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She wants to be one of the guys, but still gets treated like the slutty girl that she is!
It was super bowl sunday, and i had a big party planned for my friends. This girl that i had meet at the bar a few days ago, called me up and told me that she wanted to chill. I told her that I was having a super bowl party, and that she probable wouldn't fit in since it would be a bunch of guys sitting around drinking and talking bout sports.
"But i just want to be treated like one of the guys!" she said.
"Alright" I told her, "But don't complain to me if you get bored out of your mind."
So she came over and all my friends showed up, the game came on, and we sat there drinking and talking bout the game, it wasn't till halftime that things started to get strange.
"Pass me another beer" my best friend, Josh, said.
"Damn dude, that is your sixth beer" i told him, handing it over.
"Fuck you, I came to get drunk, watch the game, and talk bout sports and sex" he replied.
"Well you have failed in the second subject that you wanted to talk bout fucker" said my other buddy, Stephen.
" Yea, well i wasn't expecting that Tim would be a fuck up, and invite a girl to join us" Josh told him.
" Hey, i told Tim to have you treat me like one of the guys" Amber(the girl that i meet at the bar) replied, "so if you want to talk bout sex it sure as hell wont bother me, i think that you are just to much of a pussy to talk bout your shitty sex life in front of a female!"
" Dude, i think she just burned you!" Stephen said.
So after arguing bout etiquette for another twenty minutes i ended up saying " Hey guys, this is suppose to be fun, so if you want to talk bout sex just start saying what you want to say!"
" How can I" Josh replied "the thing i was going to talk bout was how bad i want to fuck the girl you should me a picture of, but she is kinda sitting in the room right now!"
" Oh, and how bad do you want to fuck me" Amber said, "or better yet why dont you just show me!"
" Don't tempt me" Josh replied.
" Hey, guys play nice" i said.

Half an hour later, when the 3rd quarter started we went back to watching the game, the subject of sex forgotten. That was till i busted out the weed brownie's. After 3 of them each, we were all pretty blown. Amber being the blunt girl she is said, " Is anybody else hot?"
" Yep," we all replied.
" Well fuck this i am sick of sweating" she replied, and then did something that still to this day amazes me. She pulled her shirt over her head, undid her bra and tossed them on the dinning room table.
" Damn girl" Josh yelled, " Tim you were right her tits are amazing."
" Yeah, i second that motion" Stephen replied.
" Well thanks boys" Amber said, " I'm glad you like them."
" Hey Tim" Josh asked, " Does the carpet match the drapes?"
" Why don't you see for yourself " replied Amber, preceding to stand up and pull her stretch pants and thong of showing me and my two best friends her shaved pussy, " Oh, wait, i forgot, i have hardwood floors."

This sent everyone laughing, joking bout the fact that Amber was the most sexually open girl that we ever meet.
" Why am I the only one that is naked?" Amber asked.
We didnt need a second invitation, we all got naked right then and there.
" Damn, I have never seen some many big hard cocks all at once" Amber said, " I am getting really wet, and you guys should know what to do with a girl that has a wet pussy!"
And boy did we. Being the fact that i was the one that invited her to join us, i walked over pushed her back on to the couch and began to eat her juicy pink pussy. Stephen being the courageous one walked up by her head and shoved his cock down her throat.
"Mmmhhhmmmmm" moaned Amber, reaching over and grabbing josh's cock so that he wouldnt feel left out. As i ate her out, and stephen faced fucked her, she got wetter and wetter, finally having a orgasm, and squirting pussy juices all over my face.
" Ok, i want a cock in every hole, fuck me like a dirty whore" amber screamed, and we happily obliged.

To Be Continued...................................
___________________________________________________________________________________This will be a multi-part story that will span the day of the big game as well as the two weeks following. I am learning better how to present my stories, and also taking time in between to allow you guys to build up a craving for my writing, so if you want to hear more bout what happens to Amber, than you need to leave some could comments and tell me what you think bout the first part. I should warn you that the names in this story, are the names of some of my real friends, but the story itself is a work of complete fiction. I know this is usually down in the reverse where the names are fake and the story is real but i felt like changing that rule so that i could make you all think bout what could possible be happening in my real life to cause stories like this to be written. I am willing to take ideas for what should happen through out the story, cause if i get some good ideas this could be a store that covers more than two weeks. I hope that you all liked the first part, and I hope that you stay tuned for the second part. I plan to have it published by this time next week, writing a new part to the story, and publishing it every thursday for the next six weeks minimum. I hope you enjoyed. TTYL.

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much better than your first on formatting, all in all looks like you've improved.

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bit short but alright

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Lame. Don't worry about writing anymore if that's the best you can do.

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