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All I wanted was her............
A sticky "TAIL" with no "END" in sight:

"Come on baby, PLEASE", I begged her. She continued to resist and for the life of me I don't know why she wouldn't just try it. She knows how I am and how careful I would be so to reject it outright without even a thought or to not even just consider it and indulge me just a little bit is frustrating.
I was certainly happy to be fucking her pussy, I sawed in and out of her while I thumbed her hole. She loved that stimulation but if she would just be a bit more receptive and relax and let me do it I think she would enjoy it, I know I would.

"I SAID NO", she responded in anger.
She was adamant, it wasn't going to happen so I had to deal with that going forward. Other woman have done it and wanted it but despite my hopes she wasn't going to allow me but damn it, I wanted a piece of her ass.
I continued my assault on her juicy cunt and pumped faster to bring myself on while she grunted,
No problem there since she pissed me off I intended to pound her hard with revenge but she was loving it however, there is one thing she didn't like and I intended to do it.
"OHHHHH BABY FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEEE !!!, she screamed. Sure I was giving her what she wanted but she was going to deny me a piece of her ass.
I was lightly moaning while I jackhammered into her,
"uhhhh, uhhh, uhhhhhhh, as my cum was boiling to eruption and at the peak of pressure I pulled out and,
"UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", I yelled as I erupted like a volcano an spewed white lava all over her ass.
She squealed while recoiling in disgust as I splattered her ass with globs of goo which dripped from her ass cheeks and ran into her crack,
OOOOOH YUCK......YOU PIG, she said. She reached for her shirt to wipe up then got up and went to the bathroom while looking back at me in anger.
When she was out of sight I smiled. She would let me cum in her mouth and her pussy but she hated cum on her body, it was payback for not even considering letting me fuck her in the ass. The ulltimate would be me shooting off all over her face, that would really get her pissed.

I knew my anal lust and her rejection of it had gotten the best of me, now I pretty much fucked up things this morning and I felt kind of bad and figured I should try to make amends.
I walked into the bathroom as she was just finishing her clean up.
She didn't say anything rather she just stood there. This wasn't the first time it happened like this and there aren't but so many times one can say sorry and remedy a situation.
I wasn't altogether sorry but felt I had to say it for her and me so I walked up behind her, pulling her hair back I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear, I'm sorry.
She didn't respond rather she walked out without acknowledging me so I shrugged my shoulders then cleaned myself up then got dressed to head to work.

While I was on the way to work I thought about things and up to this point our relationship was great, we made progress and explored things as we went along but it seemed like I hit a solid concrete wall in one aspect of our exploration.
She was pretty and sexy, she liked to fuck, she sucked dick and swallowed. We fucked in every position and every room. Being a guy I really had it all except one thing.
With her it was like the last frontier and it was something unexplored, with the exception of me lightly fingering it, and perhaps the fact that it's there and she won't let me have it is what is driving my desire.
I may have to face the fact that I wasn't going to get it and if this relationship lasted then I faced the prospect of never fucking a woman in the ass, could I live with that ?.
Hell, the good far outweighed the bad but would I ditch a relationship because she did everything except that ?.
My thoughts did drift to prior relationships I have had and I couldn't help thinking about the one's that did at least want to try it and some that wanted it and others that likely just tolerated it so why couldn't she.
I began to analyze every aspect of the relationship yet again, I was adding up all the good and bad and re-weighing it to see if this was going to work out after all.
Am I just being silly now, was I intent on sabotaging something that was going along just fine all for the sake of having my dick in her ass.
If I would have then things would be more clear and I could go on with my day ?.

As I walked into the office I was clearly frustrated and my thoughts were consumed with sex, one type in particular and for the life of me I just couldn't get it out of my mind.
"Morning", said Anita.
Anita is my assistant and she was always at the office before I was and seeing her did not help my current state.
At 5'8", long black hair, large brown eyes, full lips, 135lbs with smooth brown skin, she was a striking young black woman about 7 years my junior.
While some have features that typically distinguishes white or black she appeared to have a mix of features and heritages but the one thing she did have was that nice scrumptious defined butt.
I have enjoyed ALL her features every since she started working for me about 9 months ago and I wanted to experience what she had the first time I saw her.
Breaking a cardinal rule between boss and employee we did talk about personal issues with each other. She was unpretentious, reserved and had a level head on her shoulders and we got to know one another other over the months and became comfortable with each other.

