This story is entirely set in my hometown, New Orleans, LA. Anyone from NOL will most likely know many of these streets and some of the places i name.
My name is Jaquita Ellis. I’m 19 years old and I'm a prostitute. I’m not
your average prostitute though. First let me tell you about myself. I’m
about 5'9" tall and about 160 lbs. I got what you call a thick body. Not
skinny and not fat. I have a curvaceous yet tempting body. The most
dominant feature of my body is my ass. I have a thick, juicy, bouncy
ebony ass. It jiggles when I walk and catches men like white on rice. I
have 38D size breasts that are perky and round. Right in the middle of
each tittie I have a brown gumdrop that’s erect all the time. I have nice
long legs with thick thighs to accent my ass.

I have long reddish colored hair and a flat stomach. Around my naval
I have a tattoo of the Gemini sign and I have my naval pierced. I look
so good that whenever I walked down the street men would whistle
and holler at me. I made sure that I was perfect whenever I went out
for my nightly trick.

One day my main man Aaron called me and told me he had a job for
me. Thursday afternoon I was supposed to show up at a business
office here in downtown New Orleans. He gave me the directions and
told me which suite to show up at and everything. With all the details
he gave me I accepted the job. Thursday finally came. Because I was
supposed to show up at the office suite at 12 pm sharp I got up and
started getting ready around 9:30. First I got up and ran me a bath in
my bath tub and got in.

I soaked closed to an hour or jus until my skin started to get the
pruned look to it. I washed my hair and crinkled it. Then I put in a
silver barbell naval ring with a diamond on the lower and upper ends.
After that I dug in my closet for some clothes and shoes. Soon I found
a green and turquoise tube dress made out of terry cloth. Next I found
the thongs to match. After looking quite a bit more I found some 6
inch clear heels. I fastened them on and put on the outfit. My swollen
nipples poked through the terry cloth material and were clearly visible.

I sprayed a light sprit of cherry body spray all over me. Then I sat on
the end of my dresser and slid down my thongs. I dipped my index
finger in a small jar of "pussy licker". I liberally applied it all over my
pussy lips and inner pussy lips. I rubbed it on my shaved pussy slowly
and sensually. By then I forgot that the thongs were on the floor and I
totally forgot them there.

I walked out my apartment door and never looked back. When I got in
my Honda civic I applied a bit of makeup. I put on some golden colored
eye shadow and a little bit of gloss to my lips. When I got on the 6-10
there was a swamp of traffic. It was so much. I figured I would cut
through Read Blvd. to get downtown faster. Finally I made it. When I
walked into the building it was about 11:58. When I made it up to the
11th floor the secretary looked at me and batted her eyelashes and
shook her head as if to say "fuck you hoe". I rolled my eyes and walked
in the office.

When I made it in there, there was white man sitting in an executive
chair. He looked to be in his mid 40's. He was about 6 feet tall with jet
black hair. Soon as I walked in I noticed a nervous look on his face. I
made it over to his dick and sat on the edge. "I dooontt think I can
doooo thiissss, its jus not rigght" he shuddered. I giggled and smiled.
He looked as if he had seen a vision of the world coming to an end. His
facial expression was horrid looking. His eyes looked almost like he
would cry.

I lifted up my short dress a bit until my thighs were no longer covered.
I grabbed his right hand and lifted it up to my pussy lips. It slid mostly
out of my hand until I was only holding his index finger. I pushed it
near my pussy lips. Then I slowly ran it along my left pussy lips then
my right one. It tickled a bit but it was good. I ran it all along my
moistened lips. "Soft isn’t it", I said as I bit my bottom lip then bit my
top. He muttered something out but I couldn’t tell what he said. He
placed his wallet in the top part of my lap. I picked it up and opened it
while he continued to run his finger over my pussy. I jus pulled out 500

Then I jus sat it on the hutch above us. I stood up and then pulled my
dress all the way off. My titties bounced and jiggled when I got on my
knees in front of him. Then I pulled and tugged at his stiff zipper until
it came down. I unbuttoned the fly. I then tugged abit at the waist and
the squatted up just enough for me to pull the pants all the way down
to his calves. After that I jerked at the elastic waistband of his boxers.
Finally his dick was free. It was the largest dick I had saw on a white
man before. It was half hard so it was quite limp. Taking a wild guess
without measuring I would say it was about 9 1/2 inches. It was thick
and the big head made me even more wet thinking about it invading
my pussy.

