for I ne‘er saw true beauty till this night. You may turn now Amanda as I have a surprise with me.”

When the girl turned her jaw dropped as standing there with a smirk on her plain face was Abigail the student editor. She ran her eyes up and down the sophomore and licked her thin lips in response to what she saw.

“I’ve asked Abigail to join us this afternoon as since she is the editor you two will be working closely together no doubt. On top of that she is very trustworthy and is one of the few student members of a select little society we have at St. Adalbert School. Well Abigail what do you think?”

“Amanda is quite striking in her looks I must admit. However her manners are appalling. At the pizzeria she paid no attention and for that she should be severely reprimanded I feel.”

“Would you like the honor of that Abigail?” Mrs. Johnson asked.

“It would be my pleasure Mrs. Johnson” the senior said as she stepped toward Amanda with a gleam in her eyes behind the thick lenses.

End of Chapter 2

As always comments, opinions and positive votes are greatly appreciated. Hopefully Chapter 3 won’t have such a long wait between Chapters as there was between 1 and 2.
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