"How you doing", I responded in the best way I could, It was impossible for me to hide my emotions. If I was mad, sad, happy or whatever, people knew it.
I walked by her desk and I saw her head follow me as I went into my office. Knowing her and her knowing me she wouldn't follow me in because she knew that right off the bat I needed to stew for a little bit before I could be messed with, that is unless there was something work related.
As I sat down Anita walked in with a file in her hand and laid it on the desk in front of me,
"They called this morning, I highlighted the paragraphs and made a list of the talking points", she said then she turned to walk out. I watched her walk, as I always did, and the lump in my pants grew.
"Beautiful and efficient", I said with a smile on my face as she reached the door.
She turned and smiled then gave me a wink and walked out. I heard her chair squeak as she sat down and I opened my mouth to holler out to her and just as I was about to speak,
I sat there and thought "Damn it was like she is reading my mind".

As much as I tried I couldn't focus, I started something this morning I didn't finish and the lack of satisfaction consumed my thoughts. I knew if I went into the bathroom and pounded one off with the vision of my dick in either my girlfriends or Anita's ass then I could get my mind on work but there was more to it than that.
I kept going over every aspect of my current relationship and questioned myself on what exactly my frustration was.
I was tense and wound up, I knew I simply needed more relief, just about anything could be dealt with once that was accomplished.
Convinced I knew what I needed I planted my hands on the arms of my chair to push myself up and go pound out then, in walks Anita.

She marched in and sat down in front of me with a that smart ass smile on her face,
OK, let's talk", she said.
I looked up at the clock on the wall and time was flying, 30 minutes had passed since I walked in.
"Sure, what's on your mind", I said as I eased back into my chair.
I was thinking that if her and I got into a conversation then I could relax and get off of my mind what was on it. This was tough with her in front of me though because she is pretty and I always had thoughts of having sex with her so perhaps this wasn't going to be the best thing for me after all.
We did indulge each other when we needed conversation and in my current state and her fine brown body in front of me I was suddenly feeling a bit mischievous so I tested the waters, as her and I did on occasions.
"What's wrong with you", she asked.
"Nothing", I replied.
She let out a frustrated sounding breath and rolled her eyes up in a mocking fashion.
"Come on, What's on your mind", she asked.
As she sat in the chair in front of my desk my eyes left hers and I slowly looked her up and down then hardly able to contain a smile,
"If I told you what was on my mind you might slap me", I said.
She rolled her eyes up again.
We had a back and forth like this all the time, she acted like it was a nuisance but she loved it.
Standing up and turning to leave I eyed her slender curves and her firm pronounced ass as her body turned in profile,
"MMM, MM, M", I moaned out loud while she turned her back to me and headed to the door, her scrumptious ass twitching as she walked off.
As she got to my door,
"In your dreams", she said as she kept walking. She didn't stop at her desk rather she was headed to the bathroom.
"YOU HAVE NO IDEA", I yelled. I was laughing to myself as I heard the bathroom door open and shut.

After she exited the bathroom I heard her sit in the chair at her desk instead of coming back in to talk to me. I smiled because she played those games with me like this. We had to see which one of us would crack first.
We would get into some pretty heavy sexual rhetoric sometimes and I think I teased her so well that she couldn't take it at times but I knew she would come back in eventually.
I wasn't sure if she actually knew it or thought it but I would fuck her at the snap of a finger and without hesitation. It would be against general practice of course because of the boss/employee relationship or even if it was a relationship between co-workers, it's a no-no.