Then I grabbed it up at the base and moved my lips closer to it. I
flicked my tongue lightly all over it like a snake. Then I ran my tongue
along the veins of his dick. I marveled their thickness and length. I
continuously ran my tongue along it. When I made it back up to the
head and ran my tongue over it and flicked it across his pee hole. I
then put the head in my mouth lightly and sucked hard on it. Then I
sucked harder and harder until my jaws caved in around it.

I continued this until he moaned lowly. I released the pressure from
the sucking and pushed half of it into my mouth. I rubbed my tongue
along the back side of it. After that I ran up and down half way onto it
over and over again while I looked up at him. I continuously sucked up
and down on it. Then I pushed almost all of it in. It was so long to me.
I had to relax my throat more than ever to deep throat it. I
deep throated him once, twice, three times. His body tensed and he
groaned and yelped as his muscles and nutts tightened. I grabbed his
nutts and squeezed gently yet firmly. I opened my mouth and let his
dick slide out. As soon as I did his hot cumm sprayed all over my face.
The first load was not a surprise yet it was unexpected to me. My nose
eyes and lips were covered in thick white cumm. After I stroked his
dick a few seconds more he shot another load. My face relaxed this
time as I milked his balls to get out all of his cumm. It was utterly
incredible to me.

He looked at my cumm dreched face. I stood up and as I did he
grabbed my ass and slapped it. I let out a small giggle and kissed the
head of his dick. He stood up out of his chair also. The next thing I
knew, I was bent over his deck. He was standing behind me stroking
his growing dick. He spread my ass cheeks and looked between then.
And ever so often he would slap my ass cheeks and watch them jiggle
and sway. He continued this on and on for quite a while. Then he
grabbed his dick again and sat it right at the entrance of my tight black
pussy hole. With a slight lurch forward the head was in. He humped me
with it for a couple of seconds.

Then with a brutal push forward his dick was totally inside me. I tried
to relax a bit because his large dick was slightly hurting my pussy.
Eventually I got used to it and my muscles relaxed. Then he pulled a
fourth of it out and pushed back in slowly. He repeated these short
strokes for about a minute or so. Then he pulled a little over half of it
out and pushed it in a bit faster than before. He continued this pace
for over 4 minutes. My pussy ached for more as he took his precious
time fucking me. I thought he would never fucked me right but I was in
for my money. All of a sudden he grabbed my hips and held on real
tight and pulled out before I knew it and pushed back in so fast my
head would swim.

He repeated this continuously. My body was in pure ecstasy. It felt so
good to me. My pussy was wet and my juices were everywhere. My
honey covered my pussy slit, my inner thighs, his dick, and his thighs.
It was unbelievable how he was fucking my pussy. I was in a dazed
state while he fucked me, in and out, faster and faster, slower then
faster. I felt as if the world around me was slowly closing in on me.
The pleasure was really intense. His dick sliced quickly in and out of
my pussy as if there was no tomorrow. Soon I bust my nutt. My pussy
spasmed continuously. Starting at my feet and slowly tracing through
my body, warm waves of pleasure coursed through me until they made
it to my titties.

Soon he pulled out of me. My pussy ached with want. After he pulled
out I heard him moan softly and then I felt his hot cumm spray quickly
over my ass cheeks. It seemed as if he would cumm forever. It was so
great. I giggled when he tapped his dick on my ass cheeks. The next
thing I knew he had laid me down on his desk. He grabbed my ankles
and put them on is shoulders. I held then there and crossed them
behind his head. He moved closer to my slit. As his head got closer he
traced small outlines with his fingertips across my pussy lips. It sent
cool chills down my spine it felt so great. Then his soft lips made
contact with my pussy lips. I wriggled a bit underneath him as he ran
his tongue all over my slit. He licked all my juices up slowly. It was so
great. Then he flicked his tongue in and out of his mouth real fast. His
tongue swirled all over my little bud. My clit became erect with

