I hope everyone likes this one. It was kind of hard to write down.

When I opened my eyes and looked at the clock it said 5:37, which was really close to when I get up everyday. I looked down and saw a faint smile of his gorgeous sleeping face. Since he was laying on my chest me stirring to get up would wake him, and I didn’t want to do that. So I lay there. Thinking about the previous day, and how he kind of lifted the tons of weight off of my shoulders. Then I remembered that Dylan would be showing up sometime today. I hadn’t seen a picture of him, but I figured he would be as equally gorgeous as Ryan.
When he started to stir it had only been about 10 minutes since I had woken up. He opened his eyes, and looked in to mine.
“good morning”
“Sleep well?”
He gave me a quick peck on the lips and said…
“Can we have breakfast?”
“What did you have in mind?”
“I don’t know, I’m just hungry.”
“How about some steak and eggs?”
“sounds good to me.”
“All we have in our cabins is a wood burning stove/oven, it’s really old, from the 1800’s. But I love cooking with it, my mom refuses to cook with it. My dad refuses to cook period. So I cook up here and don’t mind a bit. It took my dad a lot of convincing to have indoor plumbing installed. Then a year later, electricity. So we have a fridge. Which is good for keeping food that we couldn’t have before. And there is no phone line, or cell phone service up here. All we have is the satellite phone”
“that is weird, why did it take him so long to cave, who did the convincing?”
“Oh, because it was taking my mom and me slowly got to him, but when she quit caring after a while, so I finally got him to okay it.”
“huh. What about the satellite phone, is that for emergencies?”
“No. We can use it to call our parents or what have you”
“Well anyway, why don’t you go take a shower I will get the fire started.”
“Sounds good to me.”
I went outside to get the firewood. And it was gorgeous outside. I went back in, started the fire and thought I might go join Ryan in the shower. Assuming it would be much later when Dylan got there. I opened the door, stripped, pulled back the curtain which scared the shit out of him. But then a huge smile came on his face when he realized it was just me.
“Shouldn’t you be watching the fire?”
“Nope, it will be just fine.”
“what if Dylan shows up while we are in here?”
“Oh come on, I doubt he would show up this early.” It’s barely past 6:00.”
“True. I honestly, don’t feel like doing anything.”
“well then how about we just wash each other then hm?”
I started, soaping up my hands, washing his back, arms and shoulders. His butt and legs. Then I turned him around and washed his chest and stomach. His muscles which were very well defined for his age then I reached his dick, which was starting to grow, and mine was already hard. I washed his dick and balls, which was getting him to moan softly, but I didn’t stay there, I washed the front of his legs, and rinsed him off. Then I shampooed my hands and washed his hair, rinsing his head off. It was so sensual and romantic. He returned the favor following the same way I did. The back said and front. By the time he was about to soap up my hair, I heard a car door shut. We looked at each other and his eyes got huge.
“FUCK! Your brother is here.”
“What are we gonna do?”
“don’t worry. I will take care of it.” I turned off the water. “Wait a minute after I leave, then turn the water, stay in for 5 minutes then get out as if you took a shower by yourself. Okay?”
I got out, put a towel around my waist, and my still engorged cock. And left. I walked into the kitchen and acted like I didn’t know he was here. Then I heard the water go on again. At about that time Dylan walked in. I took one look at him and he was gorgeous!!!!
5’8” Red hair, green eyes fit, not ripped but I could get that much from what I could see.
“Uh, nothing.”
He was checking me out, while I was checking him out.
He walked all the way in and shut the door behind him. Setting his stuff down without taking his eyes off of me. I had a boner, and it was very visible through my towel. I couldn’t tell if he had one because he was wearing jeans.
“Is that your Camaro out there?”
“It’s nice”
“yup. Have you eaten any breakfast.”
He seemed to be in a daze, his eyes glued to my bulge.
“Huh? Oh um, no. Not yet.”
“well I was going to make some steak and eggs, do you want some?”
“Sure, did you just take a shower?”
“Yeah, Ryan’s in now.”
“Okay, well, um, where should I put my stuff. Well there is only one bedroom. With the two bunks and the king. You can put your stuff in there. I need to put sheets and everything on the bunks.”
“Okay, but who slept out here last night?”
“Ryan did.”
He was pretty talkative, he went and put his stuff on the top bunk. And when he came back I had thrown the steak on the skillet.
“That is an old stove.”
“Ha, yeah, I like it though.”
Ryan came out and looked at me then his brother, then me. Ran up to his brother and hugged him. He had on some Black boxer briefs and nothing else. Clearly had a semi. I didn’t say anything. Ryan noticed but said nothing.
“Hey, how did you do?”
“I finished in third.”
“Oh well, what can ya do ya know.”
“Yeah I guess.”
“I am going to go get dressed. Then I will finish breakfast.”
“ I should get dressed too.”
“Why Don’t you come get your close and take them in the bathroom or something hm?”
“Yeah good idea.”
When we went to get our stuff Dylan went outside to get something out of his truck. Ryan came in while I was changing and Gave me a kiss.
“You need to relax.”
“And you need to be more careful”