Her and I do not work in a corporate office environment rather I have a satellite office so it's just her and I here but still, close relations are not advised.
We talked very openly at times so with all the conversations her and I have had it has given each of us insight into each others thoughts, likes, dislikes, preferences, desire, etc, and more importantly we have left the door open to opportunity.
I had actually calmed down without jerking off and was able to focus on the file sitting in front of me and before I knew it lunch time rolled around.
"YOU GONNA EAT TODAY", Anita asked me from her desk. I smiled because I knew if I was silent long enough it would drive her crazy and I would make her speak first. She could have just quietly left for lunch but she wanted to talk.
She got up and walked to my door and with her arms crossed in mock disgust and leaned her shoulder against the door frame and looked at me like she was annoyed.
"So what you want"......(I raised my eyebrows).......TO EAT", she said sternly. I huge smile grew on my face and I licked my lips and opened my mouth to speak and then she gave me a frown.
I wanted to eat HER is what I was going to say and she knew that was the next thing out of my mouth so I quickly changed,
"Chinese", I said in a questioning tone and she nodded her head approvingly.
"In or Out", she asked, meaning are we going out or eating in the office. I couldn't let this one pass without using it so I gave her a serious look,
"IN, I definitely want it IN", I said.
She rolled her eyes as she turned then went to her desk to call in a delivery order and she sat at her desk while I went back to my work and about 30 minutes later our food arrived and in typical fashion we laid out the food on my desk to eat and talk.
It was a good thing we decided to eat in because no sooner than we began to eat the sky grew darker and thunder pierced the air and it started to storm and within minutes it become rather intense and the rain was coming down hard.
We ate as the lights flickered in and out then out again and this time it stayed that way.

We weren't going to get any work done until the power came back on but with only that one file on my desk there wasn't a lot going on at this time anyway so we weren't rushed or worried and now we had time to just talk.
The rain was hard and neither of us was going to get out in it and drive home since the day was now a bust.
"You just love this don't you", she asked me. This is what I was expecting. She could have led a conversation regarding work or anything else but the fact that she asked me that let me know for sure she was interested in playing.
"NOPE, I'd want the lights on baby", I said.
"Why you tease me so much", she said.
"Who's teasing, I told you earlier that if you knew what I was thinking you might slap me", I said.
"So tell me", she said.
"I'd rather show you", I said.

It was getting to be too much for her so she veered off that topic a little and we got into one of our lengthy conversations which led from sexual inuendo and into some of her troubles and issues and she questioned me about my troubles then we had a back and forth and wanting to trade off each of our troubles for the other.
Then we came full circle and things led right back into relationships and wants, needs, desires, wishes and all the in's and out's, up's and down's, etc, etc.
A good hour had went by while we talked, the rain pounded down and the power remained off and a with the battery powered radio we listened to a news report and knew the power would not be back on for a little while yet.
"So what we gonna do now", she asked.
"Well it's raining and you know what people do when it rains and their stuck inside.............?", I said trailing off.

There were several seconds of silence and I thought perhaps she had gotten out of the mood to play. I wasn't "playing" because I would pounce on the opportunity.
"Uh huh, if we did then what", she said in an inquisitive tone. I was smiling inside and my heart started beating faster.
I think the setting was correct and the mood was right so now what, push it and see where it goes ?.
I decided to steer instead because I knew she would do the pushing if I let her. Woman are more comfortable if they "feel" they are in control.
"Then we live with the fond memories", I said in a musing fashion.
"You know that saying, "Once you go black you never go back", she said laughing.
"I can live with that", I said.
She was silent again and I could see the wheels spinning in her head. I thought about speaking up but in order for me to steer this thing required her to retort first.
I was letting her get comfortable but if she hesitated and I felt the condition was still right then I would give a slight push or if it was not then I would let it go for another time.
"We better stop this talk before it gets out of hand", she said.
I was smiling inside because I knew she was definitely interested but scared.
"Alright", I said shrugging my shoulders. I got up and headed to the bathroom.

I went in and used the bathroom then washed my face with cold water. I was getting myself heated up while I was playing it so cool. This is about as close in talking about it as her and I ever got.
I felt since it got this close now then it certainly could again so when I walked out of the bathroom I expected her to be sitting at her desk but she wasn't.
I walked into my office and she was standing up leaning her ass against my desk. She had her arms crossed but her stance was not in a way where her body language was suggesting distance rather I sensed she needed ME to make a move and give her confirmation, it was time for me to push a little.
I walked up to face her while keeping about a foot away,
"Change your mind", I asked while raising my eye brows and a smile.
"Maybe", she said.
I wasn't sure if she was mocking me or serious, sometimes it was hard to tell.