He slowly latched his mouth onto my clit and sucked on it. At first he
sucked really lightly. Then he sucked as if he was a newborn baby
sucking his mother's breast milk. Then he really really sucked hard on
it. I moaned really loud and kicked my legs lightly. I moaned so loud
that he had to cover my mouth with his hand. Then it happened. I
burst into a light of continuous orgasms. Over and over again I came.
My pussy spasmed and twitched really quickly. He moaned into my
pussy to top it off. It was utter pleasure. I mean it was just about

When he moved my ankles from around his neck I noticed my juices
covered his lips and around them even on his nose and on his chin. I
chuckled a bit again at the sight. I got up and slipped back on my
dress and retrieved the money and walked out of his office. The
secretary flashed an evil look at me and rolled her eyes. Really I could
careless about the bitch and I grinned at her and flipped her off. Then I
got on the elevator and went home. When I got home I took a bath
and went to sleep satisfied.

3 weeks later

It was Friday night. I knew I had to get a few jobs done because I
really was getting low on money. I had to pay my phone bill and my
light bill or either a bitch would be sitting in the dark with no phone.
Around 9 pm I went in my room to find me something to wear. I
decided on an itty bitty red skirt with a split down the sides. To match
it was a red and black halter top that came right above my bellybutton.
After finding that outfit I found some black 4 inch sandals. I put on
some dark smoke colored eye shadow and some gloss. I put on some
clear sandals and slipped on a pair of extra small g-strings. After
getting dressed I pinned up my hair and let some of the front hang.
When I got done I got in front of my bedroom mirror. I danced just like
a stripped just to make sure I looked good for the night. After doing
that I went outside and walked about 10 blocks down to the corner of
Bourbon St. & Canal St. I switched and swayed my hips as I walked
and my titties bounced as I walked because I didn’t have on a bra.

After standing there on the corner 5 minutes I got my first hit. A dude
about 20 years old pulled over in his silver escalade. He smiled at me
with his pretty white teeth and motioned for me to come over to him.
"Damn, girl you look good. I’m going to have to scoop you up and bang
da hell out of you tonight", he said. "How much you offering?", I said in
a low sweet voice. "Baby don’t worry imma grease you up". He unlocked
the passenger door and I got in. He cut back up his music and sped
off. Be barely conversed at all but every few minutes he would look at
me and smile. Then lick his lips. Then he drove to an old run down
motel somewhere on Gentilly ave. He got out and came around and
came around and opened the door. As I was stepping out my skirt rode
all the way up. He noticed this and grabbed it and slapped my bare
ass. He chuckled and let go of my skirt. I looked back at him and
flashed him a horrid look. He unlocked one of the room doors and
literally shoved me in.

When he closed and locked the door he just lay on the bed and looked
at me. He didnt say a word. There wasnt any light inside besides the
streetlights out the door. So I walked over beside the bed and clicked
on the small lamp and then I turned on the other 2 lamps. I got at the
foot of the bed and took off my shirt slowly with my back turned to
him. When I finally got it all the way off I threw it on the chair not too
far away. Then I lifted my skirt over my legs and jiggled and swayed
my ass and hips. I rolled my hips while I slid down the skirt. Next, I
threw the skirt on the chair and left on my underwear. I put my left
hand on my left knee and my right on my right knee and squatted. I
then started to bounce up and down while having my hands on my
knees. My elbows touched my thighs, this showed me I was in the
perfect position. Up and down I bounce and concentrated especially on
my ass. Then I bent over a bit. After getting in the right position I
started to clap my ass cheeks really slow. I did this over and over
again while changing my pace from slow to fast. Eventually I got my
own rythm and them I started bouncing up and down again and again.
I looked back to see him smiling and staring at my backsides. To add
to the show I rolled my hips too.