“Okay out, before he comes back in.”
I finished changing, finished making breakfast and we ate.
“This is fantastic.”
“Cooking the old fashioned way does it better.”
“You can say that again.”
“So what did you two do yesterday?”
Ryan and I met eyes for split second and I jumped in. Winking at him.
“Uh, well I got here at about 11:00. And he got here about a half an hour later. We Just hung around and talked. I’ve been having a rough time anyway.”
“yeah I heard you got cheated on.”
“huh, I wonder how you found that out.”
“No he didn’t tell me, my mom did.”
“oh, sorry Ryan.”
“It’s okay.”
“Yeah, I did, it was really hard as you can imagine. And on top of that The person he cheated on me with happened to be a really good friend. Sort of a double wammy.”
“I can imagine. How long did you date?”
“We had been friends for about 2 years. And we dated for around 7 months.”
“Was it serious?”
“Very. At least, that is what I thought.”
“Ryan here has cheered me up quite a bit though.”
“And how did he do that.”
The way he Dylan looked at Ryan, and me I felt like he knew what had happened. I wasn’t sure. I got a vibe from Dylan that he might be interested, if you know what I mean. Just the way he talked to me, and looked at me. Ryan chimed in before I could even think.
“Oh well all he did was sit on the porch and refuse my company. But after a while I sat with him anyway.”
“Yeah and he talked to me, got me to talk about it, and it helped a lot. “
“I’ll bet.”
“That was fantastic.”
“It wasn’t that good. I didn’t plan ahead.”
“You didn’t have to, have you ever thought of being a professional chef?”
“So what else did you guys do? No TV or anything you had to have filled the time with something else.”
“Nothing really, just hung out. So do you have a girlfriend back home?”
Then when Ryan made eye contact with Dylan and his eyes got big, and Dylan’s eyes teared up, I knew I had asked a question I shouldn’t have. But for some reason he answered it anyway.
“I did at one point, but I got cheated on, just like you.”
“Oh man. I am soo sorry.”
“It’s okay.”
“How long had you been seeing her?”
Then they made eye contact again. But this time Dylan had an angry look in his eyes. Ryan looked reserved, and a little scared.
“two years.”
“holy shit.”
“Well, what about your parents?”
“What about them?”
“Didn’t they help you get through it?”
Another look from Dylan in Ryan’s direction. I already knew they were both hiding something. What I didn’t know, was what it could be. I didn’t even want to press the issue anymore. But I wasn’t the only one in the conversation…
“Nope, they didn’t know about it.”
“What the hell man? What was her name?”
“Oh, I get it.”
“Get what.”
“What was his name?”
“What the fuck? I am not gay!”
“Dylan, why are you worried about admitting it? Do you honestly think I would tell your parents if you didn’t want me to?”
“I’m not gay.”
“Yes you are, I see the way you look at me, and the way you look at Ryan.”
They looked at each other and their eyes said it all…
“I won’t say anything.”
“His name was Kyle.”
“I have always liked that name.”
“You’re okay with that?”
“Dude! I AM GAY!!!!”
“Oh, wait, what?”
“Why did your mom tell him, but not you?”
“She didn’t tell me, I just knew.”
“How did you “just know”?”
“I don’t know…”
“Yes ya do.”
“not really.”
“whatever it doesn’t matter, so what are we going to do today?”
“that is up to you.”
“Well seeing as I drove all the way from Reno Yesterday, I would like to just sit around in my underwear and relax. “
“Sounds good to me, you aren’t the only one whose tired.”
“But your only an hour away.”
“yeah well I went to bed late, and got up early, im gonna take a nap, um, where can I do that?”
“Pick a bunk.”
“okey dokey.”
When Dylan left the room, Ryan just smiled at me, I knew what he was thinking, and that was that he wanted to do something. Obviously, I mean I wanted to too, but with his brother there, it was way to risky. Little did I know we weren’t the only ones having the same thoughts.
“Are you sure?”
“Not really, I have never lived like this before, and it is all very knew to me, what is there to do around here?”
“A lot, but most of it attains to more than two people. I don’t have the energy to go swimming.”
“Neither do I.”
So what the heck were you thinking?”
“what are you talking about?”
“How come he didn’t know I was gay.”
“He knew, I have a feeling he has a crush on you.”
“Well that’s just great because so do you.”
“yeah well that’s different.”
“No it isn’t. Remember what I said yesterday?”
“about what?”
“about how much respect I have for you and all?”
“Well it was all true, I really like you, and I want you to know that, but you are way to young for me.”
“(sigh). I know I just…”
“It will be know, you will figure yourself out eventually. It is very natural for a boy your age to go through this kind of stage. Most do.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean a lot of preteen boys try and figure out their sexuality.”
“Yeah, and?”
“And, you will figure yourself out eventually. How about a nap?”
“Sounds nice.”

We walked in and Dylan was asleep on the top bunk, So I pulled Ryan back out into the hallway, gave him a kiss, and told him to get into the bottom bunk. He did and went right to bed. I stripped to my boxers, and climbed into my bed. And drifted off to sleep.

I am sorry this one didn’t have much in it. The next one has a lot. The reason I am writing this story over all the other experiences is because it defined who I am today. Please leave comments. If you have questions or would like to share stories. Please email me at

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