We stood there looking at each other, I was surveying her face to see if there was any seriousness and she was goading me or what.
The room was filled with storm clouded light that filtered through the window blinds and it allowed me to I looked in her soft brown eyes, I saw curiosity, some restraint and a little fear.
I leaned in a little and expected she would leaned forward to meet me or even lean back, she did neither.
I stopped where I was and searched her eyes some more, I saw more fear in her eyes at this point and I figured (or hoped anyway) that the fear would melt away once our lips touched, if they touched.
I turned my head slightly and eased in just a little more, she wasn't backing away but I stopped then after a second she puckered her lips so I went in and pressed my lips to hers.
I let it last for maybe 3 seconds then broke the kiss with a lightly audible smack. Our eyes were open the whole time and I pulled back just far enough to clearly focus on each other.
I had a hard time interpreting her reaction and wasn't sure I didn't make a huge mistake until she tilted her head in the opposite direction from mine and we both leaned in again.
This time she parted her lips a little more and when we locked them together she raised her arms and wrapped them around my neck while my arms went around her waist and I pulled her away from my desk and she stood upright, pressing her body against mine.

Our tongues began to flirt with one another and the more this happened the tighter we squeezed. I let my hands descend over the curve of her firm ass and squeezed each cheek then cupped my hands around the bottom of her ass to pull her up and closer to me.
She pressed her body even tighter to mine as we continued to kiss and flirt tongues. I moved my hands up her back and pulled her chest to me, the feel of her round tits mashed against my chest felt so good.
She moved her hips forward to mash into my groin which caused me to let one hand drift over her ass and pulled her to me while the other hand on her upper back helped pull her tit's into my chest.
She was slender and her body was firm and it felt so incredible, I almost forgot about my girlfriend but when she did cross my mind the only thing I could think about was the one thing she wouldn't give me, the one thing I prayed Anita would give me, and then some.

This is wrong on so many levels and in so many ways that it only made the situation hotter.
I had never been with a black woman before, not because of prejudice rather it was a lack of opportunity so I was relishing this moment and intended on making the absolute most from it that I could.
We finally broke that long make out kiss we had been locked in and as I pulled away I looked down to view her incredible body, I followed the curvature of her hips and waist and as my eyes ascended I noticed her nipples were rock hard and protruded through her bra and shirt.
She had on a thin white cotton shirt with a plunging neckline, the contrast between the light brown skin of her upper chest and neck area and her white shirt was fascinating.
I pulled my hand form her ass and let it follow the inward curve of her waist as I traveled up and around the front to let it rest on one of her firm round breasts. I could feel her hard nipple against the palm of my hand as I gently squeezed while we looked into each others eyes.

She slowly lowered to her knee's while looking up at me then lowered her eyes to my waist as she struggled to unbuckle my belt.
I quickly took over that task and unattached the clasp on my dress pants while she pulled down my zipper.
My pants dropped to the floor and my dress shirt hung over my crotch. I began to unbutton my shirt while she tugged at my underwear, which were tented out due to my huge hard on.
I stopped what I was doing and pried my cock out and let her finish pulling down my underwear.
My cock stood straight and proud, fully engorged and strained to the maximum it moved up and down with each breath I took while I flexed my groin muscles.
I looked down at Anita as she prepared to wrapped her full lips around my throbbing tool. The sight was awesome, my off-white cock against her sweet brown face as she opened her mouth and took me in was enough to make me blow right then but the feeling of her lips following my shaft and her warm mouth made me swallow hard then,
"AHHHHHHHHHHHH", I roared as she sucked on my hardened member. When she pulled back before making another descent I threw my head back and put a hand on the back of her head to guide and pull her onto me.
I was in pure bliss as she bobbed up and down on my prick as she sucked and slurped. I actually didn't expect her to do this, hell I figured after the kissing we would likely regroup, calm down and perhaps continue to play the game while delaying sex for another day.