After the back of my ankles started to pulse a bit I quit because I need
to save my strength. This was only my first job of the night. I knew if I
got exhausted I wouldn’t be able to do more than 1 or 2. When I stood
up and turned around I pinched my soft nipples to make them hard. I
noticed he was stroking his dick through his jeans. I crawled on the
bed and got on top of him. I pulled his shirt off and pushed his jeans
down. His dick sprang free. He sighed in relief. It was about an
average sized dick. About seven inches and a little thick. He had some
big nutts though. He grabbed me by my waist before I knew it. He
thrust down on my g-strings until they came loose and my pussy was
free. Then he pushed me on my back. "Bitch get in doggy style", he said
in a controlling voice. I did as he said and then he got behind me. He
was so close I could feel his breathing on the back of my neck. He
grabbed my titties and squeezed really hard. At first a little pain was
endured but soon pleasure coursed through my nipples sending
shockwaves to my pussy.

Then he let go and got off of me a little bit. I looked under me to see
him stroking his dick at the head. He grabbed his dick and massaged it
around my wet pussy lips. He slickened his dick with my juices and
then licked one of his fingers and thrust it in and out of my tight little
asshole. He played with it until my sphlinter muscle was fully relaxed.
Then he put the head of his dick on my ass. He pushed in slightly, just
enough to let the head in. The muscles in my asshole contracted
around it for a while. Then they relaxed and got used to the size. I was
in little pain though. Then he pushed in a little bit more. "God damn
hoe you so tight", he said. He pushed a little more. Each time about an
inch would slide in. My ass tingled with pleasure and pain. Over a
course of a couple of minutes he had it in. He pulled half of it out and
eased it slowly back in. He did this a few more times. Each time a
little bit faster. After a while of doing this he pulled all except the
head out and pushed back in slowly. Then he did this again except a
bit faster. By then I was moaning loudly from the great pleasure. My
body ached for more.

After a long time of doing this really fast he pulled every single bit of
it out and pushed it slowly back in all the way. Next he pulled it all out
again and thrust it back in faster. Each time my asshole would pucker
around his dick when he pulled all the way out and thrust back inside.
Then it happened, he came. He pulled fully out and sat his dick over
my fat ass cheeks and stroked his dick. In one stroke he shot his load.
He grunted over and over again as short streams of hot cumm was
released. When he was finished he massaged his half hard dick all over
my ass. After he was fully flaccid he got from behind me and put back
on his shirt and pulled up his jeans. I got up and went in the small
nasty bathroom. I grabbed a rag and wet it and washed my ass off and
cleaned my pussy. I wobbled out and put on my clothes. He gave me
250 dollars and we got back in his SUV. He offered to take me back to
Canal but I told him to drop me off on Read Blvd. right by IHOP
because I would get another one there. He dropped me off and sped
off in his tight SUV.

I walked around a while until this man named Jerry walked up to me.
He was white, about 5'9". He had brown hair and he looked just about
like your average white boy. He immediately asked me if I was trickin. I
told him yeah and then he pulled out a hundred straight. He looked at
me and asked me would I blow him. I took the hundred and we walked
into the BP gas station the next block over. He led me to the men's
room. Immediately after entering I smelled the stinge of stale piss. Soon
after than he hand yanked down his shorts and pulled his dick out. I
got on my knees. Really I didn’t want to because the floor was so damn
dirty. After I was on my knees I grabbed his dick. Then I put the whole
thing in my mouth. I sucked on it until he got hard. Then I took it out.
Next, I flicked my tongue all over it. I licked from the base to the
head. I even licked his little peehole. Then, I ran my tongue along the
vein down the side. Then I grabbed the base again and massaged his
nutts with my other hand.

I put some of it my mouth and sucked on it. I sucked lightly getting
harder by the second. Eventually I took half of it in and sucked up and
down on it. Over and over again. Then I sucked almost all of it. Not
quite all yet. I sucked up and down and widened my jaws to allow a
little room for growth. Then I did it. I took it all in. I relaxed my tonsils
and let it slide down my throat. It felt pretty good. He moaned and
moaned over and over again as I deep throated him about 5 times. His
body shook violently." I’m about to cumm", he yelled. Then I felt him
cumm slide down my throat slowly. I really couldn’t taste it because I
was deep throating it at the same time. When he spurt his last load I
pulled it out. I stood up and he zipped his pants. He slapped my ass
and chuckled. I walked out and went into the women's bathroom. I
re-applied some make-up and straightened up a little. I unpinned my
hair and let it hand. I washed my knees with some water and put on a
little bit of perfume just in case that stinge was on me.