Things were going far better than I ever would have dreamed at this point, I now looked down to see Anita as she worked on my dick and
she was taking about half of my pipe in her mouth each time.
I put my hands on each side of her head and fucked her mouth, her full lips stretched out while my white cock pistonned in and out of her of her light brown face.
We locked eyes while I continued to fuck her face and her look was telling me she could, in fact, she wanted me to fuck her mouth, she wanted me to use her to the full extent of her abilities, she was intent on pleasing me and she certainly was.
She lowered her eyes and concentrated on my cock while I heaved and she took more in,
"umph, umph, umph", was the only sounds she could make as she now throated my long fat cock.
I was heaving into her mouth, my full and sagging balls were slapping under her chin as her lips tightened around the base on my shaft,
"UHHH, UHHHHH, UHHH, UHHHH ANITA", I moaned out each time my cock entered her throat.
My cock was swelling in her mouth and she knew I was close to cumming. I didn't want to cum in her mouth, not at this time anyway rather I wanted her sweet young brown pussy next, then after that.......................?
She pulled back from throating me and after bobbing on my head a few times she pulled off of me and breathed hard yet remained knelt before me, I had my hands firmly holding her head or actually holding handfuls of her long straight black hair.

I was breathing heavy from the stimulation and I closed my eyes while letting the cum ease back down my shaft.
I let go of her hair and she stood then pulled off her shirt and unclasped her bra.
I opened my eyes and she stood before me naked from the waist up, her nice round titties with hard nipples were hard to ignore, I leaned down and took each one in my hands then started to suck and gently bit her nipples.
Just the thought of her round brown titties being squeezed by my hands while I worked made me want her more and more. I alternated between each tit and then started kissing her chest and when she leaned her head back and to the side and I kissed her long neck and let my hands work on undoing her pants and work them down over her hips.
I stopped kissing her neck and stood back while she finished taking her pants off, while I kicked off my pants from around my ankles.

We embraced again and as our lips met I ran my hand into the front of her lace thong panties, she was shaved, I love a shaved pussy. I had to know if she tasted as sweet as she looked.
I broke our kiss and went to my knee's and pulled her panties down then she hopped up and sat on the edge of my desk, her feet dangling off the floor while I finished pulling her panties from around her ankles.
She raised and opened her legs while leaning back on her elbows, I leaned in and once at the the right distance I teased her cunt lips with the tip of my tongue,
"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM", she breathed out while moaning. I moved in closer and moved my hands up on each side and using my thumbs I spread her brown cunt lips to reveal the fresh moist pink meat in her valley.
I ran the tip of my tongue deep into her pink slit while I looked up at her. She went from looking down at me to leaning her head back, her long hair hanging down the back of her head was pooled up on the desk, her legs open in a sharp V with her feet planted on the edge of the desk,
"OHHHHHHHH BABYYYYYYY", she said aloud as I worked on her sweet pussy.
I was getting me some young brown sugar, she tasted good and there was no smell, none at all, not perfume not anything. She was absolutely clean shaven, no stubble and she tasted great.
Either she just freshly shaved this morning or she had the hair lasered off but either way it was as if she had the fresh, clean, firm cunt of a 12 year old girl.

I started lapping at her snatch and she began to pant while she worked her cunt against my face. Getting off her elbows she laid her back on my desk and pulled her knee's to her chest. This gave me even better access so I started to lick her long and deep, my hands ran up her stomach and I reached her titties and squeezed while I lapped at the full length of her cunt.
As I licked I would run my tongue down and over her puckered brown hole which caused her to buck and squeal,
"EEEEEEEEEE", as I worked on her.
Each time I licked her hole she bucked and when I went back to her cunt she raised her but off the desk, she was telling me what she wanted me to do, she loved me licking her ass.
I decided to tease her and after I went down and rimmed her hole I went straight to her clit and she began to breath heavily.
She bucked and raised up her butt and I just continued to attack her clit while I eased a finger into her asshole which caused her to pant and squeal,
"AHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHHH" she breathed out while I lapped up her sweet young juice gushing out of her, it traveled down the crack of her ass and puddled up on my desk.
I continued to lick her cunt and finger her hole for a minute longer then I pulled my face away and wiped my mouth with my hand as I stood up, her firm slender brown skinned body was laid out before me.
She sat up a little bit and stretched her legs out and I guided my throbbing meat to her young sopping wet pussy and pushed in.
I looped my arms under her legs and clasped my hands around her waist and pulled her to me as I pushed more of my dick inside of her.