I put my money in my little purse and walked out. When I got outside
I spotted someone else. We talked a while and eventually I got in his
car. He fucked my mouth and my titties real good. I did a few smalls
jobs after that. I got home about 5 am. I counted total of 890 dollars.
I went to sleep and slept most of the day away until my phone rang. It
was my boy Aaron again. He told me that a strip club owner wanted
me to work at his club because word was on the streets was that I
could dance my ass off. I told him I would swing by there next week on

-----Next Week on Friday------

I got up around 6pm and took a long hot shower. I put on a little
yellow dress that came just about half way above my knee. I put on
some clear heels and some clear sunglasses. I straightened my long
hair and styled it. After getting dressed I drove down to "Creole
Tricks". When I got there I thought it was empty. I walked in, it was
completely silent and there was no one there. Then a thick dark
skinned man walked into the main area. He was sharp as hell. He was
about 40. He had on an all white suit and some gators. He shook my
hand and said, “You must be Jaquita. I've been expecting you". I
nodded my head and smiled. He took me in his office and we discussed
the job. We agreed on things and shook hands. I got the job at the
strip club. It was about 8 pm by time he got done going over the rules
and the regular things.

He told me to go to the dressing room and pick an outfit off of rack B
and dress up and get ready because I was to go on stage 3 at 10:30.
When I got back there, there were about 40 girls back there. Most of
them introduced themselves at me but quite a few snickered at me.
Most of them were half dressed. Some were dressed but some were
naked. After talking a while I got to know a few things about them and
who the main woman was. She was called Champagne but her real
name was Angenique. She was about 5'10", light skinned. A big ass
but not as big as mines. She had short black hair and long thick legs.
She was about 140 lbs. with D cup breasts. Soon all the girls were
passing around champagne classes. I had no idea what it was but I
drank it. It was pretty good and it relaxed me quickly. I was happy of
this because I was really nervous. That helped a little but I was still
very nervous.

By time it was 10:00 I was dressed. I wore a little cat like suit. It had
an itty bitty bra and some thongs. To match them were a garter belt
and some long thigh high stockings. I wore some tall white shoes and
I pulled back my hair and tied it up. I stood pacing across the floor
constantly. I was back nervous again. Just about everyone had cleared
out the dressing room except champagne. She came over to me while I
was standing in the mirror looking at myself. She came behind me and
talked in a calm soothing voice. "Don’t worry baby, it will be great, just
relax" I smiled at her but I was still nervous. Then she reached her
hand just inside my bra and squeezed my nipple. A small gasp escaped
my lips. I couldn’t believe she did this. She repeated this with both
breasts and walked off.


"Let's give it up for Ms. Strawberry", the announcer said as I walked on
stage. One of my legs twitched as I walked. I heard clapping all over
the club. The feeling was overwhelming. I made it to the pole and
pushed against it and ran my legs around it. Then I stood up and did
the same things as I did for the man in the motel. I bounced up and
down while having my hands on my knees and my elbows on my
thighs. I rolled my hips too, to add to the effect. I heard whistling in
different areas of the club. I did this for about 2 minutes. Then I
grabbed the pole and danced all over it. I slid up and down. I wrapped
my legs around it while I was high on it. Then I slid up and down. Then
I turned upside down and clapped my ass around the cold silver. My
body quaked as I felt the cold metal touch my ass crack and my pussy

I slid up and down while upside down on it a couple of times. Then I
got off to see the stage filled with money. I got on the edge of the
stage and bent over. Then I started clapping my ass. I felt quite a few
hands put money into my garter. It was great. Then I got back on the
pole and wrapped my ankle around the top and held on like that while
going up and down. After that I got down and pushed my tits together
and ran the pole between them. The coldness made me flinch yet it felt
so good. After I did this I walked off the stage.

---------------THE END------------------

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