The feel of her tight cunt and the nastiness of fucking my luscious young brown skinned assistant caused me to groan,
"OHHHHHHHH", while I forced more of my fat cock in, her hole was resisting the intrusion and she tensed up.
I stopped to let her get adjusted and she raised her torso up and I leaned in to look at her pretty brown face and kiss her full red lips.
With her arms around my neck I moved my arms from under her legs then wrapped them around her back and as we kissed deeply while I pushed my cock deeper into her cunt and began to fuck in and out.
We would alternately kiss deeply then pull back and look at each other with such passion as we fucked. She now had her long slender legs wrapped around my back as we moved together, she was enjoying being fucked and she let her body hang back while holding on with her arms around my neck and me with my arms around her back.
I arched my back in a little and increased my thrusts while she quietly said,
"OH baby, you're so good, you're so good, Fuck Me, Fuck Meeeeee".

Damn she turned me on so much, she looked so good, she felt so good inside, her body so firm and responsive, the tightness of her pussy and the contrast of her light brown body against my tanned yet white body made for such a hot scene.
I was fucking her while looking down and watched my cock move in and out of her pussy, it was more than I could take but I didn't want to finish like this, I wanted some of her firm brown ass, I just had to fuck her sweet ass.
Of course I would have been content to shoot my load in her snatch and at this point I was close to not caring which because the cum was quickly rising up my shaft.
I knew if I stopped now then I felt I may ruin the chance to release my cum, I was winded from the pounding I was giving my assistant's cunt and my prior thinking had caused the pressure to ease off.
I wanted to unload so I closed my eyes, tightened the grip I had on her waist and sped up my thrusting as I concentrated on my efforts.
This caused her to continuously yet lightly moan,
"uhhh, uhhh, uhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". I was getting close again and the cum started to rise back up my shaft. I was squeezing my cock muscles tight without even realizing it so while I pumped her I willed my muscles to ease up, now unrestricted my cum finished it's rise.

I was concentrating so hard on finishing I gave no indication that I was even close until I felt the first spurt leave my peehole and as the first blast shot into her,
"I'M CUUUUMINGGGGGG", I roared out loudly while I continued to pump in and out of her.
It was to late, by the time she said that the second wave blasted from my cock,
"OHHHH MY GOD BABY, OHHHHHHHHHHHH", as I pumped a thick rich load of sperm into her young fertile womb.
She made a feeble attempt to push me out put she knew it was to late and while she wanted me to quit she also didn't want me to stop, it felt to damn good.
I was filling her womb with load after load of rich creamy spunk.
"OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, she said over and over.
She quit lightly trying to push me out and now held me in as I made a final thrust and held deep inside of my young brown skinned goddess and with a satisfying,
AHHHHHHHHH", I squeezed out the last droplets of cum inside of her.
Whether instinctive or not I felt her cunt convulse around my shaft while I held in to finish. I was finally relieved and I don't remember ever cumming so much at one time.

I held in her and she pulled me while we came down off our orgasms and breathed, I had my eyes closed in sweet relief and was in a state of such satisfaction that I never wanted to end.
I'm not sure if it was the events stemming from early this morning, the circumstances regarding the day, my pretty brown skinned assistant or all of the above but as I opened my eyes I saw Anita staring at me.

She just gave me the best damn sex I had to date and now I may have knocked her up but it didn't ruin the moment.
I looked at her and we both leaned in for a long deep kiss then when it broke she looked right at me with worry,
"What if..........", she began to say, I cut her off by putting a finger to her lips and mouthed, "shhhhhh".
She looked at me then smiled,
"We'll just have to be more careful next time", she said.

This all started because what I wanted was a piece of ass this morning then when I didn't get it I wanted Anita's sweet brown plump ass but now it may turn into more than what both of us intended.
I reached a hand down and squeezed her butt,
"Next time I intend to put it where there is no chance of getting you pregnant", I said.
She shook her head while looking me in the eye,
"NO WAY HONEY, YOU AIN'T PUTTIN IT BACK THERE", she said, and she was serious !.

FUCK !. Maybe it's time for a new assistant, and girlfriend ?

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get rid of the g-friend....FUCK dat ASSistant....yeah FUCK DAT ASS!!!
Great story, write more. I AM AS hard AS NAILS!!!

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WuYZMH I do`t regret that spent a few of minutes for reading. Write more often, surely'll come to read something new!